In the Navigator


Sheryl and I wanted to celebrate our weekend together by going out to dinner at a classy seaside restaurant. I was in Connecticut on business – it was the third week and Sheryl drove down to spend two days with me. I met her at the hotel in New Haven at 6:30 pm. She had already been to my room, unpacked and changed, and was waiting for me in the lobby bar. After all the years together, the first sight of her caught my breath. She was sitting on a stool, twisting lime into her Cuba Libra while chatting with the bar tender. She was dressed in a basic, shelve less black sheath-dress with low heels. As she turned towards me the hem slid up her thighs, and I could see that she was stocking less, as well. Her tits strained against the material, and her turning motion caused her cleavage to deepen at dress’ neckline. Her green eyes shot starbursts as her smile widen at my approach. All that red hair, cream skin, and flashing body caused my dick to swell up and my tongue to dry out.

“Darling! Come here and give me a kiss before I die from missing you!” It didn’t take five seconds for me to glide across the bar entranceway and sweep her into my arms, brush back her hair, and plunge my mouth, tongue, and everything else I could muster onto her mouth and down her throat. “Whoa, lover! You’ll suck the rum back out of me if you keep it up. Besides, Harry here does not want to watch what I’ll do to you if you do keep it up!” Her right tit ground into my chest as my pelvis pressed into her thigh. “My,” she whispered into my ear as she flicked her tongue across the lob, “you and your cock have missed me!”

The young bar keeper Harry cocked an eye towards Sheryl, slid a cool bottle of ale my way, and said “It would be one of my greatest moments to watch what you want to do to him!”

I continued to hold her with my left arm as I swept up the ale in my right hand, “Thanks, but I’ll assume that everything stays platonic while I go to our room to cleanup for dinner?”

Ten minutes later, after a fast shower and a change into a sports jacket and slacks, I returned to the bar to find Harry’s nose literally hanging on the neckline of Sheryl’s dress as his eyes studied the freckles that dusted her magnificent breasts. “Dream on, Harry,” I mofos porno said throwing $20 on the bar to cover the tab, “but Sheryl and I have a date for dinner.”

My black Navigator carried us to the Shore Inn in a matter of minutes. Sheryl looked lovely settled back into the soft leather seat, her shoulder length hair done up in a sweep. I couldn’t take my eyes off her unsheathed legs and big tits as we maneuvered across town. Finally arriving at the Inn, we were brought to a table by the open window over the bay, where we enjoyed a delightful array of sea food dishes and accompanying wines, topped off by snifters of Hennessey and a small plate of Godiva. We held hands leaving the restaurant, and as we approached the parking valet I ran me left hand down her back and across her lush ass. “Hello!” I murmured, “Some one forgot her panties.”

“You’ll ruin your surprise if you’re not careful.” Sheryl murmured back.

The Navigator rolled up and the attending valet pulled the passenger door open for Sheryl. As I stood there watching her, she backed up onto the seat, spread her legs to put her left one into the compartment, and raised her dress to her waist. There in front of me was her gorgeous pussy, moist and open and totally bald! “Surprise, lover!” she whispered as she pursed her lips and stuck the tip of her tongue out at me.

I have not idea whether I tipped the valets or just walked over them as I ran around to the driver’s door. After 8 years of wedded bliss, it still only takes one glimpse of her and I’m off and motoring! I jumped into the truck, leaned over the center console, grabbed her shoulders and pulled her towards me. She pushed forward and kissed me with an intensity that made my balls suddenly ach. I cupped her right breast and thumbed the hardened nipple through the dress. “Let’s get out of here before my prick rips my pants!”

“OK, but let go of my boob before you pull it off!”

We made it to the back of the parking lot where I braked and turned to her. “I can’t stand it! Let me see your tits!” She turned towards me as her hands crossed up to the shoulder straps of her dress. She looked me direct in the eye as she pulled her dress down to her waist, then cupped her breasts naughty america porno up for me. I reached over and down to her lap, gathered the dress hem and thrust me right hand into her crotch. Two fingers immediately sank into one the world’s great cunts, wet and hot – the kind of pussy that sucks you in so far that you’re afraid you’ll lose your watch, but tight enough to painfully squeeze your knuckles together when they first enter. I started to finger fuck her as I sucked first her left and then her right nipple for all I was worth. Her hands came up to my head as her fingers caught my hair and pulled me into her bosom. I kept the first two fingers strumming her clit while I hooked at third down to her asshole and pushed into her bum. This got her bucking off of the truck seat as she tried to capture more of me into her. “Take me back to the hotel for a righteous fuck or screw me right here, but do something!” she cried.

I found my foot still braced onto the brake pedal, engine running and cock throbbing to the beat of the band! “Damn console seats! At least in our old Chevy you could suck my cock while I drive!” I whined. “Just keep your attention on the traffic, and I’ll keep you heated.” With that she brushed her fingers across my lips and I tasted her distinctive pussy juice. Sheryl was dipping her fingers into her cunt then swirling them around her own mouth as she gazed at me with her hooded eye, smoldering sexy look. As I drove back onto I-95 I reached my right hand over to twist and pull on her exposed left nipple. “I dare you to keep your dress down at your waist while we are on the way back to the hotel,” I said. She leaned further back, raised her right foot up onto the dash and started to masturbate for me. “Whatever you want, lover.”

I found that my old skills of driving while groping still were there, so as I continued to play with her tits, I began a patter of erotic commands to see how far she would go. “Let me suck your fingers.”

“Suck on my thumb.”

“Put your finger into your anus.”

“Ass fuck yourself.”

“Tell me what you want.” That last one brought on stream of conscious thought that could have melted anyone. “I want you to suck my pussy, fuck public agent porno me up the ass, come on my tits, lips, and mouth!” Her first orgasm rushed over her as she sawed her whole right hand into her cunt, and thrust two fingers of the left hand up her ass. The sweet, thick smell of a woman’s come filled the entire vehicle.

I could not restrain myself any longer, so I pulled off the highway into a small, deserted parking lot. The streetlights lit the inside of the truck as I turned to Sheryl and pulled my cock out of my pants. “I have to come… now!” was all I could get out. She reached over to fondle the head and stroke the length of the shaft. “Come for me now so you’ll last longer at the hotel!” She pushed back to the door and spread her legs showing me her dripping cunt and asshole. “Jerk off for me while I watch you come,” she purred. As I hand-polished my stick with some spit and borrowed cunt juice, she stroked her clit and pulled on her nipples. “Shoot off now, lover, so I can lap up your cream.” With that little remark I blasted three weeks of gism straight up at the windshield. Sheryl scrambled up to try and catch some of the spunk with her tits and face, but most of it splattered onto the upper inside of the window. All I could groan was “Shiiiiiiiit!”

There’s something extremely erotic about watching your naked wife trying to lick your cum off of the inside of your truck windshield while you impale her with your semi-hard dick from behind. The ability to hump her from behind the steering wheel with your cock sticking out of your trouser says allot for your desire to stick it in to her, and all those sit-ups you do to stay this limber.

Sheryl screamed against the glass as I rose up deep into her womb, orgasmed a second time, and pushed her ass back onto me probing left thumb. Cum from the window smeared across her face as she roiled under the assault of her big O. I stiffened again sufficiently to pull my dick out of her pussy and push it up her ass. Her eyes rolled back as she grabbed the full ends of her tits and pulled them out and away from each other. A second series of sperm blasts from me drove her over the top. Christ, was it ever good!

We walked back through the hotel lobby fifteen minutes later, intent on fucking again in the shower, on the balcony, and finally in the bed. Harry came out of the bar just as we passed. One look at cum in Sheryl’s hair, on her face, and down the front of her dress caused him to stop and stutter out “Guess I missed that greatest moment!”

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