In the beginning

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In the beginningThis takes me way back to my early teenage years. I was one boy who was the youngest and I had 3 sisters. And with all those sexy undies about the house, what chance did it give me of ignoring it and not having the urge to try on bits. And one really rainy wet Sunday we were all bored, and it was Mums fault. ‘She told us to go play or dress up or something like sisters took it literally and spent time dressing me up and using make up etc. I would be mid teens. But I agreed because I got to wear lingerie which I loved and got the odd groove from my sisters. And this is where my love of dressing came from. But unfortunately there were consequences. As we all matured we were still all close as a family. There was no father on the scene. They had separated many years prior. But Mother was a stickler for good manners and decency etc.and if any of us misbehaved we would be over Mothers knee for a hand spanking. Sometimes it was the back of a brush and often a slipper and sometimes the cane.this was a time where you didn’t leave home at 16 etc. sarıyer escort This was family life that was quite close. And I always remember I would have been a day or so off my 18th Birthday. I was getting really cocky and pushing my sisters around as I was becoming quite strong.And one particular evening my sister tried to slap my face. But i ducked and gave her a punch making her nose bleed. That was it I knew I was in trouble again. ‘She went off screaming to Mother as though I had floored her. 5 minutes later my eldest sister came to my room. I was summoned to a large garage at the side of the house but attached.Chloe told me that Mother was furious with me and I was in big trouble this time. We entered what was the garage and in the centre of the room there was a type of bench. I am not sure what it’s original purpose was. But it served invaluable for when mainly I had done wrong to be strapped over it.And as I was being secured by Mother and Chloe, Mother was so angry. I had never knownher esenyurt escort this angry. And as she pulled the strap through to find the hole, she gave it an extra tug to make it really tight.And not thinking I still had a roll on Girdle and StockingsI had borrowed from Mother’s room. She didn’t mind me doing this as long as I either asked her if she was home, or let her know when she got home…and this time I hadn’t done either. I thought I would get away with it because she had only done one Caning on my bare bottom. That was when I was throwing stones and broke a window. But I thought this was quite trivial. Once secured Mother grabbed my close to my waist unbuckling my belt and pulled down my trousers.Whoops and there I was with one of Mothers Girdles and my sister Chloe`s stockings and panties.. another lecture was to come. Mother grabbed her cane, and normally she would walk around me teasing me. ‘But this time she didn’t, There was a whoosh and the next thing I felt was my But cheeks burst into flames..and avrupa yakası escort it slipped out but I called her a spiteful bitch…big mistake.Mother unleashed the hardest Caning I had ever known. And yet for some reason it had no effect, it didn’t hurt and I got bored even yawning during her Caning me. She threw the cane down and instructed Chloe to release me and I was banished to my room. This is a time when parents had power over off I went and I had a stupid smirk on my face which Mother also saw. So I was in my room and told to remain there for the evening. My tea was brought on a plate by my other sister who told me Mother was in a foul mood and she had made some phone calls. And that I was I really big trouble.Ithought she would be calling the Police, but nothing happened and I laid on my bed and went off to sleep. I was just in the Girdle, panties and stockings from the previous evening.before I was properly awake I felt I was being watched. And as my eyes awoke, I soon realised it was Aunty Shellie. She looked at me and with a tut tut she told me to dress and put some clothing in a bag, I foolishly asked for how long. The next thing Aunty Shellie had my ear and was trying to twist it off.Mother intervened and said she had done it. I was then told to take it to Aunty Shellie car. So all stowed and we were on route to her house.I have so much to follow upon…so more later folks….gulp

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