Jock Tales—JR year PT 2—The Diamnd Dawgs

Jock Tales—JR year PT 2—The Diamnd DawgsJock Tales—JR year PT 2—The Diamond DawgsOK—so, if you been following my stories from the beginning, then you have seen me mention from time to time “The Diamond Dawgs’. It was a major part of my life throughout football. In part two here, you finally get to learn how that came about. It was now Friday morning. Most of the guys were up by the time I roused. Sitting around the kitchen table, drinking coffee—lil bro Dustin right in the middle. I guess he was just worried about his big bro. The guys were mostly mumbling, and whispering, I guess being quite so as to not wake mom. Oddly for me, appearing in a pr of sweats, rather than some shorts, or just a jock, but still topless and barefoot, I head for the coffee and sit at the end of the table. They get quite, and just look at me. “Aight—aight dawgs—please don’t do the silent treatment shit on me. SO what you guys gonna do to me now “? Jackson actually was the first to speak. “We was talking about what Parker said last night—when he just mentioned ur dad. What’s that all about”? I hung my head a bit, then held my cup out for Dustin to re-fill. He was always eager to please. “Out with it Dillon—full disclosure. No more secrets”“He started messin with me I guess about Dustin’s age. Pretty simple—just play with his dick till he busted. I remember how hairy he was, and always stunk. I wanted to be just like him, cause I thought that was what a man was. I was fascinated at the amount of jizz he blew. After about a year he taught me how to suck his dick till I could get most of him in my mouth. I didn’t really mind is what was weird—just made me close to my dad, you know—the attention, and I liked the look on his face after I would get his nut, and sometimes he would cream all over me—said that’s how you got hair on ur belly, lol. One night he said something to the effect of ‘daddy’s lil champ’. That made me grin from ear to ear. I never had any thoughts about it being perverted, or sic, or anything. I just knew for the most part, ‘cept for the getting fucked part, it felt good. And it got me close to my dad, and made him urfa escort happy—and loved me”But then one night he comes in pretty drunk. And, in a nutshell, that was the first time he fucked me. I guess he wasn’t thinking about me not being a grown man—about summer of 14 I guess. It hurt pretty fuckin bad, loosing ur cherry like that while still so tight. But he busted like a fuckin donkey—I could feel him shootin up in my guts, and then ozzin back out my hole. I kinda liked that part—the way it felt. After I saw how happy it made him, I just couldn’t say no. I guess all that shit is why I keep my distance from Dustin—I’m scared it might wear off—and I might start the same shit”“So—how long did this go on for Matthew” asks Kelso very slowly”“It still is, dawgs. Just early this summer—you know when I went out on the road with dad for a week? Well—I guess you can picture it now”There was a long silence at the table. I guess all my friends were in shock to learn that such a thing was going on right under their asses. Then, Dustin had to chime up again “tell them about shooting him Matthew—and Maurice”I slammed my fist down on the table “Godamm Dustin—can you not keep ur fuckin mouth closed about anything”? I screamed at him, almost crying. Kelso fired back “Chill out dude—what the fuck is he talking about now”?“Well, I didn’t exactly shoot them—just shot at them. I think it scared Dustin so bad he shit his pants. Maurice and this other dude—not someone on the team, had come over this one Friday night. We all got pretty fucked up. In a nutshell—they tied me up, down on the floor. They r a p e d my ass—hard—just spit, no lube. Maurice of course was hung like a donkey—other dude not too far behind him, bout like me—10” or so. It was pretty brutal—I shit and b l e d all over the place. Then dad just happened to come home right in the middle of it—and joined in”The silence was deafening. It was several minutes before Dustin jumped up and refilled my coffee again. He put his arms around me and started crying. “Im sorry Matthew—I just love you, and I want you to get better—you know ur my hero”I escort urfa started ballin myself, but then Petroni continued the questioning–”So is that why you cut Maurice from the team”? “Ya—when I woke up the next morning, they had untied me sometime in the night. But there I was laying there on the cold concrete—covered in my own piss, shit, and puke. My asshole was still ozzing b l o o d. I hopped in the shower real quick, then went upstairs. I poured me a cup, then went to mom and dads room and fished out dad’s .45. Maurice—he clearly violated the code. Like Kelso brought up last night—I had declared it was a privilege to be on this team—and he had just lost his. I knew he loved football as much as me—that’s why I bought him all his gear. So I figured the best way to hurt him back, was to make sure he never wore that jersey again. Later that same day is when I blackmailed dad into getting me the dirt bike. Better that than him sitting in jail with 3 squares and a cot, and me with still a sore ass”Petroni spoke first; “Ok look dawgs—I can’t sit here and hear this shit no more. I actually feel sick. Let’s just start the cook out, or something”They all agreed, and I went back to my room to fish out some cash, since I had “a sock drawer full” The afternoon went slowly, and pretty quite. I didn’t speak much towards Dustin, and I could tell he was seeing the anger in me. After about 7:00 or so, after mom headed out for work, we decided to do a quick beer run, and then settle back downstairs in my room. It was a while before anyone even spoke. I had let Dustin come down for now—till I saw how the night was going to go. Kelso finally spoke: “OK—look—this is how it’s going to be. Everything that’s been said here—will stay here—forever—just this circle. That includes you Parker, and you too Dustin. You got to swear your best oath to never repeat this shit—and you never talk about it, except to each other—and only then when it needs to be. I ain’t sure how I feel about this gay butt fuckin bull shit—but that’s you guys, and your business. But Matthew—we’re not leaving you alone for the whole urfa escort bayan season. Every fucking night, there will be one or two of us here—with you, in your house. We’re not taking our eyes off you—and you fixin to cowboy up. Im the captain this year—not you. So, it’s my rules now”Jackson speaks next with “so —we’re like a crew, or something now—like the core of the team or something” Kelso responds with “ya—-ya, that works. I like the sound of that”. I speak up next and offer “So—I guess we need a name or something—like a secret crew maybe”? It got quite again, as I guess each was pondering some kind of name. By this time Dustin was standing behind me, and running his fingers around my back shoulder—tracing out the tat of the diamond. He actually was the first to speak next. “How bout—‘The Diamond Dawgs” ?After another several moments of silence, Petroni finally speaks up. “I like that—it fits. We’re all here for Matthew—so we’re his dawgs. The Diamond Dawgs”Everyone nods in agreement. I speak next, “So do we got to come up with some cheesy ritual initiation thing, and an oath, or something”?A couple respond with ya—why not. Silly maybe, but if done from the heart, then gospel. “And we need some kind of act of loyalty—to each other—to prove our loyalty and secret—something you wouldn’t normally do”I won’t go through the whole ritual thing here—it was pretty long and drawn out. But you can read about it in “Skate park adventures” After some time at pushing the idea, I finally got them all to agree. I wrote up an oath—pretty cheesy, but meaningful. We did a ritual thing, where we all got ‘knighted’–I just happen to have a sword, lol. Of course by this time we had to make Dustin leave—just too young for now. Parker was included in the crew, so that made seven of us.I retrieved a big mixing bowl from the kitchen. We all gathered around in a circle, and proceeded to jack off, each spilling his nut into the bowl. I mix it up with my fingers, and then we all scooped up the mix of hot jock jizz—like licking the icing you just made for a cake—and ate it. I guessed it was nearly a half a quart of hot steaming HS jock jizz in that bowl. We ate it till it was all gone. I explained that when you consume your brothers seaman, you consume his soul. And that was about as far as you could go. And thus was born—The Diamond Dawgs

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