Jennifer and Harry Pt. 03


When Jennifer saw a man who she thought might be Harry, she immediately felt relief that he did indeed show up. In the back of her mind, she feared that the whole thing was a hoax. She feared that perhaps he was not really who he claimed to be. She also felt the joy in her heart that the warmth of his smile brought to her upon their eyes meeting for the first time. He looked just like the picture he emailed to her, and as she got closer, she could see him holding a little sign that read, “I’m Harry!”

He took her hands while standing back and gazing admiringly at her from head to toe. Harry gave her a big hug, and politely kissed her on the cheek. She was immediately attracted to him. He was a tall, handsome man, with narrow hips and broad shoulders. She was amazed that a man in his mid-forties could look so masculine and toned. He routinely shaved his head and preferred jeans and boots to any other lower body attire. Harry suggested they go to a little coffee shop in the airport terminal to review options for their first day together.

“Yeah right, Harry…,” she thought . “Here is my itinerary. How about we go to your house and you fuck me silly, then go out for a bite to eat, come back, and lick, suck and fuck the night away.”

She did not want to take away from his interest in planning a nice day for them so she listened somewhat attentively to the options offered. As she listened, she tuned into the small details of this man that only served to make her want him more than she could have ever imagined. Jennifer was fetishistic about little things having to do with a man’s personal appearance. Harry surpassed all of her standards. His nails were well manicured, not in a sissy way, but in a very masculine manor suggesting that the little things were important to him too. His eyebrows were perfectly groomed, there was no ear or nose hair visible, he wore a trendy watch, and his skin had a healthy glow to it. Finally, he had absolutely beautiful teeth. He talked about his favorite area of London and the many fun pubs around there, he checked with her regarding her interest in tourist attractions, and wondered what kind of cuisine she enjoyed.

There was only one standard left for Jennifer to investigate. Actually, there were two, but the second would have to wait till they were naked. She spoke his name softly, “Harry, this might sound silly, but I need you to whisper a secret in my ear.” Jennifer believed that catching a man off guard and observing his response said a lot about the man.

Harry was a bit surprised by the request, thought for a moment, leaned over, and breathlessly whispered, “Really Jennifer, what I fancy is to fuck the shit out of you.” She was now completely insane with desire. She smiled sheepishly, feeling the moisture deep within her pussy seeping to the surface.

“Lets just play and allow the day to take us where it will,” she shyly suggested. With that, they headed off to the tube bound for London proper.

After a short ride and Harry running little circles along the back of Jennifer’s hand, they arrived at a trendy area of London. He suggested a little pub that he was familiar with, and after a few pints of a rather dark, bitter tasting ale, she became distracted by her lack of undergarments juxtaposed against the animal magnetism of this handsome man. Harry spoke of the recent happenings in London, and a bit about his bartending antics when Jennifer interrupted, ” Harry, I have had a long trip. I currently have no underwear on, my cunt is well lubricated, my nipples are obviously erect, and you are the most exciting man I have ever had the pleasure of talking with. Can we please go to your house? We’ll figure out dinner plans after I have my way with you.” Harry smiled a wry smile, signaled for the check, and off they went.

She was surprised at the small dimensions of his apartment. He lived in a one bedroom flat with a tiny kitchenette. There was no shower, just a bathtub, and the floorboards creaked as she walked through his entryway. She made herself comfortable in his poorly decorated living room. None of this really mattered to her, but his flat certainly stood in sharp contrast to her large and stylishly Midwest suburban home. She found herself surprisingly bold as she straddled his lap soon after he settled onto the couch. She put her arms around his neck and kissed him passionately. Their mouths hungrily female agent porno explored each other. As she rubbed the crack of her ass against his lap, she could feel his growing erection. She reached down to caress his cock through his jeans, feeling both the length and the girth that awaited her mouth and genitals. She was practically panting as she knelt in front of him, undoing his jeans.

“Sweetheart, allow me to…,” he started to say, until Jennifer interrupted.

” Harry, just lean back on the couch and let me enjoy your cock. I’ve been dreaming of this moment for months.” Almost breathless, she whispered, ” You know dear, when I left you that hot message on your voice mail, it was this moment that made me so horny. I so want to devour your cock.” Harry reclined on the couch and surrendered to her passions.

She pulled down his jeans to uncover a most magnificent cock. It was thick, well veined, long, but not too long, and with the prettiest head she could have ever imagined. He kept his pubic hairs well trimmed, and displayed his shaved his balls and perineum for her. She ran her hand up from his balls, rubbing the heel of her hand along his muscular shaft, pressing his meat against his belly and ending her first stroke of the cock she had been dreaming about for the last several months with a firm grip on the head of his masculinity.

“Ooooh!” she gasped as her hand slid easily over his moistened gland. Jennifer licked the head of his penis lightly at first, but in short order, could no longer contain herself and wrapped her lips around his swollen dick. She bobbed her head down to the rim of his swollen gland and back to the tip several times with a hunger that excited her and made him moan with pleasure. She reached up to pinch his nipples while continuing to slide his cock deep inside her mouth.

She was crazy with desire, continuing to move her head up and down his shaft while pinching his nipples so hard that she could hear him gasp. He did not pull away nor say a word. In fact, he seemed to be offering his body for her pleasure, arching his back, and presenting his now erect nipples for her to torture at will. She continued to lick, suck, slurp and otherwise devour his cock. As she felt him start to tense up, she listened carefully to his breathing, taking him right to the edge of climax and then retreating.

“Oh my god,” he gasped, “That’s was the closest I’ve ever come to orgasm without actually releasing. It was like an internal wave of pleasure!” He was tingling and over-stimulated, just like she wanted him.

She stood in from of him as he writhed with passion. Jennifer slowly removed her black cashmere sweater to reveal her beautiful perky breasts. She slowly kicked off her tennis shoes, dropped her jeans, and standing in front of him, she rubbed her aching pussy. She demanded that he remove his clothes. Harry started to get up from the couch but in uncharacteristic fashion, she demanded that he remain reclining on the couch. “Take your fucking clothes off , lay down and put your hands over your head,” she panted. Harry was a bit stunned by her taking control of the situation, but was too excited and overwhelmed by her sexuality to argue. He did as he was told.

Feeling very powerful, she climbed on the couch, squatting over his face. She put a couch cushion under his head, and positioned him so that he had a comfortable view of her pussy. While deliberately placing his face between her thighs, she slowly traced her finger along her now engorged lips and spread her juices around the outside of her pussy. She ran her finger the length of her slit, stopping at her clitoris to trace light circles around it. She turned to look at his cock, which was now pointing straight towards her, hard as a rock, and dripping with pre-cum.

“You have an amazingly beautiful pussy,” he whispered in a very sexy British accent.

No longer able to contain herself, she reached between her legs, shifting back along his body, grabbing his cock and plunging herself down on it. She could feel the pressure and passion of his manhood filling her little vagina completely. By now, she was so moist and ready that it slipped in fully and completely. The sense of fullness and completion ran up her abdomen, a wave seemed to come over her breasts, and ultimately her head was filled with the passions percolating down female fake taxi porno below. She put both hands on his chest, braced herself on her knees, and slid herself up and down his thick, long shaft. She could feel her ass slapping against him and when he started furiously thrusting to meet her own movements, she could feel his balls slapping against her ass. They fucked like animals in heat.

Refusing to give in to her urge for an orgasm, Jennifer lifted herself off of this amazing man, and told him to get on the floor. He, of course, complied. She then turned her back to him, and squatted down to take his cock again. As she did so, she noticed that her pussy was gapped open, her vaginal lips were dangling and she was dripping with desire. She had never felt more open, more exposed, or more powerfully sexual. While squatting so that only her pussy touched the head of his cock, she braced herself on the chair in front of her and slid her pussy up and down the length of his shaft.

The sight of her ass moving up and down, and the joy of watching her pussy lips hug his fully engorged shaft on the upstroke was more than he could take. Harry exclaimed, “Oh fuck me baby, take it all…ahhh, yes…I’m cuming, cuming for you, here it comes baby.”

She braced herself in anticipation of the explosion that was about to take place deep inside her. With a white knuckled grip on the chair in front of her, she felt his body jerking and felt a warm flood filling her. She savored the moment for what seemed like an eternity.

Eventually, she lifted herself off him, and while sitting in the chair she used to brace herself moments earlier, crossed her legs so as to prevent any of his semen from escaping. She examined his now limp cock resting heavily along his thigh. He smiled at the sight of this beautiful woman and asked, “What shall we do for dinner, Jen?”

“I really don’t want to leave the apartment, I want to stay naked and enjoy you here,” she said. Harry offered to call for Indian food from the little take away restaurant down the street. In a short time, the food arrived and they enjoyed a nice meal filled with dishes unfamiliar to her. She ate wrapped in a warm blanket. After another pint of ale, she was ready to retire to the bedroom.

Harry took her hand, leading her to his smallish bedroom. It was cluttered, and obvious that a man “on the go” lived here. His carefree lifestyle only made her want him more.

Resting on the bed, Harry traced light touches on her stomach, and gazed at her, as if he was spellbound by her beautiful skin, tussled hair, and beautiful brown eyes. She wanted more of him, but was exhausted from her travels. She was also rather self conscious about the fact that she had not washed, and her pussy was still laced with his semen.

Harry offered to give her a nightcap. She wondered what he meant by that, but in short order, it was clear that he wanted to taste her pussy. “Hold on babe, let me freshen up a bit,” she said. Harry was too full of desire to let her out of his sights.

“Can I come with darling? May I please wash your genitals for you?” he begged. Now there’s an offer she’d never heard before. Walking to the bathroom, she was very self conscious but her lust had long ago taken over.

Bashfully, Jennifer whispered, “Harry, I have to tinkle.” He smiled and asked that she allow him to be present while she peed.

He explained, “Go ahead sweetheart, It’s kind of a turn on for me.” She was shocked by his admission, but as she thought about it, also found it wildly erotic.

“Uh…well, ok,” Jennifer said. She assumed her usual position and began to pee. As she did so, Harry stood in front of her, massaging her breasts, and positioning himself so that his semi-erect penis was inches from her mouth. When she was done, she reached up to take his heavy and ample cock in her hand. While sitting on the toilet, she rubbed his shaved balls and perineum while taking his cock into her mouth. She could feel it stiffening to her touch.

“Mmm… dirty, nasty, bathroom sex,” she thought to herself as she savored his delicious cock. She ran circles around his cock with her tongue and bravely ran her fingers along his smooth perineum. She cautiously began fingering his asshole. He moaned with surprising delight as she probed his ass while sliding her mouth up and down fuck in traffic his cock yet again.

She begged, “Cum for me again, Harry.” She removed her fingers from his apparently wanting asshole and stroked his cock while simultaneously sliding her mouth up and down his throbbing head. He placed both hands against the wall behind the toilet, bracing himself while throwing his head back in pleasure. She could feel her lips growing numb and her jaws getting sore as she continued her oral assault. She loved the sight of his well muscled abs tensing as he thrust himself into her mouth.

“Mmm, here baby, let me finish,” whispered Harry. He stepped back to masturbate himself in front of her. While still sitting on the toilet, she opened her mouth, as if begging to be fed, and rubbed her pussy. Harry panted, “Oh yeah…you want it? You want it?” He continued to jerk himself off as he pleaded with her, “Tell me baby! Tell me what you need.” He grabbed her hair and positioned her face. Jennifer stopped rubbing her aching pussy and squeezed her breasts while allowing her mouth to open as a natural response to having her hair pulled. She closed her eyes and could hear his moans of pleasure as he was about to unleashed his load for a second time.

“Cum on my face and tits!” she finally declared. Within seconds, his cum laced her lips and dotted her breasts. Jennifer licked her lips to take him in. Jennifer, now almost completely spent, panted, “Mmmm, your cum feels so good on me. I hate to wash it off, but please, Harry, let me rinse off and I promise I will be right in.”

“Ok, sweetheart, don’t be long,” he said.

Jennifer needed a moment to herself, as she felt rather psychotic. She was overwhelmed with the intensity of the day. She thought back to yesterday morning when she said goodbye to her loving husband and children. She recalled forgetting to call her family upon her arrival, and began feeling like a little whore. “Don’t do this to yourself,” she thought. “You have spend the last 20 years frustrated and fantasizing about a weekend like this. Relax…enjoy it, just stay in the moment.” She coached herself into being able to stay calm enough to wash her genitals and rinse the semen from her breasts. She rinsed her mouth, looked at herself in the mirror and realized that she looked tired but fantastically sexual.

Upon returning to the bedroom, she rested her head on the pillow, closed her eyes, and enjoyed the sounds of the occasional car passing in the night. As she started to drift off, it was apparent that Harry was not done with her yet. He rubbed her breasts and ran his hand down her freshly washed crotch. Only half conscious, she allowed him to spread her legs. She felt the warmth of his tongue exploring her inner thighs, teasing light traces along her slit. His tongue parted her vaginal lips, and before long, she was aching and panting in anticipation and exhaustion. Harry grabbed her knees and pulled her over to the side of the bed . She moved like a rag doll. He pushed her legs up to expose her glistening pussy and her sweet puckered asshole.

Jennifer felt totally exposed and loved it. Too tired to put up any kind of a fight, she allowed him to licked and probe her asshole with his tongue. She moaned in a hazy delight, and found herself relaxing enough to open herself to him once again. As she did so, she could feel her sphincter relaxing and aching to be ass fucked with his tongue. She begged, “Mmm, push your tongue in more.” He licked lustfully at her anal sphincter and probed with his tongue. Having moistened her asshole completely, he gently inserted one finger, and then two.

He pushed Jennifer’s legs back down so they dangled off the edge of the bed. Harry was kneeling in front of her, with his fingers gently probing her now well lubricated asshole. He placed his mouth gently but directly on her clit. Tracing slow, lustful circles around her swollen gland while his fingers gently massaged her deep inside her ass, he could feel her pressing her pussy hungrily against his exploring mouth and fingers.

Jennifer thought, “Oh my god, here I cum again!” She felt the waves coming and tried to relax enough to allow for a gentle but intense orgasm to take over. Harry could feel her sphincter tighten as she came. He relished the feel of her pussy throbbing in his mouth and her asshole squeezing his fingers.

Within seconds, Jennifer’s eyes rolled back into her head and she was on her way to sleep. Fleeting images of the limo driver, the woman on the plane, the living room sex, and bathroom sex filled her senses. She smiled as she as she nuzzled into the chest of this magnificent male and drifted off to sleep.

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