Joy Ch. 02


There she lay in front of me, her legs spread wide, pure lust in her eyes. All my feelings regarding shame for cheating on my wife were gone, the only thing I had in mind was to give it to Joy, just like she wanted it.

“Oh, please, James, shove those inside of me, make me feel those really hard!” she moaned, looking at the dildos I had gotten from her closet, the “playground” as she called it.

I didn’t want to hesitate. I was really keen on shoving that ten inch dildo I had found inside her wet pussy, so I kneeled between her spread legs and positioned the dildo at her entrance. With a slight push, the head of the dildo went in. There was a moan erupting from Joy’s mouth, and I knew she was all for it. So I kept pushing, and after a few seconds, I had two thirds inside. I stopped for a second to look at what was presented in front of me. That big, black dildo, deep inside Joy’s pussy, my secretary, the woman I was cheating on my wife with.

“God, don’t stop, push it in, make me feel that cock!” Joy moaned, so I pushed again, and I couldn’t believe how easily that whole thing slid in. There was only an inch left when I stopped pushing, and Joy was already gyrating her hips, trying to feel more of that monster inside her.

I slowly started to pull the dildo out, and when I had about five inches out, I pushed back hard. Joy jumped and squealed, but her face told me she loved it. So I did this again, and soon, I was fucking Joy hard with that artificial dildo. Her moans had turned to little screams, her hands grabbing the bed, with her ass pushing upwards to meet my thrusts.

“Please, James, use my other hole too. Use me hard, make me your dirty dildo slut, test my limits!” Joy begged.

I slid one hand under her pussy, feeling the tiny little asshole I had fucked before. God, it felt like heaven, that puckered little thing poker oyna my wife would never even let me touch. Roughly, I pushed two fingers in, gradually realizing what it was that really turned Joy on. And I was right. That anal intrusion made her go wild, and I had trouble holding on to that dildo in her pussy while she moved wildly on the bed.

“Grab your legs, slut!” I ordered, and she did so. Now, her pussy and ass were open and ready for my assault. I smiled at Joy and suddenly yanked the dildo completely out of her pussy. Joy screamed, and I knew that must have hurt, but there was no way now I would stop. My two fingers inside her ass were already stretching that dark, tight tunnel, and when I pulled them out, her asshole was gaping just a bit.

“Slut, I’m gonna make sure that asshole won’t close again when I’m done with you!” I said to Joy, who submissively smiled and shuddered.

I turned and spotted a tube of anal lubricant on the little cupboard next to the bed, grabbed it and generously applied it on my hand. I then slid my hand over Joy’s asshole, making it greasy and easy to slide my fingers back in.

“Oh yeah, make my asshole ready for your attack. Grease me up and then do whatever you want with my asshole!” Joy moaned, and that was exactly what I had in mind.

I slowly added two fingers from my other hand, now having a good grip on her asshole. Slowly I pulled apart that tiny hole, spreading it obscenely, something I had never ever before seen in real life. Porn-videos didn’t compare to what I was feeling then. It was a mixture between overwhelming power and unbelievable lust. I really wanted to show Joy how hard I could work on her holes, and I too wanted to see if she would still like it.

When Joy’s asshole was stretched about an inch, I pulled hard, making Joy scream.

“Oh fuck, that hurt….but it…hurt…good!” canlı poker oyna

“I know baby, and it’s gonna hurt even more and it’s gonna feel even better!” I promised. I lay myself flat on my stomach, now face to face with Joy’s distended asshole. I could even see inside her, and couldn’t resist to push my tongue between my fingers. It tasted tangy, but fucking good, and after a few licks deep inside Joy’s ass, I got up again.

Pulling my fingers out, I got up from the bed and grabbed every toy I could find inside her “playground”.

I took two rather medium sized dildos and positioned one at Joy’s asshole, and one at her pussy.

“Slut, here they come!” I said, and pushed hard. Joy’s scream was ear-shattering as both dildos slid in and almost disappeared inside her. Fuck, she really must have had training, because I had never seen a woman’s body take so much so quick.

Joy seemed to be delirious, her eyes closed, and her breasts just heaving. I grabbed the dildos again and started in and out motions.

“Rub your pussy for me, you little whore!” I ordered Joy, and as she opened her eyes and looked at me, I knew she was ready to get really abused. She let her hand glide between her legs, and started rubbing her clit, while I forcefully pushed the artificial invaders into her holes.

“Fuck, give me more, I need more!” Joy moaned, so I grabbed another two dildos of the same size. I pushed the one in her ass deep inside, and pulled out the one in her pussy. I aligned that one and one of the two new ones at her entrance, and pushed hard. First I thought they wouldn’t go in, but suddenly they popped inside. Joy’s pussy looked like it was stretched to the limit, and I waited for a second.

“Please, DON’T STOP!” Joy screamed, so I pushed until both dildos were deep inside her.

Suddenly Joy reached between her internet casino legs and pushed the dildo inside her ass hard, until it disappeared inside her ass, her asshole closing again.

“Now, big boy, get that one out with your hand!” she said. Fuck, she really wanted me to stick my hand in there and get that dildo out. Id din’t think that would be possible, but I still lubed up my hand and pushed inside her ass. Slowly, four fingers went in, but when I tried to hook my thumb in too, her asshole seemed to be stretched to the max. I pushed harder and harder, and felt joy pushing her pelvis towards me, trying to help me. And help it did. Suddenly my whole hand was in. Damn, my hand was inside Joy’s ass. Her tight anal ring was around my wrist, and it felt fucking great.

“Fuck, that’s something your wife would never let you do, right?” Joy said between sharp intakes of breath. Obviously she hadn’t been fisted in her ass too often before.

I could feel the dildo inside her, but didn’t know how to grab it, since Joy’s ass was really tight.

“I’m gonna push out my ass now, just like I’m shitting, and the dildo will be pushed directly inside your hand. Here it comes!” Joy said, and really, I felt the walls of her ass contract, and that dildo was pushed between my fingers.

“Now, baby, pull it out. Quick and hard!” Joy ordered. I pulled and felt a lot of resistance from her asshole, but flexed my muscles and pulled as hard as I could. With a popping sound, my hand and the dildo were out, Joy screaming. Her face had a pained look on it, and looking at her asshole I could understand why. It was fucking gaping open, very red and obviously stretched more than ever before. Another reason for Joy’s screaming was the fact that she had just had a powerful orgasm, which had made her pussy twitch and spurt cum all over the bed.

After she had recovered, Joy looked at me and said:

“James, that was fantastic, but we’re not nearly done yet.”

I was looking forward to what was to come.

To be continued…

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