Indiscreet Memoirs of a Top Photographer Ep. 01


After a fairly long career as a professional photographer I feel I can look back and enjoy the memories of happy days (and nights) when was younger and the models were beautiful, sweet, and from time to time quite adventurous. It was hard work for sure, but certainly with its lighter moments, and as a young photographer I quickly found out new girls were quite keen to obtain good pics for their portfolio, and often suitably grateful when they got what they wanted.

So here’s a few memories of fun times, all based on fact, only the names have been changed to protect the guilty!

Episode one.

The other side of the camera.

I had shot Gail several times, a great model with a lovely face and figure. Of mixed race her flawless skin was a warm gold and her young body (she was just eighteen) was perfectly toned. I used her first for a cosmetic ad. where she needed to be nude, and she was perfectly relaxed and confident exposing her body to the camera. I liked her body a lot, slim but not skinny, high pert breasts, perfect round little bottom…the ideal body for modelling nude in my opinion.

When I was not busy on commissioned work I liked to experiment with my own ideas, and when a quiet week arrived I thought of Gail, and how it would be great to use her for some artistic body shots. I called her and arranged for her to drop by the studio to chat about what we could do.

When I opened the door to her that day I had forgotten just how attractive she was, not as a model, but as a natural young girl. She wore ripped jeans and a tight t-shirt under a leather jacket. The outline of her nipples under the material left no doubt she wore no bra.

I made coffee and we sat down to chat about some ideas I had for the pics. She was very cooperative, making suggestions herself and told me she had been an art student before taking up modelling and was keen on photography.

“It’s not always easy to find a girl willing and able to do nudes.” I told her, “I’m glad to have found you!”

“Well, I feel quite relaxed with you, I won’t do nude work with anyone I don’t feel comfortable with, and when I was an art student I used to enjoy the life classes, drawing and painting nudes, both men and women. So I understand the attraction.”

We talked some more about our ideas and I was watching her face as we chatted. She was really attractive I thought, big brown warm eyes, a soft and sensual mouth, and a smile always ready to reveal itself. From time to time I couldn’t help glancing down to where her nipples showed clearly through the t-shirt.

We were just about finished and about to fix up a date when she said.

“Mark, can I be rather forward and ask you something?”

“Of course…fire away.”

“Well, this may sound weird, but…well… You know this will be the third time I’ve posed nude for you…and that’s great, I enjoy it, apart from the money. But I’m curious…and please don’t laugh…but I wanted to ask if you would pose nude for me.”

For a moment I had no idea what to reply.

“You mean for you to draw or paint?”

“Oh no, I want to photograph you, like you do me.”

“But Gail, I’m no model, no Adonis. I’m just an ordinary bloke, a bit on the skinny side maybe! And I don’t think my body is very great…ok, I’m not fat, but …well…”

“I don’t want a model hunk Marc, I want a normal guy…a normal guy nude. I just thought it would be nice to see and shoot you like that. But if you’re uncomfortable doing that I don’t mind, forget I asked.”

I was thinking, thinking of what it would be like to be naked in front of her, a girl I hardly knew. But I couldn’t deny a light but growing fascination with the idea, and the beginnings of a feeling of arousal. She would be seeing my penis, my most intimate part exposed under her gaze. What if I became excited, what if my organ became erect? What would she think? But a part of me was already saying yes…go for it.

“Err…I’m not sure. I think I’m a bit shy. You know…like being naked in front of a girl who’s not even a girlfriend…it’s sort of strange.”

“I understand Marc, don’t worry, just a mad idea of mine, forget it.”

For a while we were silent, but I was still thinking, still imagining.

“There might be one way I could do it I think.” I said eventually.

She smiled, raising her eyebrows.

“Tell me.”

“Well, if you were naked too, that would seem more natural I think, I could do it that way.”

“So I’m behind the camera nude, and you’re in front, nude too? That seems reasonable and fair, why not.”

What have I agreed to I suddenly thought? This would not be a normal studio shoot! I felt I had to justify it.

“it’s just that I’ve always wanted to shoot a series of pics of nude bodies intertwined, you know, involved with each other, maybe just in silhouette, nothing too revealing you know, so when you’ve done with me maybe we can put the camera on auto and do some of both of us together?”

“That sounds like an interesting idea.” anime porno She replied with a slight smile, “but you’ll have to be gentle with me!”

We both laughed, but I couldn’t ignore the rising excitement I felt at the prospect of being not only naked with this lovely young girl, but being close to her, even touching her with my body.

We stopped laughing and I said.

“So when shall we do it, the pics I mean?”

“I suppose you’re busy today? I’m free now for the rest of the day.”

In fact I had decided to catch up on some paper work that afternoon, but the session with Gail seemed a much more attractive idea.

“No time like the present I guess, let’s do it! I’ll set up the camera and lighting for you so all you have to do is look through the viewfinder and press the button.”

“I do know a bit about taking photos she protested!” Playfully prodding my arm. “I’ll pop into the changing room and get ready shall I?”

“Sure, go ahead, take a shower if you feel like it.”

“Just had one before I came, I’ll just strip off.”

As I set up the lights and camera I tried to not think about what was to happen, concentrating on the technicalities, every time my thoughts strayed to being naked with this eighteen year old gorgeous nubile girl I felt my arousal increasing. Finishing the set up I called out to her.

“I’ll grab a quick shower, shan’t be a moment.”

“Ready when you are.” She called back from the changing room.

Naked in the shower I looked down in dismay at my cock. It wasn’t exactly erect, but was thick, heavy, jutting out with the foreskin partly revealing the swollen glands. I can’t go out and let her see me like that I thought, she’ll probably scream and run away, or report me, or something. I tried thinking of stuff like tax returns, football results, anything to make it go down. Then I turned the water to cold, and after a minute it returned to a more normal size.

I towelled dry and wrapping it around my waist went out into the studio.

“Ready.” I called.

After a moment Gail emerged from the changing room, she was totally naked. Although I’d seen her nude before something had changed, now she was not just a model, a tool for a photo, now she was a beautiful, sensual, and even erotic young woman. Her high pointed breasts were crowned with nipples more pronounced than they had seemed before, her belly was flat, taut, and at the junction of her thighs the lips of her vagina were bare of hair, visible to my eager gaze.

“Don’t be shy Marc. I’ve seen men naked before.”

I unloosened the towel and let it fall. I saw her eyes on me, looking intently, and a slow smile coming to her face. I looked down to see my penis growing under her gaze, thickening, extending, the foreskin sliding back off the glands as with each of my heartbeats it jerked erect, arriving quickly to a full throbbing erection.

We both looked up at each other at the same time.

“S…sorry about that.” I mumbled, not knowing quite what to say.

“It’s alright Marc, I’m quite flattered actually. Don’t worry about it, after all it’s quite superb I must say.”

“God! Thanks, just seems to have a mind of its own. We’d better get down to some pics. You shoot me on my own first if you like, we’ll do the together shots later…maybe!”

I went over and stood on the background under the lights. Gail took up the camera and stood about ten feet away and peered through the viewfinder towards me. The sight of the naked girl about to photograph me seems so strange, so unexpected, so wildly erotic.

“I’ve no idea what to do.” I told her, “you’ll have to direct me…like what do I do with my hands.” And I waved them vaguely towards her.

“try to relax Marc, just stand naturally, let your arms fall to your side. That’s right…”

I tried to relax, but found it difficult. I was conscious all the time of my aroused sex, the heat in my belly and thighs, the excitement I could hardly contain of the proximity of the naked girl near to me.

As if of their own accord my hands drifted towards my groin. I placed them on my thighs, on either side of my sex.

“That’s better Marc, just act naturally. You can move a bit maybe.

I turned, presenting the side view of my organ at the same time cupping my balls with one hand. I could hear the shutter clicking as she moved the camera slightly.

“try kneeling down can you.” She asked, not taking the camera away from her eye.

I knelt, my knees apart, and she moved closer, close enough that I could smell her scent, the camera pointing at my erection, and I realised that I was not alone in feeling this sexual excitement, she was turned on too.

My right hand began to slowly caress the shaft of my cock, sliding up and down, pausing to stroke the swollen head.

“Oh wow Marc. That’s so sexy.” I heard her say breathlessly. “Do it, pleasure yourself, I want to see that.”

I hardly needed any encouragement, my organ demanded my hand, asyalı porno needing the touch, the regular rub to heighten the wonderful pleasure I was feeling, the excitement of an impending orgasm.

I was near, so very near, but I wanted more, more of her, more of this young girl than just her viewing of my ejaculation and climax.

“I think I’d better stop now…before something happens.” I managed to say breathlessly. “And I really want to do pics with us both. Shall we?”

Gail took the camera somewhat reluctantly away from her eye.

“That was so lovely, you have a beautiful cock, thank you for sharing that with me, I realise it was quite difficult for you.”

“Well, not all that difficult once we got started.” I replied, feeling somehow much more relaxed and at ease now. Maybe because I had nothing more to hide.

“But let’s get on with the shots of us together.”

I took the camera from her and set it up on a tripod in the reception area, pointing towards a white wall next to the lounger. I set the camera to automatic, shooting one frame every five seconds until stopped. I knew the memory card would hold several thousand pics so we had plenty of time.

Gail came and stood in front of the camera while I checked everything was ok like cropping, focus, exposure etc.

“So…what do we do?” She asked, a cheeky smile on her face.

“well, let’s start with you standing and me kneeling in front of you, side on.”

As I moved towards her I felt my erection stiffening in anticipation. Just to be near that so perfect and desirable body provoked an uncontrollable reaction.

I knelt before her, my face level with her tummy button. Immediately I felt her hands on my shoulders, a light caress that sent electric like shocks from her fingers it seemed. I could see her lower body in detail now, the flat smooth stomach and below the hairless lips of her vagina, slightly parted and with the ridge of the clitoris showing between the top edge of them. I lent forward and placed my lips on her abdomen. The camera began to click, again and again as I moved my mouth from one side to the other. I slid my hands up her legs, over her slim thighs, and cupped her round firm buttocks, pulling her abdomen against my mouth. I heard her sigh as I gripped her tighter, and her hands went to my head, pulling me against her as she lifted her crotch towards my mouth.

My tongue played making patterns on her lower abdomen, teasing, approaching slowly the cleft where her pleasure source lay. I loved the scent of her body, clean, fresh, young, but with an earthy undertone of something almost primitive, her lust, desire, and need.

I slid my fingers between the cleft of her buttocks, exploring her most intimate parts, searching for a reaction, eager to give her pleasure, but I held off touching the anus, waiting for her excitement to build. At the same time I brought my tongue to the top of her labia, touching so lightly, teasing, and she pushed down on my head as her hips moved to present the opening to me.

But I wanted her to wait for that, I wanted her to be aching, desperate for the relief of my mouth or hand on her sex.

“Let’s stand up now.”

Reluctantly she let go of me and I stood up. She looked up at me, her eyes wide but dull with desire.

“What now?”

I turned her around to face the camera that still clicked away, recording the scene, indifferent to our lust, then positioned myself behind her but slightly to one side so that my erect penis was visible along side her. I put both my hands on her body, sliding them along her sides, down her arms. Taking hold of her hands I directed them behind her, the left to my side while the other I brought to my sex. Without any hesitation her small soft hand encircled my hard aroused organ. I let out a gasp of pure pleasure at her touch, it was as if electricity was passing through her into me, and with a faint moan she began to so gently caress me.

I brought both my hands to her front, then slowly slid them up to cup her pert young breasts. I took the hard erect nipples between my fingers and squeezed and rolled them.

She was murmuring my name I realised, over and over again as her slim lesson body began to move, pressing sideways until she could feel my jutting cock against her side. I began to move too, unable to resist the need, rubbing my shaft against her smooth soft skin. Looking down at myself induced more excitement, the foreskin was almost completely withdrawn from the intensely swollen glands that now shone with glistening pre-cum. Such was the state of my excitement that the pre-cum was dribbling almost constantly, a clear slippery viscous liquid. Some instinct made me take hold of the shaft and rub the glands against her back, leaving a silver trail on her golden skin.

I bent my knees and moved directly behind her so I could slip my cock between her thighs. She realised immediately what I wanted, letting go of my cock and parting her legs.

It slid so easily backroom casting porno between her legs, so easily I realised that she was wet, very wet down there. Her head turned towards me and her open mouth sought out mine. Urgently her lips closed around my tongue as I thrust it into her mouth, tasting her as I mimicked the thrusting of a penis into a vagina. She understood immediately and I felt her hips moving as she joined the movement of my body as I drew my rigid organ backwards and forwards between her wet slippery thighs. The pressure of her lovely round soft buttocks against my abdomen made me cry out again in joy. This was pleasure off the scale, sexual pleasure of having a beautiful young body to satisfy my own needs as I satisfied hers. She was young, with all the virility and passion of a girl still finding out all the different routes to pleasure. Exploring her own sensuality, learning to let go her inhibitions, joyfully giving her nubile body to me in the search for the ultimate ecstasy.

Again I was obliged to come back from the near explosion of my orgasm, I knew now that when eventually I did climax I wanted it to be with my penis deep inside her body, I wanted to shoot my sperm inside this lovely creature, and I knew that this was what she wanted too.

I drew away from her…sliding my cock reluctantly from her crotch. My organ was harder and bigger than I had ever seen it before, iron hard, slick with our juices, the purple shinny glands huge as pre-cum poured from the eye.

I turned her towards me then pulled her against me, my cock pressed tightly against her.

“Tell me you want me.” I said, “Tell me you want me inside you.”

She was looking up at me, her eyes on mine, her soft full mouth slightly open as she panted slightly.

“Yes.” She replied, her voice husky, “I want you inside me, I want to feel you deep in me.”

Next to the shooting area was a low platform covered with a white fur, where clients could watch the sessions. I took her hand and led her towards it. As we reached it she turned to me.

“But first, I want this…please…”

And she dropped to her knees before me. I could hardly believe what she was about to do, but then her hands were on my thighs, sliding around to my buttocks as her face approached my rigid penis. At first I couldn’t see how she might do it, it seemed impossible, but her mouth opened slightly as her soft moist lips met my straining glands. Slowly she pushed, her mouth distending as the head passed her lips, then the shaft encircled tightly. I closed my eyes, not wanting to watch as I feared what would happen, but I heard a deep groan, as if from someone else as I felt I reached the back of her throat, pressing softly, and the sharp edge of her teeth on my shaft.

If she moved it was finished, I would cum in her mouth I knew, I couldn’t hold back any more.

“N…no…not yet baby, not this time.’

I withdrew a wet glistening penis from her mouth and lifting her lay her back on the platform. She lay there before me, naked, her legs splayed exposing her vagina, the lips swollen and gleaming with our precum. She was the most desirable and sensual image I had ever seen. Her body was mine, mine to enjoy, to satisfy, to possess. And it was what she wanted I knew. She wanted my body on hers, my weight pressing down on her, my cock inside her.

I knelt between her legs and looked down at where my organ pointed towards its goal. It looked too huge to enter this delicate body, too out of proportion. Too thick to find access, too long for her abdomen. But I knew it would, and her eyes greedily watched as I approached.

“I want you to watch as I go into you.” I told her, “Here, put this cushion under your head…there…now lift your knees up…that’s right…when I’m in you can put them on my shoulders.”

She was there…ready for me. Holding her knees up to her breasts, her body bent so as to see our joining.

Slowly I lowered myself, supporting myself over her on hands and knees, approaching my cock to her opening. We both watched, excited, fascinated, as the exposed glands touched the flared labia. For a while I moved the head gently backwards and forwards between the lips, making sure it was slick and wet. I pulled it back, a silver thread of liquid still joined us as we watched. Then she looked up at me, her eyes bright with desire, lust.

“Do it! Oh god do it now!”

And I began to lower myself into her. We watched as the labia stretched to admit the turgid head, then slowly, millimetre by millimetre, my penis disappeared into her. We both cried out as at last the whole length was buried in her abdomen. She was tight, her young vagina as yet unaccustomed to penetration, but although tight she was so wet, so ready, that it seemed she drew me into her. She gripped me, soft, warm, and seemingly perfectly fitted to my massive erection.

I allowed myself down to cover her body and her legs immediately wrapped around my waist. It was the ultimate sensation…perfect joy of feeling the young body under mine, her arms and legs holding me, my cock hard inside her softness.

I slipped my hands around underneath her to hold her buttocks and began to move, slowly withdrawing, then entering again, repeating that sublime moment of sexual union.

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