Inductive Orgasms Ch. 03


Continued from Chapter 2: Induction of Cindi

Matt and Steve were sitting in Steve’s living room. Neither of their sisters, nor Steve’s mom Sophi were home. They had been discussing how well it had gone with Mallory and Cindi. They were ebullient about the amazing sex they had been having with their sisters.

“Steve, want to trade with me again?”

Steve laughed. “What do you want this time?”

“I want your mom. But I will give you my mom first.”

Steve knew Matt was serious this time. Steve had lusted after Mrs. Mitchell, Matt’s mom for a long time. In Steve’s estimation she was hotter than Mallory with long partly curly blonde hair, large tits, and a wide milf ass that looked inviting even to a teenager. She frequently walked around the house on weekends in jogging shorts that left the bottoms of her ass cheeks exposed and this had always turned him on. He had seen her in a modest bathing suit a few times and was impressed with what he had seen. He began to imagine what it would be like if she were totally naked. He smiled and nodded. “When do we start?”

They went back to Matt’s house and began treating panties and bras. Steve was turned on getting to handle his friend’s mother’s underthings. They found some lingerie, some crotchless panties, and even a corset hidden away in the closet. Matt treated everything. They got the shorts she jogged in, the tops she jogged in, all her yoga clothes and all the casual clothes she wore around the house. He did not want to take chances.

That weekend Mallory was gone on a trip with one of her friends. Cindi was at work. Michelle Mitchell was home alone with Matt when Steve came over. Matt had texted him.

They sat watching television as Matt played with the controls that he knew would be causing his mom a little distress. She was walking back and forth to the garage doing laundry and he knew she was getting small doses each time she passed him. She walked through the living room carrying a laundry basket and he turned it up sharply. She gasped and dropped the basket, spilling laundry all over the floor.

“Oh my, I don’t know what came over me. Excuse me boys.” As she bent over to pick up the basket, Matt began cycling the coil. Her ass was pointed straight at them and her white short shorts revealed the red panties she was wearing as she bent over. She began to gasp and got down on her knees on the floor next to the basket. As the cycles continued, she lost her awareness that the boys were in the same room and began to rub on her crotch, which was already showing a wet spot. Her ass was facing the boys as they watched her try to make herself come. Matt got behind her and carefully pulled down her shorts and panties, waiting to see if she objected. She remained silent, except for gasping slightly, so Matt began spraying her pussy and her asshole. Matt was enjoying his first close up view of her private parts. He raised the frequency and she became so engrossed in the sensations Matt was able to lift her legs off the floor just enough to take off her panties. He pushed her top up over her tits and unsnapped her bra. He put fluid on his hands and applied it to her nipples, and she gasped in response, remaining on her hands and knees, totally under the control of the sensations she was feeling.

Matt turned and looked at Steve, whispering, “get your pants off dude. This is it.”

Steve dropped his pants in a flash, and Matt told him to lie down on his back next to his mom. He lifted her shoulders and removed her t-shirt. She was naked. Matt was stunned at how good his mom looked. She had big brown nipples like his sister, with wide areolas. Her ass was as smooth as a peach with perfectly rounded curves and he noted how her tits actually had no sag as he lifted her onto her knees. She offered no resistance, slowly opening her eyes as he guided her to straddle Steve. She wasted no time dropping her cunt around his cock and put Steve’s hands on her tits, holding them there as she began to rise and fall on his cock.

Matt sprayed her asshole. He even thought it was beautiful, and was stunned that he was being allowed to see it. His mom was completely under the control of the vibrations she was feeling. He pushed her forward against Steve’s chest, took aim, and drove his hard cock straight into his mom’s asshole. She responded with sounds of pleasure. His mom was now being double penetrated, fucking two guys at once. He could not believe how easy this was.

The two of them continued to fuck Michelle for a couple of hours, taking turns in all her holes. She showed no hesitation to sucking dirty cocks that had been in her ass and even let Steve fuck her tits and come on her face. She showed no modesty leaving her legs spread wide and holding open her own ass cheeks when they fucked her ass from behind.

After they had used her to their satisfaction Matt let the orgasms subside and watched his mom relax, spread naked on the living room floor with legs wide apart. Her pussy kastamonu escort hair was matted and wet from all the come that was spread on her. She wasn’t shaved, and Matt decided he would have her take care of that.

“Oh my boys. That was the most incredible sex I have ever had. Its been so long for me I just lost control. But we can’t do that again. Ever. I would be fired and well, it would be a disaster.”

Matt already knew she would change her mind quickly as soon as he turned on the coil again. They waited until the evening and Michelle invited Steve over to have dinner with her and Matt. She even called Sophi, Steve’s mom and told her she had invited Steve for dinner. Matt waited until she was seated and they had started to fill their plates before he turned on the coil again. His mom got flustered immediately and threw back her head.

“Stand up and take off your clothes for us mom.”

“Oh I shouldn’t.”

“Oh come on. You look like you want it. We can keep your secret. If you want more good sex, you will.” Matt turned up the power.

He could see in her expression that she had no power to resist. She obediently stood up and dropped off her shorts, then stepped out of her panties, and pulled her shirt over her head. The bra dropped to the floor.

“Come here.” She walked over to Matt and he put his hand on her pussy, rubbing fluid on his mom’s clit and labia. He reached up and stroked her hard nipples, and then told her to turn around and grab her ankles. She did. He could hardly believe his eyes. He was stunned that she was so obedient and willing.

He continued to admire his mom’s ass as he sprayed a good coat of fluid on his mom’s asshole and pussy, rubbing it in and enjoying the sensation of feeling this mature woman’s most private parts.

“Mom, does this mean you are reconsidering having more sex with us?”

“Uh huh” she said quietly.

“Mom, I think we are going to have you for our dessert. Would you like that?” She nodded. “So if you want to enjoy some after-dinner cock, please get up on the table and lie on your back with your legs facing us.” He was testing his control over her, and to his delight, she seemed totally cooperative.

His mom moved bowls off the table and then lay back, spreading her legs open with her knees up for the boys to admire her pussy and inner thighs. Matt proceeded to stimulate her, letting her have little mini-orgasms as she lay there wantonly exposed. Steve had decided he was not that hungry and stood up and put his cock in Michelle’s mouth. She sucked it with such obvious pleasure, staring up at Steve, that he knew she must really be happy to have his cock in her mouth. Matt continued to eat his dinner, sitting at the opposite end of the table watching his mom sucking the cock of his best friend.

Matt finished and decided to fuck his mom’s cunt again. She reached an orgasm that almost caused her to pass out. When he finished, he let her slow down and told her matter-of-factly, “Please if you want this to continue, as soon as you can I want you to shave all the hair off your pussy. Understand?”

She nodded.

“And mom, if you like being fucked like this I would really like it if you will go naked around the house whenever Mallory is gone. Will you do that?”

“Yes, of course.”

“What do you think Steve? Should she go naked for us whenever Mallory isn’t around?”

“Heck yeah, she is gorgeous.”

“Okay mom. No more discussion about this being wrong. You really like being fucked and we know it, so from now on if you want us to continue giving you this pleasure, I hope you will show us how much you like our cocks any time we are alone together. And don’t worry, we will all be sworn to secrecy. We will tell no one, understand?”

“Yes hun. I will. Please don’t let your sister know we do this. I would be horrified. But I love this sex. I have never had sex like this before. I want to feel this again and again.”

“Steve will come over in the morning and you can make breakfast for us in the nude. Please shave that hairy pussy first though.”

The next morning Michelle did as she was asked. She shaved herself bare and went to the kitchen to start breakfast. The doorbell rang and she ran to peep through the peephole. When she saw it was Steve she opened the door wide, surprising Steve with her naked body, and as soon as it was closed, kissed him on his lips and rubbed her big tits against his chest. She stepped back and let him admire her nude body.

“How do you like my shaved pussy? She asked him. He just nodded his approval, smiling. She turned and led him to the kitchen, letting him watch the rise and fall of her perfect ass cheeks.

Matt came down and was pleased with what he saw. His mom looked even sexier with no hair on her pussy. She was wearing tall red high heels, and nothing else. Nice touch, he thought. She told them to sit down and served them both omelettes, coffee kayseri escort and cherry danishes. Matt told her to stand next to him at the table and he began to apply fluid to her nipples, then bumped the inside of her thighs, and she opened her legs, fully cooperating. Matt applied a dollop to her clit, told her to turn around and ran his fingers up the crack of her ass, stopping as he felt his mom’s butthole. Matt turned on the coil and began a slow ascent from low frequencies and amplitudes. His mom was smiling, standing next to the kitchen table, as if she was proud to show them her big tits and newly bared pussy. She had kept her legs wide apart. Matt was amazed at how quickly she had learned to make herself inviting for cocks.

Matt took his time with her. While Steve was eating Michelle knelt down and voluntarily began sucking his cock. When she finished him, she moved over to Matt and sucked his cock until he came in her mouth.

“Mmmmm. That was the best breakfast I ever had boys. Do you both want to fuck my nice cleanly shaved pussy today? I have to confess, I loved having you both fuck my ass too yesterday. I never knew I loved that so much.” She blushed when she said she liked having them fuck her ass.

They took turns fucking Michelle for the rest of the day. They used every hole, and fucked her over the couch, on the kitchen table, on the coffee table, on her bed, and out in the back yard on the patio. She proudly walked around naked wearing just her high heels and served them food, drinks, and let them finger her or fondle her breasts each time she was near one of them. Matt even got out his camera and photographed her walking around the house like this. She even posed, sometimes very suggestively and he got photographs of every detail of his mom’s body. His favorite was when she went out on the patio in the full sunlight and bent over facing away from him, holding her ankles and looking back at him between her legs. As long as he turned up the coil slightly from time to time, she never objected. She was like a cat in heat all day.

Mallory was gone for the whole next week. For the rest of the week when Michelle came home from work the first thing she did was kneel in front of Matt and suck his cock. She did this still wearing her work clothes, which unknown to her had already been saturated with the fluid making it possible for Matt to bring her to orgasm to reinforce her behavior. She would go upstairs and strip, and come back down wearing garters, hose, high heels, and sometimes a shelf-bra that left her nipples exposed. Matt would be careful to touch up her big nipples and crotch with the fluid, making sure she was easy to stimulate. Matt realized she had never been so happy and seemed so proud of her ability to make him and Steve excited.

Steve came over for dinner every night that week. He told Matt that Cindi was begging him for Matt’s cock and had even offered to suck his cock if only he would get Matt to come over and fuck her. He laughed with Matt, “she’s turned into a total little slut.”

One night Michelle came home a little later than usual and Steve was already there. She apologized for being late, but said she would make it up to them. She smiled at them and picked up the remote for the stereo, starting some sexy music. She began dancing in the middle of the room and slowly removed her clothes. First she took off her white blouse pulling it out of her skirt. She slowly unzipped the side of her pencil skirt, and slipped it down her legs, bending down as she pushed it to the floor. As she continued to move suggestively, she reached behind her back and unsnapped her bra, letting it fall off her chest. Matt was already turning up the amplitude of his device to keep her motivated. She walked over close to each of them and suggestively passed her nipples only inches from their faces. She turned around and very slowly pushed her black lace panties down her legs and when she reached her ankles she stopped there, letting them admire her exposed pussy and ass. She carefully stepped out of the panties and waved them slowly under Steve’s nose, and then let Matt smell them too, before she dropped them on Steve’s lap. She put a knee on each arm of the armchair Steve was seated in and let him see her widely opened legs, smiling as Steve reached out and touched her pussy lips. In this position her tits were above his eye level. She then got off the chair and backed up to Matt’s chair. Matt took the opportunity to put fluid on her clit and on her asshole. She turned around and climbed onto the arms of Matt’s chair, letting him rub more on her nipples as he played with her big tits. She finished her dance by leading each of them to the couch where she straddled each hard cock and slid it up into her pussy while rubbing her tits against their faces. Both boys decided this was the best lap dance they had ever had.

That week each night at dinner Michelle would serve them their meal, and while kıbrıs escort they ate would suck on both of their cocks. After she cleared the table she would get up on the dinner table on her back, legs raised and spread, and beg them to fuck her cunt. She even called it her cunt now. They obliged her, often slipping into the other hole nearby for a tight ass-fuck of this willing milf. Matt got more photographs of Michelle on her back on the dining room table, legs raised in a wide vee, and her ass cheeks pulled open by her own hands.

Michelle seemed to enjoy the constant touching from the boys. Steve would hold her breasts in his hands and massage them every chance he had, coming up against her from behind, standing in front of her, or any time she was laying or sitting and he was near enough to reach her. Steve loved the soft warm feel of her tits. Matt was enjoying his mom’s perfect ass. He loved being able to walk up behind her and grab one of her ass cheeks and then sometimes run his finger down the crack of her ass while he rubbed the inside of her cheeks. Matt did his best to be sure she was rewarded with some level of sensation from his device whenever one of them was touching her so she associated all the fondling and groping with strong sexual stimulation.

He could not believe he had turned his mother into a total cock slut. But secretly he knew that he liked her cunt better than his sister’s, and better than Cindi’s. Somehow Michelle knew how to massage a cock with her cunt like the younger girls did not do, or could not do. Maybe it was all the yoga exercises he had seen his mom do for years. Maybe it was just experience, or maybe it was the novelty of fucking an older woman. Something made her pussy better than the young girls.

That Friday Mallory came home and the fun with Michelle ended. Mallory snuck into Matt’s bedroom her first night back and begged him to fuck her mouth. She told him she had discovered that the only way she could have an orgasm was to have a cock in her mouth, and his was so much better than the other cocks she had sucked. Matt was amused at her confession. He asked her how many cocks she had sucked while she had been away, and she admitted to two. He figured she was lying. He told her to lick his balls and rim his asshole first if she wanted to suck his cock, and she did. He rewarded Mallory with an exceptional orgasm, even though it was hard to keep her quiet so as not to disturb his mom downstairs. He had already made sure the signal would not carry as far as his mom’s bedroom. It would be a disaster if his mom and sister both wanted him at the same time.

Saturday he got up and looked out the window and Cindi was naked and spread-eagled on a chaise lounge next to the pool next door. He texted Steve to ask if Steve had a spray bottle of fluid. Steve responded that he did and Matt told him to go touch up his sister by the pool. He watched Cindi cooperate, letter her big brother massage her little tits, and rub his fingers on her pussy, and Matt noticed as Steve even slid a finger between Cindi’s ass cheeks.

Matt realized he had a little problem after his latest adjustments to the coil. He needed to move the coil closer to Cindi, so he got dressed and went down to the pool. Cindi ran to him, naked, and eager to feel his cock, and knelt down, unzipped his pants, and immediately began sucking on Matt’s cock. Steve stood beside her and pulled out his cock, and soon Cindi was taking turns with the cocks in her mouth.

At that point the gate opened and both boys turned to see who had caught them getting head from Cindi, scared that it was one of Steve’s parents. It was Mallory already dressed in a bikini.

Mallory knelt next to Cindi, asking if she could have some.

“Stand up and let me feel your cunt” Matt told her. She did as he asked and pushed her bathing suit down as she did. Matt applied a good dose of fluid to Mallory’s pussy and asshole. He pulled down her top and rubbed fluid across her big breasts.

“Suck whore.” She did as she was asked, not protesting being called whore. Cindi had to make herself happy with Steve’s cock.

“Cindi, stand up and bend over. Now put Steve’s cock back in your mouth.” He had positioned Cindi’s butt towards Mallory’s face. At that point he pulled out of Mallory’s mouth and stabbed his cock into Cindi’s pussy. He came quickly, and noticed that he was forced to give both the girls the same level of orgasms. After he came in Cindi, he turned to the gasping Mallory who had been licking his balls while he fucked Cindi, and told her to lick his come out of Cindi. She did it. She eagerly began lapping away at Cindi’s wet, cum-filled, slightly gaping pussy. He rewarded her accordingly and both girls began to shudder and shake from orgasms. As they slowed down Steve told Mallory to bend over in front of him. He spritzed her asshole and pushed himself into Mallory’s ass quickly and roughly. He came almost immediately.

“Cindi, it is your turn. Lick my cum out of Mallory’s asshole.” Cindi did not hesitate and again Matt rewarded them both with intense orgasms. Steve and Matt chuckled, as they both realized they had made their sisters become bisexual sluts that now believed that sucking cock, licking pussy, and eating cum-filled assholes got them off.

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