Subject: Jordy’s Way into Submission, Part 3 Jordy’s Way into Submission Part 3 By Chaim – groeiutrecht@ This story is a work of fantasy. (Authoritarian/adult-youth/incest) I wouldn’t mind living it out. I prefer stories that seem real. Sometimes it’s rough but don’t expect anything too extreme. This story has a lot of explicit sex, but also some character development about doubts, feelings and sexuality. I think we all can relate to that. If you get turned on by stories that build up, then this is for you. Since we are on , please, if you are of the means, make a donation to keep this site open and free. Would love to hear your thoughts on my story, groeiutrecht@. Thanks to all those readers who sent me their feed-back. Special thanks to Michael S. Clarence K, BennyTwink, Bodil, Samuel, SubBoy, Paul P. Dennis H. very kind and encouraging mails. ================ Jordy’s research ================ When I left the cottage I jogged down to the little coffee shop. The whole way I thought about was what happened to me and how I felt about it. I was confused and wanted to clear my mind. I trust you as a my Daddy, really! I wanted to stay with you, but this was too important and I have to draw my own conclusions. I dwelled on the fact that I loved being used by the wrestling team of my brother. Did I really liked being raped? What about Daniel? Daniel was one of them but different, he knew my true desires and revealed them. He had been right, I craved being dominated, controlled, and much to my own dismay, I wanted to feel the pain of my surrender. Daniel’s words shocked me. He told me, I would get hurt and that was the purpose, because the pain would help me to remember the moment he claimed me. I became his boy, but could I be his boy; was I ready for that? Daniel’s words had made me crave the pain of my surrender. I had cried openly as I realized that there was no turning back, that he really used and claimed me. Could I be his submissive boy? Still I had my doubts about that. Daniel was a Master, a dominant strong muscled man, an awesome top. Don’t get me wrong, I wanted to be his boy, I was sexual jelly in his hands. Mercilessly he taken me with his massive cock and it hurt, the pain was intense, the pain was good. I hated and loved it. Daniel fucked me and claimed me, he bred me, gave me his load deep inside my gut and our pact was sealed. I was his boy, he was my Master, but was this true? Deep inside I knew this was not for the long haul. That had nothing to do with Daniel, but I wanted to serve a man in freedom, Daniel needed a slave boy and I wasn’t that far yet to be a slave. Now I wondered what to do. I knew the truth, I wanted more, but how? When I entered the coffee shop, I saw Stefan, who waved at me from a table. I grabbed a coffee and joined him there. ====== Stefan ====== About two months ago on a boring Sunday Stefan texted me from the gym, saying he needed to come over. I was surprised, we had never been very close friends, but pictured him straddling the bench in the locker room, shirt off, wearing nylon shorts, trainers off but still wearing his socks, his back hunched as he bent over his iPhone. I still lived with my Mum at the time. There was his knock at the door and I jumped up. I took a deep breath, checked my hair in the mirror, and walked to the door and opened it. Stefan was wearing a navy blue shirt and shiny black Adidas tights. He just plopped on the couch and kicked off his trainers. He rubbed his impressive biceps, and took his t-shirt off exposing his toned chest, his thigh touched mine and sent a jolt of electricity through my body. He looked me all over, “You look good.” I said nothing. What could I say? He sat there with what seemed like an unmoveable force. The face of a cocky young teen but on the body of a hunky man. There was no doubt about it. He was definitely straight, what did he mean saying I looked good? I shivered and looked at him questioningly. “Come on Jordy, you know what I mean, you waited for this moment, I know what you want.” I was totally surprised, “You are always looking at my crotch, now you get acquainted with my dick.” I almost argued with him, how could he say that? But I knew it would be pointless. The way he treated me made clear he would get it his way. Stefan was a much stronger than me and although he was a hunk, there was no doubt that he was also incredibly strong. Just to look at us standing next to each other, anybody would be able to plainly see that he could kick the living shit out of me if he felt like it. Stefan pushed me down in front of him. “Come on, don’t be shy we are both boys and we both need this.” He lifted his hips a little and he wiggled his jeans and boxers down at once. Stefan’s soft dick rolled against his right thigh. He spoke calmly as he pointed at his cock, ‘”See, I’m a man already and you are such a boy, stop trying to be a man, because it’s hopeless.” With that I felt myself getting small. The front of my boxers tented out and up as my dick struggled to escape. Stefan bent over and started to pull my boxers down over my hips and ass. My dick, jutting out like a flagpole held up the front of the boxers at the waistband and Stefan left it like that as he caressed my lower back and now fully exposed ass cheeks. Finally, he eased the waistband over the head of my straining dick and let my boxers drop to my ankles. “Look at that,” he gestured to my boner. “Your fucking dick is drooling over me.” He made fun of me but he was right. My dick was leaking pre-cum. I was dumbfounded by Stefan’s total confidence, being in control of the situation. Stefan pressed my head down to his dick and my head went closer to his cock, “Yeah, that’s it. Now we’re talking. Get natural, man, enjoy it.” He was ramping up the seduction, talking in a soft, slow, reassuring manner. Stefan’s cock, which was curved like a banana, reflected the backward arch of his body on the couch, throbbing against his firm stomach, his whole body was an arc of teen muscle. Stefan’s chest heaved and his wisps of blond underarm hair were spiky with sweat. What did he want me to do? He pushed me a bit more down toward his cock and suddenly said, “Lick it, Jordy!” With restraint, I just did that, I made my way forward to Stefan’s cock. Grasping it firmly around the base I pulled it forward so that it was upright and sticking out from his body. What a cock! Starting at the base I licked up to the head in one smooth movement, then I swirled my tongue around the flared helmet. I did not take his cock into my mouth but continued to lick and suck just the bulging head with my hands on his thighs. “Oh Jordy, I love this!” He pushed me down further and said, “Suck my cock!” I felt a sudden hesitation, I couldn’t move. I wanted to say, stop this, don’t let me do this to me, please don’t, it’s wrong, but nothing came out. I couldn’t suck his cock, but the other side of my mind was realizing just how good it felt to be chosen, guided and in a way forced. I was feeling all kind of brand-new sensations. Here I was on my knees between Stefan’s strong legs, ready to serve him. A strange excitement swept over me, a willingness I never felt before. This was so much better than I had ever experienced. My mind and my body were so divided in what I wanted that I thought I was going to be pulled apart. Okay, I had to do it, if I didn’t wanted to be like a little scared kid. So, I finally put all other thoughts out of my mind and obeyed him. Cautiously I leaned down and I puckered my lips and eased more of my mouth over his dick and felt it grow harder. I continued to work his cock to the best of my ability. I bobbed back and forth, istanbul travesti worked up a copious amount of slobber and showed his cock the respect it deserved. Time ceased to exist, and despite the aching in my jaw, I simply focused on the task at hand, worshipping Stefan’s cock. Strange enough I knew I was doing something I wanted to do. He gave me the opportunity to do what I have dreamed of doing with another boy. I couldn’t believe this was happening, I wanted this for so long, this was my hidden fantasy coming true. I liked sucking his dick and giving him oral pleasure, I obeyed his words and was sucking my first dick, I was so excited and hoping I was doing it right, I couldn’t ask, all I could do is moan with my mouth full of his cock. Stefan said, “I know this is awesome for you, you’ve been drooling over me for months now, and now I came to you and you can finally suck my dick.” Stefan was right, I admired his body. He was taller than me and already muscled. Stefan couldn’t wait to be old enough to join my brother’s wrestling team. I sucked on Stefan’s cock like I had been doing this all my life, it was just exciting. Up and down, up and down, running my tongue all around his cock-head and making him moan out loud. Stefan started pumping his hips up so I would have to take more and more of his cock in my mouth. “Don’t be ashamed,” he laughed softly now, “You’re on your knees, blowing my dick like a good little faggot. Making love to my mouth-watering dick. That’s the way you like it.” I felt exposed, I wanted to get mad, he was talking crap, I was no faggot! But the more I submitted to him, the more I accepted his dominance, the more turned on I got. I thought of how his cock felt in my mouth. This was what it felt like to be a cocksucker. All the thoughts I’d had and all the times I’d wrestled with myself I knew were worth the price to get here on my knees giving him a blowjob. I couldn’t help being confused by the mix of powerful feelings that swept over me. I was angry at what he said being a little faggot, but I felt my dick standing straight up at attention, leaking a stream of pre-cum all over my balls. The thoughts of it being wrong had completely left my mind. It felt good to have his dick in my mouth, I liked it, that’s all I knew, that’s all that mattered. I admired his power, he had complete control over me and I needed that. I stared at his abs, even sitting, his stomach looked flat. I wanted to count every strand of the very thin trail of black hair that ran straight up the middle of his chest from his navel. Stefan’s dick had was totally hard and I sucked him eagerly. He took control of my movements and pushed my mouth up and down. “You’re a good boy”, Stefan said, which sounded a bit condescending. “Suck my dick really good and make sure you suck it really deep. You’re going to keep sucking me until shoot my cum in your mouth, you will take my load boy, you understand?” I willed my jaw and neck muscles to relax, letting saliva fill my mouth to make it warm and wet for him. Stefan was special, he ordered me around and I didn’t resist him, strange enough I was putty in his hands. I got my throat open and my nose down to his pubes on my own and started to back up, lapping at his shaft with my tongue. When I got back to his cock-head, I was surprised to have gotten no reaction from him so I glanced up along his chest to his face. Stefan had put his hands behind his head and was just sitting there, enjoying the blowjob with his eyes closed. I envied him for his cool attitude, it proclaimed his young masculinity. “Hold the base.” Stefan’s voice was low, now authoritative and urgent. I grabbed his cock with one hand and his ball sack with the other. “Look at that,” Stefan smiled. “You’re finally doing it. You’re finally sucking my dick, Jordy, you must a happy boy and you’re doing a really good job!” I could have been insulted by his tone, but honestly, his gentle loving manner made my face flush. I basked in his praise. “Slow down, Jordy,” he warned me, without realizing it, I had started bobbing my head up and down on his shaft. Stefan yielded no control, he looked down at me and I looked up at him, his dick in my mouth. “I always figured you for a real faggot, Jordy,” Stefan said softly. I did it again! I had to get this straight, I struggled to get away from him. I felt humiliated, he called me a faggot! There was no way for me to break free, he used his position and strength to hold me in place, an amused look on his face until I finally submitted and settled down again between his legs. Stefan grabbed me by the ears which hurt, but his cock was in my mouth before I could complain. “Do what you need to do, faggot.” Without knowing why, I obeyed him and he turned me into a real faggot, a little willing cocksucker. I felt weird and confused, what was happing with me, but he was right again as he said I needed this. Stefan closed his eyes again, tilted his head back and thrust his hips skyward, sending his dick deeper into my hungry mouth. I moaned in gratitude and felt strange, realizing that he was at least as turned on by controlling me as he was by the blow job itself. He was now thrusting his dick up and down in my mouth and I took that as a sign that I could suck it with abandon, but Stefan gripped the sides of my head, and literally fucked my mouth. “How does that feel, faggot? Do you like being my cocksucker, me using your mouth?” he asked. All I could do was moan, the deep down truth was, yes, I loved it, loved being his cocksucker. He knew it and I knew it. I swallowed his cock deep into my throat, running my tongue down its length as I did. Stefan moaned, with my lips tight around his cock. He fucked my face until he was on the edge, he groaned, “Nice, you know how to please me. Guys like me appreciate that, feel it, my cock is throbbing, leaking all over, sucking my cock makes you feel better than anything, right?” I whispered, “Oh, yeah…” He smiled, “Then it’s worth making it last a while, right?” Suddenly I was able to get my mouth all the way off his cock, but I continued to pump his cock with one hand while I caught my breath. My fingers slid easily up and down his shaft, which was still slick from my own saliva. Soon I felt he was getting close. Without warning, he stopped and pulled his cock out. He reached down and rubbed my face with his cock. “Beg me for it, boy. Beg your me for the pleasure of drinking my cum from my dick.” I did, without thinking, “Please cum in my mouth! I need to feel your warm cum, please give it to me!” Stefan smirked and put his cock back in my mouth and held my head with both hands. I am not sure exactly why. Come to think of it, it was my first time I did something with another guy and the way he forced me to suck his dick made me feel very special. I accepted his control and went all the way down on his cock, flexed the muscles in my throat to massage it. I wanted to please him and wanted my reward. With his hands on top of my head and heard him moan. I glanced up at him, he was gazing down, and our eyes met. After more than a second, our eyes were still locked, and I realized he was not looking at his cock in my mouth. Stefan was looking in my eyes. He had a hand on either side of my head, his grip began to tighten against my temples. Still staring straight at me, his eyes opened a little wider, his lips parted, “Fucking hell, Jordy. You really like this!” and he thrust twice with such force I knew he was ready to cum. Stefan groaned, he didn’t close his eyes, he opened them wider. Our gaze met again and he spilled his cum inside me, his cum filled my mouth. I stroked kadıköy travesti his balls with my fingers, feeling them pulse and empty. He kept my head in place as I swallowed it all. “Good boy,” he whispered. My dick was hard and leaking but he ignored my need to cum. I thought it was wonderful, but also humiliating. I didn’t know what to do with it, see I was ashamed of my actions and I was humiliated at what I had done. Now I was afraid of the future and from then on I tried to avoid him. ================== Daniel takes over ================== Now some months later Stefan sat there in the coffee shop. He smiled at me, “Dude. What time did you get in last night? You look like a ghost, you didn’t sleep?” Stefan asked with a grin. “I went to sleep very late, so ‘m a little bit tired.” I shrugged trying to make like it was no big deal. Stefan’s grin grew on his face. “Very late? What the fuck were you doing? Or who was you doing?” Believe me, I never thought ahead far enough to think of an alibi. I couldn’t say, Oh Stefan, I was on my back all night getting fucked like a bitch. Jake’s wrestling team raped my holes and I loved it. “Nah, man. No hook up,” I lied. “Just drinking, hanging out,” I muttered to keep it short. He smiled, “Drinking? I know you like to drink special baby milk.” He laughed and said, “Dude, I’m serious if you get caught drinking, your ass is going to get sent to the streets.” I chuckled, first, Stefan didn’t know me, well we had one special encounter and I sucked his dick. If he knew me better, he would have known that I didn’t take kindly advice anymore. I didn’t like being told what I could or couldn’t do. Second, I didn’t fucking care if I got caught drinking, whatever flavour. Who gave a shit? So, fuck them all. I didn’t use anything last night as my ass and mouth got fucked. Without alcohol and drugs I was able to hated it and to loved it. Inside I got angry, what did Stefan knew about real sex, about all those fucking complications. Getting caught drinking was for kids, I had to deal with a real problem right now and suddenly I knew, the problem was me. I smiled at Stefan, “I don’t think that will happen. It’s no big deal. I didn’t I get drunk,” I shrugged again as I made up a story, watching a movie, forgetting time. Stefan put up his hands, “Okay, okay. Just looking out for you. So, did you hang with that man? I saw you leave with a man,” Stefan asked with curiosity. Holy fuck, I froze up temporarily but realized that it was okay to admit a man was with me. No harm there, just made me look cooler in Stefan’s eyes, maybe I could him make a little jealous. “Yeah, he wanted to show me around,” I said, hoping he sold a believable excuse. “I’m not surprised you guys hung out. I think he liked you more than you expect.” He winked and I looked surprised at him, “Why?” Stefan answered, “He is older than you, he could be your Daddy.” I grinned, “Yeah, he could be my Daddy, but he is intense and cool.” I said, hoping he sold a believable excuse. “I’m not surprised you guys hung out. I think he likes you more than you expect.” I looked up at him, my heart was racing. “Why do you say that?” I didn’t want Stefan to figure out what really happened, but he filled in the gaps himself, “You two clicked right away. Probably because you’re so much alike. You just had met him and I could tell he was sort of protective. You can tell he likes to be in control. I’m surprised that you went along with that.” “Why?” I asked again, now defensively. “I don’t know you that well, but it seems that would be out of character for you,” Stefan laughed. I scowled, a little insulted by his laugh, even though it was one-hundred-percent true. Stefan started to look around the coffee shop like he wasn’t really invested in the conversation anymore. Trying to look distracted and nodding to another guy as he walked by, I replied, “It clicked because he recognizes greatness when he sees it.” He kidded him, smirked, then laughed. Stefan rolled his eyes before punching me in the shoulder. “Fuck you, dude. You’re great all right. Great at being a dick,” and he added very softly, “sucker.” And apparently great at taking dick too, I chuckled to myself and sighted. A guy from the wrestling team walked in and I froze on the spot. It was Daniel, my heart skipped a beat, was he looking for me? Daniel the strong muscled wrestler who stayed behind that night, who was able to read my mind, who said I was born to bottom and told me I had a taste my new life. Holy fuck, Daniel, my dominant and rough hero, built, aggressive, strong and an alpha male. Strange enough, deep inside I didn’t hate him raping me, I looked at him a warm feeling rushed through me. David who claimed me as his boy was here, he looked at me and said to Stefan, “Good morning. How was your night?” Daniel had the a grin on his face when he glanced at me. “Good,” said Stefan, shrugging his shoulders. “nothing special, unlike someone I know,” he teased as he pointed his thumb at me. Daniel looked at me, with a bigger grin now, “Yeah, I know. Did you enjoy yourself last night, Jordy? The attic was quite a mess when I left.” Fuck, my face heated up, not wanting this to happen. I mumbled, “I sure left full. That’s for sure.” Daniel raised an eyebrow but I smirked, “You know, from all that pizza.” Daniel tilted his head, squinted his eyes at me suspiciously. He raised an eyebrow without words saying to me, oh little gay boy, don’t fuck with me. I can play your game too. “You were really hungry for it. Pizza, I mean,” he smiled smugly. “Uh huh. It was okay. I had better, but there were a lot of them.” I said with a straight face and a direct look at his handsome face. Daniel’s smile went away, he had a look on his face which predicted trouble. I had to be careful, he was a winner. He could be a mean bastard. “Really?” he asked. “I thought that was the first time you’ve tried sausage pizza?” Stefan had a confused look on his face. “Sounds like you had fun to me. And it sounds like you had a lot of pizza. Beer and pizza, can’t go wrong.” Daniel smiled at him and then back at me. I shivered, the look did not bode well. “Hey, Stefan. You should join us later tonight. It’s just going to be the wrestling team. I’m sure we can find something fun to do,” Daniel said as he looked at me and winked. “Oh! That sounds great,” Stefan said before I interrupted him. “Nah, I don’t think I’m going to want to hang out tonight. I probably wouldn’t be in the mood, right?” I looked over at Stefan. I turned around to pick up another cup of coffee, deliberately sticking my ass high in the air, my shorts straining to contain my ass, taunting Daniel by reminding him how much he liked my ass. I wanted to show him that I gave in, but still have some control over what I wanted to do. Daniel picked up the signal immediately. “I’m sure you’ll change your mind. You’ll get hungry very soon,” he commented, “and otherwise there are ways to convince you.” Stefan rolled his eyes and then walked off. Daniel watched Stefan leave. He whispered, “I’ll show you how, you little bitch, don’t fuck with me.” He glared into my eyes, “and never fuck with me again, because you will regret it.” He smiled, “You took more than a couple loads of cum that night at your brother’s attic, gay-boy. It was me that fucked your lights out literally! Not to mention, here you are, looking to spend some more quality time with me. So gay-boy, do yourself a favour, save your breath playing stupid word games. Now, the way I see it, you either agree to get fucked and be my little gay-boy or I turn you into a begging slut, what’s it gonna be?” with that he pushed into my bakırköy travesti chest and knocked me down. In a flash I was on my hands and knees. He instantly came down to his knees behind me and grabbed my hips and he hold me tight. Daniel pressed his cock in the crack of my ass and I knew there was only one outcome, he was going to fuck me. I was able to move to my side but temporarily lost my balance. As I turned around to face him, he wrapped one arm on top of my shoulder and managed to get me down again, and he pushed me face down on the floor. Daniel whispered, “Never fuck with me, gay boy.” I tensed up, I knew he wanted my ass and my surrender. Daniel’s hands slipped over my body, but doing so I was suddenly able to get on my feet. I gave him a bow and hit his muscled abdomen that half stunned him for a moment. “You asked for it, gay-boy,” with that he grabbed my balls and squeezed them so that I fell to the ground wincing in pain. Daniel smiled, it was more about his honour, he made me scream when he squeezed my balls, but only so much, no more. Everything went very fast now. Daniel managed to get behind me and was able to get on top of my back and push me face down on the floor. He mounted me and wrapped both his hands around my waist. I struggled violently, and tried to fight him off, but I felt his power and strength rising as we fought. He was a man and I was a little boy compared to him. He was on top, and I had to thrust and buck against his weight. I was tiring rapidly under him, and I knew Daniel was going to win. I felt his fantastic sexual energy as it was surging through his superior body, “This is what real men do, gay-boy. They fight each other, man to man. A man like me is meant to conquer a gay-boy, like you, to make him utterly subordinate to his will, and this was what I do. I am your Master, gay-boy. Feel it, feel my cock, it did what all men’s cocks would do in these circumstances, my cock is ready for action. My cock is hard and dripping and ready to get your tight little ass.” Daniel kept me on the floor and slapped my ass, hard as a punishment. I groaned and tried to plead, “Please stop, I give in!” He ignored my words and had me on my hands and feet again, he started to hump me from behind as he crushed my balls in his hand. I felt that pain, the bitter sweet pain of my surrender and with a final twist of the balls he let me go and I curled up sobbing. Not the pain, no, my enjoyment hit me hard. The fact that I enjoyed my abuse touched me deeply. Daniel smiled victorious and looked around, it happened all too fast, the other guests in the coffee shop simply ignored us. Daniel whispered, “You love this, don’t you, you put on a fight to submit to me.” Deep inside I knew he was right. He paused, he read me. He let his full weight rest on my back while he reached around to hold his hand against my chest to calm me down, “Easy, gay boy, you gave in already, there is no way back.” He helped me up, for some reason, I remembered his words at the attic. It must be the look on Daniel’s face right now. The same one he wore when he was fucking me at the attic that night. Challenging me to take it. “You want another fight, gay boy? Come on, let’s go, I will give you what you need so badly. I’ll fucking beat your ass. Got it, gay boy? Don’t be such a girl about this.” There was a deep silence and I said, “Whatever,” I swallowed, looking for the right words, what should a submissive boy say to his Master? “Yes, sir.” My words were spoken softly, with feeling. I balled my fists but was afraid, a deep inner fear had gripped me. Strange enough I didn’t want to lose Daniel, I needed him. Really, I didn’t want the dynamic to change. I longed for submission and sex, needed the comfort of Daniel’s strength and authority. I knew in my heart he was a real dominant jock and strong, powerful. Being a rapist was not the role that he had played willingly even if he had raped me with pleasure and enthusiasm. That hurt me, his enthusiasm during the rape, without any respect of my feelings or needs. My desire wasn’t just about sex, it was about submission, if I was being honest with myself. Slowly, Daniel’s gaze travelled down my body, my dick stood out proud and erect in my shorts, I couldn’t help it. We stood a foot apart, both aroused and suddenly Daniel said, “I will be honest with you. I have never felt the way I felt when my cock was buried inside of you.” The words meant something powerful, “And it is true, I felt guilt afterwards. But, not during the orgy, no fucking way. I didn’t why I was there at the attic, why I raped you. I was horny. You want to be forced, and shared. You wanted to be made a slut bitch, a real submissive gay-boy. But you wanted to be in control of the whole thing, too. You are a total control-freak type of masochist, a young little power-bottom. Anyway I couldn’t wait, you brother is an ass-hole, I wanted to offer you something real and much better, so I had to claim you that night for myself. I fucked you because I needed it and didn’t care who might be watching. There was just you and my desperate need to breed you into submission” Slowly, I embraced him and we stood silently, just holding each other for a moment. I turned to walk away. Daniel grabbed my elbow. “In an hour, meet me at my place.” and he gave him his address. I pulled away and spun around. “Why should I?” He was bluffing. he wanted to meet him in the worst way. I wanted to make sure what made me longing for this. If I decided to go down this path, taking the submissive role, my life wasn’t going to be dictated by what a single wrestler guy wanted me to be. If I was going to be some guy’s bitch, he better be fucking worth it, because I was not giving up my ass for just any arrogant dick. Daniel grinned that sexy grin at him again, “That’s cute.” he said simply and I was afraid he could read me. He stuck his pointed finger into my chest, “You come to my place, because I told you to, gay boy. It doesn’t matter how much you fight me, I will break you.” Before I could say anything, he stopped me, “Be there in time. Do not fucking test me, gay boy. I’m not nice when I know I’m being tested. Now, stop being a little dick and be a good gay boy. Do what I tell you and I will make you happy.” Fuck! Break me? That son-of-a-bitch! I felt proud, I stood up straight, stuck my chest out in defiance. My fists clenched and my brow furrowed. Daniel stepped closer, whispered, “You know, I love a grudge fuck. In fact, those are my favourite. The last kid I claimed was just like you. By the end of the first date, he went from cocky prick to snivelling pussy. I’m betting by the end of this first week you’ll be begging for dick too. And if you’re a good boy, I’ll share my dick with you. “Be there in time!” I stepped back. I was so fucking aroused right now. A rush of adrenaline shot up my spine and into my head. I couldn’t let this opportunity slip away. I took in a deep breath and let it out. I put my hand on Daniel’s forearm as a show of his submission. “Hey, wait. I’m sorry.” I whispered loudly. “What was that? I couldn’t hear you. You sound like you have a dick in your mouth,” Daniel said while cupping my ear. God, I felt really like a grovelling little bitch. I wanted him so badly. I had to apologize or risk never having that cock up my ass ever again. I hated this. I hated that I longed for this. What the fuck had I came to? Another guy having power over me was humiliating but what came with that was a sense of safety and security. He wanted my ass. He motivated me. Still holding his muscular forearm, I pleaded, “I’m sorry. Alright…. sir?” He sneered at me. “That’s what I like to hear from a submissive little gay boy.” He put his hand on my shoulder. “I’m guessing you don’t apologize too often,” He leaned over and quietly whispered, “I’m going to destroy your little ass hole.” and I smiled relieved. Thanks for ail

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Jenny, Jennifer and Me Make Eight

Jenny took the liberty to take me to her cousin's place on the Yorkshire Moors; she'd been on about it…

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