Subject: Joshs-Adventures-series-part 2 The following story is fictional and does not depict any real people or Events. Some of you will remember Josh from my last story `Exploring My Brother’, also available on Nifty; this continues Josh’s story as his friend’s and him plot how to discover more hot dad’s bodies. Nifty is the constant source of all your erotic dreams. All kinds of fetishes can be found here. We don’t want this website to ever stop. Think for a minute if you can afford it and help sustain Nifty with your donations. fty/donate.html Malcom, told us all to go and enjoy a splash about and swim, `don’t worry about trunks, I closed the place and sent the Mrs home early’ he said grinning at us, skinny dipping again, great, we stayed in the pool for about an hour joined by Malcom and Mr D. Eventually it was time for us to go, While us young guys were getting showered and dressed, Malcom took Mr D to his office for a chat, when we saw him dressed and ready later, Mr D was acting as if nothing had happened. Malcom came over to me `I have seen you’re the leader of this little band, here is my number, ring me if your planning on bringing anyone else over and, I will make sure we are closed’ He patted my head and winked at me, `have a good night’ he said, as he closed the door. ————————————————————————— Josh’s Adventures Part Two We sat at school the following week, very pleased with ourselves, `How has your Dad been, Drew? `He’s been fine, I dunno what Malcolm said to him, but has been fine’, `So whose Dad is next? I asked, `Well it can be anyone, with your stuff’ Neil winked, `Ah that’s a no go, Carl found it and took it all, only left the poppers’ `Shit’ Neil said kicking the ground. `I could always speak to Malcolm see what he suggests’, I added `Neil, will you come with me after school? Neil nodded and as the end of lunch bell rang out, we each went off to our different classes, agreeing to meet by the school gates. We met up again later and got the bus to the old Victorian Swimming pool, as we stood outside, I was not one hundred percent sure it was even open, I pushed open the old door and peered in, no one in the entrance lobby, Neil and I went inside, a face appeared at the reception window, it was Malcolm. `Hello boy’s, I was beginning to think you were not coming back, how are you both? `Oh we are good, well, is there anyone in there with you? Can we speak to you? I asked `Sure, wife’s away and only a couple of regulars in’ `What swimming naked? Neil asked `Well I think they are, why do you want to join them? Malcolm laughed `Can I see them? Neil half whispered `Why don’t I close up the doors and you can both have a dip with them? I was a bit worried about the time, but Neil was adamant that we would have plenty of time and as he put it `Two more cock’s for our collection’ Malcolm, locked up the main doors and got us to undress in his office, he stripped off too and then led Neil and I, both with stiff cocks into the main swimming pool area, he waved over at the other two guys, one looked in his 40’s the other a good bit younger, they swam over to join us. `Right boys this is Nigel and Dominic’ Malcom said introducing us to the two guys still in the water, Malcolm patted us both on the heads and told Nigel and Dominic, that we were two horny school boys who like to explore grown men’s bodies, both of them laughed. `Are you game’ Malcolm asked, they both nodded, the younger one Dominic said `But they can see us, shouldn’t they be blindfolded or maybe do it here in the water? `In the water’ Neil blurted out `I will just watch here, let me toss a coin to see who gets to explore who’ Malcolm added. `I’ll be heads’ Dominic grinned. `Josh, you toss the coin, to see who you get’ Malcolm said handing me a coin. The coin hit the tiles and rolled and rolled and rolled in smaller and smaller circles, before it fell flat. `Heads, you get me’ Dominic announced, giving me a nudge. I was secretly pleased, I lowered myself into the water of the shallow end, still 3′ deep though, I watched as Neil was helped into the water by Nigel. Neil is a full 6″ shorter than me and the water looked deeper on him. I looked at Dominic, he must be about 5’8″, he had a wiry muscled build, his hair shorter on the sides and back, longer and a bit curly on the top, although with it wet it stuck to his head, it was a beautiful hazel colour, so were his eyes, his cheeks and chin covered in short designer stubble, he smiled at me and this changed to a grin `Well’ he said I reached out and caressed his face, running my fingers over his lips, letting them linger, he opened his mouth and I pushed my finger in exploring his mouth and toying with his tongue, our eyes still in contact, still smiling he tried to nibble my fingers. I moved my hands letting my fingers run through his short hair and on to the curls on the top of his head, before letting my hands slide down on to his shoulders, with one hand either side of his neck, I held my palms flat to his chest and, felt the first of many wiry hairs ümitköy escort as I moved over him, stopping at each nipple, he gasped, as I flicked each nipple with my fingers and then traced round them, before giving each a little pinch. I felt for his arms and pulled them out of the water and put them onto his head exposing his armpits, both thick with hair, which was plastered to his skin, I wished I could have sniffed them before he got into the pool, I ran my fingers over the soft skin of his pits, swirling the long hairs. He moaned again, moving back to his chest, I worked my way down, he wasn’t body builder muscly, but his muscles were hard and firm, I got down to his abs and could feel each raised slightly, I noticed his breathing getting faster, I felt round his navel, finding more hair than just a treasure trail, heading downwards. His eyes still staring into mine, I leaned forward and up he lent down his lips pressing against mine, his tongue, pushing my lips open, his tongue moved into my mouth, his arm wrapping round my neck and pulling me closer to him `Now for the best bit’ he whispered in my ear, licking my neck as he stood straight, I closed my eyes and let my hands creep down his hairy stomach, my wrists and arms, bumping into something hard sticking out in front of him, I gasped as my fingers wrapped round it and as I squeezed it tightly, he gasped too, my fingers explored up the shaft to his cockhead, which was exposed and large, it felt the same shape as Carl’s and the shaft as thick too and the same size. I held him between my palms and pushed down, pulling his foreskin back even more sliding downwards, finding the bottom of his shaft, standing proudly from his body, wow he was totally shaved; my first guy with no pubes, or should I say man. I pushed on down cupping his balls, in his hair free sack, this was amazing, he was totally smooth, I slipped my hands on to his hips and let them grip his arse, now here was furry again like his stomach, his buns tensed, Christ they were rock hard, I couldn’t grab his skin, I took a deep breath and let my hands slide down first his right and then up his left legs, his calves and thighs had a light dusting of wiry hairs, but again what struck me was his rock hard muscles, as my head broke the surface of the water, he took hold of either side of my head and pulled my face in to his groin, I felt his hard cock catch my face, I needed to see this, regaining my feet. `Shall we get out on to the side’ I panted, He nodded and gripping me round the waist, he easily lifted me out of the water and sat me on the side, my feet still dangling just in front of him, he moved closer spreading my legs and then he moved closer to my boy cock, he looked at me once more, winked and pushed his face into my groin I felt his tongue giving my hard cock and balls big cat licks, it felt so warm and heavenly, He licked up my chest to my face and still licking, pushed his tongue into my willing mouth. He then leapt out of the water in one leap and lifting me again, carried me then lay me down on the bench which surrounded the pool. His cock was still rock hard thick and long bobbing up and down, he leaned over me forcing his cock down with one hand offering his bellend to my mouth, My tongue was all over him, licking round and over his bellend, firstly only tasting chlorine, then as I worked on his slit; meat definitely, meat juice, salty and delicious. He groaned as I worked my tongue into his slit, my hand gripping his shaft and wanking him hard, I was still amazed at such a big cock having no hairs, was so horny at the same time it didn’t seem right, an obscenely big boy cock, but it was all man. Dominic sat down by my feet `Can you do a handstand, if I help support your legs’ he panted his cock pushing against his chest leaving the hairs stuck with precum. `Yeah sure’ he was up and gripping both my ankles lifted me easily to the handstand position facing away from his body, he kneeled down and using his hands to support my ankles he stretched me out and eased my legs apart, he kissed each of my butt cheeks and pushed his tongue between them, licking at my hole and pushing the tip of his tongue into it, taking hold of both my ankles in one hand he turned me rounds till I was still in a handstand facing him, his cock hovering next to my mouth, I opened as wide as I could and he pushed the bellend in to my mouth. He leaned forward taking all my cock and balls into his mouth and sucking on them hard, my head was starting to spin, I was getting light headed upside down. I felt my arms going and his grip on my ankles increased as he held me aloft, I reached for his balls with one hand and licked the fingers of my other getting them nice and wet, this hand went to explore his taint, my fingers gliding to his hole, I felt his gasp again this time with his mouth stuffed with my boy meat, I traced my finger round his hole before working it inside, he moaned loudly sucking harder on my cock and balls, I came there and then, my little shot of cum landing on his tongue, this seemed to send his avrupa yakası üniversiteli escort cock into spasm and bounced free from my mouth before spraying its load all over my eleven year old face, I felt him lowering me to the floor as his legs went too, we lay panting together, he cupped my face licking his cum into my mouth. Suddenly remembering we were not alone, I looked up to see Malcolm, wanking hard over us, he grunted and his load splashed over us both, Neil and Nigel, were sitting cuddled up by the side of the pool. `Wow, that was amazing you two’ Malcolm stammered `I hope you don’t mind but I took some pictures of you both’ he added I shrugged my shoulders, so did Neil. Dominic put his arms round me and pulled me close to his body. `I would love to fuck you’ he whispered, `I would love you too, next time’ I said looking into his eyes and kissing him again. `We had better be going’ I said `Not without showers, can’t send two kids outside, covered in cum can we’ Malcolm interrupted, `Do you boys want to repeat that, maybe with your mates from the other night? I can get more guys’ Malcolm added. Neil and I looked at each other, `Sure sounds like fun’ I said `How about Thursday next week after school? Date and time agreed, we were led through into the showers and cleaned up. Dominic came up to once we were all dressed, `I would love to meet up with you again, just you and me, would you like that’ I nodded as he handed me a piece of paper with his address and phone number written on it, I imagined the fit my mum would have if she ever saw that, I wasn’t too sure, my brother Carl would be that happy either. Dominic kissed me again and we all parted at the doors of the pool, `See you both next Thursday, Malcolm beamed and Nigel and Dominic gave a wave goodbye. Needless to say, all the guys were up for an afternoon at the pool, it took some lying mind to parents, peter is staying with Brian, Andy with Neil and me, you know the sort of thing, carefully constructed, but not very stable. On the Wednesday before, I was chatting to Carl, I should have known better, he knew I was lying and tickled me till I spilled the beans. The atmosphere changed, suddenly very chilly. `Well I am coming too, what were you thinking of, anything could happen, Christ Josh didn’t you listen to Mum’s stories about strange men taking advantage of young boys? I looked at him speechless, `What like fucking your brother’ I snapped `Your out of order Josh’ he came straight back at me `there is no debate, I am coming too, or none of you are going’ `I don’t want you ruining it for everyone’ I burst out crying Carl sat me down and as I struggled to get away he held me, pulling me closer to him, he kissed away my tears, listen he said `I just don’t want you to get hurt, you must understand that, I won’t do anything unless, I feel things are getting out of hand, no one need know I am your brother, okay? I nodded still sniffing, hugging him back. So at 4.30pm the next afternoon, the six of us plus Carl, were standing outside the pool `It looks closed’ Carl said, I just gave him a doh stupid look, `ahh’ he said. With that the door opened and Malcolm beckoned us all in, `Who’s this? He said looking at Carl `He is my gay brother, Carl, come to make sure we are not all sold into sex slavery, but don’t let on he is my brother’ I said `Well he is going to stand out a bit if he doesn’t strip off, might put a few of the guys off’ Malcolm said looking at Carl. `Okay, okay, I will strip off too’ Carl shook his head. Malcolm led us through the reception and into the main pool area, wow there had to be ten guys there, all dressed in casual clothes, all watching us as we entered. `He looks a bit big for eleven’ one of them said pointing at Carl `Oh he is just some additional eye candy for you to look at, he can do a strip tease to get us all in the mood’ Malcolm added smiling at Carl. Carl’s face was a picture, but he knew he had been had. Carl There was nothing for it, I looked at the 6 eager faces of Josh and his friends and the eleven other guys, mostly 50 plus to 60’s like Malcolm, maybe a couple in their 40’s and then one smile caught my eye, now he could only be late 20’s early 30’s, I later found out that was Dominic. I knew my body was good enough and my cock, but would my nerves last, I slowly took off my shoes and socks, and running my fingers and hands over my body, I first removed my jacket and then my shirt, hey this wasn’t bad my chest got a few `ooh’s’ as I let my fingers run through my hairy chest and down to the beginning of my treasure trail, I slowly undid my belt and then, unbuttoned my jeans, turning my back to the crown as I eased them over my buns, once they were off, I turned face on, my white briefs all that was hiding me from the assembled guys, I dived into the pool and slowly hauled myself out up the stairs, my wet briefs, translucent and leaving nothing to the imagination, my big bellend clearly visible. I was just about to slide them down, when Malcolm urfa escort came up behind me, `Allow me’ he said as he hooked his fingers into my waist band and slowly peeled the wet material down following my treasure trail, revealing first, my thick black pubes and then my swelling cock sprung up released and finally my heavy balls, more `ohhs and ahhs’, Malcolm reached round and gripped my cock and slowly pulled my skin back off my bellend, my shaft slowly inflating as he wanked it gently. He showed off my thick 8 inches to the room, still holding my hard cock he announced `Right kids, pair up with one of the older guys and get them stripped off and hard, using your mouths only, Carl will judge who is the winner’ The young guys did as he said and soon the older guys were losing, shirts, trousers, shoes and socks and finally briefs, adult cock after adult cock, was hauled from pants and eleven year old mouths started, sucking and licking them hard, it didn’t take long at all, I saw Malcolm walking about with a camera taking pictures for each of the guys, I was a bit concerned but the buoys didn’t even seem to notice him. `You have a nice cock, a very nice cock and fit looking body, do you fancy meeting up sometime? I looked round and the young guy was standing next to me, he was naked now too, wiry framed, beautiful hazel coloured eyes and hair, designer stubble on his cheeks and chin, his hair floppy and curly on the top, but short on the side and back, he looked dreamy. `you don’t look bad yourself, you obviously work out’ I said, looking at his nice big cock, similar shape to mine and good thickness I thought, as Malcolm called out `The winner’, he was holding up Drew’s left hand, Drew’s partners cock was rock hard about 6″ long and was being gripped by Drew’s right hand, I nodded and everyone clapped. `Right, now your partner has to get you stripped off, using just his mouth’ Malcolm shouted out and the frenzied action began again. `I am Dominic’, the guy said to me `no I don’t work out, I do rock climbing, so have to be strong but not muscly like you’ he added, his fingers touching my hairy chest. `The winner’ this time Malcom was holding up Neil’s partners hand and he had hold of Neil’s hard cock. I nodded again. `Everyone in the pool for cock tag’ shouted Malcolm, the water surface erupted again as all the pairs jumped in to the pool and a wild game began accompanied by squeals of delight as cocks were tagged. `So are you into young guys then? Dominic asked me `Not exclusively, I love to have fun with any guys’ I replied `Cool, me too’ he said as we stood watching the action in the Pool, `see that young guy over there, he is a real hottie, I am hoping to get to know him a lot better’ he gripped his cock, `Which guy’ I asked, Christ he was pointing at Josh, my heart sank, here was me finding this guy horny and wanting to fuck his brains out and now, he was telling me he had an amazing session with my younger brother and wanted another one. I thought I had better keep this to myself, for now anyway. `So do you use a gym? He asked me `Yeah, `Dave’s, under the railway arches, you should give it a go, male only and lovely spa facilities’, maybe I would see him there and Josh would not have to know. Dominic nodded, he seemed to be making a mental note. More games followed in the pool, before Malcolm got them all out around the pool playing `Simon says’ he had them all in fits snogging, wanking groping, hoots of laughter all round, it wasn’t long after this that , Malcolm got all the youngsters to sit in a group on the floor surrounded by the older guys including Malcolm. `Speed Circle Wank’ he shouted `Right everyone has to wank off over the youngsters to thank them all for coming’ he finished taking up his position in the circle of guys It was not long before the first cock let it’s spunk fly and was soon joined by the nine other guys, Josh and his mates, looked like they had been splattered with wall paper paste, well until they started licking it off each other. Malcolm taking loads of pictures of the guys, who all seemed oblivious to the camera flashes. I wanted to cum myself, but Dominic and I held off, then had showers and got dressed. Once the boys has all showered and dressed, I saw Dominic talking to Josh in the foyer, their conversation seemed pretty animated, Josh came over to me. `He was just asking me if I minded if you came back with us too’ Josh said looking none too pleased. `How would you feel about that? I asked him. `Carl, I want to go back with Dominic alone, he doesn’t know you are my brother does he? `No you said not to tell anyone’ I whispered back `I would prefer it if you weren’t there’ Josh said looking at the floor My heart sank a bit, oh well, `Well make sure I know where you’re going, I want the address and I will pick you up in a couple of hours’ I gave him a hug and kissed his head. `Thanks Carl’ he mumbled walking back over to Dominic. As Dominic and Josh left, Dominic looked at me, god he had lovely eye’s `Pity you can’t come, maybe see you at the gym’ and he was gone. Please send me e-mails with suggestions, support and even criticism. I’ll keep posting this and maybe new stories if I feel you guys are enjoying them. There’s nothing more rewarding than knowing that my stories are making other guys cum. Your e-mails inspire me to write more and better stories. So please do send me an e-mail if you want me to keep writing.

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