Incessant Pt. 05


Welcome to Part 5 and thank you for reading along, so far! Unfortunately, the gap between submissions is going to get a little longer as I settle into the working year. I kind of want to keep this series going in perpetuity while working on other projects. Basically, I just love the family and want to put them in all sorts of crazy situations!

There’s a fair bit of anal in this part. I did include it in the description on part one, but this is a little reminder for anyone who’d rather skip over those bits. They aren’t ‘story essential’ scenes.

As always, please feel free to reach out with feedback and do me a favour by providing a rating after reading! You don’t even need to be logged in 🙂 I try to be as responsive as possible.

All characters are eighteen or older. Any resemblance to real persons or events is purely coincidental. Stay safe, stay responsible, and please enjoy the story!

Chapter Ten

It was the day before Emily’s birthday. Saturday.

I woke up in our oversized bed with a warm body pressed against mine. My arms were around it and its arms were around me. It pulled me closer until I felt soft lips press against my shirt; heard a dry tongue clap and a satisfied groan. Then, my eyes adjusted to the light and my nostrils opened to the smells of the world around me.

I was holding beautiful Riley.

The blonde made a point of looking into my eyes. Her steely pupils were gentle in a way I didn’t know that colour could be and her lips made a smile so subtle yet so radiant. Without letting go, while actually pulling me closer, I heard her say, “fuck you.”

We both laughed at her little declaration; at her way of saying that I was confusing her. Hell, I was confused too!

I wondered what the limits of love were. With my sisters, I realised that love had no rules and with Mom, I came to see that love could be truly unconditional. Love is unceasing, unstoppable — an incessant force that knows no limits nor assumptions. I wondered how many people you can love at once. Such a complicated question seemed to have the simplest of answers.

I’ve never loved two people the same way. In the universe of my heart, Emily is a thief who steals my adoration with her naughty assertiveness. Blake is my partner for life and the closest thing I’ll ever have to a wife. Then there’s Mom… The most unexpected of the relationships I forged in those two weeks three years ago. With her, I realised we’d see our relationship grow deeper, eternally.

Now, there was Riley. I held her like any man would hold someone he loved dearly. We fell back to sleep; her body warm and comfortable in my hands. Our future was uncertain, but we knew that we were feeling something, even though it didn’t have a name yet.

: : : : : : : : : : : : : : : : : : : :

I woke up properly an hour later, this time in an empty bed with sun pouring into the room.

Although we’d started a tradition of early runs, I decided to forego the exercise that morning. Instead, I took a long shower with the water getting warmer until I was lost under its fiery touch. It was like a firm massage that released the little knots of tension in my shoulders and loosened my chest. I spent some more time in the bathroom; shaving and brushing my teeth obsessively. Afterwards, I pulled on some jeans and a nice shirt.

Mom and Blake were due to arrive that afternoon and I wanted to look good. I extended my morning routine to get the best possible results; excited to welcome them back. Looking in the mirror, I realised that I needed a haircut. Then I looked a little longer and decided I actually liked the scruffier look. It made me feel a little older; convinced me that I was growing into some sort of patriarch with his own little harem.

I went searching for Em and Riley. They weren’t in the kitchen or living room, so I assumed that they might have gone to their old bedroom. I poked my head through the door but no one was around, and I figured they went out to town. So, I took the opportunity to grab my book and head outside.

The sea still looked ominous, and I had no intention of going down to the beach. Instead, I settled into a recliner on our deck and dove into my favourite fictional universe.

Something wasn’t quite right. I started reading and rereading the same sentence over-and-over without making any progress. The noise of the waves bothered me, then an unwelcome sense of paranoia followed. At first, I wasn’t worried about where the girls were. They were old enough to do their own thing. But I looked at the ocean and wondered if they might have gone for a swim. If that was the case, were they safe?

I started pacing — marching up and down as my mind concocted upsetting scenarios. The water still scared me, but nothing could stop my brotherly instincts: my desire to protect my family… It was irrational, primal, rushed, and I ran with a strange determination. All the while, I felt my lungs fill with unreal water as I approached the place where a few days bayburt escort ago I’d almost drowned.

My feet hit the sand and I remained fixated on the sea as I searched for signs of life. A sudden voice out of nowhere jolted me. My brain registered its pitch before processing the words — I jumped in my own skin. The voice was shrill and urgent.

“Josh! Josh!” Emily yelled.

I turned around. Spinning on my heels and almost falling flat on my face as I searched for my sister. The sun blurred my vision; the sounds of the world overwhelmed me for a moment.

Relief poured over me as I caught sight of my sister. She was sitting on the sand with her legs stretched out while Riley laid flat on her stomach next to her. They’d picked a bit of beach that offered protection against the wind, which is why they were hard to spot. Most importantly, they were safe and sound — serenity evident on my little sister’s face!

“Going swimming in your jeans?” Emily queried. Her eyes were behind dark shades that matched the contour of her brows. She wore a white one-piece with a frilly lining along with a touch of nude lipstick on her mouth. In her left hand, she held an unlit cigarette while her right rested on a bottle of wine. “We decided to take a beach day.”

My adrenaline was still pumping, and I struggled to focus on words and phrases and stuff. So, I tried to put a sentence together, but it wasn’t quite working.

“Come sit with us,” Emily patted the sand. “I love that you’re all dressed up, but maybe take your shoes off?”

My sister’s last statement came with a sweet smile that disarmed me — made me calm down just a little. I pulled off my shoes and went to sit next to the girls. My heart thumped; I took long breaths to try and get rid of the dread that filled me moments ago.

I watched as Em broke her cigarette in half, knowing that I didn’t approve of the habit. She smiled as she did it, resting her free hand on mine. “Were you worried about us?”

“A note would’ve been nice,” I realised that my words had a sting. “Sorry, I’m—”

“Don’t worry,” my little sister rested her head on my shoulder. “Something tells me you had a bad experience in the water.”

My throat constricted, “I… Well.” Then I gave up on trying to explain myself.

We watched the ocean for a few minutes before Emily let go of my hand. “You two are going to burn up,” she scolded.

Riley flipped onto her side and faced us. She was wearing a blue bikini that I’d seen her in before with a delicate anklet on her left foot. The top pressed her breasts tightly together and the bottoms were snug. My eyes travelled all over her body in an automatic scan that my conscious mind couldn’t resist. She caught me checking her out and I got a little wink before she started chatting away with my sister.

Honestly, I zoned out for a bit. The ocean seemed so close — kinda terrifying. The waves were loud and didn’t seem to follow a rhythm as they incessantly assaulted the shore. Never-ending and unpredictable: why would anyone ever dare to venture into that abyss?

My thoughtfulness was interrupted, “What do you think, Bro?”

“Huh?” I shook myself back to reality.

“Sometimes I wonder how you ended up with all these beautiful women,” Riley teased my lack of attention.

Emily piled on, “Oh, we just love him for his body.”

“Is dick really that great?” Riley sighed.

“My brother’s is that great.”

“Wow,” I rolled my eyes. “How much of that wine have you guys had?”

My sister picked up the bottle and swirled its contents around. The few remaining drops hardly made a sound as she shook them. This frustrated her. She dropped her shoulders and rolled her eyes. “We’re going to need more!”

I offered to head up for supplies, but Riley was on her feet before me. She took our drink orders and started the short walk back up to the house.

Emily’s eyes followed her girlfriend as she strutted away from us. Her predatory smirk made it obvious that she had one thing on her mind… “She’s got a nice ass.”

I didn’t say a word; simply watching as the blonde disappeared into the house. She had a strong compact figure with toned muscle in all the right places. And, yeah, she did have a nice ass.

The sound of crashing waves pulled my attention away, and I watched them for a few minutes — admiring their aggression. To the left of our house were a couple of empty lots that gave us some privacy. After them, sparse houses dotted the seaside; standing empty during most of the year. We had supreme privacy and the beach all to ourselves.

I felt a pair of hands fiddling with my belt. “Hey, cut that out!”

“C’mon, you can’t sit on the beach in your jeans,” Emily jabbed.

I tried to pull her hands off me for a few more seconds before ‘surrendering’. Soon, my shoes were off, and I was wriggling free from my pants. The breeze hit my legs and I didn’t regret it, so my shirt followed. The empty lots and vacant bilecik escort holiday homes left me feeling confident enough to go briefs-only. A little wolf-whistle from my sister also helped to keep my head high.

“I hope you’re happy now,” I sighed.

Emily looked pleased with herself and began pouring suntan lotion into her hands. “You’ll burn up. Let your sister lather you up.”

The girls had laid down an excessive number of towels. I got comfortable on my stomach as Em’s hands started their work on my back. She spent a lot of time on my shoulders and upper-back, making her way down and then back up again. It became a much-needed massage as my sister found knots of tension. Her lithe legs sailed over mine, and she was soon straddling me. Next, she did my arms, being thorough and paying special attention to my hands — our fingers locking together a few times.

“Let your little sister take good care of you,” Emily purred, shimmying down until she was seated over my legs. Her hands toying at my underwear, threatening to pull them down.

“Hey, no funny business,” I mocked protest.

Emily smacked my ass in a little fit before her hands travelled over my legs. It felt great as she massaged cold sunscreen into my thighs and calves. Unable to restrain her naughty self, she went back to playing with the waistband of my briefs. I didn’t tell her off.

My sister began kneading her knuckles into my back, starting to lay down flat on top of me. She whispered, “Why have we never done it on the beach before?”

Before I could answer, her tongue hit my ear and I enjoyed the tickling sensation. Then it became more sensual as she wrapped her lips around my earlobe; suckling gently.

“You sure like to suck… Mmmm…”

“Uh huh,” Emily replied, speaking through her throat.

“You’re going to be so happy when Mom gets back,” I teased.

“Then I can suck on her—”

We were interrupted by the return of our guest. She had a bottle of white in hand, a small bucket of ice in the other, and a pair of sunglasses hanging from her top. The sunglasses were mine, and she passed them over with a kind smile. It warmed my heart that she’d been thoughtful enough to grab them without me even asking.

Riley didn’t acknowledge the fact that Emily was on top of me. I guess things were as she wanted them: us being comfortable around her. I realised that she always blushed when she spoke, as if every word she said carried consequence. Yet, it wasn’t the kind of shyness that could become jarring with time. No, it suited her perfectly — gave her an irresistible charm.

My sister didn’t stay on my back for much longer. She screwed the top off the wine and took a whiff, “Ice but no glasses, Babe?” Our blond friend sighed at her own oversight, but before she could get up, Emily tackled her. “Don’t worry, we’ll make a plan. I don’t want you to leave again!”

The girls started rolling around in the sand, tickling each other; giggling harmoniously. After a few minutes of this they got tired and ended their mingling with a quick kiss.

It was a nice day, and I was beginning to relax. Laid flat on my stomach, I could hear faint birdsong that helped distract me from the sound of the waves. The sun was hot but there was a gentle breeze and the smell of the ocean was strong. Em and Riley were settling down, and I began gently dozing off.

Just as I was on the brink of falling asleep, I felt a cold sting on my shoulder as Emily planted an ice cube on my skin. The cool feeling was refreshing, and she made little laps across my back, leaving trails of cool water. She started focusing on my lower back, where I was a little ticklish, and our game became exciting. My sister must’ve noticed me twitch because she focused on that area, making my hair stand on end.

I was sad when the ice melted and the sensation was gone. With a sigh, I resumed trying to get a nap.

My body shivered as a second block of ice hit my skin; right onto my sensitive lower back. Over my shoulder, I watched my little sister thoughtlessly swirl the object around. She looked peaceful and at ease, a gentle wind blowing through her hair while she inhaled the coastal air.

She kept up with that cube until it melted, letting me fall asleep.

: : : : : : : : : : : : : : : : : : : :

I woke up to an excruciating sting of two shards of ice dancing over my back. At the same time, delicate fingers pulled my underwear down in a fast motion that was stupendously exciting.

“Fuck, what the—” My exclamation was interrupted as I felt a warm tongue wedge itself… Well, you know. Suddenly, I couldn’t feel the ice anymore; it was still there, but my brain recognised only one sensation.

It was undoubtedly Emily; I could feel her hands against my skin and heard her giggle as I twitched. The pressure of my little sister’s tongue was an unfamiliar feeling that sent shockwaves across my body. I was unbelievably sensitive to her touch and threatened bingöl escort to fall into a trance, so intense was the feeling. She masterfully kept up gentle motions for a few minutes before stopping.

I wanted to scold her for starting — that was naughty of her — but I also really wanted her to do it again. Then I heard Emily ask, “Want to take a turn?”

All my hair stood on end. Who was she talking to? Riley? Was her girlfriend about to lick my—

None of my questions were answered. My brain simply stopped thinking as I felt a second, thicker and flatter, tongue occupy the space where Emily’s had been. Soon, I was melting into the sand, my throat groaning with delight.

The tongues began to alternate, each taking a turn before a hushed giggle, then being replaced by the other. Kisses were planted on the small of my back — it felt fucking good.

This routine continued for minutes: feminine hands teasing me while hot tongues explored. When they stopped I was disappointed and as horny as I’d ever been. My cock was straining under my own weight and I desperately wanted to flip around and fuck both girls. I twisted my body to face them, but they were already gone — heading to the water for a swim hand-in-hand without looking back…

I watched my little sister’s hips sway as she walked away from me. My eyes fixated on her full ass and those beautiful wide hips of hers. Then it was like a switch flipped in my head and I knew what I wanted. “Emily! Get back here!”

My nubile sibling turned her head, still holding her partner’s hand but with their fingers drifting apart. Her smile wicked and her eyes filled with eagerness. She kissed the blonde on the cheek, and they came back to where I was. While Emily sat across from me, Riley nodded politely and walked back up to the house.

“Did that get your attention?” my sister grinned.

“Where’s she going?” I grabbed Emily’s arm and pulled her on top of me.

I got a kiss on the nose before my younger sibling replied. “I told you, she gets these little moments of courage that end pretty quickly.”

Without another word I shifted my weight until Emily was pinned beneath me. Face-to-face, I saw the little crinkles in her nose as she giggled while my hands ran along her flanks. I found a lovely hot patch between her legs — her eyes widened, and she swayed a little as my fingers touched it.

My little sister was already purring; a little sex-engine that was waiting for me to turn the key. “What you just did was very naughty,” I growled.

“I want to make you happy, Bro,” Emily spoke in her girliest voice. “Did I? Did your lil’ sister make you—”

My hands tore my sister’s one-piece, making her gasp and interrupting her cheeky tease. It didn’t take long for me to align my hard cock with her naughty little slit and then, magic. My eyes whirled and my toes curled: I was transported to heaven.

“Am I still tight?” my little sister purred.

“So tight, Sis.”

I got a satisfied whimper in reply as the form of Emily’s pussy shaped itself to my cock. Its loving embrace felt exceptional as the motion of my hips caused a steady friction. The warm sand beneath us made the experience feel almost spiritual. The sea air filling our lungs while the constant rhythm of the waves hypnotised us.

My movements were automatic — part of my programming — and I was going at it hard. Each one caused a thud: the sound of bodies colliding. Emily tilted her head back and opened her mouth, so I offered her two fingers to suck on. That satisfied her oral fixation, and she greedily devoured them while sinking deeper into the beach. When I ripped my fingers from her mouth to hold her hips, she asked me again, “Do I still feel good, Big Bro?”

I drove into her hard, stopping when the base of my cock hit her pelvis and she squirmed. “You feel so fucking good, Sis.”

The way the sun hit warmed my back, the way her skin felt against mine, and the knowledge that Riley was probably watching… I wasn’t close to cumming. That wasn’t my aim. I wanted to prove a point; carve her out and remind her that she’s mine. When she asked me again, “Am I still—”, I didn’t let her finish. Instead, I kissed her deeply and her mouth accepted mine without the slightest hesitation. It was an answer to all her questions: she never had to doubt that I was insatiable for her.

I felt Emily’s muscles tense, heard her vocal cords tighten, and soon I experienced the sensation I’d gotten addicted to — the feeling of my little sister’s whole body exploding. Even as I felt the tight contractions around my shaft, I didn’t relent. I kept the same pace as she climaxed and that only made her climax more powerful.

We made love like that until our bodies got sore, and I wasn’t satisfied yet. It felt like my sister had been experiencing an unbroken rollercoaster of pleasure. That ride paused as we repositioned; she got on her hands and knees and I positioned myself behind her. Emily’s broad hips led to a thin waist and offered two beautiful handholds. I aligned my shaft with her sloppy wet pussy again; my cock twitching with excitement as I touched the soft skin. Without a moment of hesitation I bottomed out inside her, making my little sister shudder. She was a sex engine alright, and she was roaring with excitement.

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