Job Opportunity Opens Up for Girlfriend


Job Opportunity Opens Up for GirlfriendA typical morning on a dreary October Monday and I was in the office, nursing my third coffee of the day, skimming e-mails and thinking about whether big Shirley, the part-time Admin would take a cock in her arse… surely, Shirley, I thought… it would be a waste not to… That got me thinking about who else in the office was worth a rattle and I listed them off; Becky – yes, Julie – yes, Morna – yes, Celina – six-pinter,  Davina – nah, Agnes, the cleaner – hmm, maybe, The Guys – probably not.  This was something I did every day, all day practically, and although I’d never fucked any of my work colleagues (not in my department, anyway!) I’d groped Julie on a taxi journey home after a night out, and Morna had snogged me in a doorway and let me feel her tits.  All good, clean fun…  I read with interest an e-mail about the upcoming selection for the new receptionist which I had been roped into with Phil from HR, interviews on Thursday.That was when Dan approached me.  He was one of the delivery drivers, but I knew him also as a mate of my nephew,  he’d been in Amsterdam with us, and – I recalled, amused – had confessed to me whilst wasted that he wanted to see his girlfriend fucked by other men!-Dan the man!  I greeted him, leaning back in my chair. -How are you?-Fine, fine, he said, looking a bit furtive, -How are you?-All good.  I paused, looked at him, raised my eyebrows expectantly… -So?  What can I do for you?-Well, Ewan, he said tentatively, -I heard you were on the interview panel for the new receptionist…-Yeah?-Well, my girlfriend is one of the candidates…-And?-Er, well…  she really needs this job.-Yeah, so does everyone else who’s in for it.He looked at me, chewed his cheek.  -I thought you might help me.I smiled, -I might…  I clicked on the recruitment e-mail I had been reading earlier, -what’s her name again?-Emma…I scanned the candidates statements and found her.  There was a picture of a nice blonde, blue eyes.  -Emma, 26 years old, I read, -Good experience in admin/reception duties…  I looked up at Dan.  -Pretty girl.  I said.  He nodded.-And she really needs this job?  I asked.  He nodded again.  -Her old place just shut down unexpectedly, they tuned up one day to locked doors.-Hmmm, I remembered hearing about that.  I mused. -I’d like to see more of her, do you have any other pictures.I knew for a fact that he did, because he had shown me them already, when we were away, but I couldn’t be sure that he remembered that.  -Sure, ok, he said, getting out his phone.  He flicked around for a bit then handed me the phone.  The album he had selected was Emma in a pub, Emma at home, Emma in the garden, dressed nicely, if a bit conservatively, but a nice figure, with small tits and a shapely arse.  I handed him the phone back.  -What about the pictures of her with her kit off?  I asked him.-What?  -The shots you showed me in Amsterdam, her spread cunt and arsehole…  don’t you remember?He put his hand to his face, but gave a little embarrassed chuckle, -Oh shit, I didn’t, did I?I laughed.  -You sure did.He was red-faced and grinning now.  -I can’t believe I forgot about that…-There was a lot of booze and dope going about…-Ok..-Listen, I said, -It’s not a problem, I seem to recall you also said you’d like to see her fucked by other men…  how did you put it? Opened up?He started to look more shocked.  -That was just a fantasy…-A fantasy that could become a reality.-She won’t go for it.-She might not get a choice, she needs the job, desperate, by the sound of it.I could tell he was tempted.-Think about it, but I’ll need to speak to Phil, so no later than this afternoon, OK?-Why do you need to speak to Phil?-I’m not going to fuck her on my own, I’ll need help to fill all her holes.  Now, I’ve got other things to do, and I’m sure you do as well, come and see me when you get back in and let me know.  I dismissed him, and he walked away, in a bit of a daze… his morning hadn’t turned out like expected, but then neither had mine.I had a few other things to do that morning, a meeting to prepare, agenda to distribute, a dispute with maintenance over a leak in the ladies toilet, so I barely thought about Dan and Emma until I was sitting eating my lunch.  I was late, for once, and the tea room was empty.  Suddenly, Dan darted in the door,  crouching and closing it softly behind him.  -Let’s do it!  He urged in a loud whisper.  -Do what?  I mimicked his loud whisper.  -Fuck my girlfriend, open buca escort her up!  He whispered again.  -Why are we whispering?  I asked.  He smiled, stood up.  -Okay, he said, more normal voice. -I want to see Emma fucked, I admit it, and we all knew what you, Ben and Jamie did to that Canadian woman, but I don’t want it to be my mates so Ben and Jamie are out…-Fair enough.-But I want pictures…I had to laugh.  -No bother.  -And you might need to force her…-I’ll think about that…-She’ll do it, for the job…-I’ll speak to Phil.Phil from HR was and old mate of mine.  We’d both worked here since the nineties and in our youth had found we had a shared affinity for partying and banging the arses off of sluts of all shapes and sizes.  Into our forties, things had calmed down a bit, but I knew what he was capable of.  Phil the Ferret had been his nickname at school, and although I hadn’t known him back in those days, that had stuck.  Ferret by name, ferret by nature.  -Ferret!  I hailed him, knocking on his door and entering his office.-Funghi!  he returned, -How’s it hanging?  To the left?-A bit to the right today.  Yourself?-Straight up and down, mate, straight up and down.This was a well used interchange and we also shook hands and I sat at his desk.  He really had a nice office, I mean as senior HR you might expect that, but for some reason he had managed to blag all the best of gear…  he even had a drinks fridge in the corner.-What’s happening, my man?  I suppose you want to talk about the interviews on Thursday?-You’d better believe it, wait ’til you hear this…                                      ***I sought Dan out the next morning at his van.  -It’s on with Phil.  Tell her you’ve spoken to me and I have arranged a special interview this evening at 7 with us, in Phil’s office… tell her it will be the same as any other formal interview but will allow us to give her a head start on the other candidates on Thursday.  make sure she wears something nice – hosiery and heels for me. hair up for Phil…  Dan was nodding.  -You got that?  I ensured.-Yeah he said -7 this evening, Phil’s office, hosiery, heels, hair up…-Good, I said, I handed him a wrap of powder.  -Give her some of this around half past six in a drink.-What is it?  He asked, fingering the wrap.-Something to help her compliance.  I said.  -Give me your phone number as well, I’ll need to send you the pictures.                                ***So 7pm found myself and Phil sitting in his office, sharing a dab or two of MDMA, eagerly awaiting the arrival of the entertainment.  There was a knock on the door, Phil put the ecstasy in his drawer and straightened his tie, I got up to answer.  When I opened the door, there she was, looking ravishing in a charcoal business suit, sensible heels, black tights, blonde hair arranged up away from her face.  I smiled warmly and took her hand.  -You must be Emma…  you found us ok?She smiled back, -Yes, Dan dropped me off and security showed me where to come.  -Is Dan picking you up later?-I said I’d call him.-Good, good.  I stopped, I wanted to look at her, drink in her loveliness, I was feeling a bit high myself when I noticed Emma’s pupils were dilating and her cheeks seemed to flush.  Phil stood up and walked around his desk to greet her.  -Hi, I’m Phil.-Hi, she said.-Have a seat, have a seat.  Phil insisted. -Is it warm in here?  I asked, taking off my coat.  -Would you like a drink?  I asked Emma-Yes please, I’ve suddenly got cotton mouth.  I sniggered to myself. Pouring a plastic cup from the water cooler.  She gulped it down and I refilled her.-So Emma, began Phil, still standing, now by the door, -why do you want this job?-Well, I like working with people…  she began, before taking another drink, -Er, I like people, er people are cool…  wow, I don’t feel so good.-Don’t worry about it, Phil soothed, taking her by the hand and standing her, walking her over to his desk and sitting her on it.  -You’re fine, we just need to check your vagina.-W-What?-It’s ok…  Phil whispered as I grabbed her from behind, -This will help your career…She started to struggle but I pulled her flat onto the desk, pinning her arms and Phil barged between her thighs, riding her skirt up to show stocking tops.  With a bit of effort he managed to cable tie first one, then the other ankle to the legs of the desk, spreading her obscenely.   She had kicked her shoes off in the scuffle.  -Put her shoes back on, I said to Phil, then to Emma, escort buca hissing. -Sluts who work here keep their shoes on, get it?  Then I spat in her face, a big gob, hitting and splatting her nose and mouth, I spat again, this time her eyes which she screwed shut.  Phil laughed.  -Tie her hands mate, I asked him. That was easier said than done and involved removing drawers from the desk to get anchor points, not helped by Emma, crying and pleading for us to let her go, threatening us with Dan…  that was a joke… but now suitably restrained, we could take a rest and survey our work so far.  Emma, 26, blonde hair, blue eyes – on her back, legs and arms splayed and tethered to Phil’s desk, spit dripping from her face.  -It’s time to take some pictures.  I announced, getting a couple of close ups of her face.  To stop her sobs, Phil was working some fingers into her mouth, warning her against biting him and when she tried, slapping her face, he was really pulling some thick goo from the back of her throat as she gagged and he was wiping it on her hair and in her eyes.  -Stop it!!!  She moaned.-Quiet honey, I said, -we’ve not gotten to the good bit yet.  I ran a hand up her thigh, feeling her quads and hamstrings tighten as I neared the top, she was wearing nice panties, pink and purple with lacy trim, but not slutty, and I cupped her warm mound through them.   I worked the gusset into her slit and was pleasantly surprised when I felt a dampness seep through the cotton, I took a couple of pictures of that, then pulled them to one side to reveal the most glorious, bald snatch.  My cock was suddenly rock hard, and I started to come up in a rush, I’d never laid eyes on a cunt like it, tight, wet, inviting, and the smell; slightly spicy – cardamom, definitely, I found her clit and started to suck it, gently.  Emma was coming up as well, because her writhing changed from a struggle to something more insistent.  -Oh my God!  She moaned -What are you doing to me?-I’m gonna eat your cunt!  I said, now slurping my way up and down her sweet gash.Phil had her jacket and blouse open and had snipped her expensive looking bra in the middle, freeing her pert, pale tits, with lovely pink nipples.  He was rolling them between his fingers and had his cock out, dangling it in Emma’s face.  -You took my fingers in your mouth without biting, do you think you can take my cock?  Emma, now high as a kite, just opened her mouth wide.  -Haha, laughed Phil, -I think she’s getting into it.  he took a dab of MDMA in his palm and spat on it before rubbing it into his bell end, -Suck this, bitch, he growled, feeding Emma the tip.  My face was lathered in my own saliva and Emma’s cunt ooze by now, and I was forcing my tongue deep up her, sucking and lapping at her hole, whilst frigging her clit.  I was tempted by her tight little arsehole, but I really wanted to save that one…  she was cumming, gasping on Phil’s dick and I started to flick her clit hard, keeping my tongue jammed in her twat.  Oh boy she just kept cumming, each time I thought I had gotten her off, she plateaued before climbing to another level, her cunt soaking now.  She spat out Phil’s dick to scream -Oh God, I just want to come, I need to come, make me come, I’m cumming, I’m cumming, oh fuck, tongue my cunt you bastard, I’m cumming!!!!And she was.  Straining against the tethers, the ties cutting into her ankles, Phil slapping his cock against her face, slapping her titties, her cunt gushing now…  I sat up as she bucked the last waves.  -Did you come in her mouth.  I asked Phil.  He shook his head.  -Not yet.  I’m saving that for another hole.  Lets have a look.  -These ties are hurting me!  Emma pleaded.  -They’re cutting in.  -In a minute, scolded Phil.  -I have to check your vagina, remember.  He knelt between her legs, first stroking her stocking tops then around her groin before delicately using two fingers to spread her labia.  -Nice little cunthole, eh Ewan?  he looked at me.  -Tastes great too.  I said.-I think we need to really spread it.  He said.  -And I’ve got just the thing…  Ewan, go in the fridge, there’s a plastic medical box in there.  –No!  said Emma, -No more.-Shut it slut.  Phil said.  -You’ve not convinced me you’re right for this job yet.  I found the box and handed it to him.  He opened it to reveal some latex medical gloves, a tube of KY and a shiny metal speculum.  He pulled on the gloves and applied a liberal dollop of lube to the first two fingers of his buca escort bayan right hand, which he then inserted, swiftly and smoothly right up Emma’s cunt, making her gasp.  -Wow, she loves it up her!  He chortled, sliding in and out, almost frictionless. He was beginning to gape her hole with his fingers and I had to get more pics.  Suddenly I remembered I was meant to send them to Dan, so I fired them off, with some of the first set.I decided to keep my camera out as Phil lubed up the speculum.  -This’ll probably be a bit cold, he warned.  Fucking right it would be, sick bastard kept it in the fridge!  -It’ll soon warm up, he laughed.He placed the closed instrument at Emma’s vulval opening, causing her to moan.  -It’s freezing!  she complained.  -Not technically, you fuck!  explained Phil, -It’s only cold…  you’ll have to learn the difference,  and he slid it into her vagina.  Emma began to pant.  -That’s it, Phil said, -nice and cold.  -It hurts!!!  It’s too cold!  Take it out!Phil smiled to himself and started to open the speculum out.  That gave Emma something else to think about as he cunthole started to get stretched, and she seemed less concerned with the temperature,  -I’m gonna open your cunt wide, I want to see what’s inside.  He continued to dilate her hole. Poking his fingers in. Eventually, he could see her cervix and it seemed she could take no more, crying again now, Emma was begging for mercy.  -Mercy?  asked Phil, giving her super sensitive clit a rub, making her groan.   He pushed three fingers into her widened twat and started to jab her.  She didn’t like that. I got a message back from Dan, he was beside himself, seeing his girlfriend abused, degraded, so I sent him some more of her gaping hole and Phil fingering it.   Rubbing her clit got her cumming again and by now I was keen to fuck her face and have her swallow my cum.  I suggested to Phil that we should untie her, and given she was in no state to escape, he agreed.  We snipped the cable ties and pushed her off the desk onto the floor and she landed in a heap.  -Come on, get up.  I said, -I want a blow job. And I want a good one.  Meekly now, she got to her hands and knees, tear and snot stained face, blouse and jacket ripped, skirt bunched up around her waist, nipples swollen, Phil loosened the speculum and told her to push it out, which she did, to our delight, more pics to Dan who messaged back to say he was in reception with a raging boner.  I told him to come up in ten minutes.  I stood in front of Emma and she obediently took my cock into her mouth, almost lovingly teasing the helmet, and licking up and down the shaft, she was so good that I allowed her use her hands to jerk me off into her mouth instead of deep throating her.  Phil meanwhile was behind her, rubbing his own big boner and her wet gash.  -Spitroast?  he asked me.-Go for it, I said.He pushed his fat cock into Emma, forcing her forward onto mine,  and she really started to work me now,  gobbling hard and I knew I couldn’t last.  Without warning I ejaculated stream after stream of spunk into her mouth, and I grabbed her head and held her there, my jizz dribbling from her lips.  -Swallow it!  I ordered, and to give her her due, she tried her best, but Phil was pounding her hard doggy now and she was coming up again, -Ohhh!  Fuck me, your cock is so fat, so hot, oh it’s hot, it’s burning!!  Your cock is burning me, you’re burning me down!!! Phil spat on her asshole and started to work his thumb in there.  -Ohhh!  There’s something up my arse!!!!  You dirty fuck!!!Which is how things were when Dan came in.  He must’ve been listening at the door because he had his trousers unzipped and his hard on sticking out.  I signalled for him to be quiet and Phil continued to fuck Emma hard and she was cumming again, Phil with two fingers in her anus now said he wanted to spunk deep in her cunt and she was not for disagreeing now.  -Yes, spunk in my cunt!  I want it deep in my womb!!!No sooner said than done and with a grunt Phil unloaded inside her.  She collapsed forward and he pulled out, but he kept the fingers in her ass, which he lubed up further.  Nodding to Dan to take his place he withdrew.  Emma was almost oblivious as Dan squeezed his cock up her arsehole, only whimpering slightly as he started to thrust in and out of her slick rectum.  Slowly she started to respond, rocking her hips and snaking her hand under her belly to access her clit.  She couldn’t cum again though and Dan hardly lasted before filling her third hole with spunk.  He pulled out and, as Emma hadn’t even opened her eyes, slipped out of the room unnoticed.  Phil and I pulled up chairs towait for her to come round.  When she finally opened her eyes I smiled.-Congratulations, you’ve got the job. 

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