Innocent Jennifer has never been with another man.

Innocent Jennifer has never been with another man.My wife Jennifer and I have been married for nearly 15 years. We have what I consider a perfect marriage. That’s not to say we never have disagreements or get crabby with each other. We do, but it’s generally short-lived and due to fatigue on one of our parts. Although we don’t have all the same interests, we have the same core values, and I firmly believe that’s what determines a couple’s compatibility. I would describe our sex life as very good and I hope Jennifer would do the same. Although I wouldn’t call us kinky by any means, we have our fair share of variety in the bedroom. When I say we’re not kinky, we’re not into bondage, S&M, partner swapping or anything like that, but we’re not afraid to experiment with different ways to pleasure each other.We occasionally share sexual fantasies …… okay, I occasionally share fantasies that involve other people in our sex lives, but I also realize that it’s just a fantasy — one that excites me in thought, but probably wouldn’t work out so well in reality. Jennifer and I have been completely faithful to each other throughout our marriage. In fact, Jennifer has never had sex with another man. Perhaps that has fueled my fantasy. Jennifer is very talented in bed, but no other man has been so lucky to experience her magic hands, her talented tongue, or her… well, you get the picture. I get turned on by the thought of her sexually satisfying another man. I’ve shared this thought with Jennifer, but she believes that if we ever went through with this fantasy, we would regret it. I’ve thought it through and decided I’m not secure enough to let another man have sexual intercourse with my wife. However, in recent months I’ve been thinking about this more frequently and it has been arousing me. I’ve firmly convinced myself that although I couldn’t handle my beautiful wife having intercourse with another man, I could handle her getting another man off in other ways or a guy pleasuring her. I’ve brought it up to her and I can tell that she does not take me too seriously, but I can also tell the thought is not entirely objectionable to her either. So I thought it through more thoroughly and outlined for Jennifer how we could give this a try and minimize any risk to her safety or our marriage. She of course dismissed the idea the first couple of times, but I could tell she was intrigued. When my birthday came a couple of months later, she took me out for a nice romantic dinner. We shared some great conversation and some good laughs. When we got back home and tucked ourselves into bed, she pushed me onto my back and started kissing my chest and working her wet sensuous kisses down my stomach, making me tremble with anticipation of how far down she would continue. Within seconds, my dick was rock hard and ready to burst out of my underwear. When Jennifer’s mouth reached my underwear, she gently slid her tongue underneath the band and along the head of my penis. I let out a soft moan. I knew I was about ready to be treated to a wonderful birthday present. Although Jennifer is very willing to pleasure me with her mouth, only on special occasions does it culminate with me cumming in her mouth. The reason is simple. A hard cock in Jennifer’s mouth, or in her hands for that matter, makes her uncontrollably horny and she feels compelled to stop sucking it because she wants it in her wet pussy.Since I had just returned from a seven day business trip to Germany, I was extra aroused. Jennifer slipped off my underwear and lightly ran her fingers over my balls. With her other hand, she grabbed my throbbing cock and stroked it. She then asked me how I would feel if she was doing this to another man. This got me even more aroused, but I figured she was teasing me to turn me on. Then she surprised me. For my birthday present she agreed that she’d give my plan a try next week, but just once — with no intercourse involved. She then kneeled on the bed between my legs, lowered her head down over my rock hard dick, which she was holding in an upright position with her right hand as she stroked my balls with her left hand. As she wrapped her thin and sensuous lips around the head of my penis, I thought it was going to burst at the seams. She then began to slowly slide her lips up and down my shaft allowing my penis deeper and deeper into her mouth with each thrust. After seven days without any sexual release, this was more than I could handle. My first shot of cum surprised Jennifer as it shot with force into the back of her throat. The second and third shots were just as big as Jennifer picked up the pace adapazarı escort of her head movement and buried my cock deeper in her throat. My massive load was too much for her tiny mouth, but that didn’t stop her. As she continued to vigorously suck my dick, my semen flowed out of the corners of her mouth, down my pulsating shaft and over my balls. The feeling of my own warm cum running down my private parts, enhanced the pleasure of my last couple of explosions.As my long and violent orgasm subsided, Jennifer slowly discontinued her head movements, but kept my cock in her mouth until my erection slowly began to subside. She then crawled up on my stomach, kissed me, and said, “Happy Birthday”. I’m embarrassed to say that I was so exhausted by the “special treatment” and my long trip, that I was unable to return the favor that night. I fell asleep.The next day we awoke and began to plot out our fantasy for the following weekend. We didn’t get too far with the planning before we were both aroused enough that we had to pause for a passionate session of love making. But we eventually ironed out the fantasies and began to make plans.We made hotel reservations for Thursday night in an upscale hotel in Philadelphia. The plans were to have her seduce a man in the hotel bar — a man traveling on business from out of town — a stranger who we’d never have to see again, and would not present any safety risk to Jennifer. As an extra insurance policy on Jennifer’s safety, we devised a plan where she would discreetly call me when she got to the man’s hotel room and establish a live phone link. This would allow me to hear her if she called for help, and provide the extra thrill of letting me listen to whatever was going on.We checked into the hotel early in the evening and Jennifer began to doll up. Jennifer is 5’3″, barely 100 pounds and has the thin physique of a 20 year old — with a thin waist that curves beautifully outward around a perfect set of narrow hips and a marbelous ass. What’s “marbelous” you ask? It’s an ass so nice that it deserves to be carved into marble for posterity to enjoy forever. Jennifer’s chosen attire for the evening was a dark gray business suit (purchased specially for the occasion) with the skirt cut a little too short. Underneath her jacket, she wore a sleeveless, white blouse that showed off her shapely arms and shoulders. It was unbuttoned far enough in the front that you could see some skin, but not far enough to be unprofessional. Underneath her skirt, Jennifer wore her skimpiest Victoria Secret underwear with a slightly see through front. She wore 3″ black heels to accentuate her well-defined, yet feminine calf muscles.We were set to go and boy was Jennifer looking hot. She went down to the hotel bar around 7:30 p.m. and found a stool at the corner of the bar. I followed about 15 minutes later, but sat about 5 seats down the bar and pretended not to know her. The bar was not very crowded. In fact the only men in there were some executives in their 60’s talking business. Jennifer looked nervous, so I asked the bartender to set her up with a glass of wine. Jennifer typically doesn’t drink and when she does, she drinks very slowly, but she downed this glass quickly to calm herself. I followed by sending another glass her way.The bar started to get more crowded around 8:15 but still nobody that remotely resembled a potential candidate. I started to think the idea was not going to come to fruition, but decided to patiently wait it out a bit longer. About 20 minutes later, a handsome man in his early 40s walked in. He was about 5’8″ tall with a muscular, athletic build and dressed in a snappy sport coat. He had dark hair and was tan. He was clearly by himself and found a seat at the bar across from Jennifer. I saw Jennifer glance up at him and I noticed that he quickly returned the glance. He ordered himself a beer as Jennifer nursed her third glass of wine. After about 5 minutes, the bartender brought Jennifer another glass of wine, but neither Jennifer nor I had ordered it. I saw the bartender say something to Jennifer and she looked across the bar at the stranger, smiled and gave a nod of her head to say thank you. At this point the man got up from his seat, walked across to Jennifer’s side of the bar and sat in the barstool next to her. He introduced himself to Jennifer. Rich was his name. He was a doctor from Virginia who was attending a medical conference in Philadelphia. He was wearing a wedding ring, which in many ways made me feel better — like it was somehow safer.Jennifer and Rich chatted for about 30 minutes with several laughs mixed escort adapazarı in. I could tell they were really enjoying each other’s company and I could tell by the look in Jennifer’s eyes that she was pretty into this guy. She was also pretty tipsy. I know because she was on her fifth glass of wine and she cannot handle her alcohol. As I glanced over, I noticed Jennifer whisper something in Rich’s ear. As she did, she placed her hand on his thigh and smiled. She did not remove it and he did not seem to object. I then noticed her fingers moving back and forth and creeping closer to the inside of Rich’s thigh. As she did, it was clear by looking at the bulge in his pants that Rich was enjoying this. Jennifer stood up from her barstool and moved between Rich’s knees and closer to him as he sat in his bar stool. As she did, I couldn’t believe my eyes as I watched my conservative wife reach out and squeeze whatever it was that was causing the bulge in Rich’s pants. She then ran her hand down the length of the bulge, down between his legs and back up. She repeated this three or four times as she moved her body closer to his. Jennifer then whispered something in Rich’s ear and left to go to the bathroom. On her way back from the bathroom, Jennifer quickly handed me a small plastic bag on her way back to Rich. I peaked inside to see her tiny Victoria Secret panties. I then reach inside to discover that the crotch of the panties was very moist. There were now three of us at the bar in a highly aroused state and one of us wasn’t wearing any underwear.She took her seat next to Rich and they resumed their discussion. This time Rich stood up and positioned himself between Jennifer’s knees. Before long Rich had his hand on Jennifer’s thigh and was returning the favor as his fingers crept above Jennifer’s skirt line. I saw Jennifer’s knees inch further apart. As they did, Rich’s hand moved further up the inside of Jennifer’s thigh. I didn’t have the best view and neither did any of the other bar patrons due to the way Jennifer and Rich were positioned, but I knew when I saw Jennifer’s hips lurch slightly up and forward that Rich has just discovered what she wasn’t wearing. Jennifer’s eyes closed and her face flushed red as Rich softly caressed her swollen clit. Jennifer’s increasingly wet pussy all but invited Rich’s next move. As he slipped his middle finger deep into her cunt, Jennifer’s hips started subtly and gently gyrated, fucking his finger right there on the barstool. She realized that she had to take control of the situation before creating an embarrassing scene. Jennifer hastily whispered something into Rich’s ear and they suddenly got up and left the bar.About 5 minutes later my Blackberry rang. It was a call from Jennifer’s phone, but nobody said hello when I answered. I just heard Jennifer say something about Room 318. As planned, Jennifer was calling me and leaving the connection open and letting me know where she was. At this point, I hurriedly returned to my room to listen.I heard no conversation, but there were rustling sounds. I then heard the unmistakable sound of a belt being undone, followed shortly by the sound of a zipper and the rustling of clothing. It was clear that my fantasy was about to come true and it was even more exciting than I ever imagined. My dick was pressing hard up against the inside of my pants. I heard Jennifer’s voice. She gave out a short sigh and said “my god, you are so hard — can I help in any way”. Rich said “what your doing with your hands is just fine” and let out a soft moan. Jennifer said: “like this”. I could hear the intensity of Rich’s moans increase. I was so proud of my wife. She had another guy’s cock in her hand and was jerking him off good. I waited for the sounds of a stranger cumming under the expert guidance of my wife’s hands, but Rich’s sounds of ecstasy temporarily subsided. I heard more rustling, following by some kissing noises and more moaning from Rich. I was pretty certain what was happening now.The kissing noises were gradually replaced by loader sucking noises and I could feel my own orgasm nearing as Rich’s moans again intensified. Jennifer was about ready to take a stranger’s load in her mouth and I found the excitement unbearable.But again the sounds of pleasure subsided without the expected climax. I then heard 30 to 40 seconds of rustling following by a command from Jennifer for Rich to lie on his back. I then heard simultaneous “ooohhhhs” coming from both Rich and Jennifer. It sounded like perhaps a little 69 action was going on and my excitement again began to build toward a climax. The grunts and adapazarı escort bayan groans intensified over the next two minutes. I then heard Rich say “that’s nice — nice and slow” followed by Jennifer’s reply asking if it was slow enough. It then occurred to me, that there couldn’t be any oral sex going on with their voices coming through so clearly. My wife had clearly mounted Rich’s rigid pole and was slowly riding up and down his now slippery and fully engorged shaft. This was not at all what we agreed and I didn’t know what to think or how to feel. I should have felt betrayed, but the excitement I felt was too overpowering. I could now hear the sloshing of Rich’s dick moving in and out of my wife’s extremely wet pussy. I could even tell the pace of the action by the sounds. As the pace increased, I could hear the slapping of Jennifer’s beautiful ass on Rich’s thighs as she bounced hard down on his swollen cock, ensuring every last centimeter of his manhood made it inside her. This went on for several minutes until I heard the very familiar, yet faint sound of Jennifer reaching an orgasm. The sounds of heavy breathing stopped followed by more movement on the bed and a comment from Rich stating that it was Jennifer’s turn on her back. Quickly the sounds of a wet pussy being pounded by a rock hard cock resumed, complete with the sound of Rich’s balls slapping against Jennifer’s tight ass. I couldn’t believe the pace. Rich was fucking Jennifer silly. Jennifer’s moans became more and more audible and she began to beg to be fucked harder and deeper. I then heard something I never heard from Jennifer before. I’m not sure if she was doing it for my enjoyment or because she had truly lost control. She began screaming “yeeesssss”, “yeeeessss”. And I mean screaming. Followed by “fuck me good with that big cock of yours RIch”, then “Oh god, I’m cooooommmming” and a loud and extended moan — really more of a scream. Jennifer’s hips arched up to meet Rich’s as she grabbed his muscular ass to pull him in deeper. Her body convulsed in an earth shattering orgasm. The sounds of sex didn’t stop as Rich’s load moans made it clear that he couldn’t take much more. I heard Jennifer’s words of encouragement and understood for the first time her full intent to milk Rich’s cock dry with her tight, wet pussy. “That’s it — give it to me” Jennifer said as she continued to pull him in with both hands on his ass. Then I heard Rich cry out with a loud extended “aaaaaaaggggghhhhhh” and I knew that my wife’s pussy was in the process of being filled with another man’s cum.Rich kept driving his hips forward into Jennifer as she arched her back to meet his downward thrusts. She was making sure she got every last drop of cum from his balls as his extended orgasm continued.Jennifer then cried out “ohhhh, ohhhh, I’m cumming again. Fuck me, Fuck me. I want all of your cum inside me. Oh god — yesssss, yesssss — ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh” With each of Rich’s last strokes, he thrust down into Jennifer’s body with a force that drove the air from her lungs and magnified the sound of her cries of pure pleasure.Jennifer and Rich collapsed on the bed in each other’s arms breathing heavily.The sounds and the imagery in my mind were too much to handle. I barely freed my dick from my pants when a torrent of cum exploded across the room in one huge stream. I collapsed on the bed breathing very heavily. I looked at the clock. It was shortly past 11:00 p.m. as I drifted off to sleep with the phone still on. At 1:30 a.m., I was awakened as Jennifer walked in the hotel room door. I wandered what had taken her so long to return, but I jumped out of bed to greet her. She was a bit disheveled. Her hair was messed up and the front of her blouse untucked. It was no wonder, she had an active night. I met her at the door, hugged her and told her I loved her. I thanked her for my extra special birthday present and she looked down bashfully. I could tell she was feeling a bit awkward, but I assured her everything was okay. A gave her a soft kiss on the lips and soon realized the reason for her delayed return to the room. Her lips had the faint taste of semen. My naughty wife had given Rich a parting thank you and taken one last load of his cum — this time in her mouth — before returning to the room. I gave her another long hug and she headed off to the shower to freshen up.I got my wish to experience my wife pleasuring another man. I was picturing a nice hand job or perhaps some oral sex, but Jennifer treated me to much more. Jennifer also got the opportunity to experience another man working her over. This night proved to be the most erotic, kinky night I ever experienced. Our agreement is that this was a one time thing and I will try to respect Jennifer’s wishes, but I have a sneaking suspicion that the experience will make Jennifer more open minded to future experimentation.

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