I”M Not, Really, I’m Not


I’m finally getting settled in my new place. I have just moved to LA from Kansas a couple weeks ago and had been set up in an apartment by the sales office at the advertising agent who had hired me right out of college. I was so excited to be in a real city and it was so much different from the rural area I had grown up in. College had been fun and I had done well and had meet a lot of great guys and an acceptable number of coed to keep myself entertained.

A little about myself. My name is Steve. I just turned 23 and I’m five foot eight, slender, with brown hair and blue eyes. I have a little bit of a baby face and can’t go into a bar without being checked. Kind of a bummer but will probably appreciate it later in life. It is what it is. My hair is a little long and after my interviews with the company, I could see they have no problem with long hair so will probably let my grow out again. Used to wear it longer but cut it short hoping it would help me land a job.

I love the apartment they found for me. It’s three stories and is built in a square with a big pool in the middle. It also has a nice exercise room with a sauna and a steam room. I have always wanted to see what a steam room was like and will be trying it out soon. I have noticed a lot of young people live here and have seen some really fine looking ladies at the pool. Then person who came up with bikinis is my hero.

My boss at work, Tom Grant, seems to be an alright guy. I’m guessing he is in his upper thirties, is tall and looks to be in good shape. He can be a little intimidating but I’m sure that we will get along fine once we have worked together for a while. There are three other guys that work in our area. I have really met them briefly but really haven’t spent any time with them. They are around my age, maybe a couple years older and seem like nice guys. They are all good-looking guys so I hope maybe they can help me hook up with some babes.

One of the things I discovered in college was that I really enjoyed smoking pot and I had brought a good supply with me and decided to roll a joint and sit back and relax for a while. I still had four days till I had to report to work so wanted to take advantage of it. I finished the joint and watched a little tv but got a little bored and decided to go spend some time at the pool. I wanted to work on my tan for sure. I put on my swim trunks, grabbed a towel and headed to the pool.

There were a couple cute girls there and I said hello as I passed them and made my way to a lawn chair down at the end of the pool and fixed the back so I was sitting up enough to check out the scene but still laid back enough to get a full tan. Damn, that sun feels so good. I close my eyes and relax feeling like everything is going so well.

I hear someone walking up and see another guy walking towards me. He looks to be around six-foot tall and had one of those bodies you see in the magazines with a great tan, a defined six pack and long blonde hair. I saw the girls watching him and I’m sure the baby blue speedos the guy had on had a lot to do with it. They didn’t hide anything and it looked like he had a lot to hide. I could never wear something like that. I looked away quickly not wanting to stare at him. He was carrying a cooler and set down a couple chairs away from me. I was surprised when he spoke to me.

‘Hey bud, how’s it going. Don’t think I have seen you here before.’

I tried to be cool and not act like some country boy. ‘Going good. I just moved in a few days ago. Seems like a nice place.”

‘It is. Lots of eye candy if you are into that,’ he says looking over at the girls. ‘My name’s Troy.’

‘I’m Steve.’

‘Glad to meet you Steve. Want a beer?’

‘Sure thanks.’

He gets up and grabs a beer from his cooler and brings it over to me. When I lean up to get it, he moves close enough that his crotch is right in front of my face. His cock is clearly outlined in the speedos. ‘Here you go bud.’

I take the beer, but he doesn’t move for a few seconds, just looks down at me and smiles. I know he had to see me look at his crotch. Then he goes and sits back down and lays back taking in the sun. I take a drink and lay back too. That was a little weird and I can’t help thinking his comment about the girls was a little strange too, talking about if I was into ladies. After a few minutes, we get into a conversation about LA and places that are near to us that I might like going to check out. He seems like a nice guy and we go through a couple beers before I decide I better not get to much sun.

‘Thanks for the beers Troy. It was nice meeting you.’

‘No problem. Glad you joined our little group here. I’m sure you will like it. Hope I see you again soon. I’m in 3B if you ever want to stop by sometime.’

‘Thanks, I’m in 7C. See you.’

He laughs, ‘I’m sure you will.’

I get back into my apartment and think about that encounter. He seemed nice but he was definitely different than my friends back in Kansas. None of them would have ever worn a swimsuit like he wore that clearly kilis escort showed off your junk. I guess he was proud of it and didn’t care what anyone thought. Oh well, everyone to their own thing. This is California. I finish off the joint that I had started earlier. Damn, his cock did look big, I can’t imagine how big it must be if he was hard. I’m not ashamed of what I’m packing but it wouldn’t compare favorably to his.

The view from my front window faces the pool and I check to see if he is still there. He is still there and there is another guy sitting in the chair next to him. He’s a black man and he is wearing a bright yellow speedo that is similar to Troy’s. They are drinking a beer, laughing, and I see Troy look up at my window. I move back quickly hoping he didn’t see me staring. What the fuck is it with the speedos?

I go watch television and forget about Troy and his buddy and take it easy. I have some dinner and later in the evening figure I will try out the steam room. I put my swimsuit back on, grab a towel and head down to the rec room. I notice that both the sauna and the steam room have separate areas for men and women. Guess that isn’t too surprising. I go into the steam room. The steam is heavy and it’s hard to see much and I go to sit down and notice someone sitting there.

‘Sorry, I didn’t see you,’ I say then notice it’s the black guy I saw with Troy.

‘No problem, hard to see in here.’

I move to the bench across from him and down a little way and I set my towel on the bench and sit down. It’s really hot in here and it doesn’t take long till I’m sweating. I can see through the steam better now and I discretely check out the black guy. He is about Troy’s size, also in great shape and is sitting there with a towel across his lap.

‘Are you Steve?’ he asks.

‘Yea, how did you know?’

‘Troy said there a new cute guy had just moved in. Figured that might be you since I haven’t seen you before. I’m Marcus.’

Cute guy? What the fuck? ‘Nice to meet you Marcus.’ I can’t believe Troy was talking to this guy about me. That just seems strange.

‘First time in a steam room Steve?’

‘Yea, why?’

‘Most people don’t wear swimsuits into the room or at least take them off once in the steam room. Get a better steam. Most lay a towel over their lap if they are uncomfortable being naked in front of other men.’

‘Oh, I didn’t know that.’

‘Go ahead and take yours off if you want. I promise not to peek,’ Marcus says laughing.

‘It’s ok. Maybe next time.’

‘Me, I’m not uncomfortable. I played a lot of sports and was always around naked men.’ He takes the towel from his lap and I see his cock hanging down between his legs. He doesn’t have any pubic hair or hair on his balls. I can’t believe this just happened and I look away. ‘It’s ok Steve. If you plan on spending much time in the steam room or sauna, you better get used to seeing men like this.’

I look back slowly and see him spread his legs a little exposing his cock and balls even more. I have always heard about black men being big and his cock fit the bill. It was so black except the head that was more purple. I looked away again. ‘I guess that enough for the first steam,’ I say nervously as I stand up.

‘I didn’t mean to scare you away Steve. I will cover back up if that would make you more comfortable.’

‘No, it’s ok. It’s pretty hot in here and I think I better go.’

‘It was nice meeting you Steve. I hope to see you again soon.’

‘You to,’ I say nervously and leave.

I don’t here Marcus’s laugh as he strokes his big cock several times. Troy was right. He is a cute little fucker. He will look good on my cock.

I get back to my apartment and try to relax. What the fuck. That guy purposely exposed himself like he wanted me to see his cock. Maybe it was no big deal to him but having guys flaunt their cocks in front of me is definitely not my thing. What the fuck? First two guys I meet here turn into weird situations. At least, his cock wasn’t hard, that would have been too much.

‘Troy, this is Marcus,’ he texts.

‘What up buddy?’

‘I met Steve in the steam room. Scared the shit out of him. You should have seen the look on his face when I moved my towel and exposed my cock and balls to him. It was priceless.’

‘LOL, I can just imagine. Cute little fucker, isn’t he?’

‘Yes, I can already picture those sweet lips around my cock.’

‘Take is slow. We don’t want to scare him off.’

‘I know but did you see that ass on him. So very fuckable.’

‘Don’t think if he could handle that snake of your Marcus. Not yet at least. Be patient and he will be ours.’

‘I know but can you imagine how he will look in some pretty pink panties?’

‘Yes, I can Marcus, and much more. Slow buddy, slow.’

‘Ok, I will let you take the lead.’

‘Thanks, he will be ours. Later.’

‘Later, I got to go beat off thinking about fucking that boy.’

I take it easy the next couple days and trying to decide if I want to kıbrıs escort get out and go somewhere Saturday night when I hear someone knocking at my door. I go open the door and Troy is standing there with a paper bag in his hand.

‘I just picked up a six-pack, want a beer?’ Surprised to see him there but I invite him in. He pulls out the six-pack and pulls out a couple beers. ‘You want to put the rest of these in your frig?’

‘Good idea,’ I reply and take the rest of the six-pack from him and put them in the refrigerator. When I come back, he’s sitting on the couch and hands me the beer he took out for me. ‘Thanks.’ I go sit down in my recliner.

‘Nice apartment. Much neater than mine. You must be a good little housekeeper.’

I do like to keep things neat and in place, but it seemed like his comment was a little put down. ‘I like to keep things picked up and the place looking good.’

‘Nothing wrong with that. Maybe I could hire you to come clean my place. I could even get a little maid outfit for you,’ he says laughing.

‘I don’t think so Troy.’

‘Whatever. You get all settled in?’

‘Yea, pretty much. I need to do some shopping and stuff. I have to start work on Monday.’

‘Work is a real downer. Fortunately, my daddy left me a nice trust fund so I’m just taking it easy for a while. I do recognize a little odor in here Steve. You must partake in enjoying a little of weed.’

‘Yea, do you?’

‘Fuck yes. Want to share a little? Nothing like a nice relaxing high.’

‘Sure,’ I tell him as I go get a joint I rolled earlier for tonight. I come back and go to sit back down in my recliner when he pats the couch beside him.

‘Why don’t you sit next to me. Would make it a lot easier to pass back and forth.’ It makes sense and I go sit down beside him and he reaches over and pats my bare leg below my shorts. I lite it up and take a big hit and pass it to him.

‘Thanks buddy, I can really use this. I did a little shopping and people are crazy out there. Nice to be able to sit back and enjoy a little smoke with a new friend.’

‘Yea, I find it really relaxing too,’ I tell him as we pass the joint back and forth.

‘Do you like shotgun hits Steve.’

‘Not sure what that is Troy.’

‘Here let me show you,’ he tells me. ‘Just lean over close to me when I motion.

He takes the joint and turns it around into his mouth and then motions me to come close and he leans over till his lips are just a couple inches from mine and starts blowing smoke out of the wrong end of the joint. I open my mouth and suck the smoke in and I get such a big hit I start coughing.

He takes the joint from his mouth and laughs. ‘Really gives you a big hit doesn’t it? I love giving shotgun hits.’

‘You sure do. I wasn’t ready for that.’

‘Let’s try again. This time get really close and breathe the smoke in slowly.’ He turns the joint over again and I lean over really close to him and he starts blowing the smoke into my mouth. I breath it in and then I feel his lips touch mine and I pull back quickly. ‘Sorry buddy, guess we got a little too close together that time.’

‘Yea, I wasn’t expecting that either. Damn, I really did get another big hit though. Thanks. I really do like getting really high.’ I have a really good buzz going and realize those shotgun hits affected me more than the just smoking the joint the normal way. ‘Damn, I’m really feeling it now.’

‘Me too. This is some good shit you have. I know some sources if you run out and need to replenish your stash.’


‘I’m going out to the Flamingo tonight if you want to go out. It’s a nice club and bar with lots of action. Lot of beautiful people.’

‘That would be great. I kind of wanted to go out but hate going out by myself and really didn’t know where to go.’

‘It’s a hot spot. You will love it. I will pick you up at ten.’

‘Ok,’ I answer but ten seems to be a late time to be going out but I guess things are different out here.

‘Damn, I almost forgot. I picked up something for you. Consider it a welcoming gift,’ he says as he reaches into the sack and pulls out something in a bright pink. ‘I saw you admiring mine so I thought I would pick this up for you. It will help you get into the swing of things here at the pool. I hope you like it.’

I realize it a speedo in a bright shiny pink material. Oh fuck. ‘I don’t know Troy. I appreciate the thought, but I don’t think I’m up to wearing one of those.’

‘It will look great on you. You have such a nice body you need to show it off if you want any action. You saw the way those ladies were checking me out at the pool.’

‘I don’t think I could do it Troy. I’m sorry.’

‘No problem. It’s yours and maybe after you get more comfortable here you will decide you want to wear it. It doesn’t hurt to advertise.’

‘I doubt it but thanks anyway. What should I wear tonight? Not sure what kind of place we are going to.’

‘You have any tight jeans. White ones would be perfect. White jeans with a kırıkkale escort nice silky shirt would look so hot on you.’

‘I don’t have any white jeans. I hope regular ones will be ok. I have some nice shirts but not really anything that very silky.’

‘Anything will be fine. I will take you shopping some time and we can get some stylish clothes for you. See you at ten.’

He leaves and I sit down. I’m really high and I think about what we talked about. I try and convince myself that our lips touching was an accident, but it seemed like he leaned in to make it happen. Maybe, I’m just being paranoid. And white jeans and silky shirts? Do guys wear that stuff out here. I would have got laughed off campus if I showed up in something like that. California, I guess. I’m kind of regretting accepting his offer to go out but too late now.

I’m ready to go. Have on my best jeans and a light blue polo with my white Nikes. I wish I could think of a way out of this but know that isn’t going to happen and hear Troy knocking at my door. I open the door and Troy walks right in. Now, I feel even worse as he is wearing a long sleeve white satin shirt with tight black slacks and silver ankle books with two-inch heels. I really feel like a country bumkin now.

‘You ready to go let loose Steve? You aren’t in Kansas anymore.’

‘I guess. Sorry I don’t have anything different to wear.’

‘No problem bub. We will go shopping and get you all decks out till people won’t be able to keep their hands off you. Time to go.’

We take his car and it doesn’t take long until we are pulling up in front of a large club with a big pink flamingo neon sign at front. There are a lot of people lined up to go in as Troy pulls up to valet parking and tells me to get out. The valet dudes all seem to know Troy and when I start to head to the line of people waiting to get in, Troy grabs my arm and pulls me towards the entrance.

‘That line is for losers Stevie boy,’ he says as we walk right to the front door and the doorman removes the rope barrier and greets Troy and lets us right in. ‘I got juice here babe.’

We go in, the place is huge and packed with people. Music is loud, lights are low, and the smell of weed is strong. He leads me to the bar and there is two empty stools and we sit down. We both order a Modelo and I turn to look at the crowd. Lots of pretty ladies here and I see several of them dancing with each other as well with some dancing with other guys. When I look closer, I notice there are also guys dancing with each other. What the fuck.

‘This is one of the hot spots in town now. I will introduce you to some of the guys so you can get in without waiting in line.’ I think he notices me looking at the guys dancing together. ‘You aren’t homophobic are you Steve? I see you seem surprised to see guys dancing together.’

‘No, I don’t have a problem with it, I was just surprised when I noticed it. Is this a gay club?’

‘Not really. There are a lot of gay men and women come here but there are also a lot of straights that come here too. Don’t worry. I won’t let any of those gay boys try to pick you up,’ he says laughing. ‘Unless you want that, of course.’

‘No, not my thing. I have to admit that I’ve never really been around gays very much.’

‘You have probably been around them a lot more than you think. They don’t have fag flashing on their forehead,’ he says laughing again. ‘Drink up. I will keep you safe,’ he tells me as a guy comes up to us.

‘Hey Troy, I was hoping to see you here tonight. How’s it going.’

‘Great, thanks Nick. Hey, this is Steve. He just moved into my apartment complex. Thought it was my duty to introduce him to the LA nightlife.’

‘Welcome Steve. You are going to love living there. There are so many cool people living there. How you liking the Flamingo?’

‘It’s different than what I’m used too for sure but it’s great to get out and check out the scene.’

‘Steve was a little surprised when he saw the pretty boys dancing with each other,’ he tells Nick laughing. ‘I told him I wouldn’t let any of the gay boys bother him and then you show up.’ I take another drink when I realize what he just said. It sounded like he was saying that Nick was gay. I see Nick look at me and smile.

‘Damn, I was just going to ask him to dance.’

‘I don’t think he would accept Nick. Why don’t you be a good boy and go find some other pretty boy to dance with. Hey, you got any X?’

‘Always. Want a couple tabs? On the house as a welcome gift.’

‘Sure, thanks,’ Troy tells him as Nick passes a couple pills to him. Nick wonders off and when I see him walk off, I notice his mannerisms do seem a little gay.

‘Crazy Nick. Good guy that knows how to have fun but can be a little over the top at times. Hope that didn’t bother you.’

‘No, it was ok.’

‘You ever do ecstasy Steve?’

‘I have heard of it but really don’t know much about it and definitely have never did any.’

‘Want to try it? Really won’t feel much of an affect but it might help you relax and loosen up a little.’

‘I don’t know if that would be a good idea Troy.’

‘Come on, let both do it. First night out on the town, let make it a good one,’ he says as swallows one pill and holds the other out to me. ‘Don’t be a pussy.’

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