Ingrid’s Need


This is the second part of another story. For a fuller understanding read “Ingrid’s Tit” first. In fact, you might miss a lot if you don’t.

Now that Ingrid had the incriminating video she had the upper hand again. Josh and I would be back to doing what she wanted.

The last time she had us under her control she had me give Josh a BJ. But that was just because she didn’t want to blow him herself. I didn’t suppose she felt any obligation to get him a blowjob now, neither from me nor herself.

So what would she want?

Ingrid invited us to join her Friday. And by “invite” I mean she asked nicely but there was never any doubt that it was a command.


I pulled up and parked at the same time as Josh. We walked in together, “So, are you looking forward to it?” I asked casually as we walked to the dorm doors.

Josh glanced sideways at me, “We kind of pissed her off. She’ll make us pay, of course, but in the end it won’t be too bad “

“What makes you say that?”

“Well, I’ve been dating her long enough to know what makes her tick. You think she’s a prude don’t you?” I nodded. “She’s not. She needs and loves sex as much as you and I. She, well, she has a phobia. She’s afraid of germs and things she thinks are dirty. You’ll see.”

“I guess I already did. That explained why she wouldn’t touch my cock. And why she spent so long in the bathroom after. Right?” Josh clapped me on the back and it was his turn to nod.

We were at the steps now, “So you didn’t say… what’s she gonna make us do?”

Josh pushed the button so she would let us in, “Oh, that, she’ll want us to keep her clean.”

Inside the apartment I looked around with new eyes. The rooms were perfectly clean. I saw; antibacterial soap on the counter, the smell of cleaner in the air, and sheets draped over all the furniture.

Ingrid was sweet as molasses, “Welcome boys. Come in. Have a seat.” We all got comfortable. “Josh, would you get me a drink, please?”

Josh jumped up quickly. She asked politely but he acted nervous. He took a glass from the cabinet, never touching any part of it except the very bottom. He got some iced tea from the fridge, poured it, put away the pitcher, and brought it to her. All the while being careful not to touch anything the wrong way.

Ingrid cast her stare my way, “Dear Craig, please go take a shower. There’s a soap dispenser in there.” I assumed that if she had me showering then Josh must be right about her liking sex.”


When I got out of the shower both Ingrid and Josh were as nude as I. She was reclining on the canlı bahis şirketleri couch while Josh knelt at the end rubbing her feet. At my entrance, Josh got up and took my place in the shower.

Ingrid asked me to pick up where he left off. The view from there was awesome. This was the first time I had seen her completely nude and she didn’t disappoint.

Her body didn’t have a hint of hair anywhere. Her skin was milky white like she never saw the sun. It was white but not pale. I mean, she looked healthy enough. It was the first hairless pussy I’d seen and it was captivating.

Ingrid gave me a bottle of essential oil. I really enjoyed touching her everywhere. Her boobs were the best I’d ever felt. Her body was tighter and harder than I thought it would be. She said I shouldn’t get the oil in her folds so I didn’t get to explore her puss.

When I finished the front she rolled over for me to do the backside. I started at her neck working down to her feet, but skipping her bum, at her direction. When I was done she had me wash my hands then return.

Lifting her muscular butt up in the air she asked me to finish the job. I rubbed all over the delicious globes then she turned her body and lifted even more, pointing her asshole at me.

I’ve seen a girl’s butt-ring before during doggy and it wasn’t always pristine. Her’s was. Her voice was still sweet but also direct, “Rub it there too.”

Just then Josh came out, “Ah, we’ve finished the disinfecting.” Is that what I was doing? OK, it made sense.

Ingrid rolled back over, “Do each other boys.” We didn’t mind. I’d had Josh’s cum in my mouth last week so it was no big deal to touch him. He hadn’t done anything to me but he’d offered. We applied the oil, being as thorough as she expected. When we did each other’s cocks we popped boners. But Ingrid had ideas that did not include us jerking each other off.

Ingrid went into the bedroom to get something. It turned out to be a vibrator. While she was in there I asked Josh, “So we clean her. Then what?”

Josh was cryptic, “That first day… what did she have you do?”

“You mean she’s going to have us jerk off? That’s what she wants? Then why all the preparation? The first time I just sat on a towel and did it.”

“Craig, it’s gonna be more. You’ll see.”

The jerking off was never enough for me anyway. I’d wanted more. That’s why I negotiated to suck her tit. That’s why I got her to give me the titty-fuck.”

I thought back to that day, to what she had called the “Boob-dick” in her broken English. She’d hated the whole thing. canlı kaçak iddaa I’d just thought she was being prissy but in reality she was terrified. If her fear of germs was anything like my fear of dogs then it was a miracle she did it at all.

Come to think of it, why did she do it? It was she who’d approached me in the cafeteria. She let me put what must have seemed like filthy spit on her tit when I sucked it. Though she didn’t wash it before putting it away. She rubbed her boobs all over my dirty dick when she could have called it off. Why?

I looked at Josh; the way he served her every desire, did everything she wanted, the way she wanted. His actions served her well.

Of course, that’s why she did it. She owed him. He treated her well and she wanted to treat him well too in her own dysfunctional way. But she could never take his cock in her mouth. It would ruin her.

Here I had thought she was the villain. But her saccharine sweet commands weren’t disguised in kindness. They actually were kindness. I’d judged her wrongly.

But, Josh and I had tortured her – we had prolonged the titty-fuck unbearably long. Then Josh had wanted to dump her for my mouth. It was Josh who put her in that position to trade the purity of her magnificent boobs for his blowjob.

The enormity of my misunderstanding stunned me. How could I have been that wrong? No, I must be wrong now, instead. Josh wouldn’t have done that. He was a stand-up guy.

Meanwhile, Ingrid arranged a couple pillows on the couch and laid atop them with her fantastic ass and asshole on display high up in the air. I heard her vibrator switch on and could just see a glimpse of its pink silicone between her thighs.

Josh crept up behind her, stepping between her legs. Ingrid flinched slightly at the touch of his knees to hers. He started jerking his big meat, pointing right at her pink starfish anus. They had this worked out so he would cum directly on her sublime sphincter while she pleasured herself with the vibe.

Josh called me over, “Come close and watch this, Man. It’s truly the best way to cum.” I stood close. His cock looked so sexy. The tell-tale drop gathered at the tip signalling his impending spooge explosion. “Did you use the mouthwash in the bathroom too?” I nodded, dumfounded.

Josh put his arm over my shoulder, “When my cum hits her asshole it’s a sight to die for. But we can’t leave it there long. And we definitely can’t let it drip down to her virgin cunt.” Josh was panting and beating frantically now.

“That’s where you come in. You’ve gotta get in there canlı kaçak bahis and clean her up. She needs to be cleaned or she’ll stop doing it.”

I thought about it. The nasty cum would be intolerable for her. She needed to be cleaned. Josh explained more, “She worries about all the chemicals in the soaps. The only cleaner she really trusts is saliva. Did you know it’s the best disinfectant. Animals clean themselves with saliva. It’s only us humans who’ve forgotten.”

Josh was breathing heavy between words. Ingrid was humping the sensual toy with great need. He started to push down on my shoulders, my knees started to buckle, “I need you Craig.”

Great jets of syrupy cream pulsed from the swollen cockhead landing dead center on her contracting target. Her ass was turned upright so it puddled there rather than sliding down. Josh pushed my head into her butt crack roughly, “Lick it, Pig.”

I did. My lips encircled her slimy rosebud. I licked starting at her taint to make absolutely certain nothing would escape me. I needed to get it into my mouth and off this angel’s body to save her from being polluted. Once the bulk of it was in my mouth I swished it around savoring the flavor then swallowed.

Returning to my task I lapped every last residue of Josh’s ball juice. Satisfied that I’d gotten it all I could concentrate on the sensations of licking Ingrid’s rubbery ass lips. I liked it! I really liked it. It was better than sucking Josh’s cock by far.

I pulled on my dick intending to shoot my load with my lips pressed to her wonderfully innocent blinking star.

First, I sensed the tension leave her body when she knew the offending liquid was gone. Then my tongue felt her have an orgasm through the spasms radiating from her delicious feminine bunghole.

It sent me over the edge. It was marvelous. I was drunk on cum and butt, or more accurately cum on a butt. My own cum landed on the floor with a splat.


Josh ushered me out of there before I could clear my head.

Upon reflection it became undeniable to me that Ingrid was the wronged one and Josh was preying on her.

I hatched a plan to expose his ugly practice and rescue the poor broken girl with the perfect edible asshole. If it went well she’d be free, if it went very well, I could be rimming her regularly.

Author’s note:

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