Janine is an athletic woman, 5′ 4″, with exquisite legs, a firm “bubble butt” derriere that danced beneath her short tennis skirt, full, firm breasts, shoulder length sandy blonde hair, a beautiful classic face, full sensual lips, wide mouth and a dazzling smile. She is also an excellent tennis player, which is how I met her. She was my opponent in a mixed doubles tournament.

I was enchanted by her beauty and gorgeous body, which she showed off in a tight fitting white tennis outfit. Her partner was her ex husband who had remained friends with her after their divorce. I was impressed with her fearless play and scrambling ability. She is also one of those people you meet who is wonderfully likable, with a great sense of humor and an infectious laugh.

She is a “touchy-feely” person, and had one of the sexiest voices I ever heard. I became very attracted to her. Her nipples seemed to be erect all the time and they were quite long and prominent. She seemed to be braless but her outfit must have had a shelf bra built in because she didn’t jiggle very much for her cup size. She showed off her fetching ass to me numerous times while bending over to pick up balls. She was wearing a sheer pair of panties, which did little to cover her ass cheeks. I could see her pussy lips and her ass clearly each time she bent over. I was amazed that she was so blatant showing me her ass and pussy lips. My partner was perplexed too, and said, “I hope that she is showing off for you and not me.”

I flirted with her on every change over. I told her she was hot and turning me on. She just smiled at me. She was so sweet and gregarious, she won over my partner Liz, who is a married woman I had been playing with for several years. Liz is a knockout redhead with an incredible body. She is about 5’7″, a very well proportioned woman with pale blue eyes, creamy complexion with very few freckles, large breasts, small waist, beautiful legs and an extraordinary ass. I had fantasized many times about what it would be like to see her naked and explore her gorgeous body.

Liz told me that Janine was beautiful, and despite her blatant exhibitionism, was really fun to be around, “Yeah, she is. I am enjoying flirting with her,” I said. ” You know she wants you,” Liz said. “Yes, I can see that! I find it quite thrilling that she likes me. She is exceptionally sexy. I would love to take that hot little outfit she is wearing off and do her right here on the court.”

“Don’t worry, she wants you to do just that and she’s going to ask you to go out after the match,” Liz said. “Really? How do you know that?” I said. “She told me. She also asked me if it was ok with me if she could ask you to be her tennis partner sometime,” Liz said.

” God, that’s nice, I would love to go out with her.” I said. ” She is ready to ask you out. She is just waiting for the right moment. It would be nice if you asked her out first. You know, Bill, I wish had acted sooner on my instincts. I have thought many times I would like to be seduced by you,” Liz said.

“Oh Liz, why didn’t you say so before?” I said. “Because I am married, and I didn’t want to cause any problems with my marriage. I think that I made a mistake, however, because things are not well with my husband and I. There has been no sex for over 8 months now and I am sure my husband is screwing his secretary. He used to be somewhat jealous of my playing with you, and he checked up on us several times to see if we were fooling around. Now, he could care less what I do or who I am with.”

“My god Liz, I had no idea. You know that I like you and I think you are an incredible woman. I have thought many times what it would be like to take your clothes off and explore your ravishing body, but I never said anything about it. I never took it beyond just contemplation and fantasy.” I said.

“Well, I have thought about more than contemplation, but haven’t acted on it, nor said anything till now. But I do want to fuck you one day soon. I guess I am a little jealous of Janine, though I have no right to be. I do like her and I am going to see if she wants to be friends. Anyway, lets talk about it later, they are waiting for us to resume playing.”

“Sure Liz, I would love to talk about this soon. I am happy that you would want me as your lover.”

“Well, I do believe I want to find out what kind of a lover you are, and I am dying to kiss you. I am getting wet just thinking about this. Now, let’s finish our match.”

Liz and I lost in a very close match, and our run in the tournament was done. After we finished, shook hands and were packing up to leave, I told Janine I would love to play with her as my partner sometime. She said she would love to, and gave me her phone number. “Beware of her temper! If she doesn’t like how you are playing she can get pretty crusty,” Janine’s ex said. Janine laughed. “Yeah I do have a little temper but it doesn’t last long. I love to smile and laugh too much!

Janine asked brazzers porno if Liz and I wanted to go for drinks and some food. Janine’s ex said,” I am meeting friends at Kelly’s. If you would like to join us, you are more than welcome.”

“Well, maybe so, but you know I don’t really like Kelly’s because of the smoke,” Janine said. At that, he picked his bag up and said, “I’ll see you. Thanks for a really fun match,” and he left.

“I can’t tonight but I would love to some other time. Maybe you and I could have lunch sometime, Janine. Maybe Mr. Bill here would join us,” Liz said. “That would be great, I would love to get to know you both,” Janine said. “I’m looking forward to getting to know you, Janine. I have discovered Liz and I have more in common than I originally thought. I would really like to buy you a drink and talk with you, Janine. You are an uncommonly interesting woman,” I said.

Janine said, “Well let’s go down to the Riptide. It has great food, and a wonderful bartender, plus it is not super noisy nor is smoking allowed. I said, “That sounds good to me.” I turned to Liz, hugged her and whispered in her ear, “You played really well tonight, we should have won. You are a great partner. I am interested in being your partner in much more than tennis.” Liz whispered back, “I want to know all the details of what happens with you and Janine. I want some of what you give to her tonight. Call me.” I told her I would call her tomorrow and we could meet at the club.

I followed Janine to the Riptide and met her in the parking lot. She had thrown a sweatshirt on over her top and had let her hair down. She looked wonderful. I smiled at her and told her she looked wonderful with her hair down in her white outfit. ” You have a beautiful face and body, Janine. I love to see you smile, too. She stepped up to me, put her arms around me, hugged me and whispered in my ear, “That’s so nice to hear. I am glad you like me. I am really attracted to you. Thank you for coming with me.”

” I’m happy to meet a sweet woman and be captivated by her,” I said. She put her hands behind my head and kissed me. Her lips were soft and sensuous and she chewed softly on my lower lip. I felt shock waves travel down my body straight to my cock and instantly I was hard. Her tongue leaped into my mouth and met my tongue in a wet greeting. I sucked it softly, then sent my tongue into her mouth exploring with the tip. She moaned and we began a sexual dance, rolling and rubbing against each other. She squeezed my thigh with her legs and pressed her belly against my cock. Lowering my hands to her buttocks, I pulled her tightly against me.

I caressed her back and her firm ass. I pulled her tighter against me and slid my hands under her short little tennis skirt. I was surprised to discover her cheeks were bare. I broke our kiss and asked her what happened to her panties. She said, “I changed to a thong in the car because the panties I was wearing were soaked. I am so wet, I’m leaking. I was going to not wear any panties to surprise you in the restaurant, but I needed something to help stem the flow of my juices.”

I reached under her skirt and felt her pussy. She was wet, all right, and she gasped and pressed her pussy against my fingers. “This thong isn’t doing much to stop you flowing,” I said. I reached up higher, pulled down on the thong and slid it down her legs. I bent down and slid it down her legs and off, put it to my nose and smelled her sweet scent. “These are mine now. I am going to keep them to remember the night we met. Let your juices run down your legs. No one will notice except for me.” She laughed, smiled and kissed me. “I feel so turned on now. Let’s just go buy some champagne or wine and then go to my house and enjoy each other. I want you and I want to get out of this parking lot.”

“That suits me fine. Do you have anything to eat at your place? I haven’t eaten dinner yet,” I said. “Let’s get some Chinese food. We can have that and the wine, and I will be your dessert.” I laughed. “You will be quite delicious, I bet. I love how you kiss and how soft your lips are. I’m looking forward to desert as well.”

“Ohh…. This is becoming exhilarating. Can you get the champagne and food, while I get home and prepare things?” she breathed. “Of course, I will be happy to do that.”

“Good, let me give you directions to the places and to my house.”

I pulled into her drive after getting the food and wine, and she was waiting at the door for me. She helped me in with the bags. “Welcome to my home. I hope you can spend the night with me. I want to sleep with you and make you breakfast in the morning. Maybe tomorrow we can play some tennis.”

“I am yours. I just have to run home later to let my dogs out and give them some food and water,” I said. “Can I go with you? I would love to see your place and meet your pups,” she said. “Sure, let’s do it.”

While I had stopped for our food and wine, she had castingcouch-x porno taken a shower and had changed into a short thin robe. Her nipples were hard and sticking through the fabric. She was obviously bare underneath the robe. She looked really hot and sexy. “I would love to take a shower,” I said. “Let’s eat first and then I will set you up in the shower. First, though, I have been waiting to kiss you properly.” She leaned into me, her tits flattened against my chest. I felt her hard nipples against me for the first time. Her soft lips were nibbling mine. I opened my mouth wide and probed between her lips with my tongue. She responded immediately, moving out to meet me and coiling in swirls and circles around it. She pulled my head down, continuing the kiss even harder. Our mouths were wide open, lips spread against each other, soft and wetly working against each other. Janine was breathing faster and I felt her move sensuously next to me.

I pushed my hand under her robe, lightly brushing her nipple with my fingertips. Taking her nipple between my fingers, I gently rubbed the hard little button and ran my fingers in a circle around it, tracing the rosy ring around it. Janine arched her back up against my hand and moaned in pleasure. Taking her whole breast in my palm, I kneaded and softly squeezed. Janine spoke muffled words, “Oh, God, Bill! That’s so good!” I kissed each of her eyes, the tip of her nose, her ear lobes, and then her neck. Each was a wet kiss, with my tongue making little circles of wetness on her skin. I pulled her robe open, exposing her tits. My lips moved to them, sucking the little strawberry that topped each of them. Her nipples swelled, standing out and inviting my tongue. I licked around each of them, drawing a wet ring around the nipples. Using the full, broad side of my tongue, I licked both her breasts, moving from the base out to the nipple. Janine moaned in pleasure and arched her back to me each time I drew out a stroke of my tongue. “Oh, God, so good!”

I returned to her mouth and kissed her lips again. I hugged her to me and ran my fingers through her hair. She sagged into me and said, “I am having trouble standing up.” I laughed and said, “don’t fall yet.” I hugged her and swung her from side to side slowly, kissing her neck and chewing her ear lobe. I held her at arm length, smiled at her. “My, you are a sensitive, responsive woman. You make me so hot.”

“Fuck me now!” She cried.

“Not so fast, Janine. Let’s stretch this out somewhat. I want you to come really hard for me. I will bet you are multi-orgasmic. I want you to enjoy our pleasure and lovemaking to the max.”

“I need your cock in me. I want you badly, Bill,” she wailed. “You shall have me, sweet woman, and I will have you.”

“Oh, yes, Bill, I am yours. Fuck me, please.”

“I will, Janine, I will. Stand here in front of me, please.” When she had moved in front of me, I untied the sash of her robe and exposed her body. I inspected her from front to back. She was one of those women who looked positively great uncovered. Her body had few flaws and her shape was fetching. Her pussy was completely bare, with no stubble marks. I found out later that she used an Epilady appliance on it. It pulled the hair out! She said it didn’t hurt that much and was a lot less pain than a wax job. Her ass was just perfect and while firm, had a very sexy jiggle to it. Her skin was smooth and taut, tanned just slightly. She had no tan lines visible anywhere. Her pink areolas were crinkled and her nipples were hard nubbins.

She had a small tattoo of an ankh symbol on her abdomen just above her pussy. I remarked about that and I said, “are you fertile?”

“Yes, but the symbol means I am a sensual lover also.”

“You are sensual, for sure, Janine. You certainly have the prettiest pussy I have ever seen. You are really wet, too. You have pussy juice running down your legs.”

“Yes, Bill, I am wet. My pussy is ready for you to put that wonderful cock of yours in it.”

“Well, sweet woman, it won’t be long before it will. Since you are naked, why don’t you undress me?”

“Umm, I think I will enjoy that,” she said.

I stood while she unfastened my belt and pants, kissing my chest and working her way down my stomach. As she knelt, her hands paused, gripping tightly against the fabric. She slid her thumbs around and in one slow, fluid motion slipped my pants and shorts to the floor. I watched as she blew cool breaths against the sensitive underside of my cock, making it jump at the sensation. I stepped out of my clothes, while she kissed my knees, licked my thighs, and caressed my ass. She was making me want her even more. She lifted her head and gently licked the very sensitive line running up between my balls with the very tip of her tongue. Her hand reached up, and held me straight as her tongue continued higher and higher, running the length of my shaft, to finally circle the head, making it clips4sale porno grow and expand even more.

She stood, lifted my shirt over my head, kissed and licked my chest and sucked my nipples. We embraced, kissing passionately as I slid my engorged cock between her thighs, feeling the heat and pulsing of her through it. Her breasts pressed against me and I could feel the heat from them against me, and the warmth of her against my rod felt like it would set us aflame. Our tongues danced and I felt us melting together, our hearts as intertwined as our tongues, our hands exploring each other. Time stopped. The universe around us ceased to exist. We were together, our passions about to become unleashed.

She moved to the kitchen table, laid down, put her legs in the air, her knees bent, exposing her smooth labia, her hips pushing forward against me I stared at her magnificent pussy. “Take me. Take me now.” I rocked my hips to move my aching cock between her wet lips. Her hips responded, moving to let me slide in. As I felt the head slip past and into her, my soft moan was lost in her mouth. We slowly inched together, savoring the touch of man against woman. Of man inside woman. She moved back suddenly, just as I thrust upward, neither of us able to contain desire, passion, or lust any longer. We met at the base of my cock and deep inside at the door to her womb.

“Oooohhhhhh!” we both cried simultaneously. A slow parting, as we both now looked intently at each other, watching our eyes, feeling joined. We gained speed with each new stroke, our passions intensifying. I could feel her wet walls grip and surround my cock sliding inside her. Her cunt was a velvet vise that squeezed and massaged my cock. My hips made small, slow circles, swirling my cock into her with every stroke. I plunged my rock hard cock into her. My hands moved to her breasts, cupping them and squeezing them together. I leaned my head up, licking one nipple as I immersed myself in her. She grabbed my ass and pulled me to her. I held her by her shoulders and pushed her down into me.

Her hips and mine moved in a primal rhythm. Her pussy pulled and sucked at my cock, trying to draw it deeper. My cock pulsed and throbbed, surging deep in her. Both of us were moaning with intense pleasure. “I want you to fill me!” she cried, “I want you to take me over the edge! I’m cumming! It’s here! Come with me! Come WITH me!” She moaned and fell against me, her pussy contracting around my cock. She tensed and became stiff as a board, then screamed, “Cum baby cum! Shoot in me now!” I felt a swelling rush start upwards, making my cock distend and my balls ache. My arms pulled her to me, her lips met mine and we kissed in a blind lust, tongues pressed together, arms and legs wrapped around each other, sweat covering our bodies. “Hmmmmmm! Unnnngg!” I moaned into her mouth, as I came. Buried deep inside of her, my cock flooded sperm into her. I could feel her pussy grip me tightly as I came. She was spasming wildly, her pussy squeezing me tight, milking me. Her pussy contracting, I spurted another jet of semen into her, feeling the warm mingling of our juices. She squeezed. I shot more into her. Squeeze. Spurt. Squeeze. Gush. Squeeze. Spurt.

As we slowly recovered, our mouths together, I licked her tongue with mine, bringing us both from what felt like a trance. Her tongue replied, caressing mine gently. Her tongue began to withdraw, and as she did, my cock gave a reflexive twitch, sending shock waves through her and back to me. She kissed and licked my face, chewed my lips, shot her tongue into my mouth, and we kissed passionately. As we calmed, we kept kissing with shorter kisses, each more tender than the one before it.

Finally, she put her head on my shoulder, relaxing completely. I held her close, feeling the twitches of the aftershocks in her velvety softness. My cock was staying hard and twitching some on its own. She said, “Do you realize what we just shared?”

” Yes, sweet woman, I do. There was a time there where there was no time. Just us, together, about to share something wonderful.” She said, I am 32 years old, and I have never had anything like that. Thank you.”

“Oh, yes, it was exquisite, and thank you. I think we might be doing it again real soon. But we need to eat something first.”

“That’s a good idea”, she responded. “If you don’t get soft soon, I am not going to let you out of me. Your cock fits me so well, and feels so good; I want to keep it inside me. You are just the right size for me. Not too large to make me sore and long enough to touch my cervix. It also won’t make my jaw muscles sore and I think I can get you all the way down my throat. I want you to come in my mouth later. In fact, I want you to come in me, on me and with me again and again. I am so happy to meet such a wonderful man as you are. AND, you play tennis well. I am so looking forward to being your partner.”

“Umm, Janine, you are so sweet. You excite me and I want to share pleasure and orgasms with you. A woman like you is a treasure to be cherished. I want to eat that sweet pussy of yours soon. I could love you for hours. I seem to be growing soft, finally. So, lets have some wine and food and talk about our plans to have fun.

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