Jeremy’s Journal: Hot Summer Day


Honestly, I love the summer. It’s the time of the year where women are mostly naked. You see the shape and size of their breasts and nipples through their tops and the shorts or skirts are really short. This summer though was unlike all I had remembered. It was sweltering, no matter what time of the day or night, the wind felt like a furnace. The weather report said it would be like that for a few days, some people had already been to hospital for dehydration and heatstroke.

I was looking lustfully at Candy as she walked around the house naked. Her body glistening as beads of sweat raced down her body. There was a particular bead of sweat that slowly crept down her breast on to her areola and finally stopped at her nipple. It seemed to be every bit as lustful as I was as it just clung to her nipple. Candy was busy doing some light chores around the house and her house didn’t have any air conditioning…mainly because the weather never required her to get one before. I was grateful, she just walked around busying herself in all her naked glory.

I was transfixed by the light bouncing of her breasts as she walked, the beads of sweat running down her stomach and a few even reaching her beautifully trimmed mound. The movements of her butt also had me transfixed. Every movement that she made…got me thinking, “hmm that position is interesting.” Finally after finishing up with her domestic duties she wiped her forehead to wick away some sweat and said, “shower time.”

Every two hours we were talking a cold shower just to keep our body temperatures down. Despite the cold showers…it was latin sex tapes porno pretty hot. We took showers together (to save on water) and just took advantage of this new level of sexual interaction. She carefully tied her long hair into a bun atop her head and after doing so she turned around, grabbed my cock and pulled me into the shower. With the heat of the day under the cold water next to this beautiful, naked woman, it didn’t take long for my dick to feel like a volcano about to erupt.

As we stepped under the cold water sending goose pimples across our bodies, I grabbed her by the waist and pulled her into me and kissed her. She laughed as her tongue entered my mouth. She began stroking my shaft and I moved both my hands on her butt cheeks and squeezed them. I followed the contours of her posterior slowly with my fingers and slid them between her cheeks then as I reached her tailbone. I pressed my palms of her butt and moved my hands down and around her ass. When my hands got to the lowest curve, I squeezed her butt again, even if I wanted to stop…it just felt right so I continued.

As my hands and her bottom where interacting, I was enjoying her erect nipples pressing into my lower chest and both her hands had slid down and around my balls and shaft. Candy cupped and fondled my balls with one hand and firmly held and slowly stroked my cock with the other. My hips began to thrust into her stomach and she laughed. She stopped and reached for her body wash,”do you mind smelling like a chick?” As long as I smell like you…I don’t mind. We weren’t going lezbiyen porno anywhere anyhow so why not. She squeezed some of the gel into her hands, lathered them up with some water and then began soaping my chest, back and arms. She purposely passed over my dick and went straight to my legs and looked at me with a mischievous grin. “I think this area needs to special attention.” Getting some more of her shower gel she began to give my cock a spa treatment level massage. Slowly and purposefully making every moment and movement as pleasurable as possible.

I was about to cum right there in her hands until I stopped myself, “one good deed deserves another.” It was my turn to get my hands on her body. I turned her around and after lathering my hands I pressed my cock against her butt cheeks and began to rub my hands on her back and soaped her arms. Holding her hands out, I ran my hands down her sides and soaped her stomach. After applying more of her gel, I put my hands on her big, beautiful rounded breasts and slowly made circles around them. I made sure to lift them and get under as my thumbs made little rubbing motions on her nipples. She closed her eyes and moaned, a sound I loved and was addicted to making her do. I started sucking on her earlobe and as one hand continued to fondle her breasts, my other hand was dragged down her stomach and finally to her vagina. Her body relaxed and she parted her legs a little.

I rubbed her pussy a little with my fingers back and forth and making circles every now and again and once I felt her moistness I slipped my finger into her pussy. She liseli porno grabbed my hand…not to stop but to support herself as it seemed she was enjoying the moment. She tilted her buttocks towards me and my cock slipped from between her butt cheeks and was now between her legs. With my finger still inside her I began to press my cock along her slit. At this point I think we both lost control. She spun around, dropped to her knees and grabbed my dick and sucked it a few times and then with a fire in her eyes said, “fuck me.”

I slammed her against the bathroom wall and her legs wrapped around me. I raised her up so I could penetrate her and like a dog in heat I just jammed my cock inside her and with wild, erratic and jerky movements. I continued to push balls deep into the hot embrace of her tight pussy. We were gasping for breath in each other’s face as the water continued to cascade down our faces when I heard her began to pant rapidly and then she eventually held her breath. I thought she had stopped breathing but she then exhaled loudly and I knew that now it was my time to cum. I continued to fill her pussy with every inch of my dick, I think I was about to pass out with all the lustful hormones pumping through me but I then pulled out of her vagina and pressed my cock into her stomach where her hands grabbed on to it and furiously jerked me until I came.

As I started my post sex high, we both laughed and it was odd that we were both sweating. After a few moments and soaping up each other again. We walked out of her shower and as we were drying off, I kissed her again and I asked her if she enjoyed her shower. “It keeps getting better as the day goes by, I can hardly wait for the next one.” She replied. Exiting the bathroom towards the bedroom and looking at her naked body in movement I started counting down the minutes to take a shower with her again.

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