Jerking for the Boss: Part I


Jerking for the Boss: Part IIt was a Tuesday night and my whole work team was out celebrating the completion of a big project. About 10 of us were at the bar celebrating on the company dime so liquor was flowing and everyone was finally able to relax after about three straight months of chaos. The night started with shots. Two rounds off the bat, one tequila the other rum, all high quality stuff. Everyone is fairly tipsy for a Tuesday night and upon realizing this most of the party eventually disappears. I lived right down the street from the bar so I decided to stick around and bullshit with my boss for a while. He’s a little shorter than me and pretty round in figure. About 45 years old, he’s mostly bald other than a horseshoe of hair around the sides and back of his head and has glasses. He’s dorky but means well and I figure shooting the shit for a while can’t hurt. We go back and forth before I realize an hour has passed and suddenly the conversation takes a turn. “So you fuck any good pussy recently?” Shocked, I asked him to repeat himself. “You fuck any cuties lately? C’mon we’re just hanging out you don’t have to answer if you don’t want to!”Maybe it was the liquor or him catching me so off guard but with a chuckle I replied back. “Nothing doing recently, been a long winter but spring is gonna be my season.””What about the bartender?” He asked with a smile pointing over my shoulder. “Look at those fucking tits, I’d love to bury my face in those.”Caught up in the conversation and forgetting who I was sitting with, I responded in kind. “Yeah, I’d suck those fuckin’ tits all night if she let me!”His plan to get me to open up was working and at this point the night was now fully in his hands and I was just along for the ride. “You’d fuck her hard.” He said. “No, I’d take my time.””Bullshit, you’d bursa escort be spent in five minutes and she’s already be back to work!””Fuck no, you don’t know my style buddy, I even take my time jerking off!” I said with a laugh. “Take your time jerking off, what does that even mean?” “Edging man!””What the heck is edging?”After explaining to him how I masturbate to the edge of orgasm and then pull back before unloading, he seemed wildly curious. “And how long are we talking here?””A couple hours normally. I’ll go online and look at porno forever while I just kinda jerk off. It feels amazing and at the end I’m usually covered in sweat and cum.””Covered in cum huh? Do you blow your load on yourself at the end?”Realizing what I had said, I figured he already knew all my other masturbation habits, why lie? “Yeah most of the time I do. After a few hours of nothing but masturbating, it’s pretty fucking intense to just unload all over yourself. Plus you’re so built up it fucking flies everywhere, it’s a mess.”Completely immersed in my drunken jerkoff talk, he quipped “well looks like I need to learn, you’re gonna teach me right?” “Hah, just jerk off until you’re about to cum – stop – repeat. That easy.” “Yeah, but I don’t know the good techniques like you do so we should go back to my house and you can show me.”Stunned, I had no immediate response. I’ve never been propositioned like this and couldn’t muster up a single coherent thought. “I’m going to order us one more drink and then we’ll head back to my place.” He stated confidently. I stood up and made my way to the bathroom without saying a word. When I returned to our table, my drink was waiting for me. I slugged it down and began packing up my stuff. Before I knew it we were at his house. I’d never been naked in front of a guy before let alone jerked off. bursa escort bayan The fantasy of masturbating for onlookers was something I frequently thought about but I’d never come close to acting upon it. The ride was relatively short but I rubbed my hard-on through my pants the entire way. Liquored up and intensely horny, I felt the pressure of my rock hard cock pressing forcefully into the front of my pants. Every bump in the road or slight movement in the car was incredible agony as the material of the pants squeezed my dick dying to escape my pants. We arrive at his apartment complex and as we approach the door all I want to do is get naked. He offers me a drink which I gladly accept. I want to put on a show tonight and a drink will do just fine. While he mixes a vodka drink, I gently undo my belt and unbutton my pants. Focused on tending bar, my host doesn’t notice me slowly unzip my khakis and peel them off my legs. My skin tight boxer briefs are the only shield left between my cock and the world but I’m too far gone to slow down. Silently, I pull down my underwear soaked in precum and immediately feel a rush of energy encapsulate my body. I had never shared my cock like this with anybody but I wanted him to enjoy me. Realizing he was only about halfway done making our drinks I used the time to take off my shirt. Fully nude and rock fucking hard, I began to gently stroke my pale turgid dick. 6″ and surrounded by an incredible ginger bush, I get super horny when I look at myself. I am no stranger to recording myself jack off or fucking my hand while looking in the mirror so standing in that kitchen I was ready to put on a show. I couldn’t help but admire my prick as I stared down dying for him to finally finish up and turn around. My focus alternates on my perfectly pink dick head and glancing escort bursa up at my host. and feel my balls ache. My cock throbs as a bead of precum drips from my swollen head. I brace myself on the counter and push my hips out so my dick stands tall. My right hand casually teased my cock when he finally finished up and turned around. He stood silently with a drink in each hand eyes locked on my body. He scanned me up and down without saying a word as I continued to play with myself. drunk, naked and intensely horny, I locked eyes as my strokes became firmer. He took the few steps across the kitchen until we were only about a yard apart. Completely focused on my hairy cock, I pumped harder until I felt my balls tighten. My breath gets slightly heavier and I feel the cum dying to escape. I feel the intense sensation of orgasm coming and in a split second, I release my cock from my hand and feel the orgasm recede. I take a deep breath and feel a thick bead of precum leak from the tip of my cock. It feels so incredible I get weak in the knees. I use my thumb to gently cover my cock head with precum before breaking the silence. I asked if he had and porno we could watch and he responded that the 50″ TV in his bedroom was hooked to a computer. He gestured toward the hallway so I got a move on. He was a few steps behind watching my ass as I walked. My pale body stood out in the dark hallway and I tingled with excitement. “Last door at the end of the hallway.” He whispered. I approached the door and gently pushed it open making a direct path toward the bed. I gently crawled on all fours into the California king and stuck my tight little ass in the air leaning forward spreading wide everything he wanted to see. Hypnotized, he stared silently as I gently swayed my hips and wound my ass in little circles. I watched between my legs as he massaged his dick over his pants. He gently rubbed himself with the tips of his fingers but I knew he wanted more. “I think you should get naked too.”And just like that, the night was on.

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