Interlude with Honi

Balls Contracting

Bob Gordon got off the bus and hurried to his walkup studio apartment. Once he was safe inside and the door was locked behind him, he turned on the computer that dominated his living space and made a pit stop in the bathroom. While the toilet was still flushing, he returned, removing his jacket and hanging it on the back of the chair and waiting impatiently for the computer to finish turning on. Finally, he was able to click on the icon that would get him online and, while the computer was going through that set of gyrations, he returned to the bathroom to wash his hands.

By the time he had hung up the towel, he was on Hotties4U, which was Bob’s home page because it was the site that interested him far more than any other. It wasn’t the only place on the internet that he visited, but he spent more time there than anywhere else, maybe more than all other sites combined. Eagerly, he clicked onto the section dedicated to Honi Hill, who was described as still being in her teens. All the women on Hotties4U were beautiful and sexy beyond belief but, to Bob at least, the voluptuous teenager was the most alluring of all. Since the site was strictly law-abiding, Honi must have been 18 or 19 years old, and truly an outstanding representative of the younger generation.

He had already seen most of Honi’s videotapes and loved everything about her, from her long, blonde hair to her darkly mysterious blue eyes and winsome smile to her large, natural breasts to her blonde, neatly-trimmed pubic hair. He didn’t know how tall she was, but he could tell she was a fairly good-sized girl, with muscular thighs and wide hips that were needed to balance her succulent jutting breasts. Everything about Honi was truly fascinating to him but the biggest turn-on of all, Bob had no trouble admitting, was her absolutely gorgeous ass. He was an enthusiastic admirer of female derrieres, and Honi had one that was as close to perfect as he could imagine. Sometimes he fantasized that, although he didn’t really believe in reincarnation, he would come back in a future life as Honi’s easy chair, so he could spend all his time cuddling against her lovely bottom.

The videotape of her performance began, with soft, erotic music playing, and Bob leaned forward in his chair, totally enraptured by the lovely girl. Nobody could possibly mistake those sumptuous curves for the body of Ally McBeal, or some other emaciated actress, because she was built the way Bob and most men believe a woman should be built. Even in the short denim skirt and low-cut blouse she wore at the start, Honi was very possibly the sexiest women he had ever seen.

The clothing didn’t stay on very long. Standing upright on the small, well-illuminated area, she swayed from side to side and unbuttoned her blouse, before pulling it off and tossing it aside. There was music in the background and she was undressing, but it wasn’t actually a strip-tease, because there was no real teasing. Bob knew that every stitch of clothing would be coming off, and that he and whatever other patrons all over the world were watching wouldn’t have to wait very long. After shrugging out of the white, short-sleeved garment leaving her nude above the waist, Honi stood and rolled her shoulders, making her luscious bursa escort breasts dance and sway, showing Bob and her other appreciative viewers that they were completely real, with not a drop of silicone.

Smiling and leaning forward, Honi cupped one hand under either of the beautiful globes, and the video camera zoomed in for a close-up of the twins. The computer screen was filled with the pink and cream confections, so clear that he could actually see the pebbly texture of the areolas and the tiny individual ridges in her nipples. As Bob’s tongue yearned to lick the adorable nubbins, the camera backed away, and he once again saw her lovely face smiling at him as the young beauty bounced those incredible breasts in her hands.

She was still wearing her skirt, but that didn’t last long. Honi’s hands released the delightful burdens they were holding and went to her side to perform the more mundane chores of unbuttoning and unzipping. The skirt fell to the floor and Honi, clad only in skimpy, sheer panties, kicked it out of the way and turned around, giving all her fans a view of the delightful ass that Bob found so appealing. Slowly and sensuously, she shifted her weight from one foot to the other, letting her perfect buttocks move up and down inside the transparent material. Bending slightly forward and looking over her shoulder while smiling and winking at her audience, Honi slipped her thumbs into the waistband of her last article of clothing and started peeling it downward.

Bob leaned forward, virtually mesmerized, as the sexy girl slowly pulled her panties down around her hips, showing off her creamy bare skin and firm flesh, and around the curves of her gorgeous ass. When it had cleared those perfect globes, Honi released it, and the wisp of fabric slid down her thighs and out of sight. The video camera drew back then, to show the naked young beauty bowing her back and doing a bump and grind in place, until she raised one foot from the panties that had puddled around her ankles and kicked away the scrap of silk. With both feet free, she spread them, and swayed erotically from side to side, providing an even better view of what Bob considered the sexiest part of her truly heavenly body.

Honi bent farther forward and reached back to spread her ass cheeks as the camera moved in for another, even tighter closeup. It stopped when her adorable pink rosebud, surrounded by the flawless ivory skin of her inner cheeks, filled the screen. His mouth almost watered as Bob gazed on the incredibly erotic sight and he thought of how the delightful puckered area and Damask skin would feel against his fingers and even under his tongue. More and even lewder ideas filled his mind as the camera stayed at that position, showing only slight movement for almost a half a minute.

Either the camera changed its angle or Honi bent almost double from the hips or both, but the screen was filled with her pussy as seen from the doggie style position. The view was still a close one, and Bob could see lines of downy blonde pubic hair framing lips that appeared to be swollen and surrounded a narrow slit. Even as he raptly gazed at it, the edges of the slit parted slightly, showing off a lovely pink lining. bursa escort bayan Small drops formed on the lips, shining wetly, as if Honi’s pussy were lubricating from her becoming sexually aroused while she was having exactly that effect on her audience.

Once again, the camera drew back, showing Honi bent almost double with her hands still spreading her ass cheeks, until she straightened up and turned lithely around to face those she knew were watching. The smile on her angelic face was still sweet and affectionate, but more lascivious than it had been. Her background music also changed, developing a stronger beat, and Honi swung to it energetically, her blonde hair swaying as she moved her body, letting the provocative motions of her hips and breasts draw all her viewers in again. After a minute of this, she dropped to her knees on the carpeted surface and leaned away from the video camera. When she was through adjusting her position, Honi was lying on her back, her head resting on a small pillow, with her knees bent and her legs spread wide apart.

The beat of the music became stronger, as the camera zoomed in close on Honi’s pussy. Her fingers appeared on the screen, spreading her lips and showing off the lovely pink hole that would be the primary object of adoration of any man watching. The inside was shiny wet, and a small stream of fluid could be seen trickling slowly down her crotch. Bob, and probably most men who were watching the show, wondered how those juices would taste, and how they would feel against his cock as he plunged it into their source. The camera backed off a bit until Honi’s whole pussy was visible. The lips, which were still held open by her index fingers, were swollen and shiny with fresh juices. It looked as if the beautiful blonde was in a high state of sexual arousal, and that it was increasing by the second. Her hands left the screen, but her pussy remained just as open, showing off its glorious pink wetness.

Until then, Honi had been silent, with the only sound being the background music, but that changed. Her soft murmurs, obviously expressing pleasure started being heard over the music, with its slow, strong beat. The camera stayed where it was, but Honi’s pussy began moving, thrusting up in time to that beat, as if fucking back to meet a surging cock or a probing tongue. The camera zoomed out again, but slowly and lovingly, until her whole sexy body was visible. Honi’s arms and hands flailed the carpet and her body thrashed on the floor, rocking from side to side, while her head, eyes blissfully closed and her hair tossing, rolled back and forth on the pillow. The camera remained focused on the same view, while the gyrations of the sexy teenager’s body became wilder and more erratic.

Once again, the camera zoomed in on Honi’s pussy, showing off her movements, which were even more erotic and strenuous than those of the rest of her body. She was fucking harder into the air, while her hips swiveled, thrusting her legs out and back like a pair of pistons. Honi’s murmurs of joy were evolving too, becoming moans and whimpers, all in the same tempo as the heavy beat of the music and the movements of her pussy as she responded to her lucky bursa bayan escort but invisible partner.

“Uh! Uh! Uh!” Honi whimpered, and her movements became faster, keeping up with the steadily increasing tempo of the music, while her thighs started to open and partly close, as if clamping onto and releasing the head or hips of a lover.

The enraptured Bob fervently wished it were his head or hips, as he gazed at the intensely erotic display. Faster and faster grew the music, and faster and faster were the movements of Honi, until she gave an unmistakable cry of unmitigated joy, her back arched and she rammed her pussy against her phantom lover for an ultimate time. It was obvious she had reached a powerful orgasm, which Bob was almost certain could not have been simulated. After her climax, Honi totally relaxed, her legs sprawled widely apart, and the camera zoomed in to show her fresh juices as they flowed more rapidly out of the same lovely pink hole.

It had also been the climax of the show, and the camera slowly zoomed out for the last time, stopping when it showed Honi lying flat on her back, arms flopped out at her sides and her face a mask of total ecstasy. The young beauty’s lips were slightly parted; her eyes were blissfully closed and her hair was tousled fetchingly across her face and all around her head. The tape ended, but Bob continued staring, as if in a trance, at the blank screen. Finally, he exited from the video and was returned to the home page of Hotties4U, where he saw something he had been in too much of a hurry to notice before.

“Videotape your favorite model!” the announcement said. “Come to the home of your favorite girl of all the lovelies on Hotties4U and personally tape her performance!” It went on to explain the details of what seemed to be some kind of free lottery, describing how the email address of one subscriber would be chosen, and the owner of that address would be notified and invited to the home of his or her favorite model, Honi in Bob’s case, to videotape her next performance. All it asked for was for him to enter his email address and the name of his favorite. The announcement went on to inform him and any other readers that the lucky winner would be chosen and informed in less than a week.

At first, Bob thought it might be some kind of a scam, until he decided that was not likely to be the case. The site had his credit card information, and charged him monthly fees, but they had never tried to rip him off in the six months he had been a subscriber. “Nothing to lose,” he decided, even though he knew the chances of winning were virtually nonexistent. The enamored man would be willing to give a lot to be as up close and personal with the gorgeous Honi as the camera operator must have been to make the videotape he had just watched. Infinitesimal as his chances of winning were, if he didn’t enter, he had no chance at all. Bob keyed in the information requested and clicked on “send.”


Thank you for reading this story. I hope you had as much fun as Bob did, and Honi apparently had when she made the videotape. I like writing stories on Literotica, but I like it a lot more when I know that people are reading and enjoying them, and I appreciate it when readers take the time to express their opinions by voting. Like most authors on Literotica, I practically live for feedback from readers, either public comments or email to me. Such feedback, whether praise or criticism, helps me to write more and better stories, and I respond to it whenever I can.

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