In the Bathroom Mirror


Walking into the hotel room, he sees the bathroom door slightly ajar and the steam gently rolling out of it. Moving quietly through the room, he peeks in through the small opening and smiles when he sees her there…looking at her own images in the foggy mirror. She is holding a small digital camera and snapping pictures in various poses.

He feels himself hardening as he watches her…thinking of how soft her skin appears…how perky her breasts are…how alluring she is without really meaning to be. Slowly, quietly, he unzips and unfastens his jeans but holds his jeans and lowers them silently to the floor. He removes his boxers as she touches her nipple and shoots the reflection of her hardened peaks. He pulls off his shirt and throws it on the bed as she gently caresses her wetness and snaps that picture too. She turns to the left to get a silhouette, so her view of the door is obscured, and he carefully opens it and steps within reach.

Waiting silently, until she snaps the picture, he suddenly moves behind her and encircles her waist and chest in his powerful arms. Before she can speak, he bites that sweet, sensitive part of her, where her sexy neck and shoulder come together. He hears her soft gasp as he surrounds her with her arms but feels her shiver slightly as she feels his teeth caress her soft skin. Holding her gently, fake taxi porno he teases her flesh with his teeth and then his tongue, moving his focus slowly up her neck and just behind her ear. His hardness is pressing between the cheeks of her lovely bottom and as he feels her move against him, he begins moving one hand down to her wet crotch and the other to her pert breasts.

He begins slowly and gently twisting one nipple and then the other…while his other hand is busy softly rolling her clit back and forth between his finger and thumb. His kisses move slowly from the back of her ear to the back of the neck and he begins to kiss ever so gently and ever so slowly down to her shoulders…moving his hands to her sides now and he continues his soft, slow journey over her shoulders and down her spine, until he reaches the swelling of her lovely derriere.

He alternates his soft kisses with gentle bites on her delicious bottom, back and forth across her two pretty cheeks, then back to the top of it. Slowly, he traces his kisses down between the cheeks all the way to her tight sphincter. He kisses her tiny rosebud and then presses his tongue against it and begins to slowly drag his tongue around it. He feels her pushing her tight bottom against his tongue and he rewards her by gently biting the puckered ring.

One family stroke porno hand moves from her hip to her back and he pushes her upper body forward towards the sink. As her hands touch it, his kisses begin to move down the sensitive surface between anus and vagina and he teases her there, licking, biting and kissing her. When he finally reaches the bottom of her wet lips…he licks there…savoring her sweet taste…then slowly slides his tongue into her. Pulling her back toward him so he may lick deeper…he moans softly and hears her moan in response. His passion increases as he tastes her and he begins to tongue her hungrily. He feels her body react to his ministrations by humping back against his face, harder and harder, until she is fucking his face wildly. As he feels her pussy begin to spasm, he pushes his mouth inside her so he can drink her sweet release. When she finishes…and begins to build again…he removes his tongue and mouth from her body and quickly stands behind her…his hardness just touching her…until he rubs his cockhead slowly up and down her wet slit.

He begins to tease her by pressing just the swollen mushroom head into her…leaning forward, he moves under her hair and bites her shoulder again…then slowly but steadily pushes into her. Slowly all the way into her and slowly female agent porno out back to the thick ridge of his cockhead…then back into her soft, delicious wetness. His right hand goes from her hip around her belly and down to her lower belly and he gently teases her clit as he tenderly makes love to her.

Her sweet fragrance and taste fill his senses as they couple, and as she pushes back against him harder, he responds by increasing the tempo and power of each stroke into her lovely body. Over and over, he enters her, filling her deeply with each stroke. The intoxicating smell of sex fills the room. The slapping of their bodies, coming together, increases with volume as they fuck. He hears her soft mews becoming louder as her passion swells and his hunger for her overtakes him and he thrusts into her in long, deep strokes seeking to release his sperm into her lithe body.

His orgasm approaches as he hears her moaning, “I am cumming!!” and that takes him over the top. He fills her with his seed. They, both tremble with sweet surrender to the other. After he finishes his release…he feels his cock slowly softening inside of her moist heat, while her walls try to hold him there.

He plants soft kisses upon her shoulder and feels her shudder gently. He feels his body starting to respond again to hers. Pulling out of her, while her body resists the removal…he turns her slowly around and kisses her beautiful lips tenderly. He reaches out behind him with his foot to kick the bathroom door open. Mumbling through their kiss, “Love, can we move the festivities to the bed?” and they both begin to laugh softly.

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