A special thanks goes out to SWIM21 for editing my story and constructive criticism.

All characters are 18 or older. The information isn’t supposed to be accurate as this is a mix of personal fantasy, mythology, and science fiction.



The room smelled of sex. Everyone knows that unique aroma of sweat, skin, saliva, and cum. Its musk invaded my nostrils and soaked my skin. Everything in my room from the sheets on my bed to the rug on the floor was covered in the smell. It hung heavy in the air teasing me back to consciousness and robbing me of my sleep. It wasn’t a bad smell, actually it was a little pleasant. The memories and the soreness in my body came back in drops, stirring my mind and nudging me to wake up, bringing with it the satisfying understanding that such a smell only came from hours and hours of rough and brutal sex. Fucking.

The feeling of a magnificent cock forcing its way into me, the feel of a man’s girth savagely hammering away at my insides, tearing me open and then leaving my womanly cavity aching and desperate, over and over again. I was sore between my legs and could feel the warmth of his cum still in my stomach. It was more than most men usually give me and would leave me satisfied and thinking clearly for at least a good while. A good thing too since I needed the strength for what was coming tomorrow morning.

An irritating snore from the corner was the next distraction from my post-sex nap. I cracked open my eyes and took in the vision before me. The room was dimmed and cool and I was still laying on top of the furs on my bed. I felt that familiar drunk feeling in my head, still woozy with euphoria and sleepiness. I paused my scan to try and estimate how long I had been laying there. An hour maybe?

A slave slumped against a wall in the corner of the room, resting from his exertions. The light from the fire flickered across his face revealing his repulsive features. It was definitely the face only a mother could love. Thankfully I wasn’t his. I took a moment noting the crooked nose and scarred cheeks. His rough stubble couldn’t hide the dents along his jaw line. I cringed trying to remember why I ever brought him to my room, my eyes wandered to the movement in his lap and I remembered.

‘Oh right,’ I smiled to myself. ‘Big cock.’

I watched it move and fall onto his legs like it had a mind of its own, like it was trying to find shelter from the cool night air. Thinking back to what had happened over the last few hours I tried to remember if he was any good in bed or not, not that it really mattered. The sex had been good, not great, but there had only ever been one great. The slave was big, that was a given. He was strong for a man sure, but that wasn’t anything I didn’t already know. I remember it had taken some coaxing for him to really get to work pleasuring me.

I swallowed his cock like a snake swallows a mouse. Big as he was I admit it took some work, but I’ve had bigger. I had always loved the taste of a man in my mouth, the sweet tease of precum dancing on my tongue when I wrapped my lips around the head. The heaviness of a shaft forcing open my jaw. I had always noticed a taste to the skin of a cock, a bit salty and a bit meaty. I loved the musk from his crotch filling my nose and drowning out all my other senses.

The slave had groaned as I took him in my mouth. Remembering to breath through my nose and relaxing my throat for his hefty tool, I pushed myself down to his root enjoying the feel of the bulbous head prodding at my esophagus. I sucked his cock for ten minutes, swallowing everything from the sweet honey tip to his wide salty base, I bathed my mouth with his tasty rod.

When he was hard and almost ready to cum I stopped. It wouldn’t do to finish him so quick. Rolling onto my back I gave him a reprieve from my assault and spread my legs wide and inviting. He ate me for the next hour or so, bringing me to two small orgasms. His mouth sucked my labia and his tongue danced over my clit slowly, too slowly. I rocked my mound against his chin trying to push myself over the edge of another climax. He was pretty skilled, for a man with a small tongue. He had clearly been trained well by his mistress and I’d have to remember to thank her later. Feeling ready for the main event I pushed him off of me and onto his back.

“Now show me what your value really is, show your queen how much you love her,” I whispered.

I straddled his waist and eagerly impaled myself on him, my wetness easing his entry. His sweaty face contorted in pleasure as he entered me and a deep moan emanated from his throat. I felt his bulbous head spearing into my depths, its shaft hot and throbbing against my insides. I took my time riding him. Not really putting in the effort to lift myself up his rod for a proper fuck, just enjoying the friction in grinding my clit against him for an easy climax.

My juices were starting to run faster now and I lifted my hands to massage my breasts and pinch my nipples. I liked the added effect of being filled with cock inside too, Escort bayan nothing gets me there quicker than having an engorged erection inside me and pressure on my clit.

After twenty minutes of the ride I noticed a softening of his phallus. It was slowly wilting inside me like he was distracted by something. Looking down into his eyes I saw fear.

“Apologies my queen, I…I think I…I, I’m not sure,” he stuttered.

Placing my hand over his mouth to block out his abominable voice, I sighed to myself. That was always a risk with these slaves. Some were unsure of themselves or so intimidated by the opportunity to fuck a queen that they couldn’t get out of their own heads.

I knew what would do the trick though. The thought of dominating a woman was always a fantasy of theirs. Men on this island lived a life of servitude and obedience, the thought of reversing the roles was a dream come true for them. Of course, since I couldn’t very well allow myself to be dominated by a slave it would have to be someone else.

I removed myself from his lap and headed to the bedroom door. Poking my head into the hallway I saw the object of my desire, a young lady standing at attention against the wall.

“Lieutenant, come” I barked. The girl quickly followed me inside.

She was a regular in my bed most nights and had been putting herself on my protection detail more and more lately. Over the weeks she had become familiar with my kinks and the way I liked to do things but now she was becoming too attached and it was bothering me.

Obviously expecting to replace the slave as my lover for the night she began stripping her clothes as I climbed back onto the bed. Her jacket with its medals and ribbons was casually tossed to the floor, sword and cover were forgotten at my desk next to the window and her boots, pants, and belt she left in a heap at the bedpost.

Standing in front of me nude she grinned as I took in her young body. She had a beautiful face with high cheek bones and plump full lips. If nothing else about her was appealing her face would have been enough. She had large green eyes and cropped blonde hair that she had shaved on one side to look more utilitarian. I liked the almost jarring contrast to her pretty face. Her athletic body was sculpted from years of training with weapons and military discipline. My eyes raked over her pale breasts small but well shaped and capped with puffy pink nipples hardening in the night air.

She had constantly worn the smallest and tightest uniforms to show off her high firm buttocks and muscular thighs to anyone that would look. And her sweet, tight, shaved pussy with its puffy little lips, it was like a little mystery begging for someone to come along and open it up. She knew she was beautiful and she thought it made her special, unfortunately for her that irritated me.

I saw the doubt appear on her face when I stopped her from joining me on the bed. “Him,” I pointed at the slave behind me.

“My queen?” she questioned, eyeing me with confusion and the slave with repulsion.

“Him, now.” I said again, keeping my commands short.

She reluctantly obeyed my command and turned her attentions and body to the man. For the next thirty minutes she stayed bent over on the bed on her hands and knees and allowed him to manhandle her.

Clearly she hadn’t expected this to happen and from the look she kept giving me she was hoping I would change my mind at any moment. But as he continued to grunt and hump her I teased her mouth with my lips. I kissed her and whispered sweet nothings in her ear, I told her how beautiful she was and how much her queen was grateful that she would do this for her. I promised her the sweet nectar from between my legs and hours of my lips sucking on her beautiful little clit.

Whether from his cock or my promises she began groaning. I reached my hands underneath her and massaged her supple tits while she rocked back and forth. She was doing most of the work now lifting herself off of him and pushing herself back against his belly. After several minutes she stopped paying attention to me all together and her head fell down to her hands on the bed. Letting out a loud groan she was clearly enjoying sex with a man.

“My queen…oh fuck! My queen, your majesty,” She moaned squeezing her eyes shut and babbling with pleasure. “Let me serve you, let me give you my sweet pussy, its yours, don’t you want it? Don’t you…OH FUCK!”

The slave buried himself to the root and slapped his hand down on her ass cheek. I watched his confidence grow with every thrust he made and I knew he would soon be ready to take his proper place underneath me again.

After a few more minutes I deemed the slave ready for me and climbed between them. I pushed the lieutenant from his reach, denying her an orgasm, and wrapped my fingers around his neck digging my nails into his skin. I could feel the lust pulsing in my body as I climbed back atop his rod. Steadying his cock with my other hand I eased myself down to his base. Raising Bayan escort myself up again I didn’t hesitate to slam myself down on him over and over again. I smiled at the renewed intrusion of his cock and enjoyed the waves of pleasure and pressure building inside of me again.

“Come lieutenant,” I said. “Suck.” Reaching out for the guard I wrapped my hand behind her head and brought her face to my nipples, urging her to feast on them.

My head dropped backward and my vision blurred. The pressure was building to my tipping point. I was so close. Lifting myself off him I let him exit my soaking hole until just his tip was at the entrance, then slammed my cunt back down feeling his head poke at my cervix. The girl’s lips switched from my left tit to my right and she began stroking my clit.

“More! More! More!” I exploded, the climax finally hitting me. “Fuck!!” I yelled.

The fluids building up inside of me forced me to push myself away from the slave, I brushed the guard’s hand from my pussy and violently stroked myself until I squirted my juices onto both of them. Squirt after squirt fell onto the slave and the guard scrambled forward on the bed trying to catch it with her mouth. But, her mouth wasn’t what I was really after.

“Move,” I grunted, brushing the girls face away, hard.

I could see the obvious hurt in her eyes at being dismissed but I couldn’t care less in that moment. I wrapped my hand around the slave’s heaving phallus and eased his tip back into my hole. Keeping him in place with my hand I began jerking his shaft to make sure his cum entered me.

It didn’t take long. His load shot into me in streams, long and hot, his silly grunting sounds filled my room and echoed off the walls. I made sure to take my time milking him, squeezing myself tight against the head and feeling relief flow into my body. Sweet cum, I felt every hot ounce basting my insides, I love it.

The sensation always began wherever contact was made, it warmed the skin first sending tingles down my spine. I felt the swirling sensation in my head filling me with euphoria and pleasure.

Then came the memories. Every orgasm I had ever experienced, every ounce of pleasure from my youth to now, even the faces of every man and woman who brought me to a climax rushed through my mind. In moments I saw them, heard their voices, tasted their flesh, smelled their scents. I remembered my past, my present, everyday of my life was crystal clear. I could even feel myself thinking clearer again, the fog of old age lifting and my thoughts coming easier.

I rolled off of him savoring the sensation, idly stroking my cunt to take in the last of my orgasmic bliss. The next hour I enjoyed touching myself, watching the slave have his way with my guard every way he desired simply because I had commanded it.

– – – Back to the present – – –

After a few deep breaths I resigned myself to the fact that I wouldn’t find any sleep this night. I was too nervous about tomorrow. Lazily I pulled myself from my bed, naked and sweaty. I walked toward the balcony trying to wipe the exhaustion from my eyes.

The lieutenant was falling asleep in a chair at the balcony door. She took notice of my movements and hurried to attention, I saw she hadn’t bothered to put her uniform back on. She had been my guard, and occasional lover, for little over month but now the clinginess was causing problems with some of the others and she needed to remember her place. Still her body was very appealing. I liked the stains of dried cum on her neck and chest, something she received when she had let the bull dominate her during the fuckathon we’d enjoyed.

I loved that she was unwilling at first, the memory coming back to me of her umbrage and indignation when he put his hands on her head and guided her face to his rod. She was ready to bite his cock off right there in my bed, but she gave in to his control when I demanded it. I always took pleasure in that part, commanding the reversal. It was so taboo through out the kingdom to let a man take charge, it was oh so decadent. She would be shamed in public if anyone found out she had let a man mount her from behind like that.

“My queen,” she whispered saluting me. “Do you need anything?”

“Fix yourself up!” I snarled as I passed her without returning her salute. “And take the slave


She hesitated for a moment clearly unsure if she had upset me. ‘Good.’ I thought. ‘I can’t have a soldier thinking she had my favor and forgetting her discipline.’

“My queen,” she paused choosing her words carefully. “Do you need more of your ‘elixir’?”

For some reason I found her voice more irritating than usual, the sound, the words, she was even annoying me just standing there. Fucking idiot of a woman, can’t follow simple orders.

Still, she might be right. I noticed the elixir wasn’t holding the same sway over me anymore, it wore off too quickly. Like a junkie needing a stronger and stronger dose of the drug, the same amount of cum no longer held its same escort effect. The only thing that did it anymore was a pure source, directly from my own blood line.

“The slave is empty, it would be hours before he could produce anything helpful, and I’m not going to lick anything off of your tits tonight. Go,” I commanded.

“Yes my queen.” She hurried to pick up her uniform and kicked the slave, “Up you filth! Up!” she barked “Up!”

The slave jerked awake startled from his sleep. Looking about wildly he scurried to obey her commands. He was completely unconcerned about his genitals swinging about preposterously, the sight made me chuckle. Even soft, his cock was impressive in size but flailed about as if it was a dead snake. The soldier beat him over his head chasing him from the room.

“And bring me wine!” I yelled behind her.

Turning back to the balcony I opened the door feeling the cool night air washing over my nude body. The feeling of cool wind cresting over my face, running down my neck and tickling my large dark areolas, teasing my nipples. I brought my hands to my breasts cupping their weight in my palms. Still heavy but sitting high on my chest after all this time. My long brown hair tickled my lower back and I took stock of my waist. Still small and firm like the day I had married my first husband, the filth. I felt the cool breeze sweep down in between my legs and kiss my lower lips.

The curse of the gods had kept my cunt constantly wet and tight even after all of my children. Running my hands back against my butt I squeezed and felt the soreness still lingering from the night with the bull. My cheeks were still firm and well shaped, they’d never gone pudgy and fat like other women. Sliding my fingers over my face I felt the soft olive skin and high cheeks of my parents. People in my home land of Greece had changed so much since I was born. For one thing we were shorter back in my day. Although, to be fair that was a very, very long time ago. My body had remained in the perfect shape and health of a young woman down through the ages. It was only my mind that atrophied without the ‘elixir’.

Tiptoeing over to the railing, I gazed out over my island kingdom watching the lights flicker in the tiny houses below. The walls surrounding the castle teamed with fit young women keeping watch.

I had been queen of my island for nearly four hundred years. Inherited from my eleventh husband, I had ruled many generations of my people. Over the centuries I had changed the laws and the customs to fit my needs and my desires.

I brought these people mathematics, trade, education, and medicine. I removed the old ways of thinking, doing away with the practices holding men in power over women. I rewrote the laws of women giving them status and authority. I also did away with the old laws against the enjoyment of sex. Women could choose their partners at will and have as many lovers or husbands as they pleased. Over time I even did away with the ban against incest. I encouraged the advancement of technology and research into science, my best and brightest delving deeply into learning the secrets of reproduction.

Looking out over the island I couldn’t help but smile, this was MY island. I took a swell of pride in knowing everything it had become was born from the fruits of MY labor.

Feeling a flutter in my heart I sank down into a seat against the railing remembering a time before all of this. A time I was queen of a distant more ancient kingdom. One in which I had both the best and worst years of my long life. I felt butterflies inside of me now. It was a familiar feeling I got it every time I was naked in the open where others could see, but there was something else there, something like a nervous feeling in the pit of my belly. That was familiar too.

The night before every “gifting” I felt the nerves in my body stir and tingle. I would get self conscious about the up coming day wondering if my body would be appreciated, if I would be accepted. I didn’t know if I would be wanted, loved, or rejected by a son, they were all so different. Oedipus though, he loved me. Oedipus never rejected me, not on our first night and not on our last.

My first son, Oedipus, was perfect. The history books will tell you I am a myth, something out of legend, that by some cruel curse of the gods I unknowingly married my son, bore his children, and when I learned the truth I killed myself or faded into obscurity. What do you expect from simple minded peasants and thousands of years of story telling? I’m surprised I didn’t end up as a three headed monster that eats small children. But that wasn’t the way it happened.

No, the truth was much different.

– – – 2500 years ago – – –

I was born in Thebes to a family of wealth. My father was an adviser to many men of power including the new king. My mother was an honored daughter of low nobility, her body was the envy of most women in the city and the desire of every man. She was beautiful in face and body, everything about her screamed sex. She could command attention from every man in a room with just the flash of her legs and the sway of her breasts. She was promised to my father in exchange for soldiers to win some obscure foreign war. My father was clever enough to know her value in a world of lust, corruption, and politics.

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