Inappropriate Dress Ch. 02


It had been two months since I first called young Annie into my office. It has since grown into a weekly session drenched in lust and passion between the two of us, but we were both noticing that it was getting a bit dull. So, today I had a little surprise for her.

My pussy got wet as I sat at my desk thinking about the fun she and I were going to have that afternoon. I uncrossed my long legs and hiked my already short suit skirt up to reveal that my hot pink lace thong was already drenched. I moved the fabric to the side with my perfectly manicured nails, letting the shaved mound glisten. I slowly began to rub my clit back and forth. Drawing circles around the hard nub as my back arched, putting pressure on the buttons on my suit jacket causing the top to gape. My huge titties aching in their conservative cage. My intercom buzzed just as my hips started bucking on to my finger.

“Ms. Johnson?” It was Sarah, my personal secretary. “Annie is ready for your meeting today. She said she’s sorry she’s early, but she had something come up this afternoon and was unable to make the normally scheduled time.”

“That’s fine, Sarah. Send her on in.” I attempted to keep my voice stern when speaking to Sarah as not to clue her in that these meetings were more for pleasure than work.

As soon as I finished my sentence, the door to my office opened and their stood Annie. The more our passion grew for one another the more I thought of her as someone with true beauty. Her flowing red hair, which was always worn down and curly per my request, was collected over her left shoulder to revel her sexy collar bone that peeked out of the dark brown suit she was wearing. I couldn’t wait to see what color lingerie she had chosen for me today and stood to meet poker oyna her as she shut the door behind her.

She walked towards me and leaned over the desk. I took this opportunity to see that she had chosen the gold set which offset perfectly on her bronze skin. I kissed her mouth passionately, our tongues intertwining in a lustful kiss. She crawled up on the desk getting on her knees to kiss me harder and began unbuttoning my suit jacket. As she did I reached down to do the same to her and we released our kiss to remove the jackets. I stared at her for a second. Her beautiful firm breasts covered in a delicate gold lace. Her brown nipples slightly noticeable as they grew hard beneath the fabric. She smiled as she realized what I was looking at. She ran her fingers through her long red hair and down her back to unhook the bra. I leaned back as watched her put on this little strip tease for me. She stood on her knees on my office desk in her brown miniskirt, topless as she tweaked her nipples. She stepped down off the desk and turned around showing off her firm perky ass as she slowly lowered her mini skirt to the ground. She stood there in nothing put her heels and gold lace thong.

I walked over to her and took one of her boobs in my hand caressing it as we engaged in another kiss. She reached behind me and finally took off my hot pink lace bra. She broke our kiss to take one of my hard pink nipples into her mouth. As she did this I stepped out of my skirt and thong. I pulled her up to my mouth again to kiss her hard. My tongue forcing its way into her Annie’s mouth. I grabbed her firm ass and pulled her into me as our pussies started grinding. As the wetness built up I broke our kiss.

“What’s wrong?” Annie asked as I walked towards the closet door canlı poker oyna in my office. I looked over my shoulder at her as she started towards me and smiled.

“No ma’am. You stay right there. I have a surprise for you,” I laughed to myself as I opened the door and stepped inside.

“What is it, Ms. Johnson?” she called after me. As she said this I stepped out from behind the closet door revealing my surprise to her.

“Oh wow!” She inhaled as she took in the full view of me standing in a 9 inch dildo attached to a black leather thong. I explained to her that I bought this for us because I thought it might increase the pleasure of these little adventures we’d been having.

“Now, bend over the edge of the couch, Annie and let’s try this thing out.” She walked over to the couch and put her knees on the edge still clad in 4 inch heels showing off her perky ass again.

I gave her ass a playful smack before getting on my knees behind her. She shoved her ass in my face as I leaned in. She moaned with pleasure as my hot heavy breath reached her dripping pussy. I slowly began to lick the her cunt from the top all the way up to the asshole. Noticing her hips buck towards my tongue as I got to her little asshole, I paused there and began swirling my tongue, french kissing her ass hole. Her hips violently started rocking into my tongue as I began to suck and tongue fuck her asshole.

“Oh yes!! Ms. Johnson that feels sooo good! Lick my asshole baby!” Annie screamed in a fit of passion. I ran my finger around her hard clit as I continued licking and sucking her asshole. She soon began panting with undeniable pleasure.

“Oh god! Ms. Johnson, I’m gonna cummm! I’m so close! Keep sucking it baby!” I finished my assault on her tight internet casino little asshole just as she her pussy juice covered my hand.

“Do you want me to fuck your pussy now Annie?” I asked as I stood up to show the hard 9 inch dildo ready to enter her wanting pussy.

She turned to look over her shoulder, as she looked deep in my eyes. “oh god, yes. Fuck me hard Ms. Johnson!” She said as she wiggled her ass in desperation. I rubbed the head of the dildo up and down her pussy to get it wet before slowly entering her tight pussy. She moaned loudly as I pumped in and out. I gripped on to her hips as she humped back onto the dildo. We rocked back in forth in a steady motion, eventually gaining momentum as I fuck her wet pussy.

“Do you like this, Annie?” I ask as I reach up with one hand to pull her long red hair causing her to gasp with pleasure.

“Oh yes ma’am! Fuck me hard and deep, Ms. Johnson! Ohhh, yesss! Harder baby! My pussy wants you so bad! I’m about to cum!” She screamed through clenched teeth as I slammed into her. The sound of our bodies slapping together as I stood there in nothing but high heels and this strap-on fucking my lover, was all that could be heard as Annie’s body convulsed with her orgasm. She then let out a relieved moan as she collapsed onto the couch and I removed the dildo from her dripping wet pussy.

As she lay on the couch catching her breath I stepped out of the strap-on and sat next to my lover on the couch. I took her in my arms and brushed her hair out of her face. She looked up at me and leaned into kiss me. Our tongues tangled together in a breathy kiss. I broke the kiss and gave her one last hug as I stood up to get dressed.

“Next time, we will discuss the plans for the new arrangement,’ I said as she walked out of my office door. She smiled her knowing smile pleased with our adventures together. As I shut the door I touched my wet panties one more time, allowing my mind to drift off to our next encounter…

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