It Lurks in the Cinema


1. The news spread across Blaenau that It Lurks in the Cinema was finally being shown at the Holo-Plex Cinema. Parent groups demanded it be banned for its excessive gore and sexuality. People online said it was an extremely good homage to eighties horror.The eighteen-year-old Tyra Bird was dying to watch it.Tyra was five feet tall, had cobalt eyes, shoulder-length caramel hair and rocked a 28H cup. She was a music student at the local university.Tyra chilled out in the back seat of her best friend Hana’s car. She wore her black winter coat, black ugg boots, black knee-high socks, a charcoal turtleneck sweater, a grey T-shirt and black pantyhose. She additionally wore glasses and navy blue jeans.Nineteen-year-old Hana Blackburn was six feet tall, had sable eyes, luxurious black hair, and rocked a 30A bust. She wore a black coat, a black sweater, military blue jeans, and her burgundy boots.Their mutual buddy, Francesca Chadwick, was twenty-two years old. She was five foot nine, had baby blue eyes, light auburn hair, and rocked a 32C cup. She wore her salmon coat – which matched her salmon pink sweater, her denims and her converse trainers.“So, Tyra, you’re finally gonna watch the movie?” sang Hana.Tyra beamed, “Yeah, I’ve been looking forward to it.”“It Lurks in the Cinema,” Francesca started, “what’s it about, then?”“Five teenagers break into an abandoned cinema for a night of sex and drugs. The cinema was built on top of an old underground biology lab,” explained Tyra.“Wow! You know a great deal about the film,” said Francesca.“Tyra auditioned to be in the film,” Hana responded, “However, she turned down the gig.”Francesca turned around and addressed Tyra. “Why’d you turn it down?”“Well, after I got the job, they wanted me to play Nicole,” Tyra said. “She wanders off on her own, and encounters the horrible monster.”“Oh, I get it,” Francesca returned, “You didn’t want your character to get killed off, right?”Tyra slowly shook her head in disgust. “No. Nicole is stripped and taken by the G-098 monster. They wanted me to do full-on nudity, and I also needed to pretend to love the sex.”“Ugh! That’s bloody disgusting,” Hana groaned, “I can tell some sleaze wrote it!”“Yeah, that’s what I thought,” Tyra returned, “and something bizarre happened, too.”Francesca knitted her brow and asked, “What do you mean?”“Well, after I refused to be part of the sex scene, this mad old woman approached me,” Tyra started. “She told me the monster would ravish me, one way or another, and said a few foreign phrases. I told security about her; they said they hadn’t seen her.”“So, a loopy old witch has cursed you?” Francesca mused.“Come on, crazy witches don’t exist,” replied Tyra. “Besides, she was probably a crazy old woman spouting nonsense; there’s really nothing to worry about.” 2. They arrived outside of the Holo-Plex Cinema. It Lurks in the Cinema took the top billing, and yet, there weren’t any people outside.“Strange, I thought there’d be more people here,” stated Hana.“They’re probably at home, watching it illegally,” said Francesca.Hana unlocked the car door for Tyra, and Tyra hopped out.“Sweet, I’m off,” Tyra beamed. “Be back for me in two hours, please!”Hana grinned, “No concerns, chick, you enjoy your film!”Francesca blew Tyra a kiss. “Enjoy the movie, kiddo!”Tyra waved farewell as Hana drove far away.Afterwards, Tyra entered the Holo-Plex Cinema. 3. The Holo-Plex Cinema was surprisingly huge, and its lobby looked like an English manor.The employees wore posh purple uniforms, and their black shoes matched bahis siteleri the colouration of their trousers.Tyra checked her cinema ticket, and it was for screen 6, row A. She smiled sweetly.Tyra approached a lady with crimson hair and confirmed her ticket.The lady checked it and said, “Enjoy the movie, miss.”“Cheers,” Tyra beamed. She then headed to her screen. 4. Tyra located screen 6, and she went through the double doors. She noticed that nobody else was in here. She was glad to finally watch a film by herself.Tyra observed the letters on the floor and sat in her seat.After approximately fifteen minutes of previews, the film began. The primary characters – Juan, Donna, Louis, Judy and Nicole – chilled out in the local mall. Four of the characters looked like they were punk rockers, and Nicole dressed like Tyra.“They made that whore dress like me?” mumbled Tyra.“Yo, how about we raise some hell tonight?” Juan mused.“What do you have in mind, babe?” giggled Donna.“I say that we break into the abandoned cinema,” returned Juan.“What the hell for?” Louis questioned. “There’s nothing in there!”“Well, I heard a rumour that it was built on an old science lab,” Juan defined. “I say we head in there after dark so we can find this lab and steal some supplies!”“They changed the bloody plot, too?” whispered Tyra.“And in case you don’t find this lab?” Judy sneered.“Well, we can do something else.” Juan checked out Donna.Donna giggled, as did the others, and the scene dissolved.The following scene was where the five primary characters broke into the cinema through the back door. They used their flashlights to navigate around and searched for hidden panels.“I can’t find shit,” Juan groaned, “we may have to split up, guys!”“If we’re splitting up, I don’t wanna leave my Juan,” Donna moaned.“Yeah, and I don’t wanna split from Louis,” Judy groaned.“Fine,” Nicole sighed, “I guess I’ll head off by myself.”Nicole then wandered off, and she headed into screen 6. She screamed as she fell down a hole and wound up in a mystery room underneath the display screen. She landed on the floor and groaned. She noticed that she was in a sickening room that was made completely out of flesh and pulsating veins. She looked around with her flashlight and she gasped hard.The monster was a mass of flesh that was covered in pulsating veins, numerous eyeballs and small mouths on its body. Its tentacles were covered in veins, too, and it had a massive mouth that looked like that of an octopus. It also had a massive tentacle cock. Numerous tentacles quickly snaked across the floor, and they slithered up to Nicole. The tentacles wrapped around her ankles tightly – and it pulled the screaming Nicole closer toward it.At the same moment, the whole cinema screen morphed: It now looked like the massive maw of a monster. It glowed extraordinary hues – as if it had changed into a lava lamp.Tyra arched a brow in surprise. Yet, she seemed doll-like.She stood up and walked to the display screen.Tyra staggered like a zombie and was gobbled by the screen.She became blinded by a white light. 5. Tyra’s eyes focused, and she realised she was lying on her back.She looked around and silenced a fearful gasp with her right hand.The monster, G-098, loomed over her, and it puked its slime all over her.Tyra wailed as she tried shielding her eyes, and her clothes got completely soaked.G-098 used its legion of tentacles to grope every inch of Tyra’s body and limbs.G-098 removed Tyra’s black ugg boots first and removed her knee-high socks.Tyra failed to bat canlı bahis siteleri away the tentacles and failed to crawl away as she wailed.G-098’s tentacles wormed into the sleeves of holes of Tyra’s wintry weather jacket: It ripped her jacket open, pulled it off of her, and it ate her jacket as if it were food. Numerous of its tentacles continued to grope Tyra’s body like inspecting a toy.Tyra wailed, as she batted the tentacles with her palms and failed to get away.G-098’s tentacles grabbed the bottom of her turtleneck sweater, pulling it up – forcing Tyra’s arms to be raised above her head. It devoured her turtleneck sweater and her grey blouse. Next, its tentacles grabbed the belt loops of her jeans and quickly pulled them off.Tyra was now clad in her underwear, slimed, and she screamed. She persisted in batting away the several tentacles probing her. She attempted to crawl away, but G-098 forced her to stay put with its phallic tentacles and its sticky slime.G-098 pulled off Tyra’s pantyhose and silk panties. It ripped off her strapless bra – to liberate her big breasts – and it wolfed down each scrap of her clothes. The monster consumed her glasses. It stroked Tyra’s body and limbs with its phallic appendages.Tyra was completely naked and covered with sticky slime from head to toe.G-098 had a tentacle wind around her right wrist and yanked her arm aside.Tyra panted and gasped. She didn’t know why she felt increasingly aroused. She hadn’t been dominated before, and she was suddenly curious about the idea of being ravished.G-098 wound a thicker tentacle around her left wrist and forced her arm aside.Tyra whimpered as her arms were pinned down and her tits were vulnerable. The notion that this monster was going to fondle her breasts had given her butterflies. She had remembered the script to the movie and knew the monster was bent on having sex with her.G-098 now wrapped tentacles around an ankle each and forced her legs down to the ground. After that, it pulled her legs open, slowly, until Tyra became spread-eagled.Tyra opened her eyelids slowly. However, her vision was blurred.G-098 wrapped numerous tentacles around her stomach, her back and even her hips.Tyra’s eyes widened when G-098 opened its mouth and engulfed her head. Her whole head was now in the slimy octopus mouth. Tyra felt its massive crimson tongue lick every single inch of her face, and the tip of the tongue rubbed her luscious lips. Tyra whined, and her face flushed cherry red when her body reacted with arousal. As soon as she opened her mouth, the big tongue lunged right in and delved deeper.G-098’s large tongue stretched Tyra’s cheeks and delved into the back of her throat. Its tongue was flexible like a snake, and it rubbed her tongue affectionately.Tyra didn’t pull her head out of the monster’s mouth as greater arousal stirred inside her. She groaned willingly as soon as she felt G-098’s tongue thrust like a cock. She also felt sucking motions on her lips. The trembling started out at her body, and it spread to her limbs.G-098 stroked every single inch of Tyra’s body and limbs. It implemented mild pressure, so it could rub down precise points and knead her small frame like kneading bread dough.Tyra felt her arousal increase willingly and relaxed from the gentle embrace.G-098 raised Tyra’s legs upwards, only a little bit, so her arse was lifted off the floor. One of its tongues slithered out, and it licked Tyra’s arse cheeks.Tyra knew what G-098 was going to do. Her heart pounded enthusiastically.G-098’s arse-loving canlı bahis tongue entered Tyra’s tight anus, and it delved deeper and deeper.Euphoric tears rolled down Tyra’s cheeks. Her body and limbs trembled as she felt the anal-invading tongue stretch her arsehole. She found herself eagerly groaning and wailing as soon as she felt G-098’s tongue slide backwards – at a leisurely tempo – and slide forwards at a snail’s pace. She felt the tongue lick each inch of her anus as it slithered backward and forward like a wriggling slimy worm. She achieved an orgasm.The tongue in Tyra’s mouth continued to move to and fro like a large cock. It moved like a tireless piston and moved past the poor girl’s uvula.Tyra groaned sensitively. She couldn’t comprehend why she wanted this badly. She suddenly felt a sticky liquid ejaculate into her mouth. She swallowed and even coughed a little. The flavour was milky, to her marvel, and it made her incredibly dizzy.G-098 massaged Tyra’s belly lightly, and it moved the motion to her ribcage and between her luscious melons. It continued teasing her by means of massaging her belly and rib cage in gradual circles. Its tentacles were so near her tits. It even licked her neck with a different tongue. The monster desired to make Tyra its eternal lover.Tyra snorted out of her nostrils as her arousal peaked. She wanted it.After ten minutes of teasing, G-098 was ready to play with Tyra’s breasts. It used two of its tentacles to smooth her knockers gently – avoiding her nipples.Tyra groaned and whimpered. She loved having her tits played with. She felt suckers on the tentacles suck and rub down her knockers, but not her turgid protruding nipples.After several minutes, G-098 touched her nipples lightly and explored each inch of her knockers. G-098 groaned – somehow letting Tyra understand that it adored her tits.Tyra whimpered delicately. She couldn’t understand why she adored this. A deep part of her regretted not taking the part in the movie. Her tits quickly became aroused.G-098 pinched Tyra’s nipples to free oxytocin: it alternated between tender and heavy pinching. It even alternated between rolling her nipples and pinching.Then, Tyra released a muted whimper from her lungs. She shook her head a bit. She felt another squirt of the milky substance exploding in her mouth – she swallowed it down gladly. It made her head even dizzier, and a tingling feeling rushed through her.G-098 used the tentacles to rub her nipples slowly. The monster even groaned and moaned, while it lovingly rubbed her pink capped nipples.Tyra’s body trembled, and an orgasm slammed through her tiny body. She shuddered from the aftershock and wailed excitedly. Rapturous tears rolled down her cheeks.After that, the tentacles unfolded their ends, revealing that they had mouths. Tongues emerged from the tentacles, and they licked the round patch of her areola, avoiding her nipples. They licked her nipples, blew air on them, and licked. The mouths of the tentacles even sucked and massaged close to her nipples to drive her crazy.Tyra whimpered. A strong tremor rippled through her body and limbs.Afterwards, the mouths opened wider – so Tyra’s nipples were in their mouths. The tentacle mouths alternated between flicking her nipples and sucking on them.Tyra whined tenderly. A voluntary smile had stretched her cheeks. She felt another blast of the milky substance explode in her mouth, making her swallow it down.The nipple-sucking tentacles puckered up and sucked her nipples harder – they sucked unhurriedly, taking their sweet, sweet time, so they could drive Tyra wild.Tyra moaned and groaned. Her body and limbs abated. Thoughts of wanting this monster to screw her flooded into her mind. Oh, how she loved having her nipples sucked on.

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