It Was A beautiful Day


It was a beautiful day.

Children’s excited voices penetrated through the thick forest. It was a school day, they must’ve been on a trip to the lake. Probably they were being shown how to catch creepy crawlies in nets along the shallow weedy margins. The boys trying their hardest to find ways to put wet wriggling creatures inside the girls dresses. In a couple of years time they’ll still be pestering to get inside the girls dresses for a whole new set of reasons.

A shrill scream echoed across the lake.


It was blisteringly hot. On the short car journey me and my lovely passenger were nearly hanging out of the windows, trying to get some cool air. No chance. The air entering the car was hot and muggy and provided no respite.

Under the canopy of the trees however the air was much cooler.

Me and my girlfriend, Jeanette walked around the far end of the large lake. Far enough under the canopy to be hidden from the lake and it from us, apart, that is from an occasional silvery glint coming from our left.

I squeezed her hand as we walked along. Jeanette looked over and smiled at me. It was a bit of a halfhearted attempt. She never could hide her feelings.

“Nervous?” I asked

“Yeah a little, but excited as well.” She squeezed my hand in return, her smile a little broader.

“Me too.” I said, returning her smile.

I couldn’t help but watch her as she walked. She walks with a bouncy, happy looking gait. I met her on a walking holiday in Cumbria and it was her infectious happiness that first attracted me to her.

The way she walks may be a long way down her list of good points but they all add up. I did have lecherous reasons for watching her as well though, I’m a man, I can’t help it. She was wearing a pair of lightweight walking boots, and a cream, flowing, summery dress. It gave her a farmers daughter kind of look.

She wears suits all day in her job so when she’s out and about she likes to wear nice, pretty things, even if they’re not always the most practical. The straps of the small rucksack she wore pulled the dress tightly against her chest and her brunette pony tail wasn’t the only thing that bounced as she walked.

“Let’s go up here.” She said, pointing to our right.

Jeanette knows the area better than me so I was happy to let her lead the way without question.

We took a right hand fork in the path, heading away from the lake, its complement of nosy children and further into the woods, hopefully leading us onto paths less well trodden by the day time dog walkers and ramblers.

Only a couple of yards in and already the path narrowed considerably. Changing from the wide gravel path suitable for wheelchair access that circled the lake to a narrow bumpy dirt track. The greenery pressed in on both sides, forcing us to walk closer together, wrapping our arms around each others waists, her slim hand sliding into the back pocket of my jeans.

“Where’s your wallet?” she asked “I wanted to nick it!”

“Ha! Foiled you, it’s in my jacket back at your house.”


“Don’t pretend you were after my wallet, I know you only wanted to feel my arse.”

She laughed, leaned over and kissed my cheek.

“Guilty as charged officer.”

We slowed down, our hips bumping as we walked on the rutted path. After heavy rain this would be a quagmire. You could see where people had walked and ridden along it and left deep imprints in soft mud that was now hardened like concrete and cracked like a dry river bed. We took another path, I barely saw it as we approached it, it was so overgrown.

It was perfect, obviously rarely traveled and heading deeper into the trees.

I was looking around as we walked, partially to admire the beauty of the wood, but also to check we were alone, nerves getting the better of me. Some light filtered through the trees, dappling the floor and vibrant undergrowth with bright green and yellow highlights. I’ve always loved exploring a new forest or wood, there’s something magical about playing in amongst trees that’s stayed with me since childhood.

All around us the woods were alive with life. Myriad insects buzzed across our path and scurrying, rustling noises came every so often as we disturbed a small animal or bird hidden in a bush.

It became tougher to Bursa Escort follow the path as it progressively became more and more overgrown, the shrubs and plants bordering it aggressively claiming it back. In places we had to squeeze carefully through patches of nettles and brambles although thankfully it was mostly just long grass bordering the narrow path.

A fallen tree finally blocked our way. There was a tiny gap underneath which would probably be squeezable but going over looked the best bet, it was only about waist height. As soon as I saw the tree a picture formed in my minds eye.

“Shall we turn back?” She asked, jokingly.

“You can, I’ll see you back at the car.”

I took my small black rucksack from my back and chucked it over the trunk, making a mental note to be careful opening the cans of coke that sat inside.

“I could have held that for you.” She said sarcastically.

“I know,” I replied grinning. “but chucking it is more fun.”

“Well see how much fun holding a bag can be.” She slipped hers off her shoulders and handed it to me before levering herself up the trunk and, after hitching up her dress, she sat astride it.

Looking down the other side and brushing her hands together she said.

“Doesn’t look like the path carries on much over here.”

“Can we still get through do you think?”

“Of course Honey, now get up here.”

I handed back her Bag and levered myself up.

The rough bark of the tree was covered in moss and lichens, it felt wonderfully earthy and textured to touch.

Where the tree had fallen it created a gap in the canopy above, thick midsummer sunlight poured in, coating us in its warmth.

I sat astride the tree facing Jeanette. She dropped her bag next to mine and shuffled a little closer.

I looked into her large brown eyes, my heart hammering in my chest, blood rushing in my ears. A strand of hair had come loose from her pony tail and was hanging down across her cheek.

I reached forwards and brushed it behind her ear, holding my hand there when I finished. My thumb brushing her cheek, fingers curling over her ear.

“You’re really, really beautiful d’you know that.”

She smiled, the merest hint of a blush coloring her cheeks.

Gazing, eyes absolutely locked into mine she turned her head and kissed the tip of my thumb.

“Do you want to….”

I lean forward, answering her question, my heart and loins fluttering like it’s the first time and then our lips touch and melt together.

It was lovely, just sitting there and kissing, it almost felt like there was no need to go any further. Sometimes kissing is enough, but, this wasn’t going to be one of those times.

“Mmm” she murmured after a little while. “I feel really naughty doing this.”

“We’re only kissing.” I said before planting a wet peck on her cute little button nose.

“True, but,” Her brown eyes sparkled. “I hope that’s no all we’re gonna do.”

She gave me back a peck on the lips.

“Absolutely, we’re gonna have lunch as well.

She smiled

“Ha, ha. Very funny.”

I too was feeling naughty and incredibly turned on.

I leaned forward and as I slowly whispered my lips moved against hers.

“So what did you have in mind?.” I allowed my lips to stay slightly open and unmoving, barely touching hers.

She whispered back.

“I was hoping we could be very naughty.”

I planted soft kisses on her lips, placed my hands on her knees and then pushed my fingers and thumbs slowly up her thighs, easing her dress up as I went.

I was hard inside my jeans, incredibly turned on, lust mixing with nerves and producing adrenaline.

My heart pounded inside my chest as my fingers strayed close to her sweet pussy. I kissed her hard, forcefully pushing my tongue inside her mouth. She responded by gripping the back of my head and pulling me on.

My fingers slid inwards and upwards, finding plump, soft, naked lips. She gasped and tilted her head up to the sky as I traced the freshly shaven and silky contours.

I kiss her exposed throat from the top of her cleavage to her chin and then back up to her lips once more.

Jeanette tugs my T-shirt over my head, the sunlight feels great on my back but I have to take my hands away from her pussy Bursa Bayan to slide it from my arms. I take the opportunity to undo her dress. It has large buttons up the front and I quickly undo them all the way down to her waist.

I pulled the dress open and smiled as I saw what bra she wore. It was a thin, white, lacy one we’d brought from a sex shop last month, it could be undone from the front, a small, pink ribbon holding it together.

She leaned forward and kissed me sweetly as I tugged at the little pink bow then pushed the cups to the side, replacing them with my hands.

I gave jeanette’s perky little breasts a gentle squeeze then released them and pushed her dress from her shoulders, pushing it down her arms to her elbows.

She shook the sleeves down from her arms and then dropped her bra on top of one of the bags to our side.

She had a filthy twinkle in her eye as I bent forward and began lapping at her wonderfully firm breasts while my fingers resuming their previous position at the apex of her legs.

She spread them as wide as she could and tilted her pelvis up as I stroked up and down the length of her cunt with a single finger then spread her lips just a little, finding the hot, soaking entrance.

She cupped one hand behind my neck, cradling me to her chest and supported herself on the tree with the other.

“I can’t wait to have your cock inside me.”

I looked up at her face, one of her breasts in my mouth which I had to release to say.

“Your cunt is so fucking wet.”

“It’s wetter inside.” She replied, pushing herself against my hand.

I sucked one of her thick nipples inside my mouth, flicking it with my tongue and then I gave her pussy a finger.

She moaned as I slowly fed it inside, her muscular walls gripping it as it slid deeper until it could go no further, my knuckles pressed against her lips.

I withdrew it and then replaced it with two, beginning the slow pumping finger fuck that I know drives her wild. I curved my fingers upwards, trying to find her spot.

Moaning, she slowly lowered herself back until she lay flat on the trunk. I was unable to follow her tits down with my mouth so I lowered it to her navel, then lower still, while my fingers pistoned in and out of her dripping cunt.

I wriggled back a bit on the trunk and then allowed myself to drop down, balancing face down on it, my mouth hungry between her legs. The bark felt hard and scratchy on my chest but it really didn’t matter as I pushed the remains of her dress that still covered her, up out of the way and lowered my lips to hers.

My nose filled with a heady mixture of the earthy smells coming from the dead tree and the smells of sex coming from her.

I took my fingers from her and sucked them into my mouth, the salty, tangy taste driving me wild. I pushed the fingers back inside her, now joined by a third and circled my tongue around her desperate clit.

“Ohh yeah.” She said, gripping the sides of the trunk with her hands and feet.

Around and around her clit my tongue circled, slowly homing in on the swollen bud.

I eased the hood back with delicate fingers and she gave a little feline cry as my tongue caressed the ultra sensitive bean.

Gradually I increased the pressure of my tongues caresses and the speed and force of my fingers, reacting to what her cries were telling me until there was no doubt what she wanted.

“Harder you fuc… you. Fuck it harder, har.. oh fffff.”

With an aching tongue and three fingers ramming into her cunt I fucked her as hard as I could until I felt the contractions around my fingers and with tensed muscles and a silent scream she orgasmed, her legs gripping the trunk with all their strength.

“Oh god Tom…. Fucking hell.”

“Nice?” I asked levering myself up until I sat astride the tree once more, looking down at the rise and fall of her chest and the glistening pink gash between her legs.

“Oh you’ll never know how nice.”

She sat up and reached for the crotch of my jeans.

“Let me say thank you.”

I turned my head quickly to the side and stared into the woods.

“What?” she asked.

“I thought I heard someone. Quick! Put your dress back on.”

“Oh shit.” She scrabbled at her clothes.

I slid down off Escort Bursa the trunk to the far side where the bags and her bra lay. I picked them up, stuffing her bra into one of them, before throwing them back over the tree and onto the path. I followed them over, finding my T-shirt laying on the ground there.

I slipped it back on and turned to see Jeanette fastening her last button. I held up my arms to her.

“Quick, slide down.”

She turned her legs side-saddle on the trunk and slid off of it into my arms.

My hands immediately found her buttocks, pulling her a little way from the tree.

“Kiss me Jeanette.”

“But what abou..”

I stopped her with my lips. She was hesitant at first but when she put her arms around my neck it slowly developed into a deep, slow snog.

With wet lips she said.

“I wish I was naked.”

“Turn around.”

“But what about the voices?” she said, almost hanging from my neck in a way that suggested she really wanted to turn around despite “the voices”

“Just do it.” I know she likes it when I get a little dominant, it doesn’t happen very often so she doesn’t argue when it does.

“Okay,” she gave me a little peck. “I trust you.”

She turned in my arms and bent forward so she rested with her hands against the trunk.

I cradled and stroked her beautiful arse as she presented it to me.

“Good girl.”

I undid my belt in a way that ensured she could hear the clanking of the metal buckle.

“What are you doing?”

“I’m sure you know.”

With my jeans pushed to my ankles I stepped in close behind her, my cock pressing her dress between her legs. She gasped as she felt it.

I grasped handfuls of her dress and began to pull it up the back of her legs.

“You’re such a bad boy.”

“That’s why you want it so much.”

She opened the front of her dress up just enough for her to slip a hand inside and massage her own breasts as her dress rose ever higher.

I used one hand now to lift the dress, clasping more than a fistful of cotton as my other hand followed the rising hemline.

It trailed up the back of her thighs, moving between them as she parted her legs a little until my fingertips returned to where they had only recently played.

“Hmm fuck me hard Tom.”

She was very, very wet, pushing her arse back towards me and arching her spine.

Holding her dress out of the way I sucked in the sight of her creamy, rounded buttocks. I drew my fingers up, tracing the line of her pussy lips and higher still. Spreading slippery wetness up to her pink little anus.

She shivered against me despite the heat of the day and I couldn’t resist her any longer.

I guided my cock, shiny with pre-come, to her heated entrance. Parting her with fingers I sank inside, filling her to the hilt.

She pressed back against me as I slid one hand up her back to her neck and the other around the front to tease her sensitive bud as I started to fuck her..

This, this was the mental image I had when I first saw the tree. Her bent over with her dress rucked up while I stand behind and fuck her as hard as I can. This was why I pretended to heard voices.

Her hand slid down from her tits and joined mine at her clit. I let her take over but kept my fingers entwined with hers. I felt them against my cock and withdrew to let her take some of her come and spread it around her clit.

Although I began slowly with long deep thrusts it wasn’t long before her high pitched little panting cries were egging me on to fuck her harder, faster. She rocked back against me, wet, slapping noises coming from our pounding bodies.

Jeanette’s fingers strummed rapidly over herself as she matched the intensity of the fuck. Her cries becoming more desperate.

“Yeah, oh fuck it Tom, fuck it.”

With her tight little pussy wrapped around me I couldn’t help a few gasps of my own as it began contracting, squeezing my shaft

She came, her exultant gasps and the way her body shuddered tipping me beyond my limit. I buried my seed deep within, my legs suddenly weakening. We fell to a giggling heap on the ground.

Five minutes later we walked back the way we came and came across a long line of children and a couple of harassed looking teachers.

We stepped to the side and allowed them past.

“Where are we going Miss?” A short, red headed boy asked.

“There’s a fallen tree I want to show you all.”

We barely stifled our Laughter as we walked back along the path.

It was a beautiful day.

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