Insatiable at Work Ch. 04: Julie


Part 1, the concert…

Julie and I, worked out of the same building, she worked in another division and I worked more for the corporate side of the company. For weeks we exchanged flirtations at work. She was a cool, hippy-chick that looked incredibly hot in a t-shirt and jeans. Whenever we encountered each other she’d look at me with sultry grey-blue eyes, glimmering with exuberance. She had long curly, light brown hair, incredible full lips, a great ass and the perkiest tits…even more distracting to me, there were days where it appeared she was hard all day. Her nipples were always on high-beam…WTF! Men are simple when it comes to noticing women; I was certainly no different and my colleagues were noticing the same nipple-age. Of course, there was a little trashy, but discreet, office gossip…you put a bunch of men together and you get a locker room.

That’s, all good, but I started to fantasize about her way too much. In my mind I had her spread out in one of the fields, sucking her tits and fucking her brains out. Another featured those amazing lips wrapped around my cock, with me grasping her curly hair and pushing myself into her throat. After that type of thing for a week or more, I realized it was time to do something, so I approached her as she walked to her car and asked her out for coffee. We hit it off great and talked for a couple hours. I figured, I was about nine years older. She was still in school and trying to decide the direction she was going; she wanted to declare a major. We talked about music, school…work. I decided to pursue things further and asked her out to a concert in Chicago.

We were just starting a relationship…maybe…with all the exuberant phone calls and hand-holding. The night before the concert, we had gone out for a beer and ended up in her back seat. We made out for a good hour, before we had to stop and go meet a couple friends. I sensed that she was excited to meet my friends…a good sign that she was committed to something, with me. And, if we didn’t show or arrived late, my buddies were ruthless…they would embarrass her and me. I’d reciprocate and do the same for them. Anyway, we met them and had a great evening out together. It certainly set the tone for the upcoming concert.

We left work early and set out for the concert. We got there at the perfect time to get a beer (and t-shirts, of course) and stake-out a position, where we had a great view of the stage. The concert was incredible; we were having a great time. We had lawn seats and everyone was standing so I stood behind her with my hands on her shoulders. About an hour into the show, I employed a tired but proven move, I rubbed her shoulders and gradually wrapped my arms around her waist. She snuggled into me and I pulled her tighter. As she turned her head, I reached around to meet her with a slow lingering kiss. It was a beautiful first kiss moment even though it wasn’t first kiss.

We moved our bodies with the music a little as she pressed into me. When she felt me hard and pressed against her ass, she said, “I like what I’m feeling back there…it feels good.” She moved my hands up to her breasts, “Here, check these out”

Definitely a sweet handful, her tits seemed wide and full…they were perky! With my thumbs, I discreetly rubbed her nipples through the t-shirt. My senses were going nuts as I explored them; she seemed to have bigger nipples. Tasty stuff, I thought, but something was different with her nipples. Fuck, I just wanted to rip off that damned shirt and start sucking those things…I couldn’t wait to get her alone (or jump on her). A great concert up to that point, but I don’t think either one of us heard the concert after that moment. The kissing and groping went on throughout the remainder of the show. We were both excited about what had transpired; so, we decided to stay the night in the city. While waiting a long time for traffic to dissipate, we made out in the car. Finally, the traffic started to move but that meant we had to stop what we’re doing…that sucked because she had just made her intentions very clear by grabbing and stroking me through my jeans. We both wanted to continue, so we assured each other, we’d get back to it when we reached a hotel. We clearly had some things to finish.

We had a bit of a drive so we were doing some binge-listening to celebrate the concert. I was driving north on I-55 and the ice was broken, big time, when Dance Naked came through the speakers. She gave me a sultry grin, turned it up and said, “Rob, you’re getting some of this tonight” and she lifted her shirt. I was in four lanes of traffic and almost drove off the road…fortunately, no one was in the adjacent lane. I was startled (and impressed), but it didn’t faze her; she pulled her everything completely off and I had a closer look at those tits. Fuck, she must have 36 or 38″…Cs or even Ds! Fuck…I’d groped them all night; and they were gorgeous Samsun Escort and perky…they had puffy or protruding nipples. They were amazing…I’d never seen puffy nipples like that…but I realized the high-beam or the hard nipple mystery was solved!

I really wanted to swerve off the road and enjoy my first puffies!!! Fuck, they looked like all kinds of fun.

I laughed, “Jules, we got a little further to drive…you’re gonna have to cover those…we’ll never make it.”

She wasn’t backing down and was more interested in escalating things…she said “What about this?” She leaned down to rub and stroke my crotch, picking up where she had left off; within seconds she had my pants down. I remember her watching intently as my cock popped out over the top of the pants. With a huge smile and even bigger eyes, she said “That’s sweet!”

Looking up at me “Fuck, it’s big…the biggest I’ve had!”

“Do you see a lot of cocks?”

“No, no, my ex’s just haven’t been big like this…and you’re only the second guy since high school.” I laughed and she immediately grabbed her phone and shot a photo. “Rob, I want to remember this!”

“Look” as she snapped a photo and turned the phone for me to look, “Look how photogenic you are.”

Still giddy and grinning, she threw the phone aside and asked, “Can you drive while I do this?” as she wrapped her lips around the tip and stroked me.

I replied, “Of course, I can drive with my cock in your hands…and mouth. Who couldn’t?”

I looked down at her as she ran her tongue all over my cock. At first, she focused all of her attention on the head. Layered with spit, she stroked it with her hand and started taking more and more into her mouth. I ran my hand through her beautiful curly hair.

“Fuck Jules! That’s fucking good” I moaned as she gradually took it deeper. She was tentative at first, but now she was nudging her throat and testing its limits with the cock.

While she sucked and throated me, I brushed that beautiful hair aside with my hand. I wanted to run my fingers through it and push her down harder, but I really couldn’t handle anymore…I needed to keep both hands on the wheel and drive. I opted to let her take care of the blowjob, since I was driving at 70 mph. She increased the pace a bit, taking me harder and deeper. As I closed-in on orgasm, I was approaching a light and having serious trouble flowing with the traffic. I breathed a sigh of relief when we came to a complete stop.

“Oh God! Here it comes!” I shot my load at the red light, pulsing a thick spray into her mouth.

As I filled her, she slowed down and swallowed every bit; she even managed to suck and milk it dry as we drove around the curve. I did my best to stay in my lane, while she used her tongue, over the entire length, to lick off any traces.

She sat up in the seat and looked at where we were. With cum glistening around her mouth, she said “What do you think about that timing?”

“Fucking amazing! You are fucking amazing!” She worked my cock all the way down Lake Shore Drive, an experience I’ll never forget.

Before I was able to reciprocate (or jump on her), we had to get to our hotel and park the car. It was around 1 a.m. and I parked in an isolated corner of a parking deck, where I felt there would be privacy. Though, the thought of a car pulling up at any moment, probably added to the passion and urgency of the sex. She laid back on the seat and I lunged on top to kiss her. “Its’ my turn now!” and I began exploring her body, fondling and devouring those gorgeous tits. I could finally have them…I’d been waiting and wanting to do this all night.

It didn’t take long before most of our clothes were on the floor and she had spread her legs as far as the front seat would allow. She looked into my eyes and asked “Will you do me with your tongue?”

I didn’t say a word; I just nodded and moved downward. As I got comfortable between her legs, I kissed her inner thighs. Her little slit was shiny with moistness; I buried my face in her pussy, stuck my tongue inside and started licking.

When I focused on her clit, she began to moan; I had her on the brink and begging for orgasm. I raised up to tease her clit with the tip of my cock, progressively working it in. I pushed her legs back, almost folding her in half, with her feet hitting the passenger door. All I could think about, at the time, was I need to fuck this woman and thank god for bench seats. She squealed as I drove it in, all the way. I just held it there so she could sense it filling her. She had been so impressed with the size, I wanted her to feel every inch…and I selfishly wanted to soak in that feeling of penetrating her for first-time.

“Ohh Shit! Rob, that feels good…now, you need to fuck me!”

I slowly began to thrust into her over and over, fucking her with every inch. Her moaning increased in Samsun Escort Bayan volume and she began to raise her ass off the seat to meet my strokes. I could feel her body stiffening and pushing against me.

She let me know, “That’s it…keep it like that…you’re gonna make me cum!” So, I furiously pumped till she finished and screamed, “Oh god, perfect…it’s long…it’s a long one…cumming!” As she began to calm, I backed off and gently stroked into her, filling her completely with each stroke…I could hear, and feel the wetness slosh around my cock.

Now, I was close, “Jules, I think I’m going to cum, again…I wanna cover you!” I pulled out and stroked it over her relaxed, deflated body

“Give it to me…I want a shower…I need it!”

I let loose with another load, the second within an hour, and it splashed up over her body…I couldn’t believe it; but with a frosting of cum, I made her gorgeous tits look even better. Those puffy nipples looked like exotic fruit sitting atop ice cream, and the cum was a topping. I was drawn to suck them clean, but I rubbed my finger through the jizz and spread it over those nipples. I let my finger circle her areola, exploring them and sensing every detail, with cum serving as a tool. I looked up to see this amazing woman watching me explore her breasts. I scooped up some and fed it to her. She eagerly licked her lips and thanked me with a big smile. “You’re a yummy boyfriend.”

I’m sure we were a sight, but we pulled our clothes back on and set out for the lobby. I pondered the boyfriend classification as we stumbled towards an elevator; that’s a term I had just barely considered. I remember thinking that it sounded right and I wanted to take things further with her…but I’m awful beat…probably think clearer after some sleep. We’ll see what tomorrow brings.

Fortunately, we didn’t have luggage to deal with…I was so spent, that I don’t think I could’ve carried it or even dealt with tipping a bellboy. I held her tight in the elevator and we helped each other up to the room. After all that had happened that evening, I felt a wave of warm relief as if I was home and things were perfect. We pulled off our clothes and collapsed onto the bed. I think we woke up in the very same position. That morning, I went down to the lobby and found some coffee and breakfast. After a little food, we took a shower together and went at it again…

In the shower, we soaped and washed each other. I cleaned her with probing fingers, gently rubbing soap over her breasts, and between her legs. I focused on her slit and tiny puckered ass. She moaned as I inserted fingers into her; she even got louder when I penetrated her ass. Yea, I mentally noted her reaction; it warranted future exploration. As the water washed over her body, I licked it from her tits she worshiped my manhood and ran her hands all over it.

It was sensuous the way she lathered and rinsed me and I asked, “What do you think…do you like it?”

“It looks tasty…I love it…I really love it…your balls are heavy & full…your cock is hot and alive to me. I think I’m beginning to understand what it does for me and why it feels good.” She laughed and squeezed it, “and…I think I need a lot more pictures.”

As we finished washing each other, I sat on the bench in the shower and pulled her onto my lap. I chowed on her titties, while she rode me. With tits like those, her position was perfect. Again, neither of us wanted to stop, but she squealed, “Let’s use the mirror…it’ll be fun!”

A great idea…I bent her over the sink and fucked her from behind; we both liked it because we could watch it all, in the mirror. She was breathtaking to watch and I reached around to cup her breasts with my hands. I held her tight and pulled her into me, harder and harder.

Enamored with the view, “Shit, you are a beautiful man when you’re fucking me.”

I smiled & replied, “Jules, I think we’re beautiful together…but you are gorgeous.” She flashed me with a blushing smile.

Turned on by her voyeurism, I decided to make things last and perform for her. I, repeatedly, took her to the brink. I fucked her hard, slapping her ass with my pubes, right to the edge of orgasm. When I sensed she was close, I pulled out and kissed her for a while. Then I moved down to suck and explore her breasts till she begged me for it, again.

We moved out to the bed, where she laid back and wrapped her legs around me; I kissed her and stroked my cock over the top of her clit. Her clit was hard and swollen as I passed over it, again and again. I really wanted to suck her so I flipped around and nibbled, while she guided me to her mouth. She grabbed me and pushed me as deep as she could handle. We both pumped our hips into each other, she rode my tongue and I pumped into her face. Prolonging orgasm was no longer possible; she was too close…it was time. Escort Samsun I flipped back around, plunged it deep and wildly fucked her till she started gripping me tighter. I shoved it as deep as I could and held it in her, pushing and pulsing against her cervix. “Rob push harder, harder…I’m cumming! Push hard…that’s it…that’s it!”

Once she finished, I spread her legs as wide as they would go and fucked her deeply for a long time. I established a distinct pace and just kept going. “Oh god, that feels so good…keep it up. Keep fucking me.”

It felt so good to fuck her this way…long, hard and thorough. I shoved pillows under her to raise her ass off the bed; and I was able to put even more force behind my strokes. I wanted her to feel every inch of me, sliding through those lips and filling her. Each of my strokes ended with a loud slap and her body shuddering from the impact. Finally, I reached my limit and pulled out.

“That’s it jerk it for me! Cum for me, honey…cum on me…love your cum!”

I stroked my cock over her; it was wet from her pussy and it felt really good to run my hand over it…I was in need of a release. I grunted and sprayed out a load over her belly. Relaxed now, I slowed my strokes and squeezed a long strand from the tip. Still panting a little, I fell onto the bed next to her and held her tightly. I felt the warmth of her body against mine…I brushed the curls from her face and kissed her. “Do you really want to go home?”

“No, Rob, I want this to last.”

“Well, I have an option…let’s spend another night. We can do cool Chicago-things today and have a wonderful dinner this evening. I know an Italian place a few blocks away, I think, and I want to take you to breakfast. We can go to breakfast tomorrow morning! What do you think?”

I smile a little, “Maybe a late breakfast?”

She lit up with “I want that…it sounds perfect! I get to spend more time with you.”

“Done…that’s the plan.”

I got us booked for another night and she met me by the concierge. We grabbed another coffee and headed out. It turned out to be one of those gorgeous, warm breezy days in midsummer. We had a wonderful alfresco lunch, just off Michigan Avenue. We spent the afternoon checking out an art museum and walking along the lake.

At the restaurant, we got a cozy little table, perfect for an intimate dinner, and a little PDA. From my observations, PDA seemed to be on the menu…some places are just meant for romantic dinners. I was so glad I remembered this place. There was some lingering over dinner, because we really didn’t want to leave…we were having a great time. We passed on desert and opted for an after-dinner drink; I had a negroni and she had a martini for the first time. I remember toasting to a wonderful day together and getting to know each other.

When we walked into our room, we were struck by the view; our window overlooked the city and all the lights. We certainly weren’t in any condition to notice last night. So, arm in arm, we went over to check it out. I, of course, started to discuss the buildings we could see. A hot woman and architecture…a perfect combination in my mind. Julie enjoyed it though…that’s what counts.

“Rob, this weekend has been amazing! It has been a transition for me. You have taken me from college girl to a woman. I know that sounds melodramatic and goofy, but it’s true. It’s the first time I have ever felt this kind of maturity or comfort as a woman. We had a storybook-date in Downtown Chicago and I had my first martini.

“And you liked it…I’d have to say I was impressed. Martinis fall under those drinks that appeal to an acquired-taste.”

“I have never enjoyed sex like this…in the front seat…in the bathroom.”

“I really don’t want to go home; I want this all to continue. This will sound high school but…I want to call you my boyfriend…can I?”

“Julie, I was apprehensive and excited last night when you called me “boyfriend”, but tonight, after spending the day with you, I’m ecstatic about being your boyfriend.”

She threw her arms around me and started to kiss me, deeply. We fell onto the bed and rolled around, caressing, groping and kissing. After a while, she broke from my lips to say, “I want you…I want to be naked with you, again!”

We didn’t waste any time and stripped each other. Completely naked, we made out in front of the window and that amazing view.

Facing the city, I had her lean over and support herself with the big chair by the window. I sat on the floor, between her and the seat. As I hoped, I found myself looking into her little muff and she could look out over the city. I spread my mouth over her pussy and kissed it; I sucked at it and ran my tongue over the labia. As her wetness increased, I brushed my tongue through her to lick up the wetness and suck out the juices. I wanted it all and I pushed my face into her; I slid my hands behind her ass and pulled her into my face. Again, her tiny moans got louder and more frequent. She told me to keep it up. I began to work her clit and pump a couple fingers into her; I pulled them forward to stroke her g-spot, which elicited an immediate reaction.

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