Jake Pt. 01


Until I was nineteen, I had never done anything sexual with anyone. I had seen guys naked and felt attracted to them, so I figured I was gay. I used to steal old Playgirl magazines and jerk off looking at the naked guys, their fat cocks lolling onto their muscular thighs. I’d find trashy cowboy novels of my Dad’s and jack off to the explicit sex scenes, pretending I was the woman taking the big cowboy’s cock. I’d dream about sucking a sweaty fat cowboy cock every day. All I wanted was to play with somebody else’s cock.

I started going to porn sites and watched guys with other guys. I’d jack off in my dorm room while my roommate, Steven, was in class; sometimes I’d even roll onto my side and beat off when he was asleep and snoring loudly. He was a hot dude, but he was completely straight. I walked in once and caught him playing with a girl’s pussy. Her eyes were closed and her head thrown back as he repeatedly fucked her with two of his fingers. I remember him seeing me at the door and sneering lustfully before ignoring me and making her orgasm. I spent the next few weeks beating off thinking about being that girl. Fuck, I needed sex so bad.

One day between classes, I went to the communal shower to take a cold one. But on the way down the hall, I was so horned up I decided to jerk off in the warm steamy spray. I soaped up and lathered my hair, then sank into the heated shower spray. I started to rub my soapy cock and felt it harden as the shampoo was washed away down my sumo web tools body. I wiped the water from my eyes with my free hand. I almost jumped out of my skin as I saw my roommate grinning at me as he soaped up his own young taut body. I rinsed off and quickly left. I paused for second and watched as his perfect body slipped into the spray of warm water, rivulets of water running over every muscle of his body. His cock was the biggest I have ever seen. I jacked off dreaming I could pleasure that big cock someday.

I’d go online every day looking for chances to hook up, but I usually flaked out. My nerves would get the best of me and I’d just end up beating my meat alone again. Every day, I’d walk across campus and totally get a hard-on watching the beautiful muscular young guys in skinny jeans or tight shorts with all their full crotches and bulges. I’d almost cream in my own pants watching the shirtless hairy-chested athletes jog around the Quad.

One day, I was in the library and had to piss really badly. I reached the bathroom stall and let out a hard stream of piss that seemed to go on forever. Midstream, I happened to notice a hole in the stall wall. This restroom was sorta out of the way at the end of a hallway in a quiet part of the library. I noticed a few scrawled messages on the wall. So I guess this is the perverts’ pisshole, I joked to myself.

My stream of piss was almost stopping when I heard someone come into the restroom and go sumowebtools into the stall beside me. I shook off a few drops of piss as I heard them unbuckle their belt. I bent my head down to see their shoes as they sat down on the commode.

I was about to shove my cock back into my shorts when I saw an eye near the hole and heard a tapping sound. The guy tapped his foot a couple times. From the graffiti on the walls, I figured he was looking for an encounter. I was excited by the prospect. I was electrified and almost shaking as I tapped my foot a couple times. My cock was getting hard from the thought of maybe seeing another cock.

The guy ran a finger timidly around the hole. He motioned for me to come close.

I moved closer to the hole. I knew he could see my hard cock.

I saw a tongue appear, poking through the hole. Then, it vanished.

“Put the head of your cock near the hole,” the guy’s voice whispered.

Nervously, I put my cock at the edge of the hole. My piss-slit was oozing precum, dripping it into the hole and down the wall. The guy’s tongue pushed through the hole and lapped at the head of my cock. I felt my knees would buckle beneath me. Blood rushed to my brain as the dude licked my cockhead. He pulled away. A pair of lips replaced the tongue and instinctively I pushed my cock between them. It was so warm between his lips. I could feel his tongue darting all over my dick.

My body was shaking weakly as I felt the suction of the guy’s mouth try to pull me farther in.

I pulled my cock back. I could see his spit on my cock.

The guy moved to a kneeling position.

“Kneel down and let me jack you off,” he said in a hoarse whisper.

I didn’t even think. I let my shorts fall to my shoes and dropped to my knees.

A big hand came from under the stall and rubbed up my thigh to my belly. It ran down my stomach to my cock and balls. The guy gently pulled me a bit closer and started jerking my cock, rubbing my precum up and down my cock.

I felt his other hand grab one of my hands and place it on his naked thigh. It was thick and muscular, covered in soft hair. My hand roamed around and felt the hard muscles of his rippling belly. My balls tightened as I thought of his athletic body and felt his hand jerking me.

He was jerking his own cock while my hand explored his body. I could hear his ragged, moaning breaths. It was too much for me and I released my load. Cum coated his hand in short oozing spurts. I heard him gasp and saw a few drops of his cum hit the tiled floor.

He jacked my cock a few times to get out all my cum out and then removed his hand. I pulled back and grabbed some tissue. I heard what sounded like a page being ripped out of a notebook. I wiped off any residue and threw the tissue in the toilet as I stood up. I was fastening my shorts as a note appeared in the gloryhole.

“Thanks, dude. If you want more, room 56, Travel Inn Motel Tues @ 11pm circle jerk/sucking. Hot guys,” I read. There was a number at the end with the name “Joey”

“Thanks, man. Catch you later,” I whispered as I grabbed my bag and hurried away.

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