Bent Over

Subject: Mexico ‘Tweets’ (Jorge R (5) These Are semi fictional of connections with some of the hottest Mexican men I have ever met. All are online meet ups and chats with guys I found On ‘Twitter’. Some are pure fiction and some are based off true events. All these hot men are gay and ooze male sensuality. As some tales are only fiction. I would not assume they would ever hook up with me. But to those I had had the ‘pleasure’. Kisses Papi’s. I hope you enjoy it…. +++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++ Mexico ‘Tweets’ (Jorge R (5) …. I looked at his big fat nuts as he sat there on the bed. The bull balls he had laying between his legs and touching the mattress. I move down and went for them. Grasping them in my hot hand and then shoving my mouth and tongue into the fleshy nuts. I iinhaled them and then licked at the nut sack. Like a greedy whore I was worshiping those big ole balls of his. First licking on them, then opening my hungry mouth and sucking one of them up into it. “Ughnn. Fuckk” Jorge sighed “That’s soo nice man” “Suck my balls baby” “Ughnn” I slobbered over his fat nut for near a minute. Rolling it around with my hungry tongue. His body twitched as I sucked on it. “Fuckk man. That’s incredible” he cried out “Suck it. Suck it!” I slurped at the one fat nut for a bit BluTV more before switching up and moving over to the other one. Jorge continued to moan ever so loudly. I pondered if he was this loud while fucking. This possibility of how vocal he could be made me all the hotter for him. So I tried to shove both nuts into my mouth. Pushing the first one back in along side the second one. So now I had both delicious balls in my hungry mouth. I hummed in delight on them as it felt great to get both into my face. “Awee fuckk yeah man” he groaned again “That is soo soo good” “Suck my balls” He shouted this as I continued to suck on them. Again I pondered whether he would have someone back here. Wondering what the heck was going on. “Hmmmff. Fuckk baby!” He yelled again. Then Jorge pulled his nuts from my mouth. They came out with a loud wet ‘pop’!. Then he gronaed and slumped forward. Almost falling over. He stroked at his big thick cock a few times. “I need to fuck you man” he then stated “You have got me crazy for you now” “Take off your clothes baby” “Then get up here on the bed. ” So I was on the bed in moments. Jorge came up behind me and grabbed at my ass. He looked at my butt with intense lust. His thick hands grabbed at my ass cheeks and squeezed at them. “Beautiful ass” he exclaimed “I can’t wait to get my dick in Netflix there” Then he spit on my ass. I felt the gooey dww of saliva as it hot my hole. Then Jorge brought a thick finger to my ass. Then he rubbed the drool on the hole. He spit again to get more lube on his fingers. Rubbing them over and around my ass hole. I was about to say something when Jorge pushed a finger into my ass. I groaned softly as I felt his thick digit go into me. “Awe fuck yeah Norge” I sighed “That’s nice. Feels real nice stud” “Hmmmm” He pushed his finger into my ass. Digging down several inches. Then I felt his knuckle back there. Again I was about to say something when he shook his finger up inside me. Shaking it up in there like a stir in a cup of coffee. I moaned again as this was a weird and wonderful sensation. “What. Awee!” I got out Jorge then pulled from my ass. His finger leaving my wanton hole. Then he brought it to his mouth and sucked on his finger. “Hmm. Good” he said as he tasted my ass juice Then he spit down on my hole again. And again he brought his finger back to the hole. Thrust two in this time. “Ughnn. Fuckk baby” I cooed at him. “More. Daddy. More!” He sliced the two digits deep into my ass again. Then again he rummaged around in my butt. Shaking his hand again. Making my rear quake as he fucked my hole like this. Prime Video Ücretsiz İzle A hard stir of my ass hole. “Ohh God Jorge” I moaned “Fuck me Jorge” “Fuck me please!” So now I was begging him to take me. I was begging this hunk I found online to fuck me with his fat dick. I was near desperate for him to take my ass. To Plow me like a dog on his bitch. But still Jorge tortured me with this pleasure of fingers vs cock. I loved the fingers more than most men’s dick because the way he fucked me with them. But that thick club he had. I need to be fucked by it. If it was the last thing ever, I needed it. “Ohhh God Jorge!” I yelled And that’s when Jorge ya ked his fat fingers from me. I gasped as his digits left me empty with the need to be filled again. “Hmmff fuckk” I groaned. I shoved my face to the mattress. Groaning and biting at the sheets on it. I thrust my ass out to Jorge. Begging for him to mount me. And then he shoved his face to my hole again. His beard raking against my door. His tongue again sliced into me. Making me shriek with desire. “Please Jorge” I begged “Pleeeesse!” Jorge again was torturing me with his expert tongue again. But this did not last long as Jorge quickly pulled from my ass. Then he grabbed me and turned me around to face him. He then grabbed his cock and shoved it back to my face. “Here suck it some more” he ordered “Just a little more. Then I will fuck you” I quickly went back down on his dick……… ++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++ To be continued

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