In Charge Ch. 01


Chapter 01: The First Night

I dated many women in college but only two stand out. The first was Gina and if you follow my stories you will notice that her name comes up regularly. Gina was two years behind me and we met when she was a freshman. She was beautiful, raven-haired, voluptuous, and built for luxurious pleasure. Her smile was magical and she used it to devastating effect. She had lovely legs, a slightly generous ass and hips, nice heavy breasts, and a stunning face. She was the perfect princess who wanted to be treated like a whore in bed.

She didn’t start that way. She started as the perfect princess who thought she would wait until marriage to have sex, and thought the very idea of oral sex was disgusting. She was a virgin when we met but she learned fast. Eventually she became addicted to sex and went far beyond my means to provide for her. It’s sad really. She equated sex with intimacy and love, so anytime she was feeling emotionally needy or in any way frustrated or unsatisfied she channeled those needs into the need for sex. While it was exciting at first it was ultimately very unhealthy. The sex never fulfilled her need for intimacy and so the need increased, a spiraling cycle which eventually ended in ruin.

On the road to this destruction of our relationship we had some great times. At one point when we were well into our sexual relationship we reached a bit of a plateau. We had taught each other quite a bit by being very honest and sharing with our activities, but at a certain point it became a bit boring and we needed a change. Neither of us was experienced enough to know what we wanted to do, but I had a naughty streak a mile wide and I knew from experience that where I lead, she would follow.

I suggested that we have “in charge” nights where one or the other of us would be completely at the other’s whim. I am a very polite guy and always afraid of pushing a woman farther than she wants to go, so I rarely pushed for anything truly unusual. Still, I had the desire and the suspicion that she would play along with quite a bit.

She agreed to the plan but was a bit confused about how it would work. Like I said, her imagination was not up to her willingness. I suggested that I go first to give her a taste of what it meant. I promised not to push too far, but made sure she realized that the event would be all about the “master’s” desires and satisfaction and that nothing should be taken as an insult or a lack of consideration. This would be a subordinate thing, and what the person in charge says, goes. It wasn’t a submission/domination thing so much as a luxury for the person in charge. At least that’s how I thought of it.

She agreed that I would go first and we set a date, a Friday night when we knew we would have nothing else distracting us. It was to be at my dorm room and she would come over shortly after dinner.

As the date approached I was nervous. What would I ask for? How would I conduct myself? I didn’t want to be aggressive and forceful because that just isn’t appealing to me, but I didn’t want to just settle for an extended backrub and blowjob either. I wanted to push our envelope a bit without scaring her. It occurred to me that we might want to have lists of things we absolutely would not do, but I didn’t think that would be an issue for this coming Friday.

I eventually came up with some good ideas and arranged the required props for the evening. It wasn’t much but I thought it would help to loosen us up a bit and get more comfortable communicating during the act.

Friday came quickly and I was ready. A quick shower after dinner and I was in my dorm room waiting for her to arrive. It was very difficult to keep from fidgeting terribly as I waited. I did some homework – poorly – to pass the time, knowing that Gina was commonly late.

When she knocked on the door I jumped a bit even though I expected it. I let her in quickly and locked the door behind her. I took her jacket and hung it in the closet, kissed her hello, and made sure she was still on the same page.

“Are you still OK with all this?”

“Absolutely. I’ve been wondering all week what you have planned. I’m ready to give you everything you want, baby.”

“Good. Come in.”

We came into the larger part of the room, all of 14 feet long and 8 feet wide with the “foyer” area just constricted by the large closet. In the main area was my loft high above the floor holding my bed near the 9-foot ceiling, a desk, dresser and chair provided by the university, and a huge pillow I had brought with me from home. I sat in the chair and motioned for Gina to stand near the pillow. I already had music going, mainly to cover our noises, and candles burning to set the mood.

“Take your clothes off.”

She smiled and did as she was told. First came the sweater and bra, as she knew I loved a topless woman in denim. She touched her breasts a little and giggled, performing for me. Then she kicked off her sandals and stripped off her pants and panties. Standing naked Escort bayan in front of me, she waited.

“Stand close to me, right in front of the chair, and don’t move unless I tell you to after that.”

She complied, making those 3 steps as sexy and slinky as she could. And believe me, she could. As she stood directly in front of me, her full breasts at my eye level, I reached out and gently caressed her body. I started where her collarbones met at the base of her neck and moved my hand down, slowly, until my fingers brushed her fluffy brown pubic hair. She shivered at my touch and cooed a little. I moved my hand up under her left breast and cupped it, letting my index finger stimulate her swelling nipple. I pinched it very lightly with finger and thumb, knowing that she liked a bit stronger stimulation here than many women. Her eyes closed and her smile deepened.

“Lick that nipple. Make it sexy.” I said, dropping my hand to her hips.

She had never done that before and looked a bit surprised, but she did it. She lifted her heavy breast with her left hand and bent her head down to get her tongue in range. She gave fabulous head so she knew what to do with her mouth, and her natural instincts kicked in here. She flickered her tongue on the nipple a little, then dug in hard around the areola. My hand moved back and forth across her hips and bush, not touching her clit but stimulating the area. She was now taking the whole nipple into her mouth and sucking it hard, pulling it back out to make a popping sound, then biting it a little with bared teeth.

Like I said, she was a natural at giving head and just as good at making this look good. It gave me some ideas for the future, but for tonight I still had my plan.

“Stop. Turn around.” She turned and showed me her generous ass. Her skin was exquisite and tight at that tender age of 18. I continued to brush my hand around her back, hips and thighs, only occasionally brushing her sensitive parts. Gina was always hungry for foreplay so I thought I’d giver her a little tonight, though not nearly as much as she usually received. She was a glutton for foreplay and I expected my upcoming night of servitude to her to be full of long, slow massages and oral favors.

I loved her ass. I go through phases of being a leg man, an ass man, a breast man, etc, and that night I was all about the ass. Hers was just a little generous but it gave her a wonderful curvy form. Her waist was high and small and her big tits swelled invitingly to give her a classic hourglass figure, like a pinup girl from days past. I lifted both hands to cup her ass cheeks and gently massaged them, occasionally running my fingers up her back and around front to her breasts. Gina loved absolutely any kind of attention so I’m sure she enjoyed the slow, luxurious ass massage I gave her.

I reached over to the small pile of accessories I had collected and opened a bottle of lubricant. I put a fair amount in my and hand and then started to use it in her butt crack. She cooed a little and squirmed as the slippery stuff coated her private parts. I continued my massage, but now I was running my fingers over her little pink asshole as well as her pussy.

I kept this up for quite a while, giving her just enough stimulation to get excited but nowhere near enough to approach orgasm. I was just giving her a different kind of foreplay. I was also getting accustomed to the feeling of me playing with her back door. I knew from experience that no matter what she protested, once faced with the prospect of trying something new she would almost always plunge right in.

“Go lay down on the pillow, face down with your ass in the air and legs spread,” I commanded as I removed my hand and grabbed the bottle for more lubricant. She did as she was told and settled onto the monstrous 4-foot square pillow. Her pale white ass beckoned to me as I approached her.

I quickly disrobed and then went down on my knees behind her. With a new coating of lubricant I returned to my probing, but now her cheeks were spread and I had unfettered access. I started to probe a finger into her tight back door and was rewarded with a little sigh and some squirming. She was not averse to my attentions and allowed me to get my index finger inserted to the first knuckle. I let it sit there a while as I massaged her clit with my other hand, still keeping everything calm and slow.

I could feel her sphincter spasm a few times on my finger, and when they subsided I started to push deeper. I was slow and cautious because I didn’t want to hurt her, but she had another idea. She pushed back hard on my finger and embedded it all the way inside her. I was surprised and very aroused and had a full erection by now.

I slowly retreated my finger and then pushed it back in with ease due to the lubricant. I put my middle finger out and entered her vagina, then slowly pumped both fingers into her holes. She was enjoying this deeply now, pushing back against me and giving happy little moaning sounds. Bayan Escort I hadn’t expected it to go this well but by now I was wondering if I could get my dick in there. I figured that would be something for later in the evening if at all so I put it off. Besides, I really wanted a blowjob and figured I wouldn’t get one after I had that thing up her ass.

I continued to finger fuck her for a while as her noises increased. I could tell she was getting close and I decided to go ahead and push her over the edge for her first orgasm. Gina was very multiorgasmic and I expected her to have a dozen or more orgasms by the end of the evening. I pulled out my fingers and got up behind her, then pushed my aching dick all the way into her slippery pussy. She didn’t last long at all and had to shove part of the pillow into her mouth to keep quiet as I pushed her through her first few orgasms from behind. I fucked her fast and hard, just the way she likes it. She loved the feel of my balls as they slapped into her, or so she told me on multiple occasions. I didn’t care much about that, but the feel of her vagina was heavenly and I thoroughly enjoyed humping her into a few orgasms. After her multiple orgasms ended I pulled out and lay down beside her on the floor.

“You OK,” I asked.

“Oh yeah. Damn that was hot! You nasty boy, playing with my ass like that!”

“You liked it. Don’t deny it!”

“I did,” she exclaimed, “I never thought I would like that but it was nice. It feels better going in than out, though. It hurts a little coming out.”

“I’ll be more careful next time. Ready for more?”

“Always,” she replied, her beautiful grin laced with naughty lust. I told her to get on top of me in a 69 position and give me a long, leisurely blowjob. That was her best talent anyway so I thought I’d let her do her magic.

She had a fairly serious oral fixation and her smile widened even more at my commands. She moved over me and straddled my face then leaned down to get at my cock. Her blowjobs were amazing when she wanted them to be, and since she was feeling fulfilled and kinky already she made this a damn good one.

I alternately licked and fingered her pussy and ass as she bobbed and twisted her head on my dick. She could deep throat me and did plenty of that and generally blew my mind as she blew me. Her hand was a strong, supple grip on my shaft as she pumped, the head in her mouth being attacked by her swirling tongue. I had planned to have her on her knees in front of me for this because she is amazing to watch, but I was still too fascinated with her ass to let it out of my sight. I occasionally forgot to work on her, as the blowjob was completely engrossing.

One of her best moves was the way she would apply pressure to my shaft with her hand, then clamp down hard with her mouth as she pushed her head down on my cock. The feeling was amazing. It was tight, almost to the point of pain, and she pushed hard until I was embedded in her throat. It gave a wonderful feeling of pushing into a very tight, wet hole.

After half an hour she brought me to an explosive orgasm which she swallowed, much to my content. She was fabulous at squeezing out my ejaculate and sucking at the head, so much so that I convulsed repeatedly and nearly knocked her off of me. As my spasms receded, she rolled off me and sat at my side, looking down on me and awaiting further instructions.

“What now, ‘master?'” she inquired playfully. I’ll admit I was drained from that incredible orgasm and my desire was to take a nap. I usually fight that urge but since this evening was all about me I decided to take what I wanted.

“I think I need a little nap. Give me at least 30 minutes.” She was a little miffed but accepted my commands. She got up and put on my robe, then sat at the computer desk as I drifted off. I know it was selfish, but that’s what I wanted. Gina had been known to keep me hard for a couple hours at a time and once got 3 orgasms out of the same erection, but I was dead to the world after that marathon session and had no intentions of repeating it just yet.

I slept well for a while, full of the afterglow of orgasm. I was roused by the sound of Gina masturbating on the pillow. I looked over and saw her; legs spread and pulled up, 2 fingers moving in and out of her pussy. She was blissfully unaware that she was being watched, and that made it even hotter. I stayed quiet and watched the spectacle for a while, but my growing erection, which she could see from her angle, gave me away. She raised her head and looked at me, still working herself with her hand.

“I got bored. Do you have more commands for me?”

“Oh, you bet.” I got up from the floor and went to my stash of props. I pulled out the dildo I had bought a week before and handed it to Gina. We had never used one before but I had a feeling it wouldn’t be a problem.

“Use that, and keep playing with yourself. I want to watch.”

Gina was an exhibitionist anyway and I realized a few days ago Escort that I had never asked her to do this for me. As I have said, she was beautiful and knew how to be sexy, so I had every reason to expect a great show. She had been shy about this sort of thing in the past, but her inhibitions were leaving her quickly.

She smiled as she took the realistic 7-inch device from me. She brought it close to her face to examine it, raised an eyebrow at me, and moved it down to her wet pussy. She removed her fingers and used the dildo to rub her clit for a while. Her wet fingers were quickly engulfed in her hungry mouth as she got into the show. She squirmed and wiggled her hips as the dildo moved up and down her entire vaginal area. She would move it down between the lips but not inside her, past the perineum so that the length of the flexible thing was rubbing her lips, then back up to bounce on her clit for a while.

The whole time she was sucking her fingers or playing with her tits with the other hand. She made these sexy little cooing noises, sometimes purring, sometimes grunting, but always giving her best performance. My erection was full by now and I began slowly jerking off a coupe of feet away from her. We could each see the other in our full glory and our eyes flickered over our flesh, trying to take in as much as possible.

After a while Gina was getting close to orgasm. Whatever else Gina was, she was certainly greedy. For everything from love to money to attention to sex, she had to have it all, and trying to deny her an impending orgasm was like trying to hold back the tide. As her hips gyrated more it became clear that she was about to go into high gear.

I stood and took a precarious position above her, legs set wide on either side of the large pillow, aiming my cock at her mouth. She discerned my intent quickly and reached out to guide me in. I went down on my hands with my head over her pussy. It was uncomfortable and I probably looked like an idiot, but my dick was in her mouth again and I was inches away from her pussy.

The insertion of my cock pushed her out of her performance and into a sprint for her orgasm. She rotated the dildo so that the balls pointed up and shoved it deep inside her. She pushed the balls up into her clit and rocked the thing hard against her pubic bone, stimulating her both internally and externally. She was having trouble attending to my dick because all her attention was on keeping that dildo up to speed. She moved very quickly, grinding the thing into her and humping her hips up to meet its thrusts.

My view was incredible. The sight, sounds and smells were intoxicating as the plastic toy rocked in and out in those shallow thrusts. I had to be careful not to ram my cock down her throat, but her blowjob was getting very sloppy as her attention narrowed. As her multiple orgasms started rolling over her I hoisted a leg over and moved away from her.

I went to my stash for another item, a cup of crushed ice. I took a mouthful and pressed my tongue into the cold crystals as I watched Gina fuck the dildo. She had both hands on the thing now and was shoving it roughly into herself. Damn, she was hot! This was no longer a contrived show, but a raw animalistic need to fuck that I was observing.

She continued for quite some time, but eventually her muscles relaxed and she settled back down to the pillow. The dildo, now held by only one hand, no longer moved inside her but was held carelessly in place as she lay there near exhaustion. I got down on the floor and put my face between her legs. The ice had melted and my tongue was very cold. I pulled the dildo out of her and quickly inserted my cold tongue. I was rewarded with a squeal and a spasm that brought her up off the pillow again.

“Damn! Do that some more.”

She settled back down and I gave her my best ice-head. I periodically refreshed the ice supply to keep my tongue cold and she shuddered every time. I moved slowly up and down her lips, probing gently instead of rushing for orgasm. Her pussy was always so sweet. She tasted like sex, the perfect combination of musk, perfume, and whatever else sex smells like. I slowly eased her down from the tension of her orgasms with my chilled tongue and gentle fingers.

After a while she began to regain her energy. She groped her hand around, looking for the dildo. I moved it into her hand and she took it up to her mouth. As our eyes met, she began to give the toy a tongue bath. She slurped her juices from it and wagged it around her face, as she knew I loved when the phallus was my own.

“What would you like next, ‘master’?”

After the show and licking her pussy, my cock was straining to enter her. I felt that we had pushed enough boundaries for one night and decided I wanted to end with a nice hard fucking. I have always loved a particular position for maximum thrusting, and I moved her into that position. I rolled her onto her left side, straddled her left leg, pushed her right leg up, and prepared to enter her. Holding her right leg up, I pushed quickly into her slick hole and she gasped with the intrusion. I sank all the way down, every little bit of my cock pushed into her. I could feel her cervix and pubic bone from this angle and it felt wonderful.

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