Jack and Jill Ch. 3


NOTE: This is an adult story. If you are not a legal adult in your jurisdiction, please do not continue. If frank depictions of human sexuality offend you, please do not continue. Otherwise, please enjoy.

Together to Learn – Jack and Jill

“Well, I think we need to do something more,” said Mitsy. “I mean, the other night was tremendous, but there’s got to be more to it.”

“Well, what do you want?” said Pam. “We could have another party like that, and see what happens.”

“No, something more. I liked the party, and think we should have more, but maybe we could do something else. Something kind of sexy, maybe, but safe, too. I mean, I don’t think we want to go to a sex club, but maybe something…I don’t know, just something.”

“Just something. What something? Something sexy, but safe.” replied Pam, a little frustrated. “We could rent a porn movie – or maybe one of the guys has one we could watch.”

“No, I’d think I’d be too embarrassed to do that. I just don’t know…” said Mitsy.

Jenny walked up with her lunch tray and sat down with her friends. “Hi, how are you?”

“We’re ok,” said Pam. “But Mitsy wants to do something more like we did the other night, but not just that. She keeps saying ‘something more’ but she can’t figure out what. The closest she’s gotten is ‘something sexy, but safe.'”

“Oh,” Jenny was a little embarrassed. The other night had been wonderful, and she knew she wanted something like it to happen again, but part of her kept thinking that if her mother ever found out what she had done that she’d probably be back home in a day and never let out of her sight again. And now a new idea was going through her head too, the idea her cousin, the one from her father’s side of the family who lived in Florida and her mother really didn’t approve of, had introduced her to.

“Um,” she started, still blushing. “I’ve got an idea, maybe.”

“What is it?” asked Mitsy.

Jenny started in, quickly. “Well, I’ve got this cousin. She lives in Florida. And she got this scholarship from this group, and well, she says her family has always gone to these places and that they’re part of this organization and it really is sexy but not totally because they don’t really allow it.”

“Slow down,” said Pam. “What are you talking about?”

Jenny took a deep breath. “Umm, she’s a nudist, and so is all her family. My mom really hates it but Clare, that’s her name, says it’s normal and natural and kind of fun, too, especially if you go someplace where there are other folks our age.”

“You mean, she and your aunt and uncle wander around naked at home and stuff?”

“No, not really at home, at least not when we’ve been around. They belong to this place that’s kind of like a resort and a club. And there’s an association – the ones who gave her the scholarship because she worked on some kind of a committee at their national meeting for a couple of years. Anyway, she says these resorts are all over the place. They’re not real secret, but they’re not real publicized either.”

“But what if you saw somebody you knew?” asked Pam

Jenny replied, “Clare says they’d be naked too, so what’s the problem? And anyway, she said, one of the big things is about being discreet. You don’t go blabbing about who you saw or anything.”

“But, aren’t they just one big orgy or something? I mean, don’t the guys all walk around all sticking out and everything?”

“Well, it wasn’t like that the time Clare took me to the one her family belongs to,” said Jenny.

“You mean you went?” Pam gasped, loudly. “You walked around naked in front of people and everything? Weren’t you embarrassed?”

Jenny was blushing furiously. “Keep it down, Pam. I don’t want to tell the whole world. Yes, I did go. And yes, I was embarrassed at first. I mean, we drove up to the gate and Clare showed her card and said I was her guest and they let us in, and the first thing I saw was an old couple – as old as my grandparents, walking down the road, naked. And then Clare parked the car and hopped out and just started stripping off, right there, in the parking lot.”

“Gee, I don’t know if I could do that,” said Mitsy.

“Well, it wasn’t so bad after a little while. We went swimming and wandered around and sunbathed, just like going to the pool at home. The only difference was everyone was naked. “

“But didn’t people stare all the time?” asked Mitsy.

“No, I mean, you look of course, but Clare told me they think it’s pretty rude to stare, just like in other places. And there wasn’t any sex going on, at least in the public places. Clare says it’s not allowed. There are too many little kids around and some people might get offended. She says most of the people are like everyone else – they go to church, and work, and are in the scouts or a service club or whatever. They aren’t swingers. And I only saw one guy who was erect, and he rolled over pretty quick. Clare says people pretty much understand, but guys are just supposed to roll over or whatever Beylikdüzü escort so it’s not so obvious.”

“Old people and little kids?” asked Mitsy.

“Yeah, a little of everybody. Like I said, it was mostly like going to the pool, only nobody has clothes on.”

“Well,” said Pam. “What do you think of that, Mitsy? It sounds sexy and kind of safe. You get to see lots of people naked, but don’t have to worry about sex.”

“Do you think we could get Amy and Larry and Alan to do it?” asked Mitsy.

“Probably. And we’ll never know if we don’t ask them,” said Pam. “OK, Jenny, so how do we find one of these places?”

“The same way you find anything — the Internet,” said Jenny.

After lunch they all went to the computer lab and commandeered a computer in a back corner, where it was hard for anyone else to see what they were doing. They pulled up a search engine and put in nudist resorts. The list came up.

“That one’s the association that gave Clare the scholarship,” said Jenny. “Check that.”

They pulled up the association site and found the listing of resorts for their state. It turned out there was one not too far from Smallville. They clicked on the link.

The web site for New Sun Grove came up. They looked through the site. There was a pool and a lake with canoes, tennis and volleyball courts, some camping sites and a small motel, as well as a restaurant and a snack bar by the pool.

“It looks pretty nice,” said Mitsy.

“Let’s check the day fees,” said Jenny. “Clare said you have to pay if you’re not a member or a member’s guest at most places. It’s so they can keep it up.”

To visit for a day, since they weren’t members of the association, was $15 apiece.

“That’s a lot,” said Mitsy.

“Think of it this way,” said Pam. “You’d spend $15 going to the movies and someplace after, easy. We’ll do this for the day, and then come back to one of the apartments and it won’t cost any more than if we went out.”

“Yeah, I guess so,” said Mitsy. “So what do we have to do?”

“It says here that if you want to visit just send them a note and tell them who you are and how many are coming. Then they’ll send directions.”

“Ok, so let’s do it,” said Pam.

Jenny clicked on the e-mail icon and wrote the note. “What day should I put?” she asked.

“Put next Saturday. We can go in two cars and if we wait too long and think about we’ll chicken out,” said Pam.

Jenny finished the note, telling the resort that there were six of them, four women and two men, that she was the only one who had been to a nudist resort before, and that they would like to come Saturday. She clicked the send button and the note went off into cyberspace.

That night at dinner they told the others. Amy, Larry and Alan asked a lot of the same kind of questions that Pam and Mitsy had, and after dinner they all went to the computer lab and looked at the resort site some more and at the association site, where there was a lot of information about first time visits and how they should behave and what to expect. While they were there Jenny checked her e-mail, and there was a reply from the resort.

“Thank you for you inquiry about visiting our resort,” it said. “We would be happy to have your group visit us this Saturday. You’ve picked a good day to visit, since it’s our “New Nudist” weekend. There will be an orientation tour at nine o’clock. Please join us then.” The e-mail also had directions to the resort and a set of notes about the kind of behavior they expected and what they might want to consider bringing.

Saturday came quickly. Jenny had a hard time believing she was the leader of this group today. When Clare had taken her to her family’s club it was mostly on a dare. She had just turned 18 and Clare had told her that it was time she saw some naked men. She had spent the day blushing, but she’d seen plenty of naked men. And the guy that was erect, well, that had happened when she and Clare had stopped to talk to him, and Clare had kind of flirted with him. And now she was taking all these people. Well, there were rules, and she was the experienced one. And there were ways you could drape a towel so that nobody could really see anything and still look like it was just a casual way to carry a towel.

Alan was even less sure. He was afraid he’d walk around with a hard-on all day and that the nudists would get mad at him. He’d gone back later and looked at some sites, and they all said it was just a matter of being discreet and that most guys really didn’t have much of a problem. But jeez, walking around all day naked, with these women he’d done all that stuff with last weekend, and with other nude women around – it’d be a miracle if he weren’t hard all the time.

The others all had pretty similar feelings, and like Alan, they’d gone online and looked at these sites when they were by themselves. But they were all there at Pam’s house by 7:30, with towels and sunscreen, and off they went.

They pulled up to the gates Beylikdüzü escort at New Sun Grove about 8:30. The guard checked the list and then told them where the office was and where to park. He also told them to just go in to the office and sign in, and that they should wear their clothes to the orientation.

There were about 20 other people at the orientation. It was a pretty mixed group – there were a few older couples and some about their parents’ age and some children about 12 years old or so. There were also a few people their age.

“Good morning everyone,” said an older woman at the front of the room. “My name is Celia Bartholomew and I’m the manager of New Sun Grove. Welcome to our New Nudist weekend. We know this can be a little awkward, especially for those of you who’ve never visited our resort before. We’ve asked your friends to send you to this orientation on your own so you can get to know about how things work here without any pressure. I’m going to go over some of our rules, and then we’ll walk around the resort. We’ll be done in about half-an-hour, and then you’re welcome to enjoy our facilities.”

“So far, so good,” thought Pam. She had been a little surprised when Jenny had told her about having been to a nudist resort, but this would probably be a good idea. They could all get more comfortable about being naked together, and get to see that people have all kinds of different bodies. And after they got home, well, then maybe something else might happen.

“First, we’re fully nude at this resort. Some places are clothing optional, but we really prefer that everyone be nude. Still, there’s no nudist police and we do urge you to use common sense. If you’re getting sunburned, or you’re cold, put on a t-shirt or a cover-up. The only place we insist that you be nude is in the pool. Before you swim in the pool, please take a shower and use the soap liberally. There are showers by the pool. Also, for sanitary reasons, please put down a towel before you sit down. Please don’t bring any glass items to the pool.

Celia continued. “Also, and this is very important, we do not allow any overt displays of sexuality. This is a family resort and we have small children here. We all enjoy sex, but you are in public here just as much as if you were in town walking down the street.”

“Ok, if you’re ready, we’ll go for a walk.”

Celia lead the group around the resort, pointing out the beach at the lake, explaining that paddles and life preservers for the canoes were available in the office, and showing them the pool, the restaurant, and the snack bar.

“Parents, you must be with your children when you use the hot tub. Please read the sign, and remember, not too long in the tub for the little ones.”

They walked back to the office and Celia addressed the group one last time. “Well, thank you for joining us. You can undress in your rooms or at your cars as you please. If any of you are uncomfortable and would rather not spend the day with us, come in the office and we’ll find your friends and refund your day fees. If you have any questions, we’re available in the office. Don’t forget your sunscreen, especially for those places that don’t usually see the sun. Enjoy yourselves.”

The group slowly walked back to the cars. They nervously looked at each other.

“All right,” said Pam. “We’ve done this before. This looks like a pretty nice place to spend the day. What do you say?”

“It’s ok with me,” said Alan.

“Me, too,” said Jenny. And then she peeled off her t-shirt and unclipped her bra. She figured since it was her idea she’d better lead the way. She pulled the bra off and set it on top of her t-shit, then unbuttoned her jeans.

“I guess that settles it,” said Mitsy, slipping off her sandals and pulling down her shorts.

Alan and Larry peeled off their shirts, looked around a little, then kicked off their shoes and pulled off their jeans.

Amy and Pam were a little slower. Amy in particular, was obviously nervous. Slowly she fiddled with the buttons on the white cotton sleeveless blouse she wore. She looked up and saw Larry watching her.

“Stop staring,” Amy said to Larry.

He blushed. “Sorry, it’s just, well, you know.”

“I do. This was hard enough when we were all at Pam’s and it was just us. Now we’re in public, kind of. Oh jeez.” She’d just looked up and seen a family – the parents, two boys about 14 and a girl about 12 walking down the street. An older couple was following them.

“What?” asked Larry.

“Oh, I don’t know. I guess I just didn’t think about it. And now all these people are here and they’re nude and…”

“We can leave if you want,” said Pam.

“No, that’s ok. Just give me a minute,” Amy answered.

“I can’t believe I’m nervous about this,” she thought to herself. “These people have all seen me and I made Larry masturbate me in front of them and, oh, why not.” A moment later Amy had unbuttoned and the slipped off her blouse, unhooked her bra and slid her skirt Escort Beylikdüzü and panties down around her ankles. She stepped out of them and slipped her feet back into her sandals. A small breeze brushed over her, and she was amazed how soft its caress felt on her naked skin.

“Let’s get some sunscreen on and then go wander around a little,” said Alan.

The group passed around a bottle of sunscreen, applying it liberally. It was a warm, sunny day and none of them wanted to burn.

“Larry, do my back please,” said Amy.

He did, gently rubbing the creamy lotion into her soft skin. Slowly he rubbed lower and lower on her back, his hand drifting down toward Amy’s tiny buttocks. As he dipped just below her waist, she slapped his hand.

“I’ll take care of that,” she said.

The others helped each other. After Larry’s experience, Alan was very careful not to go too low on Pam’s back.

Amy wasn’t so careful when she did Larry’s back, running her hands down and over his butt.

“Hey!” Larry jumped at the soft caress.

“What’s sauce for the goose is sauce for the gander,” Amy giggled. After her initial reluctance she had decided it really did feel good to be nude and outside, feeling the breeze of the soft day against her skin and being with her friends. And anyway, Larry did have a really nice butt.

“Behave yourselves!” hissed Mitsy. “Celia’s watching.”

Celia smiled to herself. It was good to see young people coming to the resort. There were few enough of them at that age interested in nudism. Sure, it was pretty clear this bunch was there with some other things in mind, but she could tell they’d behave themselves. Maybe they’d enjoy it enough to come back, especially since the one that had written, Jenny, had said she’d been to a nudist resort before.

“Where shall we start?” asked Pam.

“Let’s just wander around a little and get our bearings. Then maybe we can go for a swim or out on the lake or something,” replied Jenny.

The group circumnavigated the resort, watching other people play tennis and petanque, a game kind of like lawn bowling, but with smaller steel balls. An hour or so later they ended up at the pool.

“Ok, so who’s been skinny dippingbefore?” asked Mitsy.

“Not in my town,” said Larry. “There really wasn’t anywhere to do it, and anyway, there was this one couple with a hot tub, and you should have heard what people said about them after a neighbor just happened to walk around to the yard when they didn’t answer the door.”

“We’re they naked?” asked Amy.

“Well, to hear the story they were naked and doing a whole lot more,” said Larry. “I heard it about three different times and the first time I heard it they were kissing and he was feeling her breasts and by the third time I heard it they were caught with another couple, they were having anal sex with each other’s wives and when she saw them she stripped off right there and had one man in her vagina, the other in her butt, one of the women sitting on her face and the last woman putting on a strap on dildo and doing one of the men in the butt.”

“Wow,” Pam said. She could feel herself getting aroused just at that simple description. “Do you think any of that really happened?”

“My guess is the neighbor found her neighbors in the hot tub. Maybe they were naked, maybe not. Maybe they were kissing. You know how people like to talk.”

Pam’s skin was crawling. Even though she was a virgin, a picture of all those people linked together had formed in her mind, and she was wondering what it felt like to be the neighbor in the middle of all of it.

“Well, anyone else?” asked Mitsy.

They were all watching the people around and in the pool. Aside from the fact that everyone was nude, it was just like the community pool in Smallville.

“You sound like you’re ready to tell a story,” said Jenny.

“Well, ok. Come over here where we won’t be overheard,” said Mitsy.

They walked over to a tree a few yards away from the pool and away from the chairs and other people around the pool. They sat down in a small circle, Alan and Pam lying on their stomachs, the others cross-legged or reclining on their sides.

Mitsy started. “Well, one night I went to this slumber party. We were about sixteen – getting a little old for that kind of thing, but we were bored and thought it would be fun. We all went to Paula Rutland’s house. There were about eight of us. Anyway, it was starting to get dark and Laurie Fitzpatrick said we should go for a swim at the lake and she knew a great beach where we could be pretty much by ourselves. So we all got in our suits and grabbed towels and stuff and went.”

“It was about nine by the time we got there and it had just gotten dark. Paula’s parents were pretty loose about things, so we weren’t worried about being out too late or anything. They’d just told us to be careful and not to stay too late. Anyway, we got there and had the beach to ourselves. We played around in the water for a while and then started telling stories and stuff. Anyway, after a while I looked around and Millie Teasley was out swimming back and forth. She looked a little funny so I moved over toward where she was and all of a sudden I realized she was naked.”

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