Jenna from the club ch 6

Jenna from the club ch 6I set my empty glass down on the table and took her hand in mine. We had only known each other for about thirty minutes, and I have to admit I was still feeling a little uneasy about how quick this was going. I didn’t know who she was, other than her name and that she was a sexy goddess. And then there was the other part of me that thought fuck it, we will get to know each other later! > > We got to know each other a little bit more as the night went on. We moved from the bar to the dance floor. I spotted Mandy with her hands around a guys waist as he gyrated his cock against her pussy. She looked over her shoulder and spotted me dancing with Jenna and winked. I swear I saw her mouthing oh my god, and could spot the slight jealousy on her face. > I had my had around Jenna’s waist and our hips snaked with one another in beat to the music. We never lost eye contact with each other the whole time. She had those come to bed eyes that could make you melt. I gave her my best sexy stare back. Whether or not it was working, I had no idea. But she pulled me closer to her and now our breasts touched, so I knew I had a some sort of effect on her. > > She kissed me again. It was only a peck on the lips, but as she pulled away she clasped my bottom lip with her teeth and pulled gently, teasing me a little. I giggled and ran my hands up her waist to pull her even tighter to me. Her perfume wafted up my nostrils. She smelled like a goddess of seduction with the sweet scent that drew people towards her in a trance. It was intoxicating. > During the slower numbers, we rested out heads on each other’s shoulders, every now and then kissing each other and nibbling on each other’s earlobes. We laughed sivas escort as we did so and then she said the four words I had wanted to hear from her all night. “Come home with me,” she said, again with her coy little smile adding to her beauty. How could I resist? And yet, knowing that she wanted to take things further, I felt like my feet were frozen to the ground and my body was paralysed. > > “Are you sure?” I asked. She didn’t respond to my question in words. Instead she ran her hand up the back of my dress and squeezed my left buttock. I jumped and squeezed her waist in response. I saw that no one was actually looking at us, but I still felt exposed with her hand squeezing my ass. I then realised that Jenna wanted to have sex with me and would be willing to make an exhibition of us both by doing me on the dance floor. I figured it would be best if we had privacy. Besides, this was what I set out to to do. > > “I’d love to,” I replied. ‘Are you local?” > She nodded and said “Don’t worry, I’m not a weirdo.” She laughed and began stroking my hand with her fingers in a way that made me want to purr like a cat. “How about it? I could show you a good time.” > > “Of course! But I’ll have to tell my friends first.” > > She walked off to the bathroom to freshen up, making sure I noticed her ass wiggling as she walked. She told me she was going to show me a good time and I didn’t think for a second that she would disappoint. I, on the other hand had only found sexual satisfaction recently from fingering myself or using a deodorant bottle as a dildo. So I was a little rusty. I had to please her in a way that would equate to the toe-curling orgasm she had in mind for me. I scurried over to the booth escort sivas and saw that only Mandy and Natalie were sitting there. “Where are the girls?” I asked them. > > Natalie took a sip of her drink and pointed to the dance floor. “They’re having a good time. I hope you are too, young lady.” > > I blushed, thinking how I was going to explain that I was going home with a girl not long after I had met her. Then I decided I would tell them straight up that the hottest girl in the world wants to eat me out until I was dry at her place. “I’ve pulled,” I said. > > They looked at each other then looked back at me. Mandy looked behind me to see if anyone was there. “Who is it?” she asked. > > I looked over and spotted Jenna coming out of the bathroom. I pointed her out to the girls and watched in delight as their mouths dropped open. They eyed her up in down and I could tell they were suddenly feeling a little wet. > > Jenna waved over at me and blew me a kiss. I pretended to catch it and rub it on my breast to be a little naughty. She bit her bottom lip and waived for me to come over. > “That’s is incredible, Claudia!” said Mandy. “She is smoking hot! I’ve never seen her before!” > > “She’s from the other side of town,” I replied. I felt a little full of myself, but I didn’t mind as it was usually the other girls that left with a good-looking girl or guy. Now it was my turn and I was going to have an incredible story to tell them tomorrow. > > I kissed the girls goodbye and made my way over to Jenna who was waiting at the door to the lobby. She held her arms out and took me in for one more passionate kiss before we left. I was never going to get tired of that slender tongue inside of me. > > It only sivas escort bayan took us five minutes to hail a cab. It was a good thing too as it began to rain. Jenna told the driver the address and we set off for her place. > As soon as we set off, she put her hand on my leg and began to stroke it. I looked at her and saw that she was leaning in for a kiss. Our lips touched and I was in heaven again. I loved the feeling of her, plump, shiny lips. I ran my tongue along them and tasted her sweet, cherry lip gloss. Her mouth sandwiched my tongue and she began to suck on it. I could only imagine the hard-on the diver was getting if he was watching us. > > Her touch felt so good, but I tried not to make any noise so as to keep the driver from either throwing us out or try to get involved. Jenna pulled away but continued to travel up my thigh with her soft hand. Before long, she was stroking the fabric of my panties. She looked at my breasts and placed her head between my exposed cleavage. I felt her tongue lick between my breasts. My heart began to race. I’d never been felt up in the back of a cab before. However, bliss came to an end as she looked up and said “This is us here, driver.” We had arrived. From the outside, her house looked stunning. I knew a girl like her would make sure the inside was just as lovely. She paid the driver and we got out. My legs were a little shaky from our back seat romp and had no doubt that it certainly had some effect on Jenna. > > The street was quiet and the only noise came from our heels clicking on the ground. We held hands until we got to her front door. She gave me a quick peck on the cheek and then opened the door. > > I was so happy to see that she kept a lovely home. The smell of sweet air freshener filled my nose. Her decor was modern with the slightest theme of dark pinks and purples. She took my hand again and led me towards the living room. > > “You have a lovely living room,” I remarked.

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