Keith Eshete watches as the photographer takes pictures of yet another model. As a photographer’s assistant, he makes sure to set up all the equipment, such as checking lighting levels and repairing the equipment. He had learned a lot about the business and some things about the modeling business, though this is not the career he intends to have.

He looks at the model being photographed. She is about 5’8″, with blond hair tied in a ponytail, and big tits and this soft look about her. She wears a low-cut red dress giving him ample view of her cleavage and the flesh of her tits. Not that he finds that unusual; he had seen many women being photographed in this studio in the Hollywood neighborhood of Los Angeles many times before. The model is standing in front of a green screen; computer technicians will add in a computer background before the photographs are published.

He looks at a clock mounted on the wall. It is almost time for his shift to be over. He looks at the woman who had been photographed.

“Hi there,” he says to her. “Having a tough time?”

“It’s not that hard,” she says, giggling. “It’s like having a good time.”

Some of the models bitch all day about the light and the heat and other shit; I wonder how they’d handle a classroom full of kids. “How long have you been doing this?”

“For three years. I started when I was fifteen and I did work for those teen magazines. Now that I’m all grown up, I can move on to more mature things.”

“Like Playboy or something?”

“Uh, no,” she says.

“My name’s Keith,” he says. “And you are?”

“Gretchen,” she replies.

Keith knows that her name is Gretchen Laren; he had read it in one of the documents. “I get off in about half an hour and I’m going to the Red Velvet coffee shop down the street,” he says. “Would you like to join me?”

“I don’t know.”

“Maybe we’ll see each other again. Have a nice day.”


Gretchen sits inside on a couch in the Red Velvet Coffee Shop on Sunset Boulevard. The place has this faint smell of coffee. Large windows provide a great view of the street outside, the traffic and the colorful storefronts. Coffee is being offered at $1.50 for a small cup, and other drinks are being offered at even higher prices. The lights inside are dim, and the whole place is decorated to have this cozy, homely feel. It reminds her of the study room Kadıköy Türbanlı Escort in her family home.

He’s not going to show up. He probably headed straight for home after work. It’s not like I said yes.

Keith did impress her when he first talked to her. He is young, about her age, and most boys her age would be intimidated by her or say something crude.

And then there is the fact that he is black. His black skin provides a sharp contrast with her white skin; there is something appealing about that. His thick lips, tightly curled black hair, and sloping forehead resembles the caricatures used back in the 1940’s. She is not able to explain why, and she is far from capable of articulating any sort of reason for it.

She walks to the counter, ordering another tall cup of coffee. After paying for it with her Discover credit card, she walks to the small counter where the milk and the chocolate powder and the sugar are. She glances and sees Keith at the door.

“You showed up,” she says.

“Of course I did,” replies Keith. “I said I would be here.”

“I didn’t say I would be here.”

“I intended to come here all along.” He smiles at the young man behind the counter, who smiles back. “The people here have seen me before.”

Keith gets a cup of coffee and sits at a wooden table. Gretchen sits opposite of him. She sips the coffee, which has this astringent taste.

“What’s wrong?” asks Keith.

“I forgot to put the milk and chocolate and sugar,” she says.

“Sometimes I forget that if I’m in a hurry to go to work or school,” says Keith.

“You go to school?”

“Yeah. I’m studying education; I want to be a teacher. I coach middle school students in track. I work as a photographer’s assistant to earn money for myself.”

“Cool,” says Gretchen, smiling. “I continued modeling after graduating high school.”

“Must be nice, getting paid to have your picture taken.”

“It’s fun. Better than studying.”

“Studying can be interesting sometimes,” says Keith. “What do you like to do? Go to the beach?”

“Sometimes. But I burn easily.”

“The lobster look goes well with you.”

Gretchen laughs. “I heard I can get cancer or something. I have to put a lot of sunblock when I do.”

“Like a gallon? Or a tanker?”

Gretchen giggles. “I also like to go shopping with my friends Kadıköy Otele Gelen Escort and sometimes I babysit.”

They continue to talk. Feelings start to grow between them- and something else grows as well.

And as their hands touch, their feelings intensify even more.


Keith and Gretchen enter the bedroom, their shoed feet on the soft plush carpet. Their shoes are the first items to come off. They had waited for this moment for a long time. They had experienced much, ever since their first meeting at the photography studio, which incidentally had closed. They had grown and learned much about each other, and about themselves as well.

Gretchen’s dress comes off and falls to the floor. A black bra and black panties are revealed, along with her long white legs and the cleavage of her white tits.

“I didn’t know you wore that under your clothes,” says Keith. He had seen pictures of her wearing bikinis, but never saw her in her bra and panties- or without them.

“Black looks good on me,” she replies. “I want you to look good on me.”

Keith’s shirt and pants and coat quickly fall to the carpet. Gretchen can see the bulge in his white briefs. She removes his white undershirt, revealing the muscled torso. She touches it, aroused by the contrast between her fair skin and his dark skin. She then pulls down his Hanes briefs.

She stares at the huge organ before her. She had seen pictures of other men’s penises; this is the first time she sees Keith’s penis. It is as long as the distance between her wrist and the tip of her middle finger, and gleams black. Thick webbed veins throb indicating the lustful state that he is in.

Keith unhooks her bra and it falls onto the bed. He becomes even more aroused than ever before. The dark areolas surround her nipples. He reaches out and gently caresses her right tit, feeling its firmness. He pulls down her panties, and his dick becomes even stiffer, in defiance of all odds. Blond fuzz coats the lips on both sides of the opening to her vagina. With no further urging, he lays Gretchen onto the bed. His penis makes contact with her pussy lips, becoming even more harder and raising the pressure. He feels something resisting his push. He takes a deep breath.

Keith plunges his black dick into Gretchen’s white cunt, piercing the veil of her virginity.

She Kadıköy Ucuz Escort feels a sharp pain and tears flow down her eyes. Apparently the rumors that the first time hurts are true.

“It’s okay,” says Keith, his voice soothing.

A few seconds later, her mind digests the concept that he is inside her; that his penis is inside her vagina, her most secret of places. Placing her feet on the bed, she bucks upward, surprising Keith; his eyes open wide.

“Yes, it’s okay!” yells Gretchen. “Do me!”

He is just getting used to feeling of being inside this girl whom he loves very much. He pulls back until only the tip of his cock is inside, then plunges right into her. He does this over and over again, like a piston going into a cylinder in strokes, while he kisses her lips and kisses and sucks her tits. The flames of passion blaze even hotter as he thrusts into her more and more. Their naked bodies soon have a layer of sweat over them.

She moves her knees close to her shoulders, with her feet pointing high towards the ceiling. She looks and sees his black manhood disappearing into and reappearing out of her white girlhood. It is an image that she will remember for the rest of her life.

Keith and Gretchen can feel the pressure building up faster and faster. He slams into her with all the force he can muster, and grunts in pure pleasure as his balls erupt, sending thick wads of seeds into her cunt. She smiles that cute smile and places her hand on the tight black curls on his head upon feeling the hot spurting inside her. He continues to thrust inside her, squirting more and more seed into womb as she savors every spurt.

He finally pulls his black dick out of her white pussy completely, making a suctioning noise. She reaches out and jerks off his dick; the last of the cum squirting onto her face. Keith looks and admires his handiwork, the cum on Gretchen’s face and the blood trickling down her white thighs. He lies down on the bed next to her, tired and feeling good. They hold each other, his left hand on her left tit and her right hand on the organ that had deflowered her. They both think of what is happening inside Gretchen. Millions of sperm cells are swimming inside her; maybe one of them will fertilize an egg. The thought of her carrying his child arouses them.

“I love you,” says Gretchen.

“I know,” says Keith. “I guess I was keeping you too busy for you to say it.”

They had waited for this for three years. She had done many more shoots, and he continued going to school while coaching track. Now they are one. Now they have their first night together as husband and wife.

And if they are lucky, they could become father and mother.

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