Jacqui and Heidi (aka Jekyll and Hyde), Chapter 11

Jacqui and Heidi (aka Jekyll and Hyde), Chapter 11a tale of two females as told to Curt Bruch and Julie Van*******Chapter Eleven – Cruising*******?The life we were leading as a married couple could not have been any better. We were both becoming more successful in our endeavours, me as a consultant civil engineer which had followed on from a ‘previous’ career in the military as a Navy SeaBee; Jacqui, who had progressed from the teaching profession into business management had somewhere along the way literally branched out into the academic field of Archaeology. I had my offices in my hometown of Philadelphia from where I frequently traveled to manage projects both home and abroad and Jacqui, by the nature of her new profession, found herself frequently called away to manage some dig of discovery where the history and secrets of ancient civilizations were laying waiting to be laid bare.It might sound as if such a schedule was a recipe for marital disaster but we had a ‘glue’ that held us together. We were both highly sexual people blessed with active imaginations. Our ‘role plays’ from the beginning of our marriage and before had led us into a circle of friends which we called ‘The Erotic Society of America’ (ESOA). The friends were mainly intellectuals or successful business people in one field or another and we all served our friendship very well (and frequently) with extravagant and imaginative ‘events’ which always culminated in the most satisfactory fashion of one or another or all of us fucking the brains out of each other.ESOA had been ‘founded’ by a photographer friend who took to Jacqui the first time she posed and modeled for him. He soon discovered that she was afflicted with a condition known as ‘eroticus extremis’ (which you have no need to be an intellectual to figure out meant she possibly might be classified as being insatiable when it came to needing a stiff dick). He also found out that I was very liberally minded and had voyeuristic tendencies which to his mind made us ideal candidates to be members of his club. There was also the other, for us, sad fact that Jacqui was unable to conceive but this was regarded by ESOA as an asset and that pretty much sealed the deal.Yes, my Jacqui was (still is!) a complicated woman whom I love dearly and I have learned to accept and manage her quirks without question …. just as she does mine, I hope. Another thing about Jacqui and her condition was that whenever she goes ‘into the zone’ her whole personality seemed to change so that she was no longer the sweet innocent woman I married but rather she seems to become a sexual predator actively seeking gratification. She never realized how evident this was until I pointed it out after we had become ESOA members and how she seemed to now have an almost split-personality. I delighted in the feeling of being in some kind of bigamous relationship and being married to two different females. I called her out on my observation and said that, to me, she was displaying tendencies of almost like being a ‘Jekyll and Hyde’; she jokingly responded that Hyde wasn’t a particularly appropriate name for someone as sexy as her, how about thinking that she had become ‘Heidi’, a naughty German schoolgirl?! Somehow the idea took root and between us that what she has been regarded as whenever we go out to play.Jacqui has always had a subservient side to her and she panders and reacts very well to being told what to do by those who she considers to be her superiors, especially when sex is involved and me, for my part, well, I get a great thrill from seeing ‘Heidi’ being treated in this fashion.As previously related, our ESOA membership has taken us into many interesting situations, introduced us to some extremely cultured people who all, in one way or another, have provided us with the most satisfactory pleasures and solutions to our needs and desires. I would like to think, judging by the amount of spunk that I have watched being spurted, the moans and groans that signifies yet another orgasm is being enjoyed and all the other activities that have gone on at our society meetings, we hope that we have been similarly of benefit to them.However, to explain matters in such basic terms overlooks the fact that a lot of what we do is played out within an elaborate scenario that has been set-up and agreed by all parties concerned. It was such an arrangement that saw me in New Orleans and being reintroduced to my wife who was now a fully-fledged sex slave (or rather ‘slave to sex’) to ‘Master Robert’, a prominent member of the ESOA.The original conditions and terms of the agreement between Robert and I was to take Jacqui from me for a few months which should have been meant that we would not see each other until she was returned home, a qualified subservient slave. However, fate dictated otherwise and due to the devastation wrought by Hurricane Katrina to the Gulf of Mexico and specifically to New Orleans I found myself in the same town at the same time Jacqui was in residence and, well, the rest is history.Robert always had a touch of arrogance and superiority about him and I guess it pandered to his ego to flaunt his control he now had over Jacqui and what he had achieved with training my wife in her new role. Contrary to our contract that we all signed up for when her took her away that stipulated, ‘no contact between the Slave and her previous owner was allowed until she returned home’, he got in touch with me and, as I say, what actually took place has already been well documented.Robert invited me to attend an event where ‘Slave Cumquat’ (nee Jacqui) was put on show and ritually abused in the most delicious fashion in front of an invited audience. It was held at his home, a large house set in its own plot surrounded by high walls in the Garden district. The house, furnishings, the grounds, everything were of the highest standard which suggested Robert was very wealthy (although we have never discovered from where his wealth originates).I sat in the shadows of what seemed to be ballroom where she couldn’t see me (I hoped) and watched as she was attended to by a large black man and a Latino who were both very skilled in using the ropes and chains that fastened her wrists to a ceiling mounted beam before using various instruments and devices on her naked squirming body. I supposed in ‘normal circumstances’ I should have been displaying a degree of outrage to see my wife being treated in such a fashion but the look of ecstasy on her face and her cries of encouragements between the moans as she orgasmed told me that it was not my place to interfere. In any case, my raging boner bought on at witnessing this display bore testament to the fact that this was not the time and place for me to be making any kind of protest. Certainly my companion who was sitting alongside me wanking his cock would not have thanked me for intervening, I’m sure.And neither would MG, another ESOA associate, who was conducting ceremonies that night for she had been instrumental in setting up this whole bizarre arrangement and was aware of the conditions that took my wife away from me. MG (Mistress Germania) was a prominent member of ESOA and although it was a surprise to see her that night in New Orleans so far from home, I should not have been surprised for she and Robert were very close.That was just one occasion during my time in NOLA when Robert allowed me to have sight of my wife. There were others, indeed, Robert and MG bought ‘Slave Cumquat’ to my office one day much to the surprise of my PA who had no idea that she was in New Orleans and I was given permission by MG and Robert to fuck the slave. It was a crazy time.However, that was then and now is now and with Jacqui’s (or was it ‘Heidi’ or ‘Cumquat’?) training completed, the ‘contract’ was considered to have been mainly fulfilled and with my own contract helping to repairing the Levees likewise complete we both went back to our home in Philly once more and our lives returned to some semblance of normality.We were not to see or hear anything from Robert for some time but he had left various instructions regarding Jacqui’s future behavior one of which was that ‘Cumquat’ was forbidden to wear panties! I inwardly smiled at the idea of him trying to continue his control over her but thought, “whatever, that’s OK; it’s no big deal Robert.” Jacqui took his command literally and more seriously. Perhaps his influence had been more persuasive that I realized?So Jacqui began to go without underwear and, likewise, the ESOA without Robert’s drive seemingly bursa escort went into hibernation. We were not concerned, indeed, given the extraordinary efforts that we had both applied to our various endeavours over the past few months we decided we deserved a break and for us to take a vacation. I’m not sure who’s idea it was but we elected to go on a cruise and have a period of quiet time while seeing a bit of the world from the sundeck of a cruise liner.Our cruise of choice went out of Fort Lauderdale and meandered through the Caribbean before passing through the Panama Canal and onto Los Angeles. It was going to be a 14 day affair and would take us to places that we certainly hadn’t seen before. What we hadn’t anticipated was that in some respects it was going to be like a maritime extension of attending an ESOA-sponsored event!There’s another admirable quality that I hadn’t mentioned that Jacqui possesses and that is an unerring ‘sense of smell’ when it comes to identifying folks who have similar attitudes and desires to ourselves. I suppose this might not be such a unique property, more a reflection that I am not so in tune with our world that I can do so with such ease, but we had hardly been at the Captain’s welcoming drinks reception for 5 minutes before she had honed in a couple similar in age to ourselves and who, Jacqui surmised, looked to have a similar interest in Swinging. I don’t know how she knew but it later turned out she was correct.We didn’t have the opportunity to properly meet up with them, only smiles and eye contacts were exchanged, and it was the following day our first at sea when we literally bumped into them on one of the sundecks when they were wandering around looking for a couple of loungers. As luck would have it we had two alongside us.They introduced themselves as Rick and Eunice and she, like Jacqui, had discarded her bikini top and I had the delight of lying alongside two topless women. It was quickly established this was not their first time cruising and the conversation rapidly went to discussing how they loved meeting new friends and if the new friends were of a similar attitude and mind to their own particular interests then what a great vacation could be had by all. Jacqui’s ‘antennae’ had quickly locked on to what the special interests were that they were talking about and without too much discussion it was assumed that we would become new best friends for the remainder of the trip!They took an immediate interest in Jacqui and they particularly loved the fact that she was not at all shy about being topless in company. (They were soon to discover her lack of shyness extended to being bottomless as well.) They asked if we liked to ‘play’. We knew very well what ‘play’ referred to but Jacqui, the great showgirl, played being coy and the innocent coquette at first but quickly admitted that she did and that I was fine with her ‘nude interests’. The conversation led onto providing more details of what we did in our spare time and they were intrigued when we told them of our ‘membership’ of ESOA and the kind of activities and events that were held under that banner. Jacqui confessed that, when she performed as a photographic model, it gave her the biggest thrill and she liked nothing better than to expose herself in company; I told them how much pleasure I got from watching her being the centre of attention. They were fascinated.So our two and fro banter went on until we was interrupted when one of the entertainment staff came by with his clipboard and asked if we would be participating in some of the organised activities that were scheduled for that night after dinner. We dismissed him with a smile and said vaguely that we had already signed up for some special shipboard activities that weren’t on cruise director’s list!Rick said that he would make the reservation for dinner and would give us a call to tell us which restaurant and with that we finished up our sunbathing and went to our cabins to get ourselves showered and dressed prior to going out to eat.Jacqui had seemingly taken Robert’s instructions more literally than me and did not take any panties or bras with her on the trip, as per what she considered her orders. She wore only a dress or skirt and blouse when we went to dinner every evening, never pants or shorts. The dresses and skirts were ‘to be appropriately short’, again something that Robert had told her she should always do but not so much as to be blatant.I don’t know what was in Robert’s mind when he had issued his commands but I guess he had the right idea for as we all stood in line waiting to go into the Bistro a group of people got between us and Jacqui was temporarily isolated from Rick, Eunice and me. Two women in the group clearly not knowing that Jacqui was with us commented in my earshot, ” … don’t you think she’s a bit old to be wearing a dress that short?” It was nice to hear the other woman say, “Yeah, but she really looks great in it” and to hear their partners agree with her.Yeah, she did look great but what was better was when Jacqui extracted herself from her isolation to rejoin us and to see the looks of embarrassment of the women who had been passing their catty remarks when they realised that not only was Jacqui with us but that I had overheard them … but yeah, she did look great!The Bistro was much more intimate than other eating places on board (relatively dark, candles, piano player, very few people there and plenty of space between tables and generally much more romantic) than the main dining room. Rick was very familiar with this particular cruise line and ship; “… it is a particularly preference of ours” he told us as followed our hostess to our allocated table.I was little taken aback when we arrived at the table to find another couple already there. “Meet Peter and Helen … old friends of ours .. we’ve known each other for years, ” said Rick giving me a wink. “We have similar interests and, once again, we’re travelling with them for some ‘special’ fun!”We sat at our allocated places (Rick had made the arrangement) and Jacqui who was wearing one of her shorter dresses soon felt a hand caressing her thigh; she didn’t need to look to know that it was Rick’s hand. In response, as she was had been trained to do by MG in such a situation, she opened her legs wider to give him better access, of which he took advantage. A few minutes later she felt another hand caressing her other thigh. That would be Eunice and eventually the hands met at Jacqui’s pussy.The look on the waiter’s face as he took our order showed some puzzlement as he must have been wondering why the three folks on the other side from he stood were all sitting so close to each other but I must say that they were each very good and being discrete with what they were doing with Jacqui because from the bland expression on their faces there was nothing obvious going on beneath the table top. That is until, their hands met at her pussy and they really went to work on her. Rick worked his way into her cunt with his fingers while Eunice caressed Jacqui’s thigh and clitoris.I saw the look on my wife’s face that said ‘Jacqui had left the building’ and that Heidi has taken her place. I was also seeing what our new friends later confessed they had done many times before, particularly with our other new friend Pat, they later told me that it was one of their favourite things to do; to see how far they could go before a woman gave in to their playing with her.The dinner was a bizarre affair. The Soup was served but Heidi’s spoon frequently clattered into the bowl as the hands got her to the point where she was breathing heavily but not yet into the moaning stage. Under the table, ‘the hands’ would sense that she was nearing satisfaction and stop their caressing but only to give her a very brief respite before starting again. The same occurred through the main course and I could only imagine what was going on beneath the table top. Helen and Peter were both complicit with what was happening and given that the topics of dinner conversation throughout the meal were about the joys of Swinging or of the benefits of ESOA membership, by the time the waiter came to get our dessert order everyone was a tad fired up for something not on the menu. We all declined and everyone hurried through the remains of the dinner sensing that Heidi was going to be the real dessert later.We left the restaurant and with Helen and Peter having an errand to run it was agreed that we would all meet back in Rick and Eunice’s mini-suite (Rick was clearly escort bursa a ‘man of means’) half an hour later. We went back to our more modest cabin to change and clean teeth, etc. and Heidi said as she disappeared into the bathroom that she had decided that on our return to their company that she would give everyone a special treat. It didn’t take much imagination to figure where this was going.We found the corridor that led to our newly-found friends’ suite just in time to see Helen and Peter entering the cabin. We gave them a little time to get settled so that by the time we got there, after a check to see that no one else was coming down the passageway, Heidi rang the doorbell and then proceeded to unbutton the front of her dress. When Eunice answered the bell she was confronted by Heidi who pulled apart the unbuttoned dress to reveal that she was naked beneath … other than the black thigh-highs she had obviously put on in our bathroom and her high-heeled ‘fuck me’ shoes. Heidi said in that coquette’s voice she does so well, “Hello, I’m the photographer’s model you booked for the evening!”Eunice laughed to see her there and invited us both in and, playing along with Heidi’s charade, announced our arrival saying to the others who were lounging about in the casual clothes they had changed into, “Hey, Everybody, our model’s here …”‘Everybody’ realised that from our dinner time conversation and Heidi’s frequent references to ESOA play-acting and her starring roles that this was the introduction to one of her role plays.Heidi slipped the dress off her shoulders and sat on a chair with her legs spread over the arms of the chair so that her cunt was very nicely on display. She told Rick that he needed to get his camera so that he could capture the full range of poses that she was about to adopt. While Rick was fumbling with his camera and enjoying the view Heidi presented, the doorbell rang again and Eunice hurried to the door to let Helen and Peter into the cabin. It took them no time at all to realize that they were about to be treated to one of the ESOA shows that Heidi had spoken about at dinner!Heidi was instantly into her ‘zone’ but knowing that Rick had never previously played the part of ‘Photographer’ she felt compelled to provide him with instructions so that the role play could progress as per the routine of an ESOA evening.”Now I play with my breasts …. ” Heidi cupped and fondled her tits. Rick’s camera clicked in response.”Then I touch myself down there …” One hand dropped between her spread legs and as she began to finger herself we all could see just how wet she was inside her soft pinkness. ‘Click’ … ‘Click’ …. ‘Click'”Now I get up on my knees so that you can see me from behind ….” She followed her own instructions and knelt on the chair and we were all treated to the delightful view of her hair-fringed cunt and the crinkled anus. Both were soon obscured from clear sight as she began playing with herself in that position. ‘Click’ … ‘Click’ …. ‘Click’!”Then I turn back and sit down again and make a surprised look when I see that the photographer has put down his camera and has unzipped his Pants.” We all laughed when we realised where this was going.Rick knew exactly what was expecting from him but delayed long enough to hand over the camera to Eunice with his own instruction for her to keep shooting. He pulled down his pants and exposed his already half stiffened erection and at Eunice’s bidding Rick shuffled over to Heidi’s chair. Heidi’s dialogue ceased from the moment she turned her head and took him into her mouth.I can’t recall all the details or the order of the following events but the next couple of hours were spent getting to know our holiday friends in the most agreeable fashion and to enjoy another aspect of cruising!*******?That first night set the tone and having so effectively demonstrated her skills and submissive desires to Rick and Eunice we found ourselves coupled with the most enthusiastic ‘holiday friends’ for the rest of the cruise.The ship was scheduled to meander its way to the Canal via stop-offs at different Caribbean islands and ports where we would dock for the day to allow the passengers to have a day on the beach or do cultural things or just go shopping. Rick, who had sailed these routes many times before, knew the ‘best places’ to go and having learned of Heidi’s love of being naked and being able to show-off was able to direct us the nudist areas. So it was that the four of us, once the ship had tied up, would find a taxi and Rick would tell the guy exactly where we needed to go.It was delight to see Heidi give full rein to her exhibitionist side and to being stretched out on a towel or lounger provocatively parting her legs, smoothing oil on her body and generally making sure that any passer-by could take in her naked charms … and passer-bys there were in plenty, indeed our stop in Jamaica at Ocho Rios attracted quite a few local men who seemed equally keen to show off their own assets.”More’s the pity that we didn’t have the time to explore those possibilities further,” said Eunice when we got back to the ship later in the afternoon!We docked in Aruba and as before, she asked to see if there was anything like a nude beach on the island. Rick had no hesitation in giving a recommendation and we soon wound up at a ‘clothes optional’ location and an adventure with our newly found friends was about to begin.When we arrived at the beach Heidi was wearing a fetching two-piece bathing suit; she looks very cute in it but to my disappointment when we went to strip off she said she wanted to leave the top on as she felt her tits and nipples were a bit sensitive due to too much sun in Ocho Rios. On the plus side she said her pussy and ass had no such problem and she quickly stripped off the bottom piece and looked at me in anticipation as she revealed her butt.One of Heidi’s cute little moves whenever we get naked is for her to pull out the belt off my pants, hand it to me, meaning she is ready for a spanking. It’s a jokey thing that we have always done but, unfortunately, I had no belt on my shorts and the one Rick was wearing didn’t really ‘do it’ for Heidi and she feigned disappointment that her vacation was in danger of being ruined. Rick asked what the heck that was all about and we laughingly confessed to this particular quirk of my wife leaving him with the hint that she might be into enjoying a bit of BDSM as part of our games.He clearly had mentally filed that piece of information away for a couple of days later after we had passed through the Panama Canal and docked at the port of Huatulco, Mexico, Rick asked if I would mind taking Eunice to the beach as he wanted to take off with Heidi to go shopping and try to find an appropriate belt and that they would join us after they had been. “Why should I mind?” I said, “We’ll see you later.”I wasn’t there to verify the details but this is the ‘rest of the story’ as I’ve been able to piece it together from both Rick and Heidi’s versions of what happened.First, he made sure she was wearing her two piece-swimming suit as he loved the way she looked in it. This wasn’t too out of line on this cruise as a lot of people got off the ship at various ports to go to the beaches and, at Huatulco the beach was right alongside the pier. However, so that she wouldn’t look too odd away from the beach, he told her to take along her cover-up too, which as things turned out proved to be a very good idea, for her!!Rick knew enough Spanish to tell a taxi driver they wanted to go to a leather shop he had heard of to get ‘something special’ for the Senora. The taxi driver apparently caught his meaning and they wound up at a shop off the beaten tourist track and away from all the duty-free outlets. They passed through the beaded curtain doorway and found themselves inside an Adult Bookshop sort of place. However it soon became clear that this catered for a discerning clientele and looking around saw there was a variety of goods that came under the heading of possible ‘instruments of pleasure’. Rick went to a rack and found a belt, which he thought Heidi might like.When the shop owner saw that Rick was doing to kind of ‘test’ of the belt on Heidi by flicking it across her ass, he suggested that he had some other goods that might be more to the Senora’s liking. According to Rick, Heidi blushed modestly but there was no comment or objection from her as the owner took them into another room where he had quite a selection of everything leather for sex games; boots, paddles, manacles, bursa escort bayan etc. (Heidi told me later that the sight of these toys bought back into sharp focus her recent training that resulted in her qualifying as ‘Slave Cumquat’, they all looked very familiar!)At any rate they got Heidi’s attention and then the owner made another suggestion that perhaps the Senora would like to try some paddles out before buying one or more. According to Rick, that was all Heidi needed and she was on all fours before he could say anything. Heidi didn’t quite contradict him as to her reaction saying it was not quite that fast, but she agreed she did get on all fours rather smartly.Rick says she presented her ass quite nicely and had nice loft and really got it pointing up in the air so that it was a great looking target that she presented to him. He then proceeded to pull off her bottoms, with no objections from her. She claims she did protest but Rick then reminded her that she had then said, “please my top too” which kind of contradicts that she was making an objection!However, at that point the shop owner again ‘intervened’ and mentioned that he had his own built-in restraint system in his living quarters in the back of the shop and invited them to feel free to use it. He told Rick he too liked a willing Senora and between them they quickly had Heidi in the restraints. Fortunately, Rick had his camera with him and at least I was able to share the sight of Heidi as the ‘goods’ were being given a trial run on her ass, with her firmly held down and with nicely blushing results I might add!Rick said the shop owner had made a half-hearted offer to leave, but that it was obvious he would prefer to stay, so Rick told him that he should stay and that he’d be grateful if perhaps he would could use his opinion in making a selection. According to both Rick and Heidi the owner was more than happy to oblige and even offered to demonstrate his own spanking techniques.Next, according to both of them, Rick proceeded to give Heidi a few test whacks to see how she would respond and both he and the owner were pleasantly surprised when she asked him to spank her harder and faster. Rick said he was only too happy to accommodate her but it took only several more such whacks before Heidi exploded with a massive orgasm, which Rick told me later really startled him (and the owner) because she came so quickly and so massively. As a ‘thank you’ for being so helpful and for providing exemplary customer service, Rick also let the shop owner have a few whacks on Heidi’s ass.Once she had come back to earth again after her high they untied the restraints and as she recovered her breath they made several purchases which they knew would please and entertain us back at the boat. They made good choices (and they were correct, we were pleased!) almost as delighted as the shop owner who told them he was very pleased to have been of service and told them he quite enjoyed their visit and hoped Rick and the senora would return again soon. She smiled as she tried to get herself dressed but the smile turned to a grimace as she felt just how tender was her derriere from Rick’s and the store guy’s attentions. She said that she would keep the swim suit bottoms off and just tie the wrap around her. Rick thought to prolong her agony and told if she couldn’t wear the bottoms then he insisted that the top would have to stay off too! He figured, “Hey, what the heck, if she can run around the ship wearing only her cover up, she can do the same in town too”. If he thought he could embarrass her, then think again Rick, just the scenario she loves that panders to her exhibitionist side!However, let’s just say Heidi was very careful to hold down the cover-up as they left and headed for the taxi that was waiting for them. The cabbie asked Rick if the shop was what he was looking for and Rick, holding up a collection of packages, said, “very much so” and thanked him and gave him a generous tip.Heidi gave him a gratuity of her own by letting her wrap part so that he could see her naked body and as she got in the cab made sure she was seated so that he could keep a close eye on her in the rear view mirror as she flashed her open legs and then again when she got out. Rick made sure Heidi said, “thank you” too in her own special way which was to reach in through his open window and to give his stiff cock and squeeze!Back on the ship and after dinner we assembled once more in Rick and Eunice’s cabin where Rick emptied out the packages on the bed and soon Heidi was the happy recipient of several more paddling ‘rewards’ for having been such a ‘naughty lady’. Besides the paddles that he bought there was a pair of manacles for Heidi to be secured. I had difficulty at first as I couldn’t imagine how they would secure these to hold Heidi in place but Rick and Eunice and friends amazed me with their resourcefulness in solving this particular ‘problem’ and Heidi was soon bound and shackled to the furniture and quite unable to resist as we all took turns with applying the required discipline.What a great night that was and everyone agreed it was a fitting way to spend the last night at sea before we docked back home in the US.We were sad to be parting from them for they had become really good friends but the uptick was to learn they lived only several hours from ourselves. (What’s a few hundred miles between friends?!) We told them should they come to us then we would schedule their visit to coincide with one of our ESOA events. They reciprocated and said that ‘when’ we went to them that perhaps Heidi and I would be the nude entertainment at a dinner party they wanted to give for a group of their ‘fun’ friends.We’re excited already!*******?Back home to Philly and we were quickly back into our mainland routines and playing catch-up with all that had happened in our absence. For me it was to pick up on infrastructure projects that my company was involved (aka ‘business-as-usual’) and for Jacqui it was to become further involved with her Archaeology studies, a long-held passion which she was determined would lead to more ‘in-the-field’ work, so to speak.And, of course, we felt it was necessary to reconnect with Robert and to report back to let him know how ‘his slave’ had performed during what he called her ‘loan period’. Robert could be such a controlling prick, at times but, regardless of our opinion of him, the next time we were together we happily showed off our holiday photographs and the souvenirs we bought from the leather shop and filled him in with some of the details of how cruising made for such a great vacation!Robert feigned to take interest but he was more at pains to let us know that he had far more important matters to deal with in his own life and how he had projects of his own that needed attention. However, he told us, one such endeavor that was coming up would require the involvement of an ‘assistant’ and that he had decided to extend the contract of ‘Slave Cumquat’ and employ her for a couple of weeks. (Note: he had decided; such was the way Robert’s mind and the opinion of his dominant self worked. Our opinion didn’t come into it.)He said that he had something going on in Las Vegas that required his presence for a couple of weeks. We managed to extract that whatever the ‘something’ was that it involved providing hospitality to potential clients to his business (whatever that was) and that Cumquat would be instrumental in providing that service.The proposal sounded a little sordid but it certainly caught Jacqui’s imagination who had long harbored fantasies of being a working girl or some kind of courtesan to a rich man. Whether this would meet that fantasy, Robert-being-Robert declined to answer our questions in any detail as to what she would be required to provide, although the implications were fairly obvious. He did say that she would be staying at an exclusive guesthouse where she would be entertaining his clients (he didn’t give a name but said it was out-of-town) and then, continuing in his business-like manner, he said that ‘in accordance with our contract’ I would not be allowed to have any contact with her whilst she away under his control.As I said, Robert could be such a controlling dominant prick at times but seeing Jacqui’s evident excitement at the idea of going to Vegas for a couple of weeks at someone else’s expense and getting paid, I said nothing.We both signed up to her release and he told us he would let us know when he needed to take her away from me again. I still said nothing but inside I had already decided to hell with the contract, this I’ve got to see; my wife playing out another fantasy and me to have an opportunity to be part of it.”OK, Robert, we look forward to hearing from you.”*******?

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