John and Mary


John looks into his step sister’s eyes – he is naked and she’s fully dressed in a pair of white mini shorts and a tight t-shirt. Her t-shirt bra made her breast look plump, tight and firm. She’s embracing him from the back and they are on a large bed, the Mediterranean air hummed cheerily with shouts, laughter and the sound of waves. She has her long legs wrapped around him, and she now holds his erect penis in her hands.

Mary has dirty blonde hair, dark brown eyes and a figure that boasts breasts the size of oranges, a hip that swayed when she walked and lips that weren’t too thick nor too thin – lips that now pecked at John’s neck. Her skin is clear with the slightest hint of a tan. He is slightly smaller than her in size and seems to fit perfectly into her arms and legs. His penis is straining upwards.

“Do you like this?” asks Mary. She lightly grazes his penis with her fingernails, before flicking the tip. John groaned. “I’m sorry…there’s not a lot to work with.”

“Nonsense” she replies. “It’s a full six inches I think. More than enough to fill me up…” She continues to stroke it gently. “And besides. Size never matters.” She rubs the underside firmly with a finger and touches the head, causing the whole penis to twitch. Mary giggles.

John continues to groan occasionally. He breathes in the scent of her hair and kisses her back when she lowered her head. He rubs her thighs and she reciprocates Escort Ankara by stimulating him more. She gets a picture from her pocket – it’s one of herself in a bikini. It’s turquoise and looks a cup size too small for her. Patterned with a figure of eight crease, the material wrapps around her breasts. Her tummy is taut and there is added girth to her chest; like she was breathing in.

“This was from two days ago John.” she says, whispering into his ear. “I was walking by the beach in this – everyone was naturally staring – and I moved to the water. I soaked my vagina in the cold salty ocean, John and my goodness it felt good.” She grips his penis now and begins massaging; up and down, side to side.

“Then I laid down, like how I’m lying now. My legs spread wide, like this. I wanted it so, so bad that day.” John’s penis twitches again. His fluids begin to ooze. “I laid back in the water and let the waves hit me where I wanted it. Wave after wave John…quite literally.”

John begins to shudder as Mary starts to pump his penis. “But that wasn’t enough for me. I was at the edge though.” John himself was close to cumming, but Mary stops. She makes him turn around to look at her as she gets out of her t-shirt. Her bra is simple, domestic, yet wonderfully arousing for John. He takes the cue and pulls away her shorts. Her panties are lace white, thin and drenched. He moves to remove it but Ankara Escort she slaps his hand away. She moves forward and lies on her belly, gripping John’s penis again. “You probably don’t know this, but there’s a man here who knows how to help people out who want sex.” she says. “I went to him that day, pleading…”

Mary now gives his penis a long, slow lick. John moans and brushes his hands through her thick blonde hair. She reaches to the bedside table and gets a jar of lubricant. This she pours generously onto John’s penis, all the while gently but firmly stroking him.

“He beckons me to a bed room, like this one. He makes me lie on it and ties my hands to the bedposts, but ties my ankles together. I thought he was going to have me, there and then; but he said ‘Let me call my son. He will help you out, miss.’ And leaves the room. Meanwhile, he lets his cat in and it starts to prowl all over me. I loved it when it’s paws made contact with my pussy…Oh…John…and it started licking me here and there and here and there…I thought I was going to lose it to a cat.” Mary’s eyes were lit up now, and John listened, stunned. She had stopped her attentions on him now for a moment, but his penis was as erect as ever.

“Then his son comes in. He’s so lean; looked so strong. About your age, no older than twenty. He greets me politely. All I can do is call for him like a slut. ‘Have me! Please get Ankara Escort Bayan in me…’ I had said. So he strips and mounts me; he starts to kiss me. Then he worked his tongue down to my neck and the top of my breasts. I was trying to grind my pussy against him now but he makes sure he’s just out of reach…” Mary resumes her stroking of John. She adds the occasional lick. John notices her legs spreading wider and wider, pushing her hips into the bed.

“Then he lowers himself onto me. He asks me if I’m ready and all I can do is moan and nod like a wanton whore. The bonds on my ankles were strong; I tried and tried to spread my legs but couldn’t. My juices had begun to seep through the fabric and was running down my closed legs. I was a mess.”

“I thought he was going to be rough; you know, rip off my things and have at me. But he doesn’t touch anything. My nipples were showing; they were so erect. He positions himself above me, and rubs his penis on my snatch. He knew exactly where my clitoris was underneath the bikini bottom.”

“I was moaning like a complete whore now. He rubbed his penis harder and harder on me and I ground back.” Mary sits up now, wrapping her legs around John so that the two are face to face. Her pussy is milimetres from his cock. “It was like this” said Mary, grinding John’s erect penis and kissing him. The wet lace feels amazing on John’s penis. Mary quickly pushes the fabric aside and slides John’s penis into her.

She’s slick and wet and does all the work; rising high before landing hard on him. She moans loudly – her fingernails scratches into his back as he comes. His orgasm triggers her own as her back arches in pleasure.

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