in hot water with my hot bear supervisor


in hot water with my hot bear supervisorThere’s no doubt today will mark my 1st day running late for work. Why did it have to happen during my last week of probation, I dont know. I overslept from staying up too late trying to find something worth my time to jerkoff to, thought I could rest for the remaining hour left and messed up big time. Along the way to work, I was so disoriented from lack of sleep, I had no idea I left my work pass on the bus. Now I would be later than later just to get temporary access into the building where I work on the assembly line.It was hard for me to get into my job as I kept trying to fight off the need to sleep. Getting a call for me to come to my supervisor’s office would happen to do the trick. Now my head is spinning with thoughts about whether or not, I get written up, suspended or even lose job. Next time, i make sure i wait till days i not work to find all night something worth jerking off to.I get off elevator and walk what feels like miles down the dim lighted corridor that led to my supervisor’s office. I only been up here for my initial interview while the floor was being renovated. With this being only my 2nd time up here, I see not much changed.’close the door behind you’ my supervisor says without looking away from reading his favorite sport sections of day. ‘sit, please’, he tells me. now i feel my armpits sweating. he says this to me in same manner as my papa used to say longtime ago. except, my supervisor has more hair on his face and arms than on his head. i stand in front of desk for a while waiting for him to finish his phone call and circle win-lose column of teams he likes. i dont know what he want from me but i know what i want since day one. i want to call him Teddy Bear. i cannot help but see how his double chins trembles when he speak. how muscular his thighs look when he’s bobbing them together every now and then. and then how his belly, so big, istanbul escort round and plump, covers some of his thigh. ‘how much you value your job?’ i suddenly heard him say. ‘i like very much. its good job. i dont have problem with noone’, i tell him.’if its good job, why you come late today?”i overslept sir. i no mean for that to happen.’he gives me look. i dont know what to think. he look at me like he got magnifying glasses. i dont want him to know what i’m thinking. i dont want him to think i’m crazy.’you’re almost finish with probation. this could mess up your chances. you need to finish strong if you want to secure your best shot at winning the final field goal.’i not watch much baseball so i’m not sure how to make field goal but i nod along then leave out. it was my lunchbreak by then so i headed straight to the office bathroom on the same floor using the general office key. i went into stall, closed the door and just sat there on the close seated toilet wondering why i didnt say a million things i could’ve said to show myself worthy of being there. it was hard to concentrate about that because i was also getting hard thinking about how good Teddy Bear looked to me. why did i have to disappoint the big man. i no want that. still, i couldn’t help how hard i kept weird that all night i couldn’t get excited until now. my moment of misery turned exstacy. suddenly, i heard keys rustling and the creaky knob turning. what bad timing for someone to come in while i am hard! i lift my feet off the ground and crouched upon the closed toilet seat as i heard footsteps making their way completely in. how long will i be stuck in mens room on this deserted floor? i would leave if i didnt have hard on but i cant go nowhere so i must wait. funny thing. i dont hear much noise. after avcılar escort a moment, i peek through my stall door to see a man’s back turned to me and his arm moving back and forth. i not understand. so i wait a little. peek again. strange man still do same thing.i try standing up on the closed toiled seat to get better look. i see its Teddy Bear. he’s in here with me. i knew those broad shoulders looked familiar. i kneel back down not sure what to do. i want to see what he’s doing but i dont want to be in trouble for doing it. i’m already in hot water but he is such a hot bear! i try looking again but i did not expect him to turn around! i duck back down quickly hoping he did not see me. damn. what do i do now? i cant spend all day hiding in mens bathroom. maybe its not so bad. i hear no complain. once my heart stop beating so fast, i stood slowly to see what else is going on. i see he’s staring right at me! he said nothing. i say nothing. i am frozen. my supervisor took a few steps back to reveal his hands were deep in his pants. i not supposed to look but i could not stop staring. i shouldn’t, right? but i couldn’t. i can see movement in his pants. this is what i wanted, right? no. this is not what i want. i don’t know. my supervisor kept his one hand in his pants gyrating while he reached out with the other to open my bathroom stall door. great. now i make more fool of myself. i’m already late, in trouble with him for it, now he has to see me standing on top of a closed toiled seat with a hard on. but his face does not seem disappointment. he seem different. his eyes locked on me, his hands moving in his pants and now the other hand motioning an invitation for me to come out. as i walked past him, my arm brushed up against his huge belly. ohhhh, that was what i always wanted to do but i did not mean to do it to make matters worse. he did not take his eyes off şirinevler escort me. i went over to the sink trying to pretend like i was just fixing my shirt in my pants but, in looking in the mirror in front of me, i could see the reflection of my supervisor standing behind me slowly working himself up in his pants. that can’t be all bad. he did not seem to complain. and i spent all night failing at getting hard until now. there’s no stopping my hardon. this seem like good for me to make up for lost time. with my back to him, i start digging in my pants, enjoying my hardon. i watch in mirror, my supervisor doing the same. i start being jerking. he is doing the same. i pull mines out working it more and he does same thing from behind me. he begins approaching me until we are side by side. he reaches out to now jerk me so i take that to mean i could do the same with his. we are side by side looking at each other in the mirror working each other off. in no time, he has me exploding with him following soon after. my legs felt like spaghetti after that. my supervisor repositions his shirt back into his pants then digs in his pocket to give me some tissue so i can clean myself off.i run the water in the sink in front of us to make sure nothing we shot in it is left behind. i see my supervisor nod with approval at my doing that. plus, he pats me on my back. i turned around and pat his belly a few times. i did not expect it feel so soft like pillow. ‘dont make it a habit of being late’ he says to me while looking in the mirror to comb his beard. ‘i’m a betting man. i’d hate to have to lose a newly valued employee like you.”yes, sir’ i say out of relief and respect. ‘i not let u down.’he starts walking away and i cant help but admire his presence. i cant help but marvel at magnificent moment that happen. ‘what a teddy bear’ my supervisor stopped short of reaching the bathroom door, turns around to look at me like a magnifying glass. oh, was i thinking out loud? he heard me? he must’ve. he pats his plump big belly a few times and sees the admiration in my eyes.this time, i’m not as afraid to let that show. he sees me. he’s seen me all along. i just didnt know it till now. now i see how much more i love my job than ever before. i now have plenty incentive to get goodnight sleep. finish.

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