Subject: Joining Track I lived in a small upper Midwest town so we had a small high school. In spring we had track and baseball. I was a baseball nut but I was also a fast sprinter. Freshman and sophomore years I played baseball but the track coach kept trying to talk me into doubling up. Finally my junior year I decided to give it a try. The deal was that I would practice and play baseball but when there was a track meet that didn?t conflict with a baseball game I would run. The track coach would give me workouts to do on my own and he would work with me after baseball practice sometimes. Track actually starts before baseball, so for the first few weeks I worked out with the track team. The track was still covered with snow so we mostly ran around inside the school. Then it finally warmed up and the snow melted. There were only about two dozen guys on the track team and the senior captain invited all the guys to a team sleepover at his house on Friday after practice. The high school is actually about a mile outside town and Jeff?s house was about 2 miles from school. His dad is a doctor but he bought an old farm and built a huge house. His dad grilled up burgers and his mom laid out a feast which we enjoyed being bursa escort starved after practice. Jeff?s bedroom was in the basement but most of the basement was a huge rec room, which was where we all were going to sleep. We organized a ping pong tournament and broke up into teams to play a big game of Trivial Pursuit. Jeff had told his parents that it was a team tradition that when the snow melted the guys did a five mile midnight run. The plan was to run to school, do a mile on the track and then run back. So about 10:00 his dad came down and asked if we needed anything else because he and Jeff?s mom were going to bed. He reminded us to carry flashlights and be safe while we ran along the county highway. About an hour later Jeff announced that it was time to introduce the rookies to the rest of the team tradition. He said that it was tradition for the rookies to shave everything below their necks and keep smooth through their rookie year. It was also tradition for the rookies to make the midnight run in just their shoes and socks. He made clear that participation was totally voluntary and no one would hassle any rookie who chose not to participate, but he also stated that all the rest of them had kept the tradition bursa escort bayan when they were rookies. There were 5 freshmen on the team, but then I realized that even though I was junior, I was also a track rookie. So when Jeff said any rookies who agreed to follow tradition should follow him into his bathroom, I joined the 5 freshmen. We stripped and Jeff gave us a couple of scissors and a bunch of disposable razors and shaving cream. We had all seen each other in showers at school so being naked with each other was no big deal. The five freshmen had pubes but not a lot and only one had much hair under his arms. I had a pretty full bush of pubes and a fair amount of pit hair but thankfully I had no hair anywhere else. Two at a time we stepped into the bath tub. We cut the hair down to stubble and then shaved smooth. I went first with one of the freshmen. We both got hard in the process but I think the fact that I did too made the freshmen all more relaxed about it. We finished just in time to take off on the run. Even though it had warmed up enough to melt the snow it was still pretty cool, especially at midnight. But we ran to school at a good pace so I was not really feeling too cold. After the mile escort bursa on the track we stopped for a rest. Jeff flashed his flashlight on us six naked rookies and said that it looked like a bunch of little boys wanted to run track with the men. He said it was time for us to prove that we were men. So he told us to get into a circle and jack off the guy to our right. All of us did and we all shot our cum pretty quickly. Being a normal guy I jacked off myself regularly, but I had never had another guy jack me off and it was an incredible feeling! We ran back to Jeff?s house and by the time we got back I was starting to get cold, so I jumped right into my sleeping bag. The freshmen followed suit. The other guys mostly stripped down to boxers though a few also slept nude. Jeff reminded us that the team tradition was a team secret and we shouldn?t be telling anyone about our midnight run or why we were shaved. In the morning we woke up to the smell of bacon. We all got dressed and had a great breakfast before we left. All of us rookies did stay shaved that whole season. I got some teasing from the baseball team guys when they saw me in the shower after practice. I told them I just wanted to try it out and that it actually felt really cool, they should give it a try. None did, although I really did like the look and feel so I kept smooth after the season ended and that summer two of my best friends on the baseball team decided to try it out too.

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