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Unknown to our wives, the mutual seduction had been in progress for months. Months of meticulous planning had resulted in this one evening, an evening that would end either in tears, heartbreak and recrimination or in sheer unadulterated lust and passion.

Although in different countries, I had been in contact with Jim for a while and we hit it off and trusted each other implicitly from the start. We had met through an internet experience sharing site and within a few days had agreed to privately share photographs of our wives with each other. The attraction to each other’s wives was instant and mutual and the photos shared between us became ever more explicit.

Skip forward a few months and Jim let me know that he and Beth were coming to the UK and thought it would be good to finally meet up so that we could each see the girls in the flesh, so to speak. I immediately agreed and we both hatched a plan to meet in London and see how far we could take our fantasies before being found out.

The plan involved Jim being a business contact of mine and we were to meet to do business over a meal in a nice city centre restaurant. Rachel knows full well that most of my business meetings usually involve a fair amount of drink, food and entertainment but this night was to prove to be something even I would never have contemplated. Knowing that we would be having a ‘big’ night out, but not letting on the plans I had hatched with Jim, I let Rachel choose a hotel for the night and secretly let Jim know her choice so he could book there too. We despatched the kids to grandparents for the evening, made our way to the hotel and I encouraged Rachel to dress as sexily but as classy as possible, telling her how important this meeting was for business. I knew Jim was working the same magic with Beth in a room just yards from ours in the same hotel.

We had agreed to meet in the restaurant at eight. The area’s finest Chinese czech streets porno cuisine awaited us but food was the last thing on my mind as I waited nervously to finally meet Jim and his gorgeous wife. We had rehearsed our lines and plan of attack for weeks prior to this, ways in and out of situations and contingency plans for every eventuality we could each imagine but now the moment of truth was here.

My nerves increased when, after I welcomed Jim to London and shook his hand, I finally saw Beth in real life. It was as though I had landed in heaven – her face was even more beautiful, her body even more gorgeous and her presence even more god damn sexy than I could have imagined. I was, for a few seconds, totally speechless. After recovering my senses, I introduced Rachel and I could see Jim having the same emotions as I had just felt – he was looking Rachel up and down and mouthing the word ‘wow’ subconsciously.

But what then caught my eye was the way the girls instantly connected with each other. Maybe it was the way they looked at each other or a subliminal body language but I knew they had hit it off there and then and instantly relaxed and I know then that the seduction was on.

I motioned for the girls to sit down, I had carefully planned the seating so that Jim was closer to Rachel than me and for me to be closer to Beth to ease conversation and hopefully progress our plan more efficiently. I asked Jim to accompany me to the bar to get drinks and once at the bar and champagne ordered I told him that I thought Beth was the most beautiful woman I had ever met, he said he felt the same about Rachel and I told him what I had observed between the two girls when they met – he had seen the same connection being made. We winked at each other, picked up two glasses each and I carried the champagne in its chiller towards the table. As we approached we could see the girls czech taxi porno already laughing and smiling and they chatted and I could feel my excitement increasing, so much that I had to lower the champagne chiller to camouflage my burgeoning erection.

Conversation, laughter, champagne and wine flowed easily and our phoney business was concluded rapidly and it was time to move on. Jim and Beth had mentioned in the evening seeing some of the sights of London so, on the way to a pub a short distance from our hotel, I suggested I conduct a short tour for Beth and Rachel one for Jim, each using different routes. It was a cold early spring evening so I suggested it would be nice if each escort put an arm round their partner to keep them warm on the short walk.

Both girls enthusiastically agreed so we instantly obliged for them, it was the first time I had touched her and Beth felt fantastic and I could see Rachel leaning in to Jim as we set off. We said we would all meet at the pub in ten minutes time so went separate ways, I watched Rachel with Jim for as far as I could and must admit to being a little jealous of how good they looked together but then remembered I had the gorgeous Beth on my arm and I was supposed to be showing her the sights!

I tried, I honestly tried to behave as we made that short journey to the pub but half way there after a half-hearted attempt to describe London’s magnificent town hall I blurted out to Beth that I thought she was the most beautiful woman I had ever met and that I was so attracted to her that I had to kiss her there and then. What happened next blew my mind: Beth told me she had been waiting for me to say that from the moment she met me! We kissed the most passionate kiss I have ever experienced there and then, in the middle of a London city street. Unknown to me at the time, at that very same moment, my wife Rachel was doing exactly the same digitalplayground porno thing with my friend Jim. The allotted ten minutes had flown by and we had to get to the pub (it was really only two minutes away).

Jim and Beth were approaching the pub at the same time as me and Beth but, instead of Jim having his arm round her they were walking hand-in-hand. I looked down and saw that I was doing exactly the same with Beth! A few glances were exchanged as we entered the pub but nothing said. The girls said their hellos and both disappeared to the Ladies together straight away – god only knows what they were going to discuss. I went to the bar to get drinks with Jim and couldn’t wait to tell him that Plan A was well in progress and my already hard cock got even harder when he told me what had happened between Rachel and him.

More drinks and dancing to the live rock band followed and, by the end of the evening with slower music being played Jim suggested that the girls dance with their ‘escorts’ again. I honestly don’t think my cock could get any harder when I smooched with Beth and I knew she could feel it and was pressing herself against me. I glanced over to Jim and Rachel and she had her head up against his chest with her eyes closed, I know she was enjoying it! I kissed Beth’s forehead and she looked up and told me to kiss her again properly. I was lost in the moment and in lust so shared another passionate kiss with her. When I came up for air I looked across but couldn’t see Jim and Rachel on the dance floor. I scanned the room and saw them back where we had been sat but with Rachel sat on Jim’s lap, kissing each other with wild abandon. I took Beth’s hand and led her over and replicated the position, the embraces only being broken when the barman came to collect the glasses and call time.

The cold air of the street hit us when we emerged from the pub and we had a decision to make. The girls did not yet know that we were in the same hotel, on the same floor with rooms just yards apart but they were about the find out! We reached the hotel and I invited Jim and Beth back to our room for a night cap, I don’t think a decision has ever been made any quicker when they both said ‘YES PLEASE!’ together.

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