Inside Her Head Ch. 02


— Author’s Note: I’m back with another! I have to say, I’m quite a fan of the attention 😀 Again, I would greatly appreciate any comments or feedback you guys have for me. Hope you all enjoy! —


I put my car in park in front of my apartment and turn off the engine. I’m just getting home from work, ready to get out of my clothes and curl under my blankets after a long, tiring day. I sit in the driver’s seat, gathering my things together, taking my phone from the portable charger when it begins to ring. I look down at the lit up screen with a slight annoyance, not wanting to bother with talking to anyone. My finger is already in motion to reject the call when I see your name. Immediately I feel the flutter in my stomach and can’t help the smile that forms on my lips. I lick them, running my tongue along my full bottom lip before I swipe and answer.

“Hey you,” I say somewhat shakily with a smile, my unsteady breathing already betraying my excitement in hearing your voice.

“‘Hey you?’ Is that any way for a pet to greet her Master?” You answer with your deep voice, laced with amusement and a mocking tone.

I blush, biting down on my lip with my heartbeat racing as I stammer out my words. “I-I’m sorry, Sir. That certainly isn’t a way for you to be greeted. I wasn’t really thinking, that’s just what came out. I really am sorry,” I end with a small bashful giggle, which I’m then rewarded with a chuckle from yourself.

“Hmm, I don’t know, it seems to me like that was awfully offensive. Since when did my little slut think she had the right to be so casual? I certainly can’t let something like that just go without consequence,” you answer, your tone playful yet serious in a way that makes me melt whenever I hear it. “How do you think you should be punished, pet?”

The big grin that had been plastered on my face while listening to you suddenly falters when I hear the question you ask, slowly lowering as my teeth once again sink into my bottom lip and I swallow hard. “I-I’m not sure, Sir. I suppose wha-“

You interrupt my sentence.”I do love the look you get on your face when you know that I’m going to beat the hell out of that ass of yours, pet. It’s very obvious what a dirty little pain slut you are.”

My breath catches in my throat and my eyes widen as I process what you just said. ‘How can he see me?’ I think to myself, looking around through my windshield to see if I can spot you. “W-what do you mean, Sir? Are you here?” I keep searching, looking up into the dark windows of the apartments and through the bushes in the front lawn. Nothing.

“There’s no use in trying to find me, slut. You won’t. I’m going to tell you what you ARE going to do though, and you’re going to listen and do exactly as I say, do you understand?”

I can feel my heart beating in my throat. ‘Oh my gosh, what can he possibly have planned for me? Where is he?’ I ponder as I clench my thighs together, my cunt already soaking wet in response to your stern instructions. “But Sir, why can’t I-“

“You heard what I said, slut. I’m not going to repeat myself again. Now answer my fucking question. Do you understand?” Your voice is dripping with dominance, a cold edge to it that sends chills up my spine. I decide it’s better not to test you, and answer you quickly in a quiet voice.

“Yes, I understand.”

“Yes, you understand, what?”

“Yes, I understand, Sir.”

“That’s better. Now, listen very carefully. You’re going to be putting on a show for me. I’m going to tell you what you are going to do, and I want you to do everything I say as soon as I tell you to, do you hear me, slut?”

I’m panting at this point, my breath coming out in shaky intervals as I stare wide eyed out the window. “Yes Sir,” is the only thing that leaves my lips in a whisper.

“Good. Lower the back of the seat and lay down against it.”

I reach down, lifting the lever on the side that lets the back of the seat fall down almost all the way. I push the chair back farther as well, so I’m no longer right underneath the steering wheel, and lay down against it.

“Good girl. Now, you’re going to unbutton your pants and slide them down and off. Then, you’re going Betturkey to spread your legs. Wide, pet. As wide as you can.”

I pause, fear suddenly creeping through my skin, making a pitfall in my stomach. “Sir, please, what if someone else is watching? I can’t do th-“

“You’re really beginning to test my fucking patience,” you spit out. You snicker to yourself before you continue. “In fact, knowing what a sleazy fucking whore you are, I’m sure you’d love for me to come down there and spank the ever living shit out of that disobedient ass of yours. Well, I’m not going to, slut. This isn’t about what YOU want. I can promise you though, that you certainly will not enjoy the punishment I’m going to give you if you keep defying me. I suggest you start doing what you’re fucking told.”

I have no answer for you, the tone and severity of your voice and words leaving me speechless. I decide it’s better to not say anything at all. Aware that you can see me, I only nod before I tilt my head and hold the phone against my shoulder. I muster up as much courage as I can and close my eyes as I lower both of my hands and unzip my dress pants. I lift my ass up from the chair to slide them past my hips, pushing them down past my knees to pool on the floor by my ankles. I’m so thankful for the darkness of the evening at this point. I slide off the shoe from my right foot and lift my leg out of the pants and over the center console, spreading myself wide apart. The outside doorway lights illuminate the inside of my car just enough to show off the purple lace thong I’m wearing, which now has a very noticeable wet spot where the fabric pinches between my swollen, wet cunt lips.

With my eyes still closed, I listen more intently to you on the other end of the phone. I hear the growl in your throat and your breathing deepen as I lay there on display for you, showing off my most intimate parts knowing full well anyone could see me. But I’m doing it anyway. I’m fighting back the uneasiness I feel and I’m doing it because I’m yours, and because deep down I know I need to submit to you. I let out a small moan and arch my back slightly, pushing my breasts out as the feeling of submission washes over me.

You notice this, you notice the change in my demeanor. You suck in a breath before you continue. “That’s my good girl. You’re making your Master’s cock very hard, pet. I’d love to have you on your knees in front of me right now, ready and waiting for me to shove my cock down and fuck that hungry little throat.”

I whimper, breathing hard into the phone while my fingers dance along the edge of my panties. “I could be, Sir. Kneeling at your feet with my mouth open wide and watering, desperate to be filled with your cock.” I lick my lips, my cunt twitching in response at just the thought of having my mouth be used by you.

You chuckle. “All in good time, pet. For now, open your mouth and stick out your tongue. Show me what a cock hungry whore that’s desperate to have her face fucked looks like.”

I do as I’m told, slowly opening my mouth. I run my tongue along the underneath of my upper lip before I stick it out far, the small blue gem of my tongue-ring glimmering in the soft yellow light filling the car.

Your voice turns feral, ferocious as you instruct me on what to do next. “Mmm, my vile little slut. Don’t think I didn’t see those greedy fingers teasing around that pussy. You want to be a trashy little show off, don’t you? The thought of strangers seeing you spread yourself open like a fucking skank turns you on something terrible. God, you are such a fucking whore.” You let out a growl, taking a deep breath before you continue. “Pull your thong to the side. I want to see just how wet that cunt of yours is right now.”

“Oh fuck,” I say, half a moan, half a whisper. Your words drive me wild. I waste no time, running my finger up my slit from underneath the thin strip of material, releasing it from the juicy grasp of my cunt before turning my finger up and pulling it far to the side. The light shines against my sopping hidden lips and inner thighs, my tender little hole twitching uncontrollably knowing it’s under your watchful gaze. I moan, my breathing Betturkey Giriş rapid and unsteady, the desire beginning to pool in my stomach as my clit throbs, aching to be touched.

“Mmm, so eager, and I haven’t even let you do anything. Pity you’ve been such a naughty little whore tonight, pet. I’m sure you would love to reach down and finger fuck that dripping snatch of yours until you cum, wouldn’t you?”

I whimper, letting my head fall back on to the chair as I stare out of the windshield through hooded eyes, the lust within me clearly washing over my body as a light sheen of sweat begins to cover my exposed stomach and thighs. I feel feverish. I grasp the sides of the cloth seat, needing something to help hold back the craving to reach down and slide my fingers inside me, just like you know I want to.

“Answer me, whore. Do you want to cum right now?”

I cry out to you. My knees begin to shake as the urgency to bring myself to an orgasm begins to overwhelm me. “Yes Sir! I do! P-please Sir, please let me cum? I’ll be a good girl, I promise. Please?”

Another mocking laugh. “Oh yeah? I thought you were scared of being seen, pet? I was under the impression that you were worried about having strangers see you strip like a fucking whore inside your car, seeing that cunt drip down your legs as you lay there and squirm from the need.” The low rumble of your voice coming through my phone’s speakers seemingly vibrates through me, as my whole body is so on edge. “Or maybe that’s what you want, hm? Maybe you want everyone to see what a nasty little exhibitionist slut you are, how you can’t wait to shove your fingers inside that greedy cunt and fuck yourself until you cum all over your car seat while they watch your every expression.”

I let a series of whines and moans escape from my throat, writhing in my seat as your words cut through me, acting as a shock sent directly to my clit. I begin to plead with you, beg you. I barely recognize my own voice, as it comes out harsh and frantic. “Please Sir, I can’t take it anymore. I don’t care who fucking sees me, I need to cum for you. I want you to see what you do to me, how you control me, how you own every fucking inch of me!”

Your breathing begins to match my own, more rapid though more controlled. You let an appreciative growl escape from your throat, loving the sound of my pained requests, of begging you so desperately. “Close your eyes, slut. Once you do, I want you to slide 2 fingers inside of that cunt and fuck yourself. You are not to cum until I say so, is that clear?”

“Yes Sir. Yes, it’s clear,” I cry out, not waiting to shove my hand down and rub my fingers around my clit. I reach down with my other hand and unbutton the top three buttons of my shirt, opening it enough to free my breast from my bra and pinch my nipple hard. I moan into the phone, my eyes closed, my hips grinding into the seat as my fingers work my clit, drenching my tender little hole once more. I then slide my fingers the rest of the way down my slit, circling them teasingly around my hole before sliding them one by one inside me. I clench down on them, imagining its you, imagining its your cock pushing inside me, stretching my cunt tightly around it. I start fucking myself, slowly at first and then faster and faster.

“Oh, my filthy little fucking whore. You look absolutely delicious, fucking yourself like that for your Master, for strangers, for anyone else who wants to see what a wanton slut lives in this apartment. You’re close already, aren’t you?”

I let out a long drawn out groan before I’m able to answer, squeezing my eyes tight as the pleasure ripples through me. I cry out to you. “Oh god, yes Sir, I’m so close. Please, please tell me I can cum. Please, I know I’ve been bad tonight but I think I made up for it so far. Please Sir!”

You chuckle once more, and I barely notice that your voice sounds a bit different, as if you’re moving into a different surrounding. “At the end of my countdown, pet. When I get to 1, you may cum, but not a second before, do you understand?”

I’m on the verge of tears, every nerve in my body feels like it’s being pulled, ready to snap. I’m so Betturkey Güncel Giriş close, the pressure inside me building so rapidly. I whine loudly, my answer coming out almost as a sob. “Yes Sir, I understand. Please, please let me cum!”

“15…14…13…12…11…” You start counting down, deliberately slow and steady. To me, it seems as though minutes pass between each number. I cry out, moan, beg, and plead. I beg you to go faster, I beg you to stop. My mind is completely jumbled. I’m wound so tight, so close to falling off the edge of desire into an incredibly powerful orgasm.

“10…9…8…7…” My moans and screams drown out everything else. I focus solely on your counting to try and keep my orgasm at bay. As bad as I want to cum, I want to follow your orders. I want to show the extent of just how much control you have over my body. I writhe and squirm in my seat, my left hand still latched on and pulling hard at my nipple, the fingers of my right deftly moving in and out of my pussy. “6…5…4…”

I’m so focused on holding off my orgasm that I don’t even hear when you open the passenger door and slip inside the car. You watch me, the scent of my arousal and the wet sounds of my fingers working my cunt filling the car. You lean over and pull the phone away from my ear, causing my eyes to spring open and gasp. You grab my ponytail and lean over me, your eyes locking into mine while your other hand slides down my stomach to dip between my legs, your fingers connecting with my clit and rubbing in hard fast circles. I call out your name, over and over as you send me just to the brink of the edge. Your face is right in front of my own, your lips touching mine as I moan and breath hard into your mouth.

“3…2…1…Cum. Cum for me right fucking now.”

And that’s my undoing.

I cum hard, bucking underneath you while I ride out the powerful waves of my orgasm. You wrap your hand around my pony tail, pulling hard and angling my neck back while you lean down to suck and nibble on the tender skin. The pleasure seems endless, cascading through what feels like every inch of my body. I finally begin to calm down, my moans and cries turning to labored breaths while my body still shakes from the aftermath. I reach down between my legs with my other hand and place it on top of yours, finally managing to croak out a response.

“Thank you, Sir,” I breathe out, turning my head towards you with my eyes still closed, but a shy smile on my face.

I’m rewarded once again with your appreciative growl, as you kiss the corner of my mouth and begin a trail along my jawline to my ear. You playfully bite my lobe before whispering heavy into my ear. “You’re very welcome, my pretty little pet. I do love watching the way you cum. But, my dear, I’m no where near done with you yet.”

It’s at that moment I feel you slip the collar around my neck and tighten the latch. I open my eyes wide, looking up at you to see a devilish smirk on your face. The collar is connected to a long black leather leash, which you have wrapped tightly around your hand.

“You still have quite the night ahead of you. Now, be a good girl and get yourself together. Leave your shirt unbuttoned and I want those tits out.” You kiss me hard, playfully dragging my bottom lip between your teeth. You give my wet cunt a hard smack with the end of the leash, causing me to squeak out a yelp and close my legs together. Your hand, now locked between my thighs, runs the end of the leash between my swollen lips, back and forth, teasing my sensitive clit with the smoothness of the leather. I jerk every time it slides against me, moaning into your smiling mouth.

“I could sit here all night and torment you this way,” you breath into me, once again dragging my trembling lip between your teeth. “I have other plans for you though, pet. Go on now, get yourself together.” You lean back in the passenger seat, your eyes on me, letting some of the slack go from the leash.

I slide my leg back into my pants and slip my shoe back on. I pull them back up around my waist, pull the lever to fix my seat and sit up straight, turning my body towards you. I bite down on my lip as I fix my shirt, pulling my bra down and exposing my other breast. I roll my shoulders back, fixing my posture, waiting patiently for your next instruction. You smile a big evil grin as you look me up and down.

‘Oh shit,’ I think to myself. ‘What does he have planned for me next…?’

To be continued…

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