Interview with Mom and Son


Note that all the sexually active characters in this story are adults, and there is no underage sexual activity whatsoever, express or implied.

This is a work of fiction, based loosely on interviews with real consanguinamorous (incestuous) consensual adult couples and polycules at a website advocating full marriage equality. As this is erotic fiction, I’ve made this ‘interview’ a bit more explicit than the real ones. But I’ve also tried to call attention to the brutal discrimination and criminalization faced by consanguinamorous lovers, so similar to how LGBT people were treated 50 years ago. And I’ve tried to show that, for these lovers, the consanguinamory is not a raunchy fetish, it’s integral to their emotional bond — and that’s a beautiful thing.

* * *

Do you support the principle that sex among consenting adults should not be criminalized? That any adult lovers who wish to should be able to marry one another, live together, and raise a family? This is one of the many couples I’ve interviewed thus far who are still denied these basic rights. The man and woman interviewed below are both well educated adults, and their relationship is clearly consensual. Their love has nothing remotely to do with child sexual abuse or other harmful behaviors. Yet they could be could be punished with years in jail, and the loss of their child, if their relationship ever came to the attention of the authorities.

You may find their story unusual, heartwarming, disturbing, erotic, or distasteful. But regardless of your reaction, surely this couple should not be criminalized.

For obvious reasons, their names have been changed and other identifying details removed or altered.

***BE WARNED that the discussion gets quite explicit in some places.***

CONSANG EQUALITY: Describe yourselves, please.

Rachel: I’m 47, I have a PhD in political science, as well as a law degree. I teach poli-sci at L*** State University here in M****. I enjoy hiking, birdwatching, gardening, and classical music. My research focusses on the power of social media and on-line groups to effect political change, so I’m particularly impressed with your website, which seems to have become a real hub for consanguinamory advocacy.

Ben: I’m 23. I’m in grad school now, computer science, going for a PhD. Same school Mom teaches at, so it’s tuition-free for me. I mostly enjoy the same things as Mom. And cycling. I’ve gotten Mom into cycling too. We recently bought a tandem so we can go bike touring together.

Rachel: He just likes watching my big ass up-close while I pedal [laughing].

Ben: Guilty as charged [laughing].

ConsEq: So, just to be clear, you’re biological mother and son, and you’re in a sexual relationship? You live together?

Rachel: That’s correct.

ConsEq: How long have you two been together?

Rachel: Well we’ve been together ever since Ben was born. We’ve been a sexually active couple for five beautiful years now.

ConsEq: And your orientations?

Ben: We’re both straight. We’re completely committed to each other. Sounds boring, doesn’t it? [laughing]

ConsEq: Your relationship is not open to other sexual partners, then?

Ben: That’s correct.

Rachel: We’d like to meet other mom-son couples, for friendship and mutual support, not for swinging. We’re hoping this interview may lead to some contacts.

ConsEq: Do you consider yourselves married?

Rachel: Well, legally, we can’t be, of course. But we’re married in every way that counts. We’re a couple, and a family. Definitely.

ConsEq: And Ben is an only child?

Rachel: He was, growing up. Now he has a little sister, who’s also our daughter.

ConsEq: Wow, so you’ve had a child together?

Ben: Yes. Our wonderful four-year-old daughter, Yael. We call her Ya-Ya. Perfectly healthy, no genetic problems. Smart as a whip, just like her Mommy.

ConsEq: That’s beautiful, truly! Congratulations! But let’s start at the beginning. Rachel, could you tell us about your family background?

Rachel: Well, my family of origin was liberal and Jewish, in that order [laughing]. Not observant. My father died when I was in college, my mother a few years later. My dad taught history and classics at B**** College. My mom taught high school history. We were comfortably middle-class. I have a younger sister, Leah, who knows about Ben and me; she’s been incredibly supportive. I met Jacob in grad school.

ConsEq: That’s your ex-husband?

Rachel: Correct. We quickly fell in love, married and had Ben, and fell out of love.

Ben: Well, you found out the schmuck was a serial womanizer.

Rachel: Yes. He did a real number on my self-esteem, I’m afraid. Anyway, Jake and I divorced when Ben was three. He remarried, several times. He’s out in Colorado now, I think. I took my maiden name again after the divorce, and changed Ben’s to match mine.

ConsEq: So Ben, Rachel raised you as a single mom? How was your relationship, growing up?

Ben: Yes, niğde escort she raised me on her own, with help from Aunt Leah. Jake — I don’t like to call him ‘Dad’ — never bothered much with me even when he was around, and once my parents divorced, he was out of my life permanently. He emailed me out of the blue a few years ago, wanted to reestablish contact, but I wasn’t interested. It was too little too late, and besides, Mom and I were sexually active by that point, and I didn’t want him around us, intruding on our privacy. As for growing up, yeah, Rachel was a great mom to me. She still is. She worked hard to finish her degree, and she still works hard at her research and teaching. But I never felt neglected or unloved. She was always there for me, always had time for me. There was certainly nothing weird or abusive or uncomfortable between us when I was growing up. She gave me a safe, secure, happy childhood. I did well in school and all that.

Rachel: I’m glad Ben feels good about his childhood. At the time, I often felt torn between him and my work; I often felt guilty about not being a good enough mother, and about my failed marriage, leaving Ben without a father. Ben, though, was just the sweetest child anyone could ever hope for. Sure, he had his tantrums and sulks; he did stupid things at times, like any kid. Occasionally I’d get exasperated with him, like any parent. But then he’d come to me and ask for a mama-bear-hug, and just melt my heart.

ConsEq: Rachel, did you date at all during those years?

Rachel: I didn’t. I had my son to care for and an academic career to launch, and that didn’t leave much time for dating. And … well, I put on a lot of weight when I was pregnant with Ben, and I couldn’t get it off again afterward. That’s why Jake lost interest in me, I supposed. I’m kind of short and dumpy. I figured other men wouldn’t find me attractive either. Nobody pursued me very aggressively — well, looking back, maybe one or two were interested but I didn’t pick up on it at the time. I had good self-confidence as a scholar, but pretty poor self-esteem in sexual/romantic matters. Well, Ben changed that for me — big time! — but that was years later.

ConsEq: So, either of you can answer, how did the sexual/romantic relationship between you start?

Ben: It started with a belly-dancing video, of all things [laughing].

Rachel: Oh yeah, that thing [laughing]. A colleague in my department was into belly-dancing — the proper term is raks sharqi, Turkish traditional dance — and she talked me into taking a class with her, for the exercise. I enjoyed it, I love that style of music. Then, after a few months, our hoca (teacher) made an instructional/promotional video of our class to put up on Youtube. Nothing risque, we were all wearing yoga clothes, sweatpants, that sort of thing. I happened to be standing near the camera, so the video ended up featuring me rather prominently.

Ben: When Mom showed me that video, it rocked my world! There was nothing explicit in it, but the way she moved her body … WOW! … there was just this raw sexual power to her. It knocked me sideways. I was fifteen at the time, and suddenly, for the first time in my life, I realized that my mother is a woman, an incredibly sexy woman! And just to set the record straight, since Mom keeps talking about how unattractive and dumpy she is, the reality is that she’s a zaftig sex goddess, so soft and curvy, a modern-day Venus of Willendorf.

Rachel: I said you changed how I saw myself: I gave you full credit, young man.

Ben: I’m just setting the record straight. I don’t want the folks reading this blog to get the wrong impression of you. Mom is the embodiment of full-figured lusciousness. And on that video, she really knew how to move that luscious figure around. The other women in her class were doing the same dance moves, but I only had eyes for Mom. I secretly watched that Youtube clip again and again. Mom completely took over my masturbation fantasies. But it was more than that: I developed a massive crush on her.

Rachel: I was expecting an amused chuckle from Ben over the video clip — a bunch of middle-aged women gyrating their torsos. To my surprise, he said it was awesome. But I had no idea of the full effect it had on him! [laughing] Anyway, after that, I did notice that Ben became more willing to help around the house, more affectionate, more eager to spend time with me. Less the sulky, self-absorbed teenager and more the gallant young gentleman. I was delighted.

ConsEq: Ben, how did these new feelings for your mother sit with you?

Ben: You’d think I’d be wracked with shame — perving on my own mother — but honestly I wasn’t. At that point, I didn’t think a real physical relationship could develop between us, never in a million years. So it was all just my harmless private fantasies, or so I told myself. I mean, I was a horny fifteen-year-old kid, I wasn’t exactly thinking things through. Anyway, as a side-effect of my sudden, ordu escort um, reassesment of Mom, a new closeness developed between us, and that just fuelled my crush on her. Over time, the horniness part didn’t diminish, but the romantic feelings kept growing, and by the end of high school, I was full-on in love with her. By that point, I was too far gone to be held back by a word like ‘incest’. I couldn’t feel ashamed of my love for her: it just felt so *right*. What worried me was how she might react if and when she found out.

ConsEq: Rachel, what was going on for you during all this?

Rachel: Ben had plenty of friends in school, but he never talked to me about special feelings for any girls — or boys, for that matter — and I didn’t want to pry. We were quite open with each other about most things: we had a pretty close relationship. I assumed he’d talk to me about girls when he was ready. In fact, he was so wrapped up in me, he never looked at any of the girls in high school. Well, I was pretty oblivious when it came to romantic matters, but Ben’s love gradually permeated my awareness. He was very attentive to me: we hugged a lot, held hands or cuddled together as we watched movies, we went for walks and gardened together, we said ‘I love you’ a lot to each other. For sure, I noticed what a gorgeous young man my son had become. And for sure, it turned me on when he hugged me and told me he loved me; it made me feel like I was floating on air. But there was this barrier up in my mind: I still couldn’t fathom that any man would be sexually attracted to me, least of all my handsome young son!

ConsEq: And when did you realize he was attracted to you?

Rachel: I began to notice his erection when he hugged me or we snuggled together. I mean, I could feel it against my belly, it was hard to ignore, pardon the expression [laughing].

Ben: At a certain point, I stopped trying to hide it from her. I *wanted* her to notice.

Rachel: But even then, I tried to tell myself that it’s probably just something that happens to young men: it’s a random physiological thing, it’s got nothing to do with me. But my denial couldn’t stand up in the face of Ben’s … wooing — there’s no other word for how he behaved towards me. I started wondering, could my son really want to … you know, have SEX with me? Could I want that with him? The idea started to take root and blossom in my mind. I knew it wasn’t just about sex — he treated me with too much tenderness and respect for me to think he was just after a cheap thrill. If this was anything, it was real love. It turned me on something fierce. I thought about him all the time when I masturbated, which was quite a bit in those days. Well, he finally told me outright — swept aside all my remaining mental barriers like they were cobwebs. One evening — he was in twelfth grade then — we were lying together on the living room couch, in each other’s arms, after watching a Netflix movie. He looked down at me with those sincere brown eyes of his, and said, ‘Mom, I think you’re beautiful. And very sexy. Is it OK with you if I say that?’ That was it, no more shadow of a doubt was possible: my adorable son, the man I loved most in the world loved me and wanted me, he really *wanted* me! I was thrilled out of my socks!

Ben: I had to say something: I just couldn’t hold it in any longer. My heart was pounding. I was scared she’d freak out, push me away, tell me to go to my room, or even kick me out of the house — I was eighteen by that point. But she just said, ‘Really?!’ with this huge grin on her face. ‘Yes it’s OK, sweety, I’m very flattered.’ She kissed me on the cheek and whispered in my ear, ‘I think you’re pretty sexy too, young man’. We just grinned at each other for a long time, gazing into each other’s eyes. Then she said the thing that told me this relationship was actually on the table: she said, ‘Ben, this makes me very, very happy. But let’s take it slowly, let’s make sure this is something we really want.’ Well, I had no doubt I wanted it, but I was happy to go as slowly as she needed. Over the following weeks, our hugging and touching became more intimate. We kissed each other on the lips. Soon we were kissing open-mouthed. We caressed and fondled each other all over. A few times, we made each other come. All this was with our clothes still on, but I was on cloud nine.

Rachel: I was on cloud nine too. For years, I’d written myself off as a sexual being, but now Ben made me feel eminently desirable, the way he looked at me, the way he spoke to me and touched me. It was the best feeling in the world! The fact that this was coming from my son, who knew me inside and out, that just made it even more wonderful. I felt like a brand new woman, a woman who’s not afraid to ask for and give pleasure. A few weeks into this new phase, I had to go to a conference in Vancouver, while Ben was finishing the last of his exams and papers of high school. We agreed we’d celebrate together when I got back. I think we both knew osmaniye escort that meant going all the way together. He met me at the airport with flowers. When we got home, he had a candle-lit dinner all ready for me. I said, ‘That’s very romantic and sweet of you, Ben, but let’s eat later. Right now, I need you to take me straight to bed.’ I was about ready to orgasm just from being in the same room with him! [laughing] We raced up to my bedroom together, tearing off our clothes. He took me naked in his arms, kissed me all over, murmuring ‘I love you Mom’ again and again. I was so wet for him! To my great surprise and delight, he went down on me, and I came for him immediately. When I felt Ben’s penis slide deep inside me … OH MY GOD! It felt so good, so right, so perfect, to have my son inside me again, back where he came from, loving me like that.

ConsEq: Ben, how was it for you?

Ben: Same thing exactly. This wonderful, overwhelming feeling of closeness, of being back where I belong, deep inside my mother, the woman I love most in the whole world. Her body felt so good, so … soft and welcoming. And, um, before that, when I tasted her p***y … that was it, I was totally hooked, for life!

Rachel: You’re making me blush, young man! [laughing] It was his first time, but he was an amazing lover. I lost count of how many times he made me come that night. And he’s only gotten better since then.

Ben: I had done a fair bit of, um, on-line reading about how to please a woman sexually. I guess my studies paid off.

ConsEq: Did you use birth control?

Ben: We used condoms that night, and for the first month or so. Then we decided to try for a baby.

ConsEq: Was that a difficult decision?

Rachel: Well, the one misgiving I had about this relationship was the thought that it would keep Ben from starting a family of his own someday. We talked about it, and Ben was adamant: he wanted that family to be with me.

Ben: We knew we wanted to be together permanently, till death do us part. I didn’t want to go off and start a new family, I already had the family I craved with Mom; we just wanted a child to complete it. We wanted *our* child. Mom didn’t know how many more years of childbearing she had left, so we thought we better get to it sooner rather than later.

Rachel: I was thrilled by the idea, but also scared at first — all that stuff about inbreeding and birth defects — but Ben found a ton of information on-line, which we read through, and we realized the risk of genetic defects due to consanguinity was minimal — it was lower, in fact, than the risk due to my age (I was forty-two) — and the defects could be pre-natally screened for. When we had unprotected sex for the first time, and I felt Ben ejaculating inside me, Oh my God, I saw stars! There’s something … *magical* about receiving my own son’s sperm into my womb — as though, at a cellular level, my DNA somehow recognizes itself in his and welcomes him back. Anyway, once my pregnancy was confirmed, we came up with a cover story about me having a one night stand at that academic conference. Because I was over forty, they did genetic testing of the fetus as a matter of course, and found no cause for concern. The pregnancy was fairly easy. Ben and Leah were beside me through the childbirth, which was also pretty easy. Officially, Ben is Ya-Ya’s brother, and that’s what we’ve told her so far, which is true. She hasn’t asked about her father yet. We’ll tell her the full story soon.

ConsEq: Do you plan to have more children?

Rachel: We can’t, unfortunately. A year after Ya-Ya was born, I started menopause. So it’s really lucky Ben and I tried for a baby right away.

Ben: We’re pretty happy with Ya-Ya. And each other. Aren’t we Mom?

Rachel: Oh, Ben, sweety, I couldn’t possibly ask for a better life than I have with you and Ya-Ya. You know that.

ConsEq: I assume you two share a bed?

Ben: Yes, I sleep in Mom’s bed every night. I’ve kept my old bedroom, for appearances’ sake, when we have visitors; I use the room as a study, keep all my comp-sci books in there, so it looks lived-in.

ConsEq: Does Ya-Ya know you sleep together?

Rachel: She knows. She finds us there together every morning, crawls in and snuggles between us. We aren’t sexual in front of her, of course, and Ben installed heavy soundproofing in my bedroom so she can’t hear us — I, um, can get quite vocal, when we’re, y’know, going at it. But Ya-Ya can see that we love each other as a couple: there’s no way we could hide that from her. She hasn’t asked any awkward questions yet. We’ll cross that bridge when we come to it. Pretty soon, I think.

Ben: We’re starting her in pre-school in the fall, and we don’t want her innocently mentioning something to the teachers that raises questions about our home life. Ya-Ya’s a sharp cookie. I think she’ll understand, if we explain things to her.

Rachel: I expect she’ll be delighted to learn Ben is her daddy as well as her brother. But we’ll have to have a long, careful conversation with her about keeping secrets — good secrets versus harmful secrets, and good and bad reasons for keeping them. It’s a heavy burden to lay on a little kid, but it would be infinitely worse if our secret got out and the authorities got involved.

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