Jen and Mike Ch. 12


This story is a homage to another current author Xleglover who has developed these 2 characters in another category. For the full history of Mike and Jen please go to the loving wives category and read He fucked my girl, All in my head, Making it work and Consequences. All of his stories are excellent but those four in that order tie into the first part of this story somewhat. I have taken the characters in a slight different direction into an alternate universe that it is now 18 years in the future and the have a daughter who will through circumstances discover all about her parents past. He was kind enough to give me permission for the use of his characters as long as I let Everyone know this is an alternate reality to the one his stories take place in.

One more side note, If you are a fan of Xleg’s work and I know some of us are I ask you to keep a few things in mind.

First being this is AN ALTERNATE UNIVERSE story. If any of you have ever read comic books you are aware that in alternate universe stories the characters are not exactly the same. There are differences in the way they behave.

Second thing to consider, This story focuses much more on the sex between the characters than the original. It revolves more around the sex between a mother and daughter than the whole psychological battle within Mike and Jen’s characters. It is predominantly an incest story with cuckold overtones. Yes there will be moments of exploration involving the psyche of the characters, especially Mike and Jen but the focus is not on that.

Third thing, I do not know if Xleg has an ending set in concrete for his couple, ( I am in the I hope they can save themselves and their marriage corner), but I do know that I will allow this storyline to evolve but since I am the writer I think I can control how it ends.

I hope I am not going to give anything away by letting you all know, Mike will be happy and secure by the time this story ends. He will have respect and love in his life. Jenny and Jesse will also be happy and will have what they want most. The three main characters will have a happy ending. If you stick around for the journey expect a LOT of kinky sex and a couple or more twists to get there. I hope you do stick around and enjoy. If not I will quote one of the naysayer’s to my last chapter “Good Day to You Sir”


Mike Andrews woke up in unfamiliar surroundings, his daughter’s bed. Not that he had slept much the night before. Every time he closed his eyes the visions kept dancing across his eyelids. Visions of his wife and his little girl engaging in some of the hottest dirtiest sex he’d ever witnessed in his life.

Just twenty four hours ago he was excited and anxious about the upcoming night. He knew his wife was going to have her new lover in the bedroom and he was going to watch. Never in any way would he have expected her lover to be their daughter. So much was clearer to him now. All of the strange behavior that both Jenny and Jesse had exhibited was now explainable.

Something must have happened on Monday that brought this into being. He didn’t think it was going on before then because up to that day all seemed normal. He thought back to all the strange occurrences over the last few days. He could clearly trace it back to Monday, from the moment he came home from work.

When he walked in from work on Monday his wife and daughter were both locked in her room. Something he noted back then had never happened before. Then the topic of conversation at dinner that night. His wife actually asking Jesse if she was trying to get in her pants. Then Jenny spending the whole night in her daughter’s room.

He wondered, if they had sex that night, how come he didn’t hear anything. He wasn’t a very heavy sleeper. Judging by how loud the two of them got last night he was baffled. Then Tuesday at dinner more sexual innuendos at dinner between Jenny and Jesse. Thinking back to some of the things that were said to him both by his wife and daughter he had to shake his head.

If he read between the lines of all the things they were saying to him, he realized they were telling him about their affair. In a sneaky innocuous kind of way the two of them were playing the game together without him knowing it.

He had so much to think about this morning, he needed to get a grip on what this meant for him. How would this affect his life here at home, and his relationship with his wife. When they had played the game years ago there always seemed to be time for the two of them to be with each other. Jenny’s boyfriends always seemed to fizzle out and she came back to Mike.

Here however he was on virginal ground. He had to stop and laugh at his own pun not that he had meant it. Because for all of the wild things his daughter and Jenny had done the night before she was still technically a virgin. Although from what he understood, not for too much longer. His wife had plans to take her on a romantic weekend to the city tomorrow.

He bursa eskort said that to himself again and still could not believe it. His wife of twenty years was going to take their daughter to a hotel tomorrow night to deflower her. Part of Mike wanted to be sick by that idea. His other part, the dark part, was actually jealous that he would not get to witness it. It was this part of him that had allowed him to stay in the room with them last night and watch them suck each other to orgasm and then fuck each other too. Jesse had fucked her own mother’s pussy until she almost passed out. Mike had never even seen her react like that with any of her previous boyfriends. Then to return the favor; what was in no doubt the most depraved act of the night, Jenny had brutally fucked her own little girl’s ass. Jesse had absolutely loved it too!

It was very clear to him that the two of them were very much into each other. They had both openly told him last night that they were in love with each other too. He had also heard them say it to each other numerous times during the night.

Again he started thinking of, what now? Where do the three of them go from here. I guess I will have to play it day by day, he thought. The way they were acting and the fact that they were related didn’t lend itself to a fizzling out here. He could not see them cooling down, if anything Jenny had told him Jesse was going to be her partner in the game. A running buddy she could suck and fuck other people with too.

Jenny had let it slip last night that she already intended to let Jesse fuck both Scott and Allie. The thought of that made him sick to his stomach but also made his cock hard. The idea of his little girl with her legs spread for the one guy he hated more than any other in Jenny’s past made his cock throb. What kind of a father am I, that I could get turned on by that idea.

The same kind of father that let his own little girl suck his cock three times last night. The same kind of father that helped suck her to orgasm while his wife was slamming her ass with a strap-on. Yeah he wasn’t innocent in this either. He had loved her mouth on him, and if he was being honest he wanted more of it too. He knew he had accepted this new life but just had to learn to live with it.

Even though Jesse was a girl, she had pleased her mother so deeply last night his cuckold nature was delighted. The two of them had pressed every button of humiliation and inadequacy that turned him on. But his little angel had also made a point of giving him relief the way his wife used to. He then wondered honestly, since Jesse had taken care of him last night would his wife ever bother again.

Then he looked at the clock and realized he had to get up and get the girls some food. Jesse had assigned him the task of making them breakfast this morning and he wanted to make his princess something special. It was a sign of his acceptance that he still thought of her as his little girl after all of last night. After all he was still her father and at the core of it what had really changed? He still wanted the same things for her he wanted yesterday. He wanted her to be happy, and she sure seemed happy right now.

So in keeping with that theme Mike went about making Jesse’s favorite breakfast, blueberry pancakes and bacon. He wanted to show his little girl that he still loved her. He also wanted to show his wife that he was fine this morning.

Jesse also woke up in unfamiliar surroundings, what she used to think of as her parent’s bed. Now because of what her lover had told before they dozed off the night before, she thought of it as their bed. It felt so nice to be waking up in someone’s arms, especially the arms of someone you love. I could very easily get used to this, she thought.

She was still in an embrace with her lover when she awoke. So when she opened her eyes the first thing she saw was her mother’s beautiful face. She smiled and felt a warmth fill her at the realization that it was now out in the open for the two of them. They could make love any time they wanted to here in the house.

She thought back to the night before and realized that nothing about it bothered her. In fact all she could think when she replayed last night in her head was how lucky she was to have this woman in her life. Her mother was the most special person in the world to her. Two days ago when they first discovered each other sexually she had made a vow. She had told her mother that she would do anything she wanted at anytime and anywhere. How much fun is it going to be keeping that vow, she thought.

Then she thought to another set of vows that she had recited last night and got a little nervous. Essentially she had said wedding vows to her mom, but when she said them she wasn’t saying them to her mother. She was saying them to Jenny Andrews, the woman she was deeply in love with.

Her mother had started her thinking that way when in the middle of an orgasm she’d said something that made Jesse bursa bayan escort think. In the middle of screaming things out, she’d said that she wanted to marry Jesse and be with her forever. Jesse’s heart soared when she heard those words leave her lover’s mouth. So she thought saying the words to a wedding vow as part of a toast would feel right.

As quickly as her heart had soared her mother brought it crashing down to earth, temporarily that is. Her mother had dismissed what she had shouted as pillow talk nothing more, then later had whispered something different in her ear. She had told her that she would indeed love to be hers forever. She’d also said they could talk about it when they were alone.

She wanted to wake her mother up in a special way, since this was their first official morning together. They had slept together Monday night but that was not planned and without her father’s knowledge. She leaned over and lightly kissed her mothers moist lips. She kept pecking at them until she felt her lover stir, then her eyelids started fluttering.

“Oh baby what a wonderful way to wake up, in your arms with you kissing me,” Jenny whispered to her daughter.

Seeing that her mom was waking up her kisses became more passionate and insistent. She slid her tongue in between her mother’s parted lips and fluttered it about inside her mouth. Her mom responded right back and the two of them were locked in a heated good morning kiss.

Jesse broke the kiss slowly, pulled back and asked her mother, “What is your favorite way to be woken up in the morning mommy?”

“Hmmm this was way up there honey, just waking up in your arms like that. If you had to really press me, I really like to get fucked first thing in the morning, do you want to fuck me baby?”

As an answer Jesse turned around and found the strap-on and wiggled it at Jenny. “Is this what you want lover. Do you want me to put this on and make love to you or do you want me to fuck you.?”

“Make love later baby, fuck me now!” Jenny said as she assisted her little girl in putting on their huge plastic cock.

“Baby no foreplay, just take my pussy and fuck me! Make me remember what waking up like this is!” Jenny moaned. She couldn’t remember one time since Jesse was born that she had gotten a good fuck in the morning. She had gotten plenty of good morning fucks from Mike, but none of them were really good.

Jesse climbed between her mother’s legs and slid the head of her cock up and down her pussy. Her lips opened right away, hungry for what her little girl was offering her. Then Jesse slid it all inside her mom’s cunt in one smooth motion. In one shot she was balls deep in her lover.

Then she did as her mother asked, no finesse or nuance here, she started lifting her hips and slamming them into her moms pussy. Each time she came down she would feel it in her clit because of the little friction patch on the inside of the harness.

Jenny stretched her legs out as wide as she could giving herself entirely to her lover. She wanted her to know how open and exposed she was. “Baby that’s it honey, good morning, good fuck! Oh baby you fuck my pussy just like a man, you hit the spots so well!”

Then she drew her legs in and wrapped them around her daughter’s waist, locking her in position. She started hungrily thrusting her hips up at her daughter’s hips. She pulled her daughter’s lips to hers and kissed her hungrily as she approached her climax. The two women kissed ravenously with their eyes wide open as they both started to feel their orgasms coming on.

Jenny broke the kiss and looking deep into her eyes said to her lover, “Baby don’t ever leave me baby, stay with me forever. I love the way you make my body feel! I want us to be together forever!!”

Still pumping the fake cock into her lover Jesse heard her mother. She nodded her head and looked deep into her eyes and whispered part of the vow she had said the night before, “Till death do us part mommy, till death do us part.”

Jenny fully aware of what her daughter was implying pulled her daughters face close, until her lips were almost touching hers. She replied “I do,” then pulled her into another kiss.

That was all it took for the two of them, they both erupted at the same time. Both calling out each other’s names. Telling the whole world that they were cumming and that they loved each other over and over.

They lay in bed in each others arms cooling off from their good morning orgasms. They looked just like a picture of new lovers laying there. Little kisses being exchanged along with tender caresses and hugs.

Jesse was the first to say something, she had to ask now. She wanted to before they went to sleep last night but she had let it go. “Mom I need to really know something, it’s got me confused.”

Jenny knew exactly what was coming although that didn’t mean she had an answer for her baby. “What is it honey, is it about bursa ucuz escort some of the things we say to each other.?”

Jesse just nodded her head. “I just need to know what you meant last night. When you whispered to me that you would love to be mine forever. Now this morning, you said the same thing.”

“Honey I don’t know if there is an easy answer for this right now but I will try. You have to admit what we have begun here is not something most mother’s and daughter’s enjoy. I want this with all my heart and soul right now.” Jenny started to tell her daughter.

“I do…,” Jesse started to say but her mom stopped her with a finger to her lips.

“No honey let me finish this, I think its something important to both you and I. Not only do I want what we have between us, I cannot ever see me wanting this to end. You have made me realize that I don’t think of you as only my daughter anymore, but as a lover. It seems natural that we would fall in love with each other, given the feelings we already had for each other.”

“I’ll be crystal clear here honey, even though you are my daughter I know I am in love with you. I’d marry you in a heart beat. I would exchange those same vows you recited yesterday on an altar with you. But you have to calm down this side of your desires right now. If we were two people who had just met talking about marriage after three days would be nuts. But we aren’t two people who just met, we have known each other for 18 years.”

“So if you were to put me on the spot officially and ask would I marry you, I would say yes and my heart would shout with joy. But you have to stop thinking like that at least for now darling. You my dear are only eighteen, yes I know your birthday is coming, but for right now you are only eighteen. I am forty five sweetie, it wouldn’t be fair to you if I allowed you to jump into something like that right now.” she continued.

“Who is to say that in six months time or a year, or two years you might meet someone who will take your heart from me. I would not want to stand in the way of that Honey, I’d want you to follow your heart. Because before you were my lover you were my daughter. I want you to have happiness in your whole life even if it meant you meeting someone else.”

“When things come out of my mouth in the middle of an orgasm, it doesn’t mean they aren’t true. It is my inner most desires coming out, it’s what I would like in a perfect world. But I can’t just think with my heart with you, I have to still look out for you and protect you from being hurt. Please baby tell me you understand me.” Jenny finished.

“I kind of do mom,” Jesse began, “I understand you wanting what you think is best for me. It’s part of why I love you as my mom. You have always been there for me and I know you will always be there period. I also understand about your concern about me meeting someone else and wanting me to feel free to pursue that. You mentioned three time frames, six months, a year, and two years. Two years is a long time in any relationship wouldn’t you agree mommy?”

“Yes dear I would,” Jenny said holding her daughter’s head to her breast while stroking her hair.

“So basically you agreed you would marry me if I put you on the spot, but you wont because of those concerns you mentioned.” Jesse continued, feeling as close to her mother as she ever had.

“Um hmm it seems you do understand, thank you honey, I didn’t want to play with your head.”

“Wait mom, I’m not done yet,” Jesse urged.

“Since you put three time frames on the table I will pick the third one, two years. In two years I will be twenty one years old. At that time if we are still lovers and we are happy together I ask you right now, will you marry me? This is the last you will hear of it at all for the next two years too. It wont be something I bring up in bed or in conversation. This will just be an agreement between you and me, no one else will know.”

Jenny was impressed with her daughters reasoning and her approach. So much so that she smiled inside herself.

She pulled her daughter’s face to hers and whispered, “Jesse Andrews, if you still want me in two years I will be proud to be your spouse on your twenty first birthday.”

Then the two of them kissed and held each other, their emotional bond growing ever stronger by the day.

“I need a big favor from you mom,” Jesse asked.

“Anything darling, anything you want.”

“I need you to try and control your own outbursts when you cum, hold back on the being with each other forever stuff. Please, it will make it easier to wait for you.” She said smiling at her lover.

“I will do my best sweetie, you are partially to blame for that you know. If you didn’t make me want to explode every time you touched me it might be easier. But I understand and will think of something else to say to let you know how fucking hot you get me,” She answered thoughtfully.

Then as they lay there in each others arms Jesse’s nose started twitching. She picked her head up and bounced on the bed still wearing the strap-on. It was bouncing this way and that swinging with every little jump of it’s wearer.

Jenny couldn’t help but laugh and yell at her little girl, “Watch that thing, baby you can put an eye out!”

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