Interracial Love triangle (from Arrogant to Cuckol


Interracial Love triangle (from Arrogant to CuckolFriends, Do read my part-1 story 1st (if you have not so far), before reading this, at Cindy and I started dating. We started going together after work for dinner, pub, bars, dance etc and then for a great sex either at her or my home. Though we were not that open at work, but everyone there came to know about us dating. Brian also came to know about it. He got pissed off. He played some dirty political games and got me fired.It was painful evening for me. I was bit depressed that evening, but Cindy cared me and tried to help me out of it.She also planned to teach Brian a lesson.She prepared a well organized plan. As per that, Cindy and I started meeting only hidingly and not in-front of public. She also started going out for dinner with other coworkers, just to show that she is free now. and spread rumor that Mark (I) have left the town for new job and She is single again.Brian also came to know about the news. Hearing Cindy free again, he found an opportunity here. He started trying again on her. He then started asking Cindy for outing regularly. Cindy agreed after few requests for dinner. They had a nice dinner that night. Cindy sarıyer escort gave her sense that she is fine going out with him. Cindy and Brain slowly became regular in dinner, movies, clubs etc. Brian was not aware that Cindy and I were still meeting during late nights. Cindy always used to give me the updated status and asked me to get ready for the final day.Brian kept moving further and further into Cindy.One final day, Brain offered Cindy for a weekend outside in a resort. She was waiting for that only. She accepted her offer.Brian booked a suite in a nice resort and had big plans for the weekend. Friday evening he took her there. They had a nice romantic candle night dinner. As per Cindy’s plan I was chasing them, I was in the same resort that Brian was not aware of. After the romantic candle ligth dinner, Brain took Cindy to the room. In a very romantic mode Brian I am sure had very big plans. They entered inside the room and Brian locked the door. I was just waiting for this moment. As soon as they entered the room, as per Cindy’s plan, I knocked the door within 10 mins. I could head Cindy said “Honey, see who is at the door”? As soon as Brian opened the esenyurt escort door, he was ultra shocked to see me there.Cindy then started laughing loudly and loudly and said “hey honey met my boyfriend Mark “. I pulled Cindy towards me and we started kissing. Brain was just red faced. Cindy and I were laughing and smooching. I was expecting that Brian would leave, but he did not. He rather stood there only and keep mumming “Ohh no. ohh no”. Cindy was just laughing loudly and teasing Brian. She was holding my body tightly, while our lips were sucking each other. Cindy then unzipped my pant and took my dick out of my pant. She then started rubbing it. She showed the same to Brian and said “Honey, do you have something like this”? She then took me to bed and took my pant off. I laid on my back in bed and Cindy started sucking my dick, right in-front of Brian.Brian was just helpless standing and watching.Time to time Cindy was looking back at Brian and was teasing him, while she was sucking my cock. Then then took her skirt and panty off. While sucking she told Brian to come closer to her. He came. Cindy then said to Brian “Honey why don’t you lick my ass, while I am sucking Mark’s cock”? “Don’t worry, avrupa yakası escort I have kept it clean for you”? She laughed again. Shocked Brian could not do much. He started licking Cindy’s ass from behind while she was sucking my cock. She teased him again and said “that’s your place honey. I am for a black cock”. She kept sucking me for a while, I then fucked her pussy and ass, in-front of Brian only. She kept teasing Brian, until late night. Cindy did what she wanted to, to teach Brian a lesson for his arrogance and dirty political game. The next Monday, Cindy was expecting something at work, But Brian was too shy even to match eyes with her. Cindy just gave a teasing smile to Brian. After couple weeks, Brian asked Cindy again for diner, he said he is fine with she dating me, but she luvs Cindy very much. Cindy and Brian then started going out for dinner again, while she continued to have sex with me. Later, Brian started joining Cindy and I during late night. Cindy and I used to have sex while Brian was just a spectator. He later proposed Cindy and said he is fine with she keep seeing me. Brain was rich and well off man. Cindy gave some thought, but accepted his proposal, with condition that she will do what she likes.So finally Cindy and Brain got married. Cindy and I still have sexual relationship. Brian sometimes watch, sometimes serves us drinks and sometimes he just watch some games, while Cindy and I have sex.Here it end. Tell me how do you like? I can share our pics also with you, if you can give me feedback about my writing skills?

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