Janey 4


Janey 4They drove slowly. Plenty of trucks pipped their horns and she saw the drivers laughing.At one set of lights a truck pulled up alongside Jim’s open top car. Janey went to pull down her skirt but Jim growled “Don’t even think about it slut.”Janey sat giving the lorry driver a view of her nylon clad legs and her white cotton panties.Before the lights changed a piece of paper dropped in the car. Jim grabbed it. The note read follow me.He laughed and said, “we have time so why not.”The lorry moved off and Jim followed for a mile when it drove into a yard. It was deserted apart from the lorry and them.They pulled up and Janey saw the driver climbing down from his cab. He was in his 50’s around 6 feet tall and broad.Jim made Janey get out of the car and they walked towards this hulk.He driver looked at them and growled “ sexy slut you have there. How much for some fun.” Jim smiled, ‘ She is a dirty slut. No fucking her cunt and arse are mine for now but you can have her for an hour for £50 and do anything bahis siteleri but fuck her. “The driver smiled and handed over the cash and pulled Janet to his cab.“ Don’t mark her.” Shouted JimJaney was crying now and the driver laughed. “ I prefer my sluts crying.”He dragged her to the lorry. Before he got in he shoved Janey to her knees and opened his fly. His cock was a 9 inches and stank. She shook her head.He looked at her, “ I was told not to mark you. I wasn’t told I couldn’t hurt you.”He pulled her by the hair to him and slapped her face. He ears rang and her eyes teared up.She opened her mouth he slammed in her she gagged and choked with the huge cock blocking her. She was crying as he face fucked her. He was pulling her hair as he rammed her. After a while he pulled out. I don’t want to cum yet you fucking slut so get in the cab.He forced her in roughly fondling her arse and cunt through her panties and tights. He hands were huge and hurt her.Once in the cab he told her to take of her blouse and canlı bahis siteleri skirt. The sleeping area was filthy and stank of dried spunk and filthy sex. He told her to lie down and took some pics with his phone. He undressed. He was hairy and muscular. Even though this was humiliating Janey got wet. He was a super specimen of alpha manhood . He rubbed her tits through her bra and then pulled it down. He sucked on her tits the small nipples hardening. His hand rubbed in her damp cotton panties. “mmmm slut loves this.”His fingers entered her and he rubbed his clit with his thumb. His tongue was in her mouth he stank of fags. She was now wrapped round him needing to cum his fingers kept up the work on her.“You fucking slut you love this don’t you?”She came her cunt gushing out her juices in a stream.‘ you dirty whore you are made for this.’He took down his filthy jeans and told her to lick his arse. She said no and he grabbed her throat and told her he had paid for her so to do as she was fucking canlı bahis told.She began licking his dirty hole the smell and taste making her gag. The truck driver was laughing at her. He told her to get in deep and make sure she cleaned him well. She began to throw up.He angrily grabbed her.“ You dirty fucking bitch this is where I sleep.”He slapped her turned her over. He grabbed an object; she has no idea what. She then felt agonising pain as he shoved a huge dildo in her arse. She was in pain but found she enjoyed being degraded and treated like a cheap slut. She sensed he wanted to scream so she did. He seemed to get excited. After a few minutes he turned her over and shoved his cock in her mouth. He lay over her his cock trusting in her mouth. He went in deep she could hardly breathe. After a few minutes he began to cum. He flooded her mouth with spunk. He held his cock in making her swallow all he had.She lay sweating with spunk on her face.He told her to get out of the cab and threw her clothes after her.He shouted to Jim“You have my number call me when I can her cunt. The little whores a natural.”Janey stood half naked as he drove off. She began to dress and Jim laughed and told no point you slut.He shoved her in the car.

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