Jenn’s New Job Ch. 05


After that hedonistic sex party, my new boss must have gotten crazy amounts of shit from his new wife, because he was always at work and expecting me to be there too. I didn’t get to see Jenn much, since she was so busy running other sex parties. The boss brought her by to run another in the boardroom one week, but we didn’t get a chance to fuck otherwise for a few weeks.

It was great to blow off steam, and blow another load in Jenn’s ass, but the boss’s wife must have heard about it too because after that he began working us even harder. I was making good money, but the job was killing me. Plus, I had to balance the books, and it turned out he had spent company money bringing in Jenn and her friends to fuck the boardroom. I was astonished both at what Jenn was making, but also frustrated because I didn’t see how I could keep this sinking ship of a company afloat — it wasn’t just Jenn that he paid for sex on the company dime, and he was buying his wife make-up gifts on the same dime.

Finally Jenn and I made plans for lunch, a “real business-type lunch” as she called it, in a private section of our favourite sushi place, where we could talk about private matters like our jobs (hers a bit more private than mine!) without people listening. She showed up in a stunning but professional pantsuit, looking like a lawyer or something. This was a girl I’d seen take cock after cock in a gangbang, but if one of those cocks hadn’t been mine, I would never have guessed it.

In the private section where the waitress seated us, the table was set into a recess in the wall, so that a couple could sit together, side-by-side against the back wall, and the waitress would approach from the front through a beaded curtain. It wasn’t totally private – you could look through the curtain and see people, and they could see you, but the side walls kept your talk fairly private. The waitress brought us green tea and ice water and we settled together against the back wall.

“It seems like your new job is şişli escort going better than mine,” I said. “You make lots of money and fuck constantly. I work too much and try to cover up the fact that my boss is blowing my year’s salary on hookers and jewels every month.”

“My job is good for now. But I can’t keep it up forever. I’m not exactly paying into a pension. And who’s going to want to fuck my ass when I’m forty, or fifty? Well, fuck it for good money, anyway.”

“You’ll be set before then. I wouldn’t worry too much about it.”

“My point is that there’s a glass ceiling of sorts for what I do. Plus, to be perfectly honest, my ass is getting sore.”

I started to laugh and choked a little on my drink. “I hope you’re not giving up ass-fucking!”

“No, no, but you know what I mean. But anyway, I think I have a solution for both of our problems.”

“Me winning the lottery, and just fucking your mouth for a while.”

“Better.” Jenn smiled. “I’ve got some big plans. In a few days I want you to meet me here,” she wrote an address down on the back of a business card – Jenn had business cards now! I turned it over to read “Jenn – Professional Slut. Fucking you crazy since 2011.”


“Do you know what you want? I can see her coming back.”

I popped the card in my pocket and scooped up the menu. I could feel Jenn’s hand idly land on my leg – since she was seated beside me it was the natural place for a lowered hand. It amazed me how she could move from professional to affectionate to wild in a heartbeat. “What do you think, Jenn, maybe share a few combos?”

The waitress parted the beaded curtain and entered the little alcove for our order. “Well, what do you suggest?” Jenn asked the waitress. As the girl started running through the specials, I felt Jenn’s hand rising to my zipper. She yanked it down quietly and reached in to pull out my cock.

I didn’t quite realize what she was doing until she had done it. The tablecloth covered ist esc up everything, but I froze anyway, somehow thinking the waitress would see – while she smiled and recited the specials, and Jenn smiled and pretended to be listening, my cock was growing as Jenn stroked it in a tight grip under the table. The poor waitress thought I was interested in the soft shell crab while only a few feet away Jenn had my cock at attention, in the open air.

“Well, is there anything the chef would recommend?” Jenn was dragging it out – she liked the fact that the girl was oblivious to the handjob happening right in front of her. I just tried to act natural and not moan.

“Let’s just have combos 4 and 6,” I managed. The girl smiled and started away. Jenn squeezed my cock hard, a little displeased.

“You’re nuts,” I said, once the waitress had gone.

“Oh, so you want me to stop?”

“I didn’t say that.”

Jenn reached over to her glass of water and scooped out an ice cube. She transferred it under the table to press it against my cock – I inhaled sharply as the cold ice hit my dick, it hurt at first but started to feel good as she rubbed it up and down, jerking me off with both hands now, the ice adding a cool sensation as it melted and lubed me up.

I barely noticed when the waitress returned – my face was contorted a bit, and I tried to give her a reassuring smile, but she seemed to know something was unusual although she didn’t clue in as to what. Jenn was adept at this – she jerked me up and down, vigorous, but barely moved her upper body so it wasn’t even apparent to the waitress anything was going on. She probably thought we were just holding hands.

As the waitress bent over to set the soup and sunomono salad down, her low-cut blouse flashed me some of her ample cleavage – she was a petite Japanese girl but had some nice plump tits. As aroused as I was, I almost came, and had to stifle a moan a bit by coughing a little, awkwardly.

The waitress left again, besiktas escort but Jenn had noticed. “You liked her tits, eh? Think she’d be a good fuck?”

“Not like you.”

“Think she’s got any panties under that skirt? Almost criminal the way these waitresses dress, short skirts and low-cut tops, hey?” The ice cube had melted by now and her warm hands were stroking my cock for all they were worth, one circling the head and the other moving up and down my shaft.

“Stop talking like that, you’re going to make me cum.”

“I want you to cum, moron.” She stopped rubbing my cockhead and raised her arm up to drink her tea. The waitress brought the sushi platters out while Jenn emptied her drink. The Japanese girl eyed the untouched food a little suspiciously, but didn’t say anything. All I could think about now was fucking the girl, that maybe she wasn’t wearing panties after all, that I could maybe just bend her over the table and slide my tongue into her pussy for dessert.

The girl left again and Jenn popped a dynamite roll in her mouth. “Yummy. Okay, you need to come before the soup gets cold.” She brought her teacup under the table and pushed it over my cockhead.

“Come on, cum for me.” Jenn yanked my shaft while pressed the warm cup over my cockhead. “Think about that girl’s tits, about them jiggling while you fuck her. Think about how hot her pussy would be, how tight. You could fuck it while she licked my pussy. You could pull out and cum all over her plump tits, I’d even squeeze them together for you. I’d shove them in my mouth, and suck them while you came, your load would shoot all over her tits and my face, and I’d lick it up—”

That was enough for me. I shot my load into Jenn’s teacup – she smiled and milked me for a bit, squeezing out my cum as I slumped back in the booth.

I popped a tuna roll into my mouth and smiled. Jenn brought her teacup out from under the table to show me – my load filled the small cup about a third of the way up, she swirled it a bit and giggled.

The waitress popped her head in again, noticing that we’d finally begun to touch the food. “Everything good? Tasty?”

“Delicious,” Jenn said, winking as she raised the cup to suck my cum down her throat.

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