Jenny, Tanya and friends


Jenny, Tanya and friendsMike was in touch with Jenny again, they spoke on the phone and arranged to meet at a Coffee shop in town, Jenny had asked if she could bring her house-mate Tanya with her, Mike had agreed and then told her that as usual he would like to see them both in the clothes that she wore for him to turn him on, specifically short pleated skirt buttoned white blouse and high-heeled shoes. Jenny agreed then Mike asked that they both wear a school tie as well, and that they would be going to a friend’s house after.Mike was in the Coffee shop, Jenny and Tanya came in, Mike said ” You are both lovely!” ” Thanks Mike!” they chorused, ” We wanted to look sexy, where are we going later?” ” Tell you in a while, let’s have our coffee” They sat and had their drinks, then Mike told them ” Right, you both agreed you had been naughty Girls and needed punishment, didn’t you?” ” Yes Mike !” they both said. ” Tanya, I had to spank you last night, you will both be getting a lot more than that today, and my friend Lyn is going to assist, she works as a Dominatrix and she won’t charge but we are going to her Punishment Room!” ” OOOOOH” said Jenny! ” Yes girls you are both to be thrashed then Jenny, I am going to fuck you, and Tanya, Lyn wants to make love with you, I showed her a photo!” They set off for Lyn’s place, Mike had a key they avcılar escort went in, Lyn met them, dressed in a black leather mini-dress with buttons down the front, high black PVC boots to within 12″ of her dress, 4″ heels, a riding crop stuck in a pocket on the right-hand boot, she had lovely shoulder length auburn hair!” Hi Mike, these the two you told me about? I like the one youv’e got for me!” Mike said” Yes Darling , let’s have a good afternoon, by the way girls, Lyn and I think you should be restrained, is that OK?” ” OK with me ” said Jenny, ” Me too!” said Tanya. ” OK Upstairs with you!” said Lyn, she leaned over to Jenny and said ” mike will be getting a bit from ME as well!”In the middle of the room was a chromium tubular steel device with a black leather padded top, straps attached to it, a mirror at its top end and a tall floor mirror behind where the persons bottom would be. Lyn said ” Jenny, take your panties off and stand against that frame, push yourself against it and reach forward to near the mirror! Mike, strap her down please! Tanya, you go and lie on that whipping bench and remove your knickers!” Lyn tied Tanya down with soft rope, watched as Mike secured Jenny with a wide leather strap around her middle, two well spread thigh restraints above her knees (she was almost on tip-toe) and two leather manacles for her wrists, beylikdüzü escort Jenny had a view through the mirror of both her skirted bottom and Mike standing behind her, she quivered in anticipation! Tanya was allowed one hand free to put in her pussy, jenny was not!” Right!” said Lyn ” Which way do you want to do this Sweetheart?” ” Well ” said Mike, ” Lets give them 50 each, what do you have? Nothing TOO severe!” Lyn fetched a 4’0″ long dressage whip, 1/4 long at the end, and gave Mike a 3′ long senior rattan cane, said “I will do Jenny first, are you ready Jenny?” ” Yes Mistress!” said Jenny, Lyn raised the whip, brought it down on the lovely bottom, a red weal sprang up! ” OOOOOOOH!” wept Jenny, ” Loads more of those Girl called Mike as he was getting read to cane Tanya! Mike swung the cane carefully, caught Tanya just where the bottom meets the thighs, right on the sweet spot! ” OOOOOOH THAT’S FUCKING LOVELY!!!” yelled Tanya, ” Don’t stop!!” Mike gave Tanya another 50 she was sobbing and had 2 orgasms, ” OH HELL WHAT NEXT?” Mike said ” the whip from Lyn!”Lyn meanwhile had been dealing with naughty Jenny, her bottom was covered in thin red lines, she was crying but had not come, Lyn said ” last one, then the cane from Mike!” She swished the wip down as hard as she could! ” OOOOOOOOOOOOHHHHH!!!!!” went Jenny, ” THAT HURT!!!”Mike esenyurt escort and Lyn swapped over, Lyn said to Tanya, ” I am going to be quick and gentle with you because i want your pussy after, but carry on crying!!” She laid 50 fairly mils strokes on Tanya’s red wealed bottom then untied her, they both went over to Jenny and Mike.Mike was thrashing Jenny carefully, he did not believe in damaging people, he filled in between the whipmarks with his cane, also gave Jenny 25 across her upper thighs that Lyn had not touched! Lyn said ” Fantastic!” Jenny said “OOOOOWWW can I get up now?” ” No ” said Lyn, Mike is going to fuck you, Mike TAKE YOUR TROUSERS DOWN!” Mike walked to Jenny, slipped his rock-hard cock into her while still tied down, Lyn came to him, using the rope she had secures Tanya with, tied his wrists to Jenny’s,” Now Tanya, watch this!” Lyn fetched a really thick cane, and while Mike was humping Jenny started to thrash his bottom with the cane, 12 times! Jenny shouted ” Every time you hit him his cock throbs and sort of pulses!!!!!” ” Good!” said Lyn, ” Here is some more then, after I am going to lick Tanya out!” She laid on another 24, Jenny had one masive orgasm, ” Oh fucking hell I’m COMING!!!!!” Lyn let the two free, took Tanya to her bedroom, showed mike and Jenny the Guest room, Mike said” Not so quick Lyn, Grabbed her, sat down on a chair, pulled her over his knee, took out the riding crop and whipped her bottom for 10 minutes! Lyn was kicking her legs and squeaking, Mike lifted her up and kissed her then went off to fuck Jenny.

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