Johanna x Sharon (F/F) Pt. 05

Big Tits

Chapter 5

From Sharon’s journal:

Dear diary, today is the day of the last test for Johanna. I want to see how far her attraction to my feet goes and what she is willing to do for them. It’s a dangerous test that can end very well or very badly. No middle ground. After yesterday’s event, no further incidents occurred. She stayed in her room the whole time. She didn’t even come down for dinner.

I spent last night searching my mind for some reason as to why I was somehow attracted to feet. Psychology teaches that events at a young age can leave a trace in our brains and predispose us or make us averse to certain things. My brain was an empty archive, no prior experience. I had to associate Sharon’s beauty to her feet, if she was beautiful, her feet had to be too. I could find no other explanation. And yet I liked them; no more excuses could be found out of thin air. That morning Sharon brought me breakfast as usual, proving that her morning jog of the other day was just an isolated incident.

She brought my breakfast to my room, bowed slightly and closed the door behind her. No morning chatter. I took my time eating breakfast, washed and dressed and went to the kitchen. I didn’t want to do anything excessive that day, I was feeling sluggish. When I went into the living room I found Sharon doing her chores. When she saw me she put down the broom she was sweeping the floor with and said:

“Can I ask you a favor?”


“You know, today, I wanted to do a little experiment to make the day more fun and I can’t do it alone. I need you.”

“What kind of experiment are you talking about?”

“Hypnosis. You know I was studying psychology. I was fascinated by the field of the human mind and hypnosis in particular. The state of hypnosis can also be used for therapeutic purposes, but obviously we wouldn’t use it for that since you’re not sick. However I thought it would be fun to try. If you want later I can even try to teach you how to do it.”

Strange, I thought. What will he want to do after I am hypnotized? Will she want me to do some other humiliating thing, this time unwillingly? Maybe, since I ran away yesterday. Maybe he wants to repeat the experience. I imagined myself hypnotized, my eyes fixed, while, as in ancient Egypt, I waved a large palm tree to shelter her from the scorching heat. Instead of feeling anger or disgust at that scene, a small shiver ran down my spine and a certain moisture was forming in my sex. It might be fun in the end, maybe she could let me touch her feet again.

“All right, why not. I don’t have much better to do today after all.”

“Well, then how about we get started right away?”

“It’s a lot easier than you think, and it’s quite similar to what you see in the movies. Focus on me, my voice and the movements of my hands.”

I decided to play along. I was slightly curious as well. I wonder if she really believed she could Anadolu Yakası Escort induce me into a trance-like state. The fact is that after a few murmurs and gestures on her part, she made me close my eyes.

From there to a quarter of an hour maximum she said she had completed the process and that now she only had to test its actual success. Obviously she was not talking to me, since she believed me to be hypothesized. However, I did not feel any change in me; obviously it had not worked.

Well,” said Sharon, “let’s test the success of the experiment. Johanna, get undressed.”

After that word it’s as if time around me stopped. Why did he want me to take my clothes off? Maybe because I had refused to let him see me naked that day in the shower? I had two paths in front of me. Obey or not. With the first I would have convinced her that the hypnosis had worked and so we could have continued this strange game. But why did I want to do that? Did I want her to humiliate me? I knew I didn’t want this moment to end, ruining everything by saying something like Hey but what are you trying to do?

So I did as requested and started taking off my clothes. Now I don’t know how hypnotized people usually behave but I tried to do everything with a blank expression. Eyes fixed in front of me and tight lips. One by one all the items of my clothing fell to the floor, including my underwear. When I took off my panties and bra a shy smile of encouragement appeared on Sharon’s face. Then she said, “Now take a spin on yourself. Let me look at you.”

She accompanied the words with a hand gesture.

I turned around and let him look at me in all my glory.

“Now let’s have some fun,” Sharon said, “get on all fours and come towards me.”

I did as requested. I struggled to maintain a blank, disinterested expression. I crawled over and got in front of her. Even though I was in that position, naked and in a canine position, I did not feel humiliated. She gave me a pat on the head, as if I were a puppy.

She ordered me to follow her into the living room. When we got there she sat down on the couch and turned on the TV. Then she said, “Johanna, complete the household chores. Wash the bathroom and clean the floors. Do it naked, just as you are.”

In the meantime I had listened to the order by standing in front of her, still on all fours. With a movement that more robotic you can not, I got up and went to get the tools that would keep me busy for the next few hours: mop and broom mainly.

As I left I thought about what I was feeling at that moment. Did I feel angry because I was doing the chores that the maid should have been doing, naked to boot? No, I was the one who had wanted to play that game. I was disappointed that she still hadn’t given me an order that involved her extremities. I was on the verge of finishing cleaning and at that point I asked myself a question. Pendik Escort How could I go about telling her that I was done? In theory I didn’t have a will of my own at that moment, so I was a little undecided about what was going to happen next.

Fortunately, this problem was solved by Sharon herself who came to monitor my progress. She was still dressed in her maid uniform but had not moved a finger. Her uniform dancers left their footprints on the still wet living room floor, soiling it again.

“That’s enough Johanna. Leave the tools here and follow me. On all fours.”

She followed her back to the couch.

“Oops,” she said, “it looks like the dancers got even dirtier on the wet floor. Wipe the soles. Clean them with your tongue.”

That was yet another watershed. A truly degrading gesture, one that concerned yes her extremities, but not directly. Nevertheless, I stuck out my tongue and took to licking the soles of her ballet flats. I helped myself with my hands. I wanted so badly to slip them off so I could smell her feet, but that would have required too much will to action to a hypnotized person. As I did so she laughed. She was laughing heartily. What was the point of laughing? She was having a hypnotized person do it. It’s funny, true, but I’m not doing it voluntarily. She can’t know that. With each lapping my tongue grew drier and darker. When she finished I laid her legs on the floor and stepped back a little. I lifted my head in anticipation of something.

“I knew it,” she said, “I knew you liked them, you’ve confirmed that now. As you know, you’re not really hypnotized. You let me do it. You did it all willingly. You indulged in humiliation today for nothing. You have dirt lying under my shoes on your tongue and you are naked on all fours in front of me. How do you justify that?”

As she said these things my mouth was open, my eyes wide. My face not red with shame, but pale with fear, fear that she would tell someone.

“Hahahahaha look at you, your tongue is black with dirt while you’re down there with that dumbfounded expression”, She scoffed, “So? Don’t you have anything to say?

I”…I…at first I was very confused but now I know I like your feet. I actually agreed to play this “game” because I was hoping you would let me touch your feet again or have anything to do with them…and in the end, albeit very indirectly that’s what I got. Please Sharon, don’t tell anyone.”

I lowered my head to her feet. I almost had the urge to bow my head to kiss them but I told myself to resist. I could feel Sharon’s gaze on me. I had just confessed to feeling attraction and hoping to make contact with her feet. Sharon stood up and told me to follow her to my room.

“You can get up if you want,” she added.

I chose to stay on all fours.

She sat down on my bed.

“Would you like to watch that animal program we used to watch?”

“Yes, I Kurtköy Escort would like to,” I said, always on all fours and naked. I tried to sit on the bed but I was stopped abruptly.

“No no, your place is not on the bed. Your place is on the floor with your head towards my feet.”

She was cheerful as she said this. Another test? I didn’t care. She had mentioned her feet and that was enough to drive me nuts. This way I don’t understand how I could have watched the episode though….

Then I saw Sharon get up and grab a pair of headphones. She handed them to me and told me to put them on my ears. That way I wouldn’t even be able to hear anything on the show….

Then I saw something that kicked all other thoughts out of my mind. Sharon was taking off her stockings. To my disappointment she didn’t throw them in my face, as I had fantasized. She came and sat on the bed. The program began. The sounds were very muffled and I could not understand anything of the program. It held my attention for a little over 10 minutes, after which I began to look for something else that would capture my attention. Something like Sharon, who kept me glued to the floor of my own room, with no clothes on, doing something I still didn’t understand the meaning of. When the program ended she motioned for me to take the headphones out of my ears.

“As you saw, today’s episode was about termites. Now we are going to challenge each other like we used to with questions about the episodes. If you get the answer to the question wrong as punishment you will have to give me a lick on the sole of my foot every other foot.”

I made to protest by saying things like ” but how do you do.”

“Hey hey, shhhh,” she shushed me by putting her right foot on my lips.

Let’s start with the first question: “Are termites related to beetles or cockroaches?”

How was I supposed to know? She made me wear headphones throughout the episode. It wasn’t fair! Deep down though…did I feel so bad about not knowing the answer?

“I don’t know.”

“They are related to cockroaches! They said so at the beginning of the episode. Bad bad dear Johanna, you’ve been careless,” she put his right foot close to mine, she was right on top of me, “first lick!”

I licked. Slightly salty, but very good. A shiver of pleasure ran through my body. From heel to thumb.

“Now the second question. How big are termites in general?”

“I don’t know,” second lick, this time on my left foot.

“You gave up too soon, are you sure you thought this through? Ahahahaha. Now for the third question.”

“What is eusociality?”

I didn’t even make an effort to answer. As a symbolic gesture, I stuck out my tongue, ready to lick my right foot again.

This reaction made Sharon burst out laughing.


New rays of sunlight descend on Johanna and Sharon’s house.

Knock knock.

“Come in.”

“Good morning Miss. I brought you breakfast.”

“Thank you very much. You may go. I’ll brief you on the rest of the day later.

Ah wait a minute. When is your mother coming back?”

“In a few days, miss.”

“All right, Johanna. That’s all for now. Go now.”


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