“Mr Smith will see you now.”

I jump slightly when your secretary signals me to go into your office. I have carefully prepared for this interview, have looked the company up on the internet, gotten my resume and references in order, and thought about how to answer any questions the interviewer would most certainly ask. I have dressed conservatively in a dark red skirt that goes to just below my knees, a white blouse and a black jacket, hose and dressy heels. Very little jewelry and make-up, my light brown hair almost demurely in a bun. I’m feeling good about myself and I’m in control. Yes, I think I’m ready.

I knock on the door and after a brief “Come in”, I do just that. You sit on the opposite side of the room behind your desk and sign some papers, and without looking up you say “Have a seat Ms…..?”

“Dee,” I say, “Please call me Dee. It’s nice to meet you, Mr Smith.” You look up, surprised, a bit annoyed but I think I see a tiny smile right in the corners of your mouth, and I feel I’ve won the first battle, or at least broken the ice. I sink onto one of the chairs in front of your desk and place my bag on the other. You lean back in your executive-style leather chair and watch as I get comfortable and cross my right leg over my left, making sure my skirt doesn’t ride up too much as I move around. Now I sit and wait for you to start the interview.

“Ok, so, Dee, I have looked over your resume….” While you talk, I get the chance to take a closer look at you. I see an attractive man, somewhat older than me, a friendly face but a rogue-ish look, for a moment earlier I thought I saw a sparkle in your eyes. You’re well groomed and well dressed and escort bayan istanbul have a pleasant voice. I like your hands…. I always look at hands and wonder how they would handle me, how they would feel on me….. No! This is an interview for goodness sake, plenty of time to fantasize about this man later!

You ask questions and I reply, then I ask questions and you reply, it’s all very dry and business like, only I’m not so dry at all anymore and feel almost as if under hypnosis under your staring look. I wonder if you’re looking at me that way because you’re trying to imagine what I look like underneath my clothes…. I certainly wonder the same about you. Good thing this interview is about finished because I’m having a hard time holding on to my concentration and controlling my breath. This is crazy! I’m trying to get hired, not laid, geez! You say “Well Ms… Dee, I think that’s about all I needed to know. We will call you in a day or two, thank you for stopping by.” You get up and I do as well, almost hastily so, and grab my bag. We meet about half way around your desk and I extend my hand for a hand shake, and say “Thank you for your time, Mr Smith, I look forward to hearing from you.”

You take my hand and squeeze it lightly, suddenly you’re right in front of me, suddenly my knees are all wobbly, your eyes stare directly into mine and I feel your breath on my face. I can not control myself and offer my lips to you. Your mouth finds mine and without hesitation your tongue invades me and plays with my tongue, we unite in a deep, hungry kiss. Now our hands roam over the other’s body, tearing at clothes, loosening ties and undoing escort istanbul buttons. Your mouth leaves mine and creates a hot trail down my neck as it makes its way into my blouse, caressing my breasts while my hands push your head into my cleavage, wanting more. Muffled grunts from you mingle with openly lustful gasps from myself, and I stumble backwards to lean on the desk so we won’t fall over.

Your hands continue to remove my skirt and pantyhose, your fingers slide under the elastic of my pink panties and without warning dip into my wetness, you laugh a hoarse laugh when I moan out loud, and when you discover just how soaked I am for you. You push me onto your desk and, in a tone full of authority, instruct me to play with myself. I am so overcome with desire and completely under your spell that I obey your command, now dressed only in my pink bra and my open white blouse I lean back and allow my fingers to dip into my wetness. My legs are bent at a sharp angle and I am totally exposed to your view, fully aware of my submissiveness and vulnerability but also strangely turned on by it. My fingers work gently but efficiently, fucking myself, rubbing my swollen clit, it feels so good to know you are watching me.

I hear as you unzip your pants, and I pause for a second to look up just in time to see you dropping your boxers. “Oh God, oh fuck me please..” is all I can say before I feel you slamming into me with one powerful thrust that makes me scream out loud. You are so deep inside me and you don’t move as my pussy gets used to your invasion, and I catch my breath and open my eyes again to look at your face. Your eyes are closed bayan escort istanbul and your head tilted to one side while your hands slide from my knees down to my hips, caressing my thighs and belly in a very tender gesture.

With my pussy wrapped tightly around your shaft you slowly pull back, then push back in, it’s such a tight fit and it feels wonderful, causing me to purr and ask for more. You oblige my request by speeding up and fucking me in earnest, your cock slamming in and out of me, your balls hitting my cheeks. My pussy makes obscene slurping noises as it keeps sucking you back in, my hands squeeze my breasts through the pink lace, my universe centers around your cock and the moans that come out of your mouth. I hear you say “Take this Ms Dee, you dirty girl, take me deep…” All I can do is cry my lust out into the room, unable to form coherent words, feeling my orgasm building through the intense pounding. One hand travels across my belly and rubs my clit as you’re fucking me hard, the extra attention is more than I can handle and it pushes me over the edge, screaming, my orgasm washes over me, triggers spasms all through my body, still you continue, all I can do is push back at you, now I want your lust, now I want your pleasure.

My hips come off the desk as I encourage you to finish, my muscles still clamp around you for an even tighter squeeze. I mumble “Cum for me Mr Smith, cum inside me and make me yours..” when a second, smaller orgasm ripples through me at the same time your climax hits you full force, and you groan loudly as you thrust into me one final, powerful time. As I feel your hot semen spill deep inside me your knees can’t hold you up any longer and you collapse on top of me, panting, kissing my neck. Wrapping my arms and legs around you I whisper “Does this conclude the interview, Mr Smith?”

You reply “No, Ms Dee, I will have to ask you a few more questions, over drinks tonight. Meet me at 8pm and don’t wear any panties.”

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