In The Wild


Chapter 15: In The Wild

The weather was sunny and warm with a slight cool breeze. One could smell the spring flowers in the air as we drove the back county roads enjoying the peaceful view.

The wild life was all around us. We spotted a few geese and their babies. There was a few rabbits out scouring for food. In the distance you could see the hawks flying in the fields scanning for a mouse or something else moving that could be eaten. The sounds of the birds sounded so cheerful and calming.

As we drove enjoying the scenery around us the passion was growing between us. We sat close together and you had your arm around me as I caressed your leg. Of course you had shorts on with nothing underneath. I moved to exposing then caressing your member as we rode along the secluded back roads enjoying the peace and quiet of the wild. I could feel him getting harder as I massaged him into a stiff full erection. The skin tightened and felt soft to my touch. I then moved down to suck the erection that was before me. You continued stranded teens porno to drive with difficulty concentrating on what was ahead of you. As I traced the outer edges of the head and flick the penis opening your driving got more out of hand. I continued to pleasure you by engulfing the entire erection. I heard you moan with pleasure as you decided to find a pull off spot.

As you pulled into a secluded area, I glanced up to see the view. It was beautiful. It overlooked a pond and the sun was starting to set. The orange and pink embers of the sun beat down upon the water giving off a reflection that was absolutely breath taking.

As you turned the motor off to the truck I moved in to a more comfortable position. I exposed your member once again and continued to pleasure you with my mouth. You leaned me back and began to kiss me and caress me. I could feel your fingers move to the wetness that had been growing in between my loins. As your fingers glided into my vagina you continued student sex parties porno to kiss me turning up the heat and fire that was inside me. I heard myself moan and sigh with the pleasure of your stroke.

I removed my shorts and top allowing you full access to my body. Like a hungry child you fed upon my breasts suckling the soft firm mounds of flesh. Flicking the nipples with your tongue and caressing the area that surrounded them. You then moved down to the juicy wetness of my vagina and began to lick up the fluid that ran like a water fall. You took time to suck my clit and send me into convulsions. I arched myself to meet your mouth as your tongue dipped in farther sending chills of ecstasy through my body.

I caressed and kissed your chest as you proceeded to pleasure me and I positioned myself in a 69 fashion and enjoyed the firmness of your cock with my mouth. I sucked and caressed your balls. I could tell you were having a hard time concentrating by the hesitation submissive cuckolds and sighs.

As we continued to enjoy each other I could no longer take the torture of your mouth and longed to feel you inside me. We moved to a doggie position and you inserted your member slow and easy. The pleasure I felt from the slow thrust of your penis like a long awaited drink of water. I felt a tingling sensation run through my system. As you began to pump faster with each thrust you reached around to my clit and began playing with the nub sending me into uncontrollable gyrations. I moved myself upon your penis faster and faster to feel the pleasure of your thrust and the tingling of your fingers on my nub. I wanted you deep inside. Faster as we moved together. You then used my ass as a lever and moved me faster and harder upon your cock. The pleasure was building as I felt myself about ready to erupt. I could feel your cock growing harder and start to spasm as you climaxed and spewed your fluid into my vagina… you continued to pump feverishly to expel all you had as I erupted spilling my fluids over your member as you held me tight upon your member to get the full effect of the orgasm.

The sun had almost gone into the pond as we got dressed. We composed ourselves and snuggled into one another as we left the spot that we shared our ignited passion.

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