Jack , His Two Bombshell Daughters

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This is a character spin off of Mom & Son Fun With Dad & Daughter series. Jack brought his daughter Amy into the group, but Kim has been away at school. Can Jack seduce his daughter in a week before he has to take her home? Otherwise it’s game over for him and sweet daughter Amy. Throw in some nipple clamps and a public titty show and see what happens! As always, emails welcome and * love * at the end of the story is always most welcome. xo

Jack & His Two Sexy Scandinavian Daughters Chapter 1

I had just a week in NYC to seduce my nineteen-year-old daughter.

Her sister Amy, several years older, and as highly sexed as her Mom, now spent every night in my bed.

Kim and Amy were two of the sweetest face girls a Dad could ever ask for. As daughters, they always excelled in school and are women that make me extremely proud. They are also Scandinavian blonde voluptuous beauties that catch the attention of young and old male and female.

Amy seduced me about a year ago. Since then, the only other man she has shown an interest in is Drew, who has the same relationship with his daughter and that made me very happy. Finding like-minded people as friends were wonderful and we intended to spend a lot of time with them. Another reason why it was important for Kim to join in.

I had sent the younger of my two daughters to a college preparatory school in NYC because she had excelled in school and could have attended college much younger, and I did not want that. This school kept her mind busy with higher learning until she was of the normal maturity and age to attend college.

Their Mom died five years ago so home was Amy and me. I planned out a week with Kim to seduce her before coming home to us. It had to be her idea and she had to know all the ramifications of our relationship first.

Kim was taller than her sister Amy, but just as curvaceous and buxom. Her beautiful face was from her pure Scandinavian mom, Annika. She had alluring sexuality in everything she did with everyone she met. Like it or not, you were attracted to her. She had a way of making you the most important person in her life when she was with you.

I am sure in our years of marriage the temptation was too great at times and she had lovers, but she always came back to me. And I knew she always would. I often envisioned her on the mahogany boardroom table with her skirt pushed up around her waist, thighs open for one of the execs while he drove her to ecstasy.

She was highly sexed and although we had sex daily, often more, I knew that she was always needy. She was fashionable and sat on many boards as well as being successful at her high-powered job. She did not need to dress provocatively to attract a man’s attention as it was easy to imagine uncovering the delicious curves that were beneath that business suit. I read it in men’s eyes as they swept over her body. I had been the same.

The cancer that quickly ended her life nearly ended ours with the pain of her loss. Amy began to cling to me. Kim just wanted to go back to school. We all grieved in our own way. Because it was such an almost overwhelming part of our lives, I missed the sex and intimacy. I lay awake some night fantasizing she was right there with me while I stroked myself to orgasm. But after I came down from that high, I was just as depressed as I was before because I was still alone.

We rarely used the NYC apartment and Kim lived in a dorm. It was a prestigious school that required top grades and money and the dorm rooms were fairly luxurious so she had no complaints. My girls, at eighteen and twenty-four were spoiled and I made no apologies. My business had taken off, just needed a light hand for guidance and we were now incredibly comfortable.


Between the loss of Annika and Amy’s always close physical presence, I jerked off nearly every day. Amy appeared to be as highly sexed as her Mom and I became her target. Everything from sheer nities, to squirming on my lap. It was wearing on me and I sometimes did take advantage. Amy had the same candy pink gumdrop nipples high on her ample tits and as her Mom, they needed attention.

If she was in my lap I would weigh them in my hands and tease the nipple hard. Amy would purr like a cat and arch her back and squirm on my lap. She would be astride me and rubbing her panty covered pussy on my hard cock which would be daringly close to the slit in my boxers. She would sometimes dry hump us to orgasm while I sucked on her candy nipples. It was as close to her as I could get without sinking deep into her sweet body. I relished the closeness.

She went to a local college near our house so came and went throughout the day and since I mostly worked from home, I did not have much time when she would be gone. I knew Tuesday was Amy’s all-day classes and decided to spend the day at our pool.

The outdoor kitchen refrigerator was stocked, the speakers thrummed the body vibrating bass I loved so much and the sun was heating Girne Escort my skin. The breeze blew across my cock seductively and it began to stir. I closed my eyes and imagined Annika was here with me. The air swirling around my cock and balls was her gentle caress. The deep-toned boom boom boom added to my arousal as my thick cock throbbed heavily on my stomach. I did not touch myself but sank further into fantasy. My hips rocked but I resisted.

I arched as Annika’s soft hair trailed down my body and wrapped my cock like a soft hand. I gripped the sides of the lounger to continue the fantasy, knowing once I touched myself I would be out of control.

“Oh god,” I groaned when her tongue flicked across the head gathering pre-cum. “Yes, baby… Your mouth… So hot… Wet… Missing you so much.”

BOOM BOOM BOOM the repetitive bass. I thrust and arched. BOOM BOOM BOOM. Her breath on the head of my cock. So close. BOOM BOOM BOOM I pushed higher. Afraid to open my eyes. Afraid to lose my tight grip. Afraid to lose this fantasy of Annika. I felt closer to her than ever. I did not want it to stop.

Hair caressed my thighs, my chest, as though the breeze was blowing it over my skin. My body was hypersensitive, my hot skin tingled

I growled when the head of my cock was enveloped in her hot wet mouth. Her teeth and tongue lightly abraded the head that bubbled pre-cum. My feet dropped to each side of the lounger so I could push up, wanting my cock in her mouth. Then I felt her hot breath on my balls, her wet tongue, steamy mouth sucking and teasing with her tongue.

“Oh my god, yeah,” I hissed through clenched teeth.

She sucked and toyed with them in her juicy mouth. Then licked up the underside of my cock to the tip. Her tongue probed the hole taking in more pre-cum. I pushed up and she allowed my cock to slide in her mouth. I began fucking her mouth.

BOOM BOOM BOOM the drumbeat dominated my senses. I clenched my ass and deep-throated her. She sucked and grazed with her teeth. Her nose buried in the curly tufts that surrounded my cock, breathing faster and vibrating in her throat. It reverberated down my cock and into my balls and I went over the edge.

I pushed up faster and harder, her mouth taking it deep and fast. I squeezed my eyes and went rigid, pumping my full balls into her mouth.

I dropped to the lounge, gasping and slowly opened my eyes to Annika’s creamy skin full breasts with the pink gumdrop nipples. The sun was in my eyes and her blonde hair was like a halo around her head. The breeze trailed it erotically on my stomach and chest.


I shielded my eyes, and saw my daughter, Amy, naked on all fours straddling my body. My spent cock still jerked when she crawled up my body, trailing her hard nipples on my chest.

“Oh baby, what the hell did you do,” I said.

She lowered her body on mine and I automatically put my arms around her. Her delicate white skin and soft body pressed into my hard body. Her plump hard nippled breasts pushed into my chest. Her head on my shoulder and soft breathing on my neck inflamed my cock again and it grew hard between our bodies.

She rhythmically rocked her mound into bringing it to life again. My balls ached knowing how close her sweet pussy was. How my cock would fit in my daughter’s deep mysterious hole.

Her chest heaved, driving her nipples into my chest when I squeezed her plump ass. I knew I had to get control of myself. I had to stop. But I just needed a little more time of her luscious body on mine. Flashes of how good my cock felt in her mouth slammed through my mind.

She pushed up on her knees again and brushed her pink pearled nipple on my lips. I parted my lips just a bit and she dropped it in and her soft breasts pushed against my face. She was a powerful force and I was drowning.

While I sucked on her nipple like it was a lifeline, she straddled me with her feet on the ground and began sliding her open pussy over my cock. I had not gotten that hard that fast since I was a teenager. Her cunt was juicy and slowly slid the length of my cock. The head wanted to push up into her but she kept up her ride.

I reached up to take her voluptuous tits in my hands. I kneaded and squeezed while I brushed both nipples across my lips and my unshaven cheek. Her breathing became more rapid and she was bearing down more, letting the head of my cock just enter her hot channel before letting it drop. She was teasing me to the point of no control. I was past the point of we should not do this. For now.

I bit her nipples and tugged them longer and harder. She mewed and pushed down taking more of my cock inside her. I wanted to rock up and drive deep but I had enough control left to not do that. She started this and she needed to finish it.

She dropped her head and gritted in my ear. “Daddy, it hurts. I need you… Fuck me, Daddy!”

All rational thought flew out of my head as I grabbed her ass and held her and pushed my Kıbrıs Escort cock into her tight cunt. I’m not sure who was louder and the sounds of sex rang in my ears. Her rasping breaths, my grunts as I drove into her. Her position allowed my cock to rub her clit each stroke and she was panting softly as she climbed higher.

I wanted to feel her sweet cunt clamping on my cock. Her hot juices on my cock, running down over my balls. She came with a long low mewing and rhythmic grip on my cock. She sat up and ground down, taking my cock deeper.

I knew since I had just cum, it would be a while until I was ready again, but I would stay hard for her. She slid up and down my pole, tits bouncing, head back, and long blonde hair flying around her. Not twenty minutes again I would never have thought of my daughter riding my cock that was this hard for her.

“Let’s go inside baby girl,” I said, leading her to my bedroom.

She stretched out and I stopped to take in her beauty. It was not as though I had not seen her naked, but then she was my daughter. Now, she was my lover.

The dark sheets made her creamy skin glow, long blond curls spread out on my pillow and I remembered how they felt on my body when my cock was in her mouth. Her baby blue eyes were filled with lust. No, she was no longer just my daughter but a woman like her mom, Annika. I could see the similar sexuality, the demanding release she needed. It was compelling in her mom, and just as compelling in my daughter.

I sat on the bed next to her and trailed my fingers over her body. “You look just like your mom you know.”

“I do?”

“Oh yes.” I ran my hand up her legs from ankle to upper thigh. “The same long legs that I loved to have wrapped around me when I was buried deep inside her.”

“Oh Daddy,” she murmured, sensing my change of attitude.

I trailed my fingers from hip bone to hip bone. “The same wide hips designed to cradle her man between her soft thighs.”

I leaned to sniff her blonde tuft and brush my fingers over the curls. “The same blonde curls.” I stroked her smoothly shaved pussy lips and said, “The same sweetly smooth pussy lips.” I thought for a moment. “Did you know your mom shaved like this?” She nodded. “Really?”

“She said you loved her pussy trimmed like that.” I studied her eyes for a moment. “She wanted me to take care of you. She told me everything that gave you pleasure.”

“Oh Annika,” I whispered. “You not only left me to clones of yourself but left one to care for me. You knew I’d be lost without you.”

“Yes Daddy, she did. When she caught me with my vibrator, she told me I was like her. That she and I needed sex every day and that Daddy would take care of me after she was gone. She said to choose men wisely.”

My daughter was highly sexed and wanton like my wife. Our life revolved around sex and sexual fun and games. We were hedonistic. We were often nude. Why I had seen Amy’s body before, as well as Kim’s. Yet still, this never crossed my mind until today. I knew right then if Amy and I were to have this lifestyle, Kim would have to as well.

I slid my hand up Amy’s downy soft inner thigh until my fingers brushed her smooth pussy. ‘Your mom was right. I love a smoothly shaved pussy.” I leaned over and kissed her cunt and she gasped. “Because of this. I will make you cum on my face with my mouth and tongue.” Her eyes flared when I said, “I’m going to suck, lick and bite these soft folds. You’ll rub your cunt on my face for more.”

“Daddyyyyy,” she moaned, her hips rocking.

I nipped and tugged her cunt lips. Her fingers wove through my hair and gripped my head. She rode my face when I buried my nose into her, inhaling her sweet sex. Her juices flowed. I sucked on her clit and teased it with my tongue until she arched and her cunt pulsed on my face. I moved up her body and kissed her, letting her taste herself. She sucked and licked my face and lips. Her tongue stroked in and out of my mouth.

I kneed her legs wider and drove into her with a desperate need to be deep inside her body. She shouted and pushed up into me, taking me deeper.

“Daddy, your cock is so hot inside me. It feels so right that we are joined together like this. AS close as we could ever be.” Her inner muscles clenched on my cock like her mom used to do and I vibrated in my throat.

“Oh god baby girl, it has never felt like this. Not even with your mom. You are special. This is special.”

“I need you, Daddy. Need to feel you fill me with your seed.”

I was driven. I pounded into her. Amy’s tight cunt milked my cock and I could feel my balls tighten.

“I’m going to fill you up baby girl,” I hissed, and my cock throbbed and pulsed and pumped hot seed deep inside her.

I gathered her against me realizing there was no turning back. She needed me as much as I needed her.


I had everything from Kim’s dorm room shipped to the house and met her at our apartment.

“Kim baby, I’ve missed Kıbrıs Escort you so much,” I said gathering her in my arms. She wrapped her arms around my neck and I held her close. Other than she was taller, she could have passed for Amy’s twin, body wise and my cock reacted thinking it was Amy. I backed away not wanting to go too fast.

“I missed you too Daddy,” she said, the same baby blue eyes framed with long lashes. Her hair was straight and not quite as long as her sister’s hair. Her tits stretched out the blue sweater of her school uniform.

“You want to change clothes? I thought we could hang around here today and relax, maybe go out later?”

“Sure,” she said heading off to her bedroom.

I had a beer and my feet up on the coffee table ready to start the movie. “C’mere and sit with me, baby,” I said, patting the sofa next to me.

Her legs looked impossibly longer in the little lavender shorts. The matching top was cropped but not enough to show any skin. Nipples poked out the top indicating she relieved herself of her bra.

She plopped down next to me and cuddled up. I took a pull of beer and started the movie. I had movies cued up that had some pretty sexy scenes in them. I had a private channel streamed in so there were no real ratings, but they were still just short of porn. Or so I thought.

One of the first scenes was a guy on a motorcycle in his garage. A fully naked hot young girl straddled it, facing him, and proceeded to rub her pussy juices on the seat, before getting his cock out and giving him a blow job.

“Sorry, Kim, I didn’t realize….”

“It’s okay Daddy, I’ve seen sex before,” she said, taking my arm and leaning her head on my shoulder.

The plot was mostly nonexistent and it went from sex scene to sex scene. After the motorcycle guy, the girl seemed to have a proclivity for older men because all the men were a little older to much older than her.

Kim rubbed her cheek on my arm and I lifted my arm so she could snuggle against my chest. She curled and up when I laid my arm on her, my hand was on her hip. She was also in a position now to see the tent in my pants.

After a while, she started squirming and I knew it was getting to her as well, but I did not want to rush things along. We had a week and I wanted to take it slow.

I stopped the movie. “Hey, want to go out and get something to eat?”

She moved her arm over my chest and said, ” Can we just call in pizza? I’m so comfortable now, Daddy.”

“Sure baby, whatever you want.”

I popped open another beer while we waited for pizza delivery. “Can I have one too?”

“You drink beer?”

“Sometimes.” I opened a beer and refrained from the Father talk.

We polished off half the pizza and grabbed our beers for the sofa. “Do you want to try another movie? This is pretty sexy.”

“No. I like sex.”

I resumed the movie and refrained from asking.

She said against me again, but this time was in a position that pushed her tit into my side and the other on my chest. Her hard nipple was tenting the front of her top. When I put my arm around her, my hand landed on her midriff. Her shirt had pulled up so I had bare skin under my hand.

The young girl was now calling her latest ‘Grandpa” and saying how naughty they were. He kept telling her not to do that when she sat on his lap and squirmed. My cock perked up again and was happily waving in my pants. Kim had one hand flat on my chest with her head on my shoulder. Occasionally her thumb would move and brush her nipple. I mindlessly caressed her side and up over the soft side curve of her breast.

We watched the young girl ecstatically riding her Grandpa’s cock. He then had her bent over while he fucked her from behind. Kim continued to tweak her nipple with her thumb while pushing her other breast into my side. My cock was nearly jumping out of my shorts.

The movie ended. “I think I’m ready to turn in, baby girl. Pretty tired tonight.” I said, standing up.


“You can stay up and watch more if you want.”

She stood up. “No, I think I’ll go to bed too.” She moved into me and put her arms around my neck. “Night Daddy. This has really been nice.”

I hugged her to me so there was no doubt she felt my cock throbbing against her. She pushed her tits into my chest and kissed me lightly on the mouth, hesitated, and pressed her lips on mine. I took it into a pretty hot kiss before breaking away.

“See you in the morning baby girl,” I said, going into my bedroom and closing the door.

I leaned against the door still breathing hard thinking if Amy was here I’d be fucking the hell out of her now. Driving hard into her up against this door until my balls exploded into her. Instead, I jumped in the shower, took about three strokes on my cock, and exploded on the ceramic tile floor instead.

I woke her up and told her we would have a light breakfast and would be leaving. I had a surprise planned for her.

We grabbed a taxi and got out in front of an unmarked building. I knocked on the door and was admitted after giving them my name. I had my arm around Kim’s shoulders as we were guided down a long dark hall and into a warm room scented with exotic spices. Two robes hung on the wall, and two glasses of champagne were on the table.

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