JessicaWhat an amazing night!I was still new to my job as Senior Artworker, and I was told that I had to attend a series of meetings with one of our clients – down south – somewhere in Northamptonshire. I was going to be there for a few days. That was going to be a gruelling five-hour drive. As I ran this through my mind, I realised that there was one bright spark on this trip and her name was….. (let’s call her Jessica.)”Jessica” and I had met online about a year ago and hit it off almost immediately. We chatted at least once or twice a week, it started off friendly and chaste but eventually things developed into something a little more saucy. Having said that, she was a lot younger than I was, in fact she was still at school but still irresistible.I had many pet names for her: my baby doll, my saucy temptress; my little minx; and my latest one – my sexy slutmuffin.Before heading off I emailed her to tell I was coming down, as well as letting her know where I was staying and by early evening I had reached The Travelodge in Towcester and checked into my room.My first meeting was tomorrow morning so I thought I should get some rest, but then my phone pinged, an email from Jessica.I invited her to dinner and about an hour later there I headed down to the lobby and was rewarded by the sight of a beautiful redhead with bright blue eyes. She looked at me and smiled in recognition.We approached each other and I drank in the sight if her, her slim build, shoulder-length reddish hair and those stunning eyes. She wore an all-black ensemble consisting of jacket, miniskirt, leggings and thigh-length boots. She moved towards me with a sensuous grace.“It’s lovely to finally meet you in person, Jess…” I said but suddenly she kissed me, her lips against mine, and I felt an electrical surge, on impulse I put my arms around her waist and pulled her closer to me, feeling her slim body against mine.We broke the kiss and both laughed.“Let’s go to dinner,” I said, then we headed out to Buddies, some distance from the hotel.After dinner we were heading back and I told her I had an early start.“I know, and I have school tomorrow…” she said, but I could tell she felt a bit disappointed. I reassured her that tomorrow night would be different. I called her a cab and we kissed then I watched her leave.The following day was long and boring, lots of powerpoint presentations and I just could not wait to get out of there. The next meeting was the day after tomorrow so at least I had time for some recreation.I sent a text to Jessica, telling her my schedule but she replied telling me she was a bit busy. That was a kick in the balls!So I headed back to my room, somewhat crestfallen. I went online and started to check my emails – nothing from Jessica – so I went onto Facebook and Twitter, catching up on the latest happenings in the cyberworld.The hotel phone rang and when I answered, the reception desk told me my wife was heading towards my room!“Oh shit,” I thought – and hurriedly tidied up my room, cleared out my browser history, made myself look presentable.Hang on a sec: I thought – where are the k**s? And why didn’t she phone me on the mobile? There was a light knocking.I opened the door and there she was. Not the wife, but Jessica, with a mischievous grin on her face.I quickly pulled her in towards me and she melted against my body, our lips locked together.We broke apart and she glanced round my room as I gasped: “Very funny, Jess!”She laughed and said: “Aww, I couldn’t resist it… and I see you were quite quick in cleaning the room up…” She looked at my laptop and said: “did you clear your browser history as well.”“Yeah, anyway I thought you said you was busy….”“No I just said that to wind you up, sorry about that….”“It’s ok, I’ll spank you later…” I replied, with a slight grin.Jessica laughed, turned around and bent down, and I gazed at her shapely bottom, her denim skirt tight against her hips.I spanked her lightly, and she laughed again. She moved backwards against me and rubbed herself against my crotch.It goes without saying that my dick was rock hard, had been from the moment she entered my room.I put my arms around her, kissed her on the neck and cupped her breasts.She was not wearing a bra. I could feel her nipples hardening at my touch.I reached down and pulled her top off, gazing at her torso. She turned to face me, chewing her lip slightly, but I was looking at her nipples, pertly standing upright güvenilir bahis from her small breasts.I sat her down on the bed and began to strip off, totally naked in ten seconds.I knelt down in front of her and lifted her skirt as I parted her thighs.No panties.I began to kiss the inside of her thighs, slowly working my way upwards… and as I did so I stared to unbutton her skirt, and took it off completely. Now she was as naked as I was, although she was still wearing her white frilly socks – they looked so cute.I got closer and closer to her pussy, hairless and glistening, I could feel the heat radiating from her and I went in for a taste.Jessica gasped and moaned at the touch of my tongue against her pussy, as I teased her labia, and her clit, the tip of my tongue darting here and there, sometimes running long strokes against her lips and then going deep inside her, tasting her sweet and salty juices as the began to flow freely.She put her hands on my head and pressed me in against her, pushing my face against her crotch and my tongue further inside her and I gave her some action from my tongue, pressing it deep inside her, touching every part of her vagina, tasting her sexual juices.“Ohhhhhhh, don’t stop! Don’t stop!” she gasped breathlessly, keeping my face in her crotch.I continued to fuck her and pleasure her with my tongue, reached up and squeezed her breasts, tweaking her nipples.I then pulled out, my mouth filled with her pussy juice, I swallowed some, and then I kissed her full on the mouth, letting some of it flow into her mouth, letting her taste herself.“Mmmmmmm, so sweet…” she purred.She reached out for my erect cock and grabbed it hard, in both hands.“I love your Scottish Veiny Sausage….” she murmured and proceeded to lick the tip of my shaft, and ran the tip of her tongue, down my shaft, tasting and exploring every inch, every ridge and every vein. She squeezed my shaft and kissed my balls, before wrapping her mouth around my cock, slowing taking it deep inside.I felt her tongue on the underside of my cock and could feel her teeth near the base. She grabbed my arse and pushed further on my cock, gagging as my dick filled her mouth and throat.I manoeuvred myself towards the bed, and lay down, my dick still deep inside her throat and I reached down and started to finger her pussy, rubbing her clitoris and probing her deep inside her, two fingers inside her, covered in her juices. She squirmed at my touch and gasped and moaned.Suddenly she pulled back, gasping for air, breathing heavily, and then climbed on top of me. She sat astride my body and I gazed at her slim lithe body, her small breasts with pert nipples. She smiled at me as she began to ride the underside of my cock, rubbing her wet pussy all over my crotch.I placed my hands on her tits, squeezing them gently, and she took my cock and pressed it towards her pussy, and then lowered herself onto it.I felt her hot wet pussy wrapping itself tightly around my cock, it was an amazing feeling, her juices, her body heat all focused on my cock, and she began to move up and down and back and forth.I ran my hands all over her body as she bounced up and down on my cock.She was breathing harder and faster and I thrust upwards as well, into her pussy.Suddenly I had that feeling inside. I knew my cock was going to explode.“Jessica!” I blurted “I’m gonna cum…”She smiled serenely and continued to ride my cock. She moved faster and faster and I could not hold back any longer…“Jessicaaaaaaaa!!!” I screamed her name as I came inside her. She screamed out too, and then fell down onto me, kissing me deeply as I put my arms around her holding her tight. My cock, still hard, stayed inside her and she lay on top of me, so dainty and light, and she ran a hand over my body, across my belly and chest.We kissed again and I ran my hands over her body, cupping her buttocks and running my fingertips over her arse and her pussy.I kept her close and I closed my eyes, listening to her breathing.I opened my eyes, feeling a strange weight on my chest, finding it hard to breathe. Then I realised why and breathed out in relief. Jessica was asleep, still lying on top of me, she looked so peaceful.I reached down and felt her so wet, her pussy juices were now sticky, and I could feel her legs stick to mine, her tummy also glued by her juices.I turned slightly so she was beside me instead of on me and then I went to sleep again.I opened türkçe bahis my eyes again, this time it was morning, I could hear the sound of traffic outside. Jessica was awake, looking at me and smiling.’ Good morning, sleepy head” she murmured.“Good morning, my little sexy slutmuffin.” I said, kissing her againOur legs were still entwined and I could feel our skin still sticky from the sex we had last night.“Mmmmmm…” she said, as she moved her hand downwards. My cock was erect again.I reached down and felt her pussy, she was wet again.I lay her on her back and kissed her again, opened her thighs and pushed my cock into her again. She smiled in ecstasy as I thrust into her again and again.As I fucked her I recalled telling her I was going to get a king size Mars bar and insert it into her, but I’d totally forgotten about it.I thrust harder and faster into her… savouring the sound of her sexy voice….and now I knew I was going to cum again.I pulled out and grabbed my cock at the Base. Jessica opened her mouth and took me in and then I let go. Her eyes open wide as my cum filled her mouth. She held on to my cock, sucking the cum and her pussy juice from my dick.Eventually, she released my cock and smiling, she opened her mouth. I saw my cum in her mouth and then she swallowed it. I leaned in close and kissed her… I’d always promised I would if she ever swallowed my cum and I kept that promise.I stood up and taking her hand led her to the bathroom. It was a typical hotel bathroom but the tub had what appeared to be jet nozzles around the sides.I started to fill the bath up and we stepped in, she laughed at my grin – I must have looked like an idiot.The hotel soap and gel was the usual postage -stamp sized package but I’d brought some stuff from home.I filled up the bath and poured in the gel, soon there were bubbles and suds everywhere.I covered Jessica in bubbles, rubbing the sponge all over her lovely body and running my hands all over her.She stood up and started to shampoo my hair, running her dainty hands over my head. I kissed her on the navel, making her laugh. I stood up as well and let her sponge me all over. .. she ran her hands all over my body…. my chest, my belly, my buttocks and then she grasped my cock which had hardened again.Smiling that mischievous smile she rinsed off any bubbles she saw and put my cock in her mouth again, bobbing her head back and forth as she fellated me.A short while later I stopped her and turned her around and fondled her ass before fingering her and then I pushed my cock into her again. Still wonderfully tight, I could feel her pussy embracing my penis like a long lost lover coming home.I thrust into her again and again, smearing soapy bubbles over her body as I fucked her from behind, smiling at her moans and gasps of sexual ecstasy…I pulled out, grabbing my cock at the Base and she turned to face me again, holding me in her delicate hands, stroking my dick slowly and sensuously, sending electric currents throughout my body.Suddenly there was a spurt of cum, just a few drops though, they landed on her tits and she smiled, rubbing it into her skin.I proceeded to finger her again, making her scream.Eventually, we cleaned each other up and I wrapped her up in the towel and we headed back into the bedroom, lay down on the bed and we kissed again and again.It was so blissful, lying there enjoying each other’s company.I glanced at the clock…. it was 12.30 half an hour before checkout.We spent the next 10 minutes just kissing but then we had to get dressed and leave the room. I packed up my things and got ready.I held her in my arms, kissing her again.I promised to email her and meet her online and she knew I would.”I starving, Jess. We skipped breakfast so let’s go have lunch.””mmmmm” she murmured, “I fancy having some Scottish Veiny Sausage.”She laughed as we headed out of the hotel.After lunch, Jessica suggested that we go to her place for coffee….. I wondered if she meant something else, of course.She mentioned that her dad was away on a plumbing job and wouldn’t be back till tonight.Somewhat reassured, I smiled and we headed out to the car.We got to her place, a typical suburban semi, but I could hear faint sounds of electronic gunfire from within. ..”Logan, It’s me!” she called out, as we entered.”I know! I can smell you.” a gruff voice responded. “Dad phoned, he’s not going to get home till tomorrow. Who’s that with you?”I güvenilir bahis siteleri automatically followed the voice into the front living room and saw him.he was not particularly tall nor heavy-set but his musculature suggested both strength and agility.He was dressed in a camouflage t-shirt and boxer shorts. short fur covered his arms and legs.his ears and face, while not quite as sharp as an alsatian’s had a lupine quality about it.Logan was a Vargr.He was so engrossed in his game, some intense, one – person shoot-em-up, possibly from the makers of Call of Duty, that he didn’t notice me standing there watching him. He howled out loud at a huge explosion on screen and I backed quietly out of the room.”I must say, Logan seems pretty good at that game…””Yeah well, I can still kick his arse at GTA…” she laughed.She took my hand and led me upstairs to her room…I guess coffee wasn’t on the menu yet…I held her close to me, feeling her soft body melting against me. I reached down underneath her skirt and started fondling her bum, listening to her voice as she moaned in pleasure.I slipped her top off, effortlessly and started to kiss her all over, sucking at her cute little nipples. She kissed me again and took my hand, leading me to her bed.I sat her down, opened her thighs and knelt down in front of her.The smile on her face was a beautiful signal as she knew exactly what was on my mind. I proceed to plant a line of kisses on the inside of her thighs, making her quiver with the touch of my lips on her soft skin, working my way upwards to her hot wet pussy, shining with her juices.I got there with my head under her skirt, and with my tongue primed and ready, began to probe her inside, tasting her sex again, teasing her with the tip of my tongue,I could feel her hands on my head and neck, pressing me in towards her, my tongue going deeper and deeper inside herI loved hearing her voice as she gasped and moaned.I reached up and played with her breasts, running my hands all over her body and heard her whisper: “fuck me! oh, fuck me! I want you inside me!”I pulled my head out from under her skirt, my mouth full of her sweet and salty pussy juice which I swallowed., and then kissed her passionately, letting my tongue slip against hers, before placing her on all fours on the bed, gazing at her beautiful posterior, cute and shapely.I ran my hands over her ass, gave her some fingering, before stripping naked and climbing onto the bed behind her, taking up position.I pressed my cock against her hot pussy, easing it gently into her, making her gasp in ecstasy as I did so. I reached in front and fingered her clitoris as I pushed my dick balls-deep inside her, making her yelp in surprise and pleasure.I kissed her on the back and kissed her everywhere I could reach, running my hands all over her bodyI could feel her vagina contracting around my penis, pulling me in tighter…. and could hear her whispering: “fill me up! I love you inside me”I started to thrust into her faster and harder and gave her tits some running as well, squeezing them, tweaking her nipples.I then pulled out and turned her to face me. My cock was covered in her special juices and she smiled as she went to work sucking it dry, her lips and tongue running over my dick. I was a feeling could only describe as ‘heavenly’.She sucked my cock into her mouth and I could feel the tip against the back of her throat as she gagged on itI played with her tits as she deep throated me, moaning in sexual pleasure at my attention. I reached down and felt her pussy, still hot and wet.She pulled back and said she wanted it inside her again. I then pushed her back and entered her pussy again, making her gasp again.As I lay on top of her, with my cock deep inside her, I kissed her again and again, my tongue playing with hers, thrusting deep inside her mouth as surely as my cock was deep inside her vagina.Suddenly I felt that trembling feeling I knew all too well. I was going to cum and I was deep inside her.I asked her and she breathed out: “yessssss”I could feel my cock quiver as it spurted out the cum in her vagina and she smiled as she felt it fill her up.I rolled her over to lie on top of me, and held her close to me, my dick still deep inside her. I gazed into her blue eyes, and gently stroked her face, running my fingers through her hair.Gently running my hands over her soft skin and she ran her hands over my chest: “mmmm, I love your chest hair”, she murmured.I cupped her buttocks, squeezing her ass gently. I then fingered her some more and briefly brushed my fingers against her bum holeShe kissed me again, and at that moment, I realised I wanted to keep her in my life.

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