Jason and the Doctor Ch. 01


The following story is how young Jason finding help in a doctor’s office…

“Jason, get the hell down stairs! It’s time for your annual check up!” mother yelled.

“Okay okay! I’m coming!” I yelled back.

Literally I was. Imagine being 25 and living at home. Chances of you bringing a sexy girl back to your bed are 1 to 1,000,000. The most action I ever get on a regular basis was downloading Kelly Madison movies off Limewire and some lotion in my hand. And that’s exactly what I was doing while mom bitched at me taking a long time. In this scene, Kelly Madison was sitting down by the pool topless, allowing her beautiful melons to get tanned. The camera zoomed in on her perky brown nipples as they hardened from the cool wind blowing. Her beautiful pink panties looked almost as good on her as they did off. These were so tight, you could see her pussy outlined, and looking like it wanted something between its lips. But then again, that’s how her pussy always looks like that. Few porn stars pussys actually look like that. Jenna Jameson, Kelly Madison, Gianna, and some others are beautiful examples of what I’m talking about. Other pussys just look like, “yeah, you could fuck this, that’s what it’s here for.” Kelly Madison’s looks like it would die if it didn’t get fucked.

“Jason Levi! If you don’t get down here soon, I’m going up there!” mom bitched again.

“Shit! That’s the last thing I need right now!” I said to myself and started pumping faster.

Now I’m not going to brag about my dick size, because I’ve only seen those in porno. And I know half those have to be artificial or something. I mean, most of them are 9 inches and above. The smallest I’ve seen was still bigger than mine. I’ve never had mine measured either, the one of the very few girls I’ve had the luck of being with said what they say about small shoes is true after we, or should I say I climaxed. She never did. I never knew what she had meant and when I asked her, she chuckled and said nothing and walked out of my room and out of my life. Leaving me her panties, I’m not sure if that was accidental or was it a pity gift, as she ridiculed our affair the next day in class the next day.

I tried harder to finish quickly (my top is lasting 1 minute, sometimes I push for 2, and that’s in sex!) but apparently I didn’t finish quick enough. There stood my mother in blinding rage when she saw my computer screen.

“Jason Ryan Jones!” she screamed, “How dare you manipulate yourself while I’m waiting Escort Ankara downstairs wondering what happened to you! Why I have half the mind to-“

She paused. Her eyes seemed to trail down to my cock, instead of lust like those other stories; her look seemed to be engulfed with fear.

“Mom I….” “Please tell me that you are flaccid right now…” mom begged

“Hah, with this monster?” I laughed, “This stallion is rock hard…sorry about you seeing it like this with its size being shocking, its ma-

“This isn’t a joke Jason!” mom yelled, “If you’re telling me that you’re fully hard, then it’s probably best that I didn’t see you flaccid!”

“What do you mean? I’m a pretty good size aren’t I?” I asked, now concerned, at first I thought I was pretty huge for my age, but now I wasn’t sure.

“Get in the car!” she yelled, but when I pulled my pants up, “Keep those off! I want you to try and stay ‘erect’ as you can.”

“Mom, it’s not that easy I mean…you’re my mom.” I said, “Hey!”

My mother had grabbed hold of my dick, stroking it. I looked in her eyes and she did not look back, she looked down at my member now throbbing uncontrollably in her hand.

“I don’t care what it takes, this just might be a reason for your check up this year, Jason.” Mom said.

As we raced to the doctor’s office, mom phoned ahead and said this was an emergency. From what I could make out, the doctor would be ready for us to run straight in. Furthermore, she had me sit in the front seat with my pants down around my ankles, rubbing me every-so-often. She continued to look straight ahead as she drove and I looked down as she rubbed my cock. As we pulled up to the doctor’s office she ripped off her seat belt and nearly dragged me out of my pants, still dangling around my ankles, as we raced in. Needless to say, the look of surprise was on everyone’s face when they see a young adult being dragged in with no pants by his mother. A couple of black guys were whispering in the corner. Had this been in another situation, I would just assume that they were jealous. Now I wasn’t so sure, as I looked down at their shoes. The shortest one of them must have had size 14 at least while the tallest must have had size 19. I thought back to what my ex lover said.

“I guess what they say about small shoes is true, isn’t it Jason?” as she got up and put on her clothes.

“What do you mean?” I queried…

I now knew, I must have a small cock, and they must be Ankara Escort huge. I remember her even saying something about black men, but seeing as she was whispering it to a black man, it was more or less left out.

“Mom, be honest with me. Is there a problem with my coc…er penis?” I asked her staring at her.

As she looked at me for the first time since this whole fiasco started, she said, “The doctor can see us now. She can explain better than I can.”

The doctor was already in the room waiting for our arrival. I’d say this doctor was between my mom’s age and mine, mid-thirties or so. She shook hands with my mother (considering what she was just doing to me, probably not the best idea.) and paused when she went to shake my hand. “Is this the problem?”

“Yes, I’ve never checked him out before, the last time was when he was a baby, what can we tell from that, huh?” mom chuckled nervously.

“Well, I suppose the only way we can measure this most efficiently is to have him ejaculate in this cup,” the doctor decided as she reached for a cup from her cabinet.

“Miss I, um…” I started before she cut me off.

“Is there a problem here?” the doctor asked, “By the way, lets not be formal, I’m not that much older than you, my name is Jasmine.”

“Okay, miss, er… Jasmine, I don’t know how much of that cup I can fill.” I replied shyly.

“I think you misunderstand, Jason,” Jasmine said as she put on her gloves, “Of course you don’t know. Your mother has informed me very explicitly about your little rendezvous with what few women you get in the house. As apposed to letting you do it yourself, I’m going to manipulate your penis myself and make it ejaculate or ‘cum’, I think we’re all adults here, saying that won’t be too damaging.”

“Now Jason, think of something really nice…like that Kelly Madison girl or something.” Mom suggested.

“Mrs. Jones, that won’t be necessary, I’m sure Jason won’t have any problem giving results.” Jasmine said as she lowered her shirt, exposing her cleavage and placed the cup in between her breasts, “C’mon Jason, pretend I’m Kelly Madison stud, spurt on my tits.”

It was more like ti-. That was she was able to get out before I fizzled into the cup resting between her beautiful juggs. I don’t know if I was supposed to get to the red line but I’m sure I came a lot. But then I noticed the concern on my mom’s and Jasmine’s face.

“It appears it was worse than you said on the phone, Mrs. Jones. Ankara Escort Bayan I can only suggest 2 options.” She said grimly, “Immediate surgery and hope for the best or…”

“I’ll take the ‘or’! I blurted out in the throws of an orgasm. Surgery was something I definitely did not want to do. Especially on a tender area like my dick, god knows how much pain I would have been in.

“Or…she attempted to start again, we could use a…” Jasmine started as she was cut off yet again.

“How much is the surgery anyway?” mom asked.

“MOM!” I shouted, “There is no way I am getting surgery on my Johnson!”

“Honey, that thing is about the size of a Johnson’s Johnson,” mom debated.

“Anyway…there’s a pill on the doctor’s list called, ‘Hyper Growth” and it supposedly helps with your son’s…issue. I prescribed some to another doctor here and get this: he went from 3 inches to 13 inches in a month!” Jasmine exclaimed, “Imagine how many girls he left bow legged now.”

“Inches…? How big am I? How big am I compared to other guys?” I asked, I was sick of not knowing, I wanted to know exactly how small I was.

“Well in inches, you’re about 3 inches…so,” Jasmine started.

“I can get a 13 inch trouser snake?!” I exclaimed, “Woo hoo! Call me the future captain stud.”

“If you’d let me finish, you’d know he only used it one day.” As she pulled out a sample container, “Here are your sample pills, take one.”

“Why are there so many pills in the sample box?” mom inquired.

“You’d be surprised how many guys wanna try it, or how many inches the guy needs or wants to grow.” Jasmine informed, “We’ve had cases where a guy would ring a door bell with his cock when it wasn’t even HARD!”

“Okay okay,” I said as I complied with whatever she gave me to swallow.

“Come back in a week at the most if you like what you see. I’ll give you the permanent pill.” She said.

The next morning, I wake up to see a pretty hefty bulge coming from my pants, “Guess I woke up from a good dream…wait a second. I’m not even hard… Oh my god.”

I realized that I wasn’t even hard. This was my dick flaccid. It actually was something. Something that could become huge, I was actually seven inches soft… this was amazing! “Jason!” mother yelled from downstairs, “Jasmine wants to see you now… she said that you were to come alone.”

As she tossed the keys, I wondered what was up. But I didn’t question it, I took the keys got in the car and jetted off. As I pulled up to the doctor’s office, yet again there was no wait, Jasmine called me in and closed the door behind us.

“Let’s see how you’re progressing…” she said as she unbuttoned her top, letting her luscious tits fall out.

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