Subject: Jeremy’s Life Of Chocolate 3 First off, I apologize for the delay, prepping for Hurricane Irma has drained me(not in the good way) I haven’t found the time to submit my 3rd installment but here it is, with part 4 close behind. This story is completely fiction, written by an author over the age of 18. All names, places, descriptions, and events are purely fictional and any relation to any real person is purely coincidental. This work contains intimate acts between adult males and youth over the age of 11 but under 18 years old, if that scenario offends you, please discontinue reading any further. As an avid reader of the stories I prefer to know the age scenario in certain writings up front or in the first 2-3 paragraphs. As a writer, I’ve elected to place that information ahead of the story. Adult male: mid to late 30s and 40s Male youth: 11, 12 Author retains all rights to story and no duplication or publication of this story is allowed, except by the web sites to which it has been posted, without the consent of the author. I love Nifty, this site free to those that like to read the stories. Nifty welcomes any and all contributions to keep this site going. Feel free to make donations to fty/donate.html ************************************************************************** The phone buzzed again, notifying that only 18 percent of battery life remained, that’s what must have made it light up and buzz the first time. I had a short window to snoop before the phone cut off for good. I delve deeper into the correspondence between Ray and Mr. Willis. This one dated back February 4, 2013. 11:37PM. “HEY RAY, I NEED YOU TO COME BY MY HOUSE. I KNOW IT’S LATE BUT IT CAN’T WAIT” “NO PROBLEM GREG, I’M ON MY WAY” Another one 3 days later from Mr. Willis. “I HAD A TALK WITH ASH. HE TOLD ME ABOUT THE OTHER NIGHT, WE NEED TO TALK RAY” Oh shit! My eyes didn’t believe any of what I was reading, Ashton and Ray? Messing around? He fed that big black dragon to Ashton? There was this big circle of sex going on and I only knew half of the story. I was turned on but I was also filled with a good pint of jealously. I was jealous that Ashton got to Ray before me, I thought I was his first piece of young white boy tail. Another part of me was upset that Ashton held back on telling me, I thought the night we messed around was his first time. Yeah, so I might as well spill it and tell you what happened. After Christmas break the next time I hung out with Ashton was Spring Break of 2013, this was right before our friendship hit the rocks. His dad planned a two day trip to Busch Gardens Tampa.; It would be me, Ashton, Mr. Willis, Mrs. Willis and Ashton’s two sisters. My mom was reluctant to grant permission but she eventually caved. I stayed the night and it felt weird at first, Mr. Willis didn’t make eye contact with me throughout dinner. Was he mad at me? Was that night-my first time that forgettable for him? All of these thoughts ran laps in my mind. “Ash, make sure you’re packed and ready to go, we’re leaving no later than 7am” Mr. Willis finally spoke in my direction, only because his son was sitting next to me. “I’m already packed dad” Ashton replied with what we all knew was a flat out lie. Mr. Willis got up to grab a napkin or something from the kitchen, I was more focused on the way his gym shorts were wrapped around his beefy bubble butt. With every foot planted step his ass shook and jiggled. “What about you Jeremiah? Didn’t leave any bags at home this time, did you?” Mr. Willis finally spoke to me with a cocked grin as he sat back down. I studied his eyes, his hair, his succulent lips, the manly stubble that covered his cheeks and jawline, there was nothing about Mr. Willis that I didn’t lust. The hormones began to fire up just taking in his view. “I-I’m ready. Didn’t forget anything this time.” I snapped out of the gaze and replied. “Honey, you know Jeremiah’s parents are thinking about hiring me to do a total kitchen renovation this summer” He spoke to his wife. “That’s good, as long as it doesn’t interfere with our summer trip” Snobby bitch, she was. Mrs. Willis was nothing like my mother, my mother actually cared about my dad’s work, she cooked, cleaned and had a full time job too. Mrs. Willis didn’t do any of that and she treated Ashton and her husband like shit. “Ashton and Jeremiah I don’t want you two staying up too late, we have a 2 hour drive ahead of us” Okay, he was officially acting weird. ‘Jeremiah?’ What was with this formal crap? I needed to find a time to talk with him alone. After dinner Ashton and I went to the living room to hang out and watch TV. “This is my first time going to Busch Gardens” I confessed. “Really? Dude you’re gonna like it. The coasters are insane, especially Sheirka, that shit is intense” “Language” The sound of Mr. Willis filled the room along with his thick, solid frame. “Dad, Jeremy has never been to Busch Gardens!” Ashton teased about it. “Is that right? Well, if you’re into amusement parks, you’re gonna be in for some fun. Willis Family style!” He looked at me and cracked that irresistible grin that would melt the straightest man’s heart. “Damn right!” Ashton chimed in. “Language” He scolded his son again. “I was just in your room Ash and you haven’t packed one thing, go take care of that” Ashton sucked his teeth and stood up. “Come on Jeremy” “No, Jeremy is watching TV, YOU go pack your shit, he’ll be here when you get back” He cocked another grin at me and floated a wink in my direction. Mr. Willis was orchestrating some one on one time for us, which is perfect because I wanted to talk to him. Ashton cut his eyes at me and rolled them towards his father and exited the room. He knew something was up, he had to. I sat up from my sunken slouch on the sectional. I fixed my shirt that was riding up and showing my embarrassing şişli escort baby gut. I wasn’t built like Ashton, I wasn’t rail thin or even muscle toned, I was just an 11 year old boy being ushered into puberty with clothes from the husky section of JC Penny’s. Mr. Willis plopped down and flung his tree trunk leg over the arm of the oversized chair. I was 3 feet away from his exposed meaty thigh and perfect bulge that rested underneath his shorts. “So, never been, huh?” He broke the silence that had reached the 20 second mark. “Nope. First time.” I replied and didn’t say much else. Mr. Willis pulled out his phone and began fiddling on it. “Hey come check this out Jeremy” I stood up, walked over and took place beside him. He turned his phone screen towards me and showed a Youtube video of a rollercoaster. “This is Montu. One of my favorite coasters at the park. You aren’t scared of coasters are you?” “No sir, I’ve been on a few at some fairs” I replied. “Well, this is a step up from that, you’re gonna like it.” I began to move back to the couch when Mr. Willis reached out and took hold of my wrist. “Where are you going?” He asked. I was really confused, all day he said the minimal to me. Whenever I looked in his direction his eyes were elsewhere. I assumed he’d forgotten about me and moved on. “I don’t know. You said that it was just beginning then we never…you know, did that again. I assumed you forgot about me and moved on” “Forgot? How is that even possible” Mr. Willis pulled me closer and wrapped around me, resting his forearm on my plump bottom. “All I’ve done is think about you for the past months. I’ve been waiting for another chance for us to be alone.” Those words went from his mouth, to my ears, into my heart and started bouncing around, few of them went a little more south too because I started growing. This was a little risky, out in the open, no doors to be locked, anyone could have walked in but I was following the lead Mr. Willis took. I looked down and saw the rise of that thick daddy cock. I placed my hand on it and lightly squeezed, causing him to release a whispered moan. I took a knee, fished out his swelling cock and downed the entire thing, screw that foreplay licking. Mr. Willis arched up from the instant sensation my warm mouth gave him. He palmed the back of my head and guided my mouth up and down on his cock. “I need this so bad, I was hoping for this.” He confessed. I kept servicing Mr. Willis, the allure of being so risky heightened the experience. I could feel the precum escaping my little dick and moistening the front of my shorts, if the lights weren’t lowered, the wet spot would be visible. “You’re doing good buddy, keep that shit up and you’re gonna get a load of cum” He spoke in labored relief. I was brought to an instant stop when I heard a thud from upstairs. I lifted off the daddy dick and sat back on my heels petrified looking at Mr. Willis for direction. “What the fuck was that? ” Mr. Willis questioned and stood up looking at the ceiling. He walked over to the entrance of the room with his hard cock hanging out over the top of his waistband bobbing and thick globes bouncing. He stood there waiting to see if the sound would return. After a good 10 seconds passed he walked back over stroking his dick. “Come here, lay down on the floor. Lay flat on your back.” I did as I was told and placed myself on the floor. He kneeled down and straddled across my chest with his precum dripping cock directly at my puffy, dicksucking lips. As he reinserted himself back into me, he let out a whispered moan of pleasure. “Fuck yeah, take that dick Jeremy” Oh now I’m ‘Jeremy’? Whatever. With my body pinned between the floor and his thrusts, I was completely vulnerable and helpless with no escape. He started hammering his cock into my mouth, it got to the point where I couldn’t keep up and started having gagging fits. “Breathe Jeremy, you gotta breathe through your nose buddy” He instructed me while continuing to plunge his girthy meat down my throat. “You’re gonna get it, you’re gonna get this fuckin’ load” He warned me. I was helpless, couldn’t control his speed or how deep he rammed his cock in my mouth and I liked it. I liked being used by Mr. Willis and at that point, I would have let him use me in any way he desired. Just as soon as I began to adjust to his facefucking, he snaked his meat from my mouth. “On your face boy, I’m gonna put this all over your fuckin’ face” He grunted these words out while he jerked his cock. My eyes watering and nose running I felt like I’d just popped my head up for air after going underwater. Mr. Willis’s body was electric, I could feel his thighs tensing up against my ribcage. The smell of him was the same as it was 3 months ago, the aroma was a mix of sweat, sperm and soap. “Shit! Here it comes!” Mr. Willis leaned forward, bringing his crotch closer to my face. He unleashed these thundering jolts and rocketed a warm, three part load of daddy cum across my face. I parted my lips, letting the sweet but what was odd is that I never heard the creak when Ashton went upstairs to pack. After drying off and returning to the dimly lit room, Ashton was already in bed and passed out. It was close to 10:30pm and it still seemed early to me but we had a big day tomorrow and guess we both needed some rest like Mr. Willis told us. I took place in the spare bed and eventually dozed off. My last thoughts before drifting off was of Mr. Willis and his big cock invading my mouth. The vision caused me to tent up so I ended up sleeping on my stomach so Ashton wouldn’t notice if he woke up. With my young cock pinned between the mattress and my own body heat, I couldn’t believe that I was only 11 and already had sex twice. I mean, I haven’t been fucked but sucking, stroking and sivas escort licking butt, that counts for something, right? I still wanted to know what it felt like to fuck, how did Ray feel when he pounded Mr. Willis and how did Mr. Willis feel when he got nailed by that big black dick. I woke up to the sound of moaning, a woman moaning and a slapping sound. I rolled over to Ashton sitting up in bed with his laptop screen illuminating his tranced face and the wall behind him. I focused my eyes and saw him rubbing his pitched tent. Not a word was said between either of us as I crawled out of bed and joined Ashton in his. He shifted over to accommodate me but he never broke stroke or looked at me, which was fine, I was more intrigued with what was on the screen rather than Ashton. It was a video on Xhamster; this brunette lady getting dong-slammed by this black God of a man. “His dick is so big” I whispered in awe. “Look at her tits, her tits are fucking huge” Ashton replied. Her tits? I could care less about that bimbo, I wanted that chocolate she was having. I placed my hand over erecting pecker and made sure to choose my next words wisely as to not give off too much of a gay vibe. “I wonder if she can take that up her butt” Ashton pondered. “I don’t know man, it’s pretty big. He might split her in two.” “You’re right, but I want to see her take it.” Ashton was a little more advanced in sex than his dad thought. I fished out my hard dick, it needed to breathe. As it pulsed a dribble of precum oozed out, this caught Ashton’s eye and he started focusing on it. I looked over at him and he quickly fixed his eyes back to the laptop. “I caught you.” I teased. “Whatever, I was making sure you didn’t get any of THAT on my sheets” I weakly defended his curiosity. I began to stroke myself slowly, keeping watch on Ashton’s wandering eye and sure enough he returned to my cock. I took my hands off of it and let it hang there, wondering if he’d reach out for it but he didn’t. “I don’t care if you touch it, you can.” I knew he was holding back so I threw my permission out there to set him at ease. Another minute passed before Ashton made his move. He drifted his hand over and locked his fingers around my cock in a firm fist. He started pumping and looked at me for reaction. “Aaaah” I released in pleasure. I threw my head back and closed my eyes, avoiding that awkward eye locking moment that was sure to come. I placed my hand on Ashton’s back and started to rub him to establish my own initiated contact. “How does it feel?” Ashton finally broke silence to ask. “It feels amazing” I lied. His stroking wasn’t as pleasurable as his father’s but it was doing the job. “Put some spit on it, it makes it feel even better” I told him. Ashton leaned into my lap about 5 inches from my dick and released a glob of saliva that sent a warm, wet wave all over as it coated my head, shaft and eventually dripped down over my balls. He kept pumping but now with an added squishy sound. “Ah fuck yeah” I whispered. It was starting to feel better, felt like a mouth was on it; I wanted a mouth on it. Fuck it, I drove my hand up to the back of his head. I slowly guided him down and docked his mouth onto my hard dick. All of this was done with little resistance from Ashton, which was a shock, he must have wanted all of this to happen. “Fuuuuck’ I released. His mouth felt better than his hand, he still needed some work but it was good. He bobbed on the head never taking much more of me into his mouth until I pushed him down further. On his way back up Ashton’s teeth made contact with my dick which caused me to wince. “I’m sorry” He apologized. “It’s alright. Let’s try something else”. By now the guy on the video had come over the bimbo’s tits and the clip had ended. I put the laptop to the side, walked over to my bed and got doggystyle. Ashton came up behind me, got on his knees and started licking my hanging sack. Ashton flicked his tongue back and forth between both balls while gripping on my dick and pumping. It was like I had a remote control for his mouth because he went exactly where I wanted him to go. He took his tongue and ran it from my balls, across my taint and planted it right at the entrance of my asshole. He licked around my hole, teasing but never going inside. His tongue didn’t compare to his dad’s. It was smaller, not as soft and he kept switching up his moves instead of keeping a consistent flow. Ashton took both his hands and spread my cheeks apart to fully expose my hole then he attempted to slide a finger inside. Actually penetration and it hurt a bit. It felt like I was being examined rather than pleasured but I didn’t want to kill the vibe by stopping him. I couldn’t believe my best friend and I were fooling around. “Ouch! That hurts!” I winced in pain. He jabbed his fingers in me like he was poking a damn hornet nest. KNOCK! KNOCK! A knock at the door stopped us both and snapped Ashton back into reality. “Ashton, what’s going on in there?” Mrs. Willis spoke. “You boys should be asleep” Ashton jumped back in bed and I quickly repositioned myself and tucked under the covers. After a few seconds, thinking the coast was clear I turned to Ashton. “Hey, I think she’s gone” No response. “Ash, I think she’s gone” Again, no response. I gave up, turned my back to him and somehow fell asleep. The next morning while Aston was packing his bags and I was getting dressed Mr. Willis stopped by the doorway “Leaving in 20 minutes, bring your bags downstairs.” Ashton rolled his eyes as soon as his dad cleared the doorway. “My dad can be a real dick sometimes. I hate him!” Ashton vented. “Whoa, hate is a strong word. He’s not that bad. I wish my dad was more fun like yours. My dad is always working and when he’s not working he’s…no, he’s always working.” “I wouldn’t expect for YOU sıhhiye escort to understand.” Ashton shook his head. “What the hell is that supposed to mean?” “You’re not rich like me, you and your family is poor” Shocked by that cruel statement, I answered with silence. The silence grew and then Ashton asked me a question that seems like he’d been sitting on for four months. “Jeremy, how did my dad’s dick feel up your ass?” I choked on my shock. “What?!” I questioned with guilt and little to no confidence. “Don’t give me that, I know you two fooled around in his office that night. You sucked my dad’s dick and he fucked you, didn’t he?” He sounded half intrigued but jealously angry at the same time. “YOU don’t know what you’re talking about, he didn’t do that to me” I retorted with the bush-beaten truth. Ashton rolled his eyes. “Whatever, I heard the two of you. I heard it all. ‘you got an ass like a 10 year old boy’… ‘but Mr. Willis, I’m 11’.” He mimicked me. The jig was up, I was busted. I didn’t know what to say or feel. “Well, what about last night? You sucked my dick.” “I don’t know what the fuck you are talking about. What ARE you talking about?” “Are you serious?” “Yes I’m serious, you forced me Jeremy.” ” I didn’t make you do anything, you wanted to do it.” “Whatever, dude. And you sucked my dad’s dick last night in the living room too. I SAW that one” “Who did you tell about your dad and me?” I questioned with anger. “I didn’t tell anyone you fool. If I snitch, my dad goes to prison then my mom and the rest of us will end up like you…poor” That shady remark stung just as I was trying to recover from Ashton’s closet dragging interrogation. “Go to hell Ashton” “Right after you and my queer ass dad” The hits just kept coming. My body and voice began to quiver with hurt. “After last night, you’re just like me and If you know about your dad and me, then why are you bringing it up?” I asked. Ashton stripped down to his boxer briefs and grabbed his bath towel hanging on the back of his computer chair. “I just wanted you to know, that I know….” He walked towards the door, stopped in the doorway and looked back. “…that you’re a faggot” Then he left, just as callus as can be. That had to be the most diva-ish exit I’d ever seen, but I’m the faggot? Whatever Wilma. I sat there on his bed feeling like I’d just been exposed for the entire world to see. Nerves began to hit my stomach and I started feeling like this trip wasn’t a good idea, I wanted to go home and hide in bed for the rest of my life. Shame and guilt was stacking up on me like bricks as the tears began to fill up in the wells of my eyes. I gathered my duffle bag, put on my shoes and headed downstairs. As I hit the bottom of the steps I heard that familiar voice. “There he is, right on time.” I looked down the hall and saw Mr. Willis standing in the doorway of his office wearing these snug khakis cargo shorts and a body hugging tank top, looking as edible as can be. I would have sprinted to that invitation 3 minutes earlier but after what just happened with Ashton, I felt nothing, sex was the farthest thing from my mind. “Where’s Ash?” Mr. Willis asked. “He’s taking a shower” He must have sensed something was wrong by the look on my face because he started walking over to me with genuine concern. This was followed by the sound of Ashton turning on the shower. I began to shed tears and Mr. Willis wrapped his arm around me. “Okay Jeremy, what’s going on? Did you and Ash get into it or something?” I couldn’t speak it. I felt too embarrassed to repeat any of what Ashton lashed out at me. I dropped my bag and covered my face, trying not to let Mr. Willis see my tears. “Talk to me buddy” “He knows! Ashton knows about what we did Mr. Willis” I blurted it out. He shushed me and patted my back with his big bear paw. “It’s okay Jeremy. It’s okay. Come with me.” I wiped my tears and followed him to his office. As we entered the room I began to compose myself. “Grab a seat Jeremy.” He closed the door and cut the TV on as I sat on the couch. “I don’t know what Ash said to you but whatever it was, I’m going to make sure he apologizes for it. You guys are best friends and I want it to stay that way. I hope what happened with us wasn’t the cause of this” He walked over and sat on the couch next to me. “I know that what we’ve done is wrong and I’m sorry” He had nothing to be sorry about, I seduced him. I wanted it, I wanted him to teach me everything about sex. I just never looked at the consequences of who it might hurt in the process. But fuck that, I was becoming more upset at the way Ashton spoke to me. My home doesn’t have all of the bells and whistles that they have but we weren’t poor. “Ashton said me and my family were poor. That he didn’t want to END UP like my family.” Mr. Willis shook his head in disgust. “I swear, he gets that shit from his mother. I hate it when he acts like that. Let me explain something Jeremy. Ashton IS poor. Ash doesn’t have a job, he doesn’t make any money, he doesn’t have a car, Ash doesn’t have shit….I have all of this, I just share it with him.” He smiled. I chuckled a little then questioned. “But I don’t have a job or make money…doesn’t that make me poor?” “No, I share all of this with you. You’re my boy” He put his arm around me and pulled me to his hairy chest. “Jeremy I was just like you at your age. Sexually roaming, trying to find anything and everything that would get me off. I do envy you, I never got to act on any of my urges, and maybe if I had half the balls you have I would have done something about it 20 years ago.” He stroked his hand up and down my arm as I lay nestled in his clutch. “This will all blow over. Trust me.” He spoke with calming reassurance. I looked down and saw his full grown erection crying for release from his khakis cargo shorts. I ran my hand over it and took grip of the bulge. “Can I?” “Like you even have to ask Jeremy. It’s all yours.” ************************************* If you like what you’re reading, please contact me and let me know. Feedback is appreciated…it keeps me motivated to write ail

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