INDIAN CUNTAs. Previously mentioned Daughter Christina,s best friend is Oona Khan of Indian ancestry though born in England. A very attractive twenty two year old when we got together. It was at a party hosted by both Oons and Chris at the house they rented together in east London. They,d invited a few friends as well as wife Sarah and me and with the exception of the Khans and us the rest were in their twenties. Oona,s parents were the first to have had enough and now it was only my wife and I who were the “oldies” and Sarah claimed to have a bad migraine headache so went to bed before the rest of the youngsters began to leave. As one couple,s car was out of service Chris offered to drive them home so just past midnight it was only Oona and I still awake in the house and Oona was rather drunk and not used to it. I knew Chris wouldn’t, be Back for over an hour as the couple lived in Hertfordshire and was quite surprised when Oona started to,openly flirt with me. I was flattered and güvenilir bahis intrigued as I,d never fucked an Indian before. Japanese, Okinawan, Vietnamese, Korean, But never an Indian and deep down Didn,t think the young woman would actually get intimate with me, but suddenly we were passionately snogging as she allowed me to fondle her sizeable tits and take off her top and bra so I could also suckle her pouty nipples for a while as she gently stroked my stiffening manhood. I gradually removed her skirt and soaked no wet knickers so I could finger and feast on her pussy flaps making her gasp and groan softly before she pushed me away and took me in her mouth to suck. Wife Sarah is an expert cocksucker and daughter Chris is very talented, but Oona was eager and made up with her attempts to please me even though she lacked cocksucking experience! She most likely would have had no hesitation at sucking me to climax, but I was more interested in the depths of her cunt first, türkçe bahis oral could come later! With her assistance I slipped my hardness into her treasure trove and just left Sir Cock inside for a few minutes enjoying the body heat and how tightly her tear muscles gripped my rigid shaft then began to thrust in and out and to increase the pace till our lubrication juices began to squelch loudly as our bodies slapped together pelvis to pelvis. In all my years experiences of fucking I can,t say I,ve ever had a Bad fuck. After all the old saying goes “A Bad Cigar is a Poor Smoke, But Nad Pussy,s Still Good!” Remains true. Some pussy Isn,t so wonderful and some is pure magic! Of course pussy with wife Sarah has encompassed all aspects! When either or both of us were tired or not quite in the right mood then fucking could be a chore, but when we were both fully fit and ready our fucks were legendary! I must admit the fuck with Oona came about six out of ten if I was scoring her points, güvenilir bahis siteleri but she certainly knew how to fuck and how to keep my prick interested till climax. I was even more surprised that despite being fifty four I managed to fuck her twice before Chris, returned, something I was at times unable to do with my wife. As Chris and Oona continued to rent their house for over a year we had more fucks now and then and after Chris caught Oona sucking me off while Sarah dozed on the settee a few feet away they finished me off sharing my heavy ejaculation down their lovely throats while my wife continued to snore softly justba few feet away. After that Oona, Chris and I had a few threesomes where the girls would get ready for an almighty fuck with me by either eating each other,s pussies or a full lesbian sixty nine, then I,d fuck Oona or Chris as the other woman ate her pussy. All good messy crummy sexy fun! Now and then even Sarah woke up and joined in, but oddly she never woke up and caught me fucking or being sucked off by Oona. Oona,s married now and has a Young Daughter, but I,ll bet she remembers the fun we once had. Haven,t seen her in years now, but she remains the only Indian cunt I ever fucked!

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